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Why SD Huesca Suspended Kelechi Nwakali With Tough Conditions

Why SD Huesca Suspended Kelechi Nwakali With Tough Conditions

Nigeria midfielder Kelechi Nwakali was suspended for 10 days without pay by Spanish Segunda Division club SD Huesca after returning late from the Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon, Completesports.com reports.

The Super Eagles crashed out in the second round following a shocking 1-0 defeat to the Carthage Eagles of Tunisia.

Nwakali made three appearances for the three-time African champions in the competition.

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According to the club, the player rejoined the squad 10 days late and offered “incredible stories” for his lateness.

Nwakali’s contract with Huesca will run out this summer and he could walk away a free agent.

The 23-year-old nearly joined another Segunda Division club Burgos FC in January.

He has made 33 appearances for Huesca without scoring and providing an assist.

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  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    Nwakali was hailed and invited by Eguavoen after playing 33 games for a 2nd Division side, scored no goals, provided no assists!

    • Eno David 2 years ago

      Just watch the way he will be invited speedily in our games against Ghana next month. 33 matches no goals and assists plus a further 10 games match suspension. He will be featured at the expense of other Nigerian footballers currently doing very well at their respective clubs in Europe.

    • Gbam! You hit the right nail on the head. Not a good record or profile for the current SE power set up. With several Afcon absentees now available for selection, Nwakali’s SE career may be shortlived. Rather than grabbing the new opportunity with both hands and staying disciplined like a serious athlete, guy man thinks he’s arrived and cemented in Eguavoen’s head.

      Eguavoen, abeg, no sentiments. You like him personally, but if the stats is red, you need to use your head in your selection. We’ve got to make spaces for Osimhen, Dennis, Ighalo, Lookman, Adeleye etc.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Any player who makes the SE final AFCON list without being on the two previous preliminary squad lists has arrived…..LMAOOoo

        Any player who is being made to believe he is better than all SE midfielders including Mikel has every right to be swollen headed….LMAOOoo

        We know those to be held responsible if this boy’s career dies as a result of false overhype like his elder brothers own.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    This is the height of club indiscipline! 10 days late? For what? For R16 exit? LMFAO!! When Mane that won the Afcon could barely spend a week! LMFAO!!

    • Moses Inyang 2 years ago

      Nwakali always having disciplinary issues.He should change.some of his mates during
      U-17 days have already overtaken him.He oughts to be at a far greater level than he is today.please tell him that too many mistakes can destroy destiny

    • Chidi 2 years ago

      I blamed egu for this cos I don’t know the criteria for his players selection how can nwakali in a second division b playing ahead of onyeka who is in premiership playing weekin/week out
      This is so disheartening abeg

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    “…According to the club, the player rejoined the squad 10 days late and offered ‘incredible stories’ for his lateness….”

    The “incredible stories” part killed me……LMAOOooo. The same way one his no 1 subject here on CSN tells us “incredible stories” that never add up nor remain the same, like a TV series…..LMAOOOo

    They just didnt want to humiliate him by telling us point blank that he told them FAT lies upon returning 10 days late after playing just 110 mins of football at AFCON…..LMAOoooo

    The same attitude caused him to be kicked out of Porto B midway into his loan deal, caused him to be offloaded to SD Huesca for free by Arsenal, and caused his brother to be fired by his Swedish club 2-3 seasons ago.

    And this is supposed to be the miracle working one who is better than all SE midfielders including Mikel put together…..LMAOOoooo

    CSN even made his “market” worse by reminding up “….He has made 33 appearances for Huesca (since September 2019) without scoring and providing an assist….”

    These are indeed hard times for crook agents and fronts on this forum….LMAOOoooo

  • Dr Banks 2 years ago

    Guys am just watching Leicester City now and I can’t help but marvel at Lookman’s all round play and tenacity. Imagine Osimhen + Dennis strike force (Ighalo and Awoniyi as back up) with Simon and Lookman supporting them from the wings (Chukwueze and Ejuke as back up), Aribo (Iwobi / Amoo as back up) dictating the pace from no 10 position (Olise waiting to confirm), Ndidi + Etebo / Onyeka keeping things tidy in the middle of the pack. Bassey + Ekong / Akpoguma (Omeruo and Awaiziem as back up) in the central defence while Zanusi and Aina in the wing back positions. But I don’t know who could be our no 1 GK, Okoye and Uzoho has to step up, Adeleye should be invited ahead of Noble this time.

    Ghana go hear their name loud and clear in match my brothers

    • Coache 2 years ago

      Awoniyi should never be invited to the SE again. He blew his opportunity away. I used to rate him before pre AFCON but no more. He is not skillful at all. Dennis is way better.

      • Machaveli 2 years ago

        I hate to compare players because every player has their own style. Having said that, at the moment, Dennis is a step ahead of Awoniyi by all standards. Watched him so many times this season. That gizza is quality regardless

    • Raphael nwadike for bonke/onyeka in midfield.
      Sadiq umar for ighalo/awoniyi.
      Uzoho and another gk for Okoye
      Akpoguma for leon (lets face it his consistent injury worries is an issue, we need a long term defender).
      Bassey for collins.
      Lookman for chukwueze and ejuke. They are exciting players but we need effective players that actual influence games and not just give players the run around. Lookman has that, crosses, passes, accurate shots with both feet a decent finisher and skills aplenty.
      In creative midfield If I have my choice I would choose eze but he isn’t an option for now so I would leave Aribo in that position and leave ndidi with one of etebo, yusuf or Raphael in the double pivot position infront of the back four.
      Ndidi needs someone who can do something creative with the ball along side him because he cant so players like bonke and frank dont cut it they are not ball players just bruisers. They dont add much to the team. We need defensive midfielders who are ballers and thats why I suggest RAPHAEL and yusuf. They are decent handlers of the ball and can spread and carry the ball well.
      Our central defence needs alot of work. Troost ekong, omeruah and semi ajayi can only take us so far. We need defenders we can build on and who can play the ball out of defence comfortably.
      I don’t know where we get the players from but we need them. Maybe we should take a good look at Akpoguma, after the playoffs.
      In goal keeping, okoye needs a wake up call. A consistent run of good performances and not just a reminder that he is playing regularly in an average club. Lets give opportunities to uzoho a chance, he is supposed to be our number one if not for situations beyond his control. Okoye hasn’t done enough to be the teams number one.

      • Coache 2 years ago

        Pray we play a friendly game without Ndidi for once and let fans judge.

        Onyeka is not a Super Eagles material. They only invited him because he plays in EPL. Maybe he needs to be tried and tasted or needs more time.

      • Garre 2 years ago

        This dude Raphael nwadike reminds me of Sunday Oliseh and i believe in the nearest future should be part of the setup of the super eagles.He is descent at least for now and i believe would improve with time. He can also score from the outside eighteen box with long range shots.

    • That is the attack I also envisage going forward @Dr Banks – Osimhen’s aggressive and tenacity + Dennis’s bold, tireless, fast and incisive plays. Simon’s strength, guile and dribbles on the left + Lookman’s fearless and intelligent take-ons and penetrative plays on the right. They will be too much for any defence in Africa to handle.

      I’ll take Ejuke ahead of Chukwueze as sub (as the latter is becoming complacent about a starting role. Guy needs to start chopping bench in the SE). Ighalo and Awoniyi can sub the 2 FW at the tail end of the match. And for the worrying goalkeeping department, we really need competition for the current guys. Alloy Agu has been grossly unproductive cos I believe he calls the shots here, yet he keeps getting retained in every coaching crew shakeups.

  • Winsome Dude 2 years ago

    Don’t blame this boy on his late arrival after Afcon.There is an agreement before he could leave for the tourney. if not for the earlier exit from the tourney, he will still be in Cameroon for that 10 days. There are a lot of issues going on with him and his club.
    *He is not happy in that club
    *Transfer issue is there.
    *The coach doesn’t believe in him. this among others..
    Remember, this same boy was the MVP in a u17 tourney. He is talented but wrong choice of club after the tourney, wrong advise, money, bad agent, work permit , national team neglect and even hatred are some of those issues faced by this footballer.
    Iheanacho , Osimhen faced some of this issues earlier in their clubs careers and they are still struggling to reach there potential. Nwakali needs help,good luck and a better coach and club and a better self development.

    • Edoman 2 years ago

      l doesn’t agree with your views here. Why did you have to blame the Club for his late coming back to work for his living. After on, Nwakali did not deserve the national call up he got playing poorly for his Club and Country. Nwakali was extremely lucky to be invited by Eguaevon while Amoo is many times better than him but, not get invited. He was fired in the past for failing to return to Club in Swedin after spending Christmas holidays in Lagos. I have said it before, and l will say it again, He is no good and he is in the wrong profession. Nwakali will never reach his full potential in the Club or National profession.
      ‘Ho, the Club doesn’t believe in him’, l sees someone complained, why would a Club believe in someone who do not merit it. He has to earn it. He is no use, thats all.

  • This same Nwakali was priced ten million pounds by New Castle united last Summer transfer window.
    Knowing he will surely walk away as a free agent summer, the club is trying to hurt his market value.
    If he was such a bad asset to the club, why did they not take the offer from New Castle United?

    The boy is not happy in the club, he might even be depressed too.

    wish him well, dot tear him down, folks
    He is our own.

  • This same Nwakali was priced ten million pounds by New Castle united last Summer transfer window.
    Knowing he will surely walk away as a free agent this summer, the club is trying to hurt his market value.
    If he was such a bad asset to the club, why did they not take the offer from New Castle United?

    The boy is not happy in the club, he might even be depressed too.

    wish him well, don’t tear him down, folks
    He is our own.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahahaha…which Newcastle United…? The one in England or the one in Australia….??? LMAOOooo

      Please share us the link of where you read that Newcastle priced GBP10m for a Spanish 2nd div player who wasnt a regular for his club and doesnt qualify for UK work permit.

      How much is his overall market value since he started playing football….? LMAOooo. TEN MILLION….????

      The club is trying to hurt the market value of a player who arrived from international duty TEN DAYS LATE only to come and be telling them lies….???
      When will some of you people start telling these kids the truth that will help their careers, rather then the half=truths that are currently destroying them…??

  • Ralph 2 years ago

    He hasn’t score or make many assist yet he’s played 33 games already, if you can think you should ask yourselves why the coach would continue playing him if he’s not offering anything to the team? Remember these are white technical crew who knows what coaching is about not the fans hyped coaches you have here who only invite striker by their goal charts. Why did he reported back tob his team ? You don’t know so why judging him already ? Criticism is part of the game but if your criticisms are not constructive then you should go home.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Please, what is 33 matches till date out of a possible 97 games in all competitions in 3 seasons…starting only 17, playing 90 mins only 8 times, subbed in on 16 times and being glued to the bench or not making the team at all on the remaining 64 occasions??? LMAOoooo.

      Any small thing they will pull out the race card as if his contemporaries are being coached by blacks…..LMAOooo. Is it not in the same 2nd division Sadiq Umar is playing that he’s starting every game and painting the whole place red, green and yellow with goals…?

      I watch the Spanish 2nd division because of this kid and Sadiq and he is of no value to his team by a mile…always jugging lackadaisically all over the pitch as if he’s reached his career peak, no goals, no assist, does not mark, does not win balls…..actually, he’s not even worth the free transfer Huesca got him for. Anyone who watches Huesca’s games and has truth in his dictionary will attest to that. Even his teammates have questioned his commitment to the team.

      He should continue parading his U17 golden ball award thinking he’s the next best thing to happen in football…..LMAOooooo. His mates like osimhen and samu are already playing with the big men.

      • Edoman 2 years ago

        Yet again Duck, you nail it. He is lucky to have all these senseless Nigerians hyping him why poor Eguaevon even looked his ways to pick him to play for Nigeria. Is he better than other Nigerians who quickly went back to their various Clubs after the AFCON in Cameroon? Is this boy better than Amoo Akin, what was his contribution to the game he played for Nigeria in Cameroon? Soon, some unserious Nigerians who live in their villages will try to play race game to cover up their ignorance why the club who pays him should want to fire him when he was late returning to base. l bet, he was late returning to Club because he was following Ashewo all over the place in lagos. Stupid boy.

  • Leeds United made offer for Kelechi Nwakali, not New Castle like I said earlier.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      It was all a media ruse sponsored through The Athletic. Leeds united made no offers. It was all media speculations /PR job. Neither was Arsenal “desperate” to keep him. Arsenal cancelled his contract with 2-3 years left and gave him to Huesca for free. That does not look like “desperation to keep” him. Dont let yourself be deceived.

      Nwakali had barely made 15 appearances in all competitions in 2 seasons for Huesca as at then, nor played in European club competitions, nor had he played 75% of competitive international matches for Nigeria, nor qualified as a special talent as he was already 22 years of age as at then, to qualify for a UK work permit to play in the EPL.

      How will Huesca demand for 15m for a player who was barely making the bench for 2 seasons and having just a year left on his contract…..LMAOoooo. Even as a club their record sale ever is not up to half that amount.

      Leeds United or any EPL team would not have burnt money on a player that wouldn’t get a UK work permit. The work permit issue was the reason we was going out on loans while he was at Arsenal in the first place.

      He was smuggled into the final 28 man AFCON list after several “visits” and “Phone calls” to the NFF headquarters in Abuja so that he can get 75% competitive international matches to upscale his market value and pave the way for a move to England (preferably) on a free transfer as his contract winds up by summer. Otherwise, the likes of Amoo, Alhassan, Onyedika deserved that wildcard slot more than him.

      Yet he has messed himself up with the same lateness to duty that got him fired at Porto B and Arsenal in addition with not covering himself in glory with his performances and figures at Huesca both in the La Liga and the 2nd division.

      It will be a miracle if he gets a top 5 club in the top 5 leagues when his contract expires. No serious clubs wants an attacking midfielder who cannot create an assist, not even half an assist, in 3 seasons of football.

      The boy will walk away free from Huesca this June, lets see which one of these Leeds, Watford, Newcastle etc will eventually rush him now that he’s gonna be for free.

      His best bet would be Belgium, Turkey, Scadinavia or the 2nd division in England or Spain.

  • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

    This Nwakali is just killing his own career. Why will he report late to camp. Now he has made himself ineligible for upcoming Super Eagles selection.

  • The Nwankalis have Disciplinary issues and challenges running 2ru their family…
    Recall their greedy elder brother AllnotWell beat up their father one time when the refused chidiebere’s Man City choice,,. Chidiebere’s disciplinary resume is also not worthy of note let alone kele Nwakali,,the less said the better

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    Nwakali should be more discipline and more serious with his career. This you man Nwakali is one of the best we have currently and I wasn’t surprised when Mr. No nonsense called him to join the Super Eagles.

    More so, he needs to be prayerful. This is a rare opportunity for him if remains humble, discipline and more focus.

    Some people on here are comparing Amoo to Nwakali, it is a pity to compare okada machines to tricycles machines. Both are machines though but the different is there.

    Amoo is not yet there like Okoye and for me, Nwakali is a natural playmaker and his style of play is totally different to others midfielders we have presently.

    Coach Eguavoen still have a lot of work to do about Nwakali. He have to because the way Nwakali and his brother careers are functuating now is very disheartening.

    However, we have another player who is young and far ahead of Amoo. EJaria is the player. Surely, Amoo is for the future just like our beautiful boy, Okoye and he, Amoo will get his chance. So therefore, we shouldn’t put pressure on our own about Amoo.

    Lastly, coach Eguavoen and Amunike should be sincere with their selections this time around.

    Ighalo is no no when we have Dessers, Dennis and Nwkueme available to represent Nigeria.

    Okoye, is no no and he can’t be the no1 option when we have Adeboyo Adeleye along with Uzoho and Osagwe. These three goalies are the better options against Ghana and Okoyeshould under study the three.

    Agu have no business in that team, he should be replaced. I stand to be corrected on this though. But if I see Ighalo, Akpeyi, and John Noble instead of Dessers, Adeleye and co then, the chances are very slim to beat the black stars in Ghana and if Eagles failed to win in Ghana or tie the game in Ghana, Nigeria should forget about this year world cup and we should hold our own/Amaju/NFF responsible for that period.

    Nwakali, may God have mercy on you. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Garre 2 years ago

    Honestly i was one of those that clamored for Kelechi Nwakali’s inclusion in the super eagles but i wasn’t really impressed because he hasn’t done much work to improve his game rather than having an improvement in his game,it seems it has deteriorated.However his attitude professionally isn’t doing him any good either and i would advise him to do better. And also he needs prayer because every time he seems to be moving forward,something negative happens that sets him backwards. Guess he needs to do more on his character and discipline.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      He played defensive midfield in Afcon and not attacking midfield you should know that. He needs to improve yes… but this indiscipline will ruin him if care is not taken.

  • pablo 2 years ago

    Mahmud Shuaib, or do you prefer Musa Yahaya today?
    What’s going on, homie?
    Jimmy Lie home boy!

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