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‘Why I Believe Super Eagles Can Win The World Cup’ —CAF President, Motsepe

‘Why I Believe Super Eagles Can Win The World Cup’  —CAF President, Motsepe

Confederation of African Football (CAF) president, Patrice Motsepe, believes the Super Eagles of Nigeria have the potential to win the FIFA World Cup.

The Super Eagles missed out was this year’s World Cup in Qatar after losing to Black Stars of Ghana in the playoffs in March.

Despite not qualifying for Qatar 2022, Motsepe expressed optimism that the Eagles are good enough to become world champions.

“I am absolutely confident [because of] the talent, God-given skills, and history of Nigerian football. Nigeria is one of those countries that have the potential – not just to go to the semi-final, not just to go to the final, but to win the World Cup,” Motsepe told Channels Television.

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To make this happen, the South African business tycoon says CAF has several programmes for its member countries.

“To focus on youth football development, football facilities for boys and girls, amateur football, football development at club level, training coaches and training the trainers, the development of referees and very importantly, to make sure that we work together with the football federation in Nigeria so that they can continue the leadership that they have provided for many years.

“We are confident that Nigerian football will continue to be not just amongst the best in Africa but in the world and will make us proud as it has on so many occasions in the past. Our plan is to see Nigeria in the next World Cup.”

On Morocco’s semi-final feat in Qatar, Motsepe said it has opened the floodgate for the continent.

“Morocco opened the door by reaching the semi-finals this month and I am confident an African nation will go further at the next World Cup.

“The main objective of CAF (Confederation of African Football) is for an African nation to win the World Cup and that goal is within reach.”

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  • Seriously?

    • pompei 1 year ago

      I’m still laughing.
      Motsepe obviously does not know about the phenomenon called NFF.
      If he knew, he would be more cautious with his words.

  • Ako Amadi 1 year ago

    This Motsepe is too rich to think properly! Multi-millionaires often live in a fantasy world!

  • Four four two 1 year ago

    Offcourse Nigeria can win the world cup if her full potential are properly harness. After in 1994 Nigeria had the beat team in the world without planning strategically. This was possible because the Millary then gave a free hand for coaches to go get the best talent from the streets to the best clubs in the world. That’s how Players like Okocha(best dribbler of all time), Finidi, Oliseh ,.Da bull, Yekini etc were discovered. On the female side we had raw talents like cythia uwak, Perpetual and Mercy Akide..among others. So what is wrong now.? Common goal keeper Nigeria cannot produce.?.Man no Man factor have crept in. If u don’t have person no one will pick u to any competition even ur more talented than Okocha or Messi..Politician who are supposed to be the custodian of national integrity, due process and growth are the ones messing the system up with all manners of corrupt practices. WILL NIGERIA EVER RISE AGAIN ?_NO, if the present politicians continue in office and YES, if the milliary takes over the Government . Why not we can win the world under a millitary system of Government

    • Awe Daniel 1 year ago

      If not the rancor and carelessness on the part of super eagles Nigeria would have beaten Italy and other countries to play in the final. Imagine leading Italy and Okocha allowed the whole thing to run into his head and dribbling around instead of defending their goal area. Before Egwuafon committed his stupid mistake on Roberto Baggio.

    • Idorenyin Ukpong 1 year ago

      Even the military has been deeply compromised. They’re still Nigerians and not foreigners and are in Nigeria too. All that is need by everyone and to everyone is a change of mindset,from corrupt practices to the mindset of growing together as a people.

      This will help us lay good foundation that will provide platforms for growth to all citizens,not only in sports,but other aspects of nation building.

  • “Our plan is to see Nigeria in the next world cup”. Nonsensical talk! What kind of plan is that! How can a caf president speak like this? Are there individual plans for the other nations? If you want to qualify for the world, you must work for it, not any plan from a caf president. As a president of caf and for that matter the administrative head of football in africa you must be seen to exhibit some neutrality in the way he speaks and not to play to the gallery

    • Ubah 1 year ago

      Idiot don’t u see a transformer in that ur prison that you are?.go and hug it and die animal

    • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

      Yaw hmmm shey make I talk??? Lol CAF is free to be a fan of Team Nigeria just like you and other African countries that sees Nigeria as team to beat so whenever anyone is playing Nigeria it’s like war. No wonder anytime we relax we tend to loose matches that we shouldn’t be losing. Otherwise player for player Nigeria should be strolling pass teams.

    • Your arrogance and lack of regard for Nigeria knows no bound. You’re the most detested of all Ghanaians here – I’ll tell you that for free. And some we even regard as comrades. Very stupid boy!

      I hope you and I will have the floor here one of these days so I can body-slam you into a concrete floor and e-shatter your haughty but brittle spine. Very, very stupid something!

  • obioha ikenna 1 year ago

    motsepe, Nigeria can win the world cup without politics in the game. NIGERIA nff must shun corruption in football to achieve this feat

  • Selfmade KING 1 year ago

    We heard this story before lol 

    • Olujjj 1 year ago

      Next CAF/zone 2026 grp B
      We plan for Nigeria to quickly get eliminated….lol

  • respect is reciprocal 1 year ago

    Most people won’t get th message the man is passing . He is saying Nigeria has no reason not to be playing in the final of world cup noto menton not qualifying. He is nailing the NFF. Of he says Nigeria has capacity to win it he meant that , Nigeria has capacity to do anything if the right people are there . Look at the music industry just few days ago there was comatose at a place where Asake was to sing and a lady lost her life. Nigeria are doing crazy things in the world . He knows NFF is the problem , I wish NFF could be privatized and young vibrant guys could come around to run it as a profit oriented organization I bet you in 8 years Nigeria would take the world by storm I saw the way Nmbape was playing and I said to myself go to elekuro in Ibadan or anywhere in lagos you will see better players than this guy, except for Messi there is no other players in this world currently that Nigeria can not produce twice as better. What a pity

  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    CAF can not hold his confession because Talent wise nobody does it better than Nigeria, but the players are ruled by the NFF therefore we all should understand why the talents doesn’t do anything on local front. But God will do something for a change to happen, meanwhile Christmas is just by the corner therefore I’m wishing everyone on this page starting from The Great writer Deo, Glory, Jimmyball,Ignatus, Ugo, Kel, Footballfanatic,Sean, Dr Drey, Oakfield, AyphillydGreat, Edoman from New Jersey, Less I forget Omo9ja, UBFE aka monkey post and our adopted sons from Ghana Yaw and SM aka SelfmadeKing alias Solo Makinde. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year ahead to every sportsmen, the true spirit of football is love anything wey make us fight no join o. I lastly salute the sports parliament of Nigeria CS not forgetting that you can do better next year on your news update and filtering abusive comments on fans zone to create better environment for the sports family.

    • MONKEY POST 1 year ago




      But MONKEY POST and UBFE are two different INDIVIDUALS ooo…

      • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too @Chima. May 2023 be a super glorious year for us all, our nation Nigeria, and our darling SE.

        • Selfmade KING 1 year ago

          Merry Christmas to u kel 

          Wishing u nothing but the best 

          Am also wishing that the CHICKENS ll be fat for the black stars to come and slaughter in Abuja 

          Happy holidays 

          • Hahahaha. Merry Christmas @Selfmade. You know something odd struck me during the just concluded World Cup: The logo of the mighty French team is a cock. Same thing for the fearsome Liverpool or something similar. What do you think of that.

      • Selfmade KING 1 year ago

        Merry Christmas to u and ur family! wishing u nothing but the best 

        Btw solo mankind’s is gay and am not lol

    • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too @Chima. May 2023 be a super glorious year for us all, our nation Nigeria, and our darling SE.

  • Four four two 1 year ago

    @Respect is Reciprocal u said everything right but u spoil every thing again when u said ;”except for Messi”..That clause made my heart leap. Messi is below Mbappe talent wise. Look at how Mbappe almost single handly led France to retain the trophy he led them on his young shoulder to win last time..Messi played five world cups before luck smile on him with the help of Matinez the goal Keeper..I have been telling people that Messi should just swallow pride and go get a special gift for the Goal keeper for saving his blushes in his last attempt to win the world cup. The hype on Messi about this world is placed On Messi if u know football. The final was a straight battle between Mbappe and the Argentine Goal keeper. We pray for Nigeria to produce an Mbappe any day and not a Messi.

    • Hafis Yusuf 1 year ago

      Guy I didn’t want to write before but ur statement makes no sense.How can u say Mbappe is better than Messi talent wise. Pls base ur arguments on facts. Even Mbappe himself knows he is no where close to messi’s talent at the moment.At his age Messi has won world best.Aged 22, Messi won his first Ballon d’Or.Mbappe is 24 now still has a lot to prove and I doubt if he can be close to messi’s talent.Maybe close to Ronaldo though, we will see.Let’s pray we are all alive to witness this.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Hahahahaha, dont mind that dude and his baseless argument. As if Messi did not also “almost single handedly” win the world cup for Argentina in 2014…or as if luck did not also smile on Mbappe in 2018 “with the help of his team mates”. Maybe Mbappe plays all positions from GK, Defender, Midfielder to Striker for France since his debut…so he doesnt need to buy gifts for his own team mates for contributing their own quotas to his international success.

        Messi has won it all….U20, Olympics, Continental titles, WC, league titles, UCLs, CWCs….all carrying his team on his narrow shoulders all the way with goals and assists almost in equal measure.

        Just look at how he wants to water down all these achievements of Messi for a kid who is still suffering from juvenile delinquency at PSG at the age of 24.

        At the age of 24 Messi already had 77 goals and 27 assists in the UCL (compared to Mbappe’s 40 goals and 26 assists)….

        At the age of 24 Messi already had 286 league goals and 127 assists (compared to Mbappe’s 147 league goals and 63 assists in a “farmers’ league”)….

        At the age of 24 Messi already had a hattrick of balon d’ors and won 4 in a row from 2009 to 2012, 1 FIFA BEST and 2 UEFA BESTs. 5 La liga POTY, 1 UCL POTY….not to talk about his several golden boots and assists king awards he had won by the age of 24….

        He should tell us how many individual awards his super talented Mbappe has won at 24 that makes him a bigger talent than Leo.

        That guy was probably still in kindergarten when Messi was bad news to teams all over Europe in the mid 2000s….LMAOOoo

        The last time I checked, Messi at the age of 35 was netting a brace and contributing a pre-assist in a WC final….time will tell what Mbappe will be doing at 35.

        For all its money’s worth, Mbappe may not even play in another WC final till he retires….so what’s all the fuss…?

        • Ignatius Abo 1 year ago

          Sense no go kill you @Drey.you have said it all.

        • Mahmud Shuaib 1 year ago

          Oga loud mouth, stop dishing out OBIDIENT STATISTICS here please!

          MBAPPE just clocked 24years on December 20th and so you can’t compare him with MESSI at 24. Statistics and facts don’t LIE; at 23 years of age, MBAPPE had better STATISTICS than MESSI.

          The only advantage MESSI had in that period is the FACT he played for BARCELONA…a team with better chances of competing for and winning titles than PSG!

          NOT taking anything away from the enigma that we all know MESSI is, but trying to DOWNPLAY MBAPPE’S achievements when at MESSI’S age is CRIMINAL!

          In my next post, I will publish both players STATISTICS at the age of 23!

          To play in back to back WORLD CUP finals and actually score 2 or more goals in each before the age of 23 is EXTRAORDINARY! That’s what KYLIAN MBAPPE achieved. Only the great PELE managed back to back WORLD CUP FINALS and even at that never managed to score 2 or more goals in 1958 and 1962!

          MBAPPE would have OBLITERATED all comers by now if he joined REAL MADRID or BARCELONA at the age of 19/20….that’s no brainer

        • Mahmud Shuaib 1 year ago



          Lionel Messi had made his international debut for Argentina at the age of 18, and by the time he was two days shy of 24, the age Kylian Mbappe is right now, the Argentine magician had scored 17 goals in 57 appearances. He had also registered 15 assists during that time.

          On the contrary, Kylian Mbappe has already scored 36 goals in 66 appearances for France since his debut at the age of 18 and hence has surpassed the tally of Zinedine Zidane for France. In fact, he has also registered 23 assists during that time for the national team. Hence on the international front, Mbappe has a better record than Lionel Messi at this age.

        • Mahmud Shuaib 1 year ago

          *CLUB LEVEL*;

          When Lionel Messi was Kylian Mbappe’s current age, he had already started making waves for Barcelona at the club level. He had scored 183 goals and registered 83 assists in 285 games for the Catalan giants.

          Kylian Mbappe, on the other hand, has scored 210 goals, with 183 of those coming for his current club Paris Saint-Germain, and has registered 99 assists in 345 appearances he has made at the club level till now.

          Hence, at the club level too, Mbappe is ahead of MESSI at the moment!

  • KangA 1 year ago

    Wayo talk. You want us to win the WC, but you don’t want us to qualify in the first place. You draw us with certified fetish spoilers who use devilish means to inflict fears on players.

    We are a God-loving nation. These evil plans will soon be obliterated.

    • Selfmade KING 1 year ago

      Nasty comments from a low life! 

      Delusions of a grandeur 

      God fearing nations u said?

      Everything happening in Nigeria goes contrary to that statement 


  • Dr Drey just nailed. No one can beat him with stats. But mbappe is a great talent too. We wish them well.

    Eagles and Nigeria should copy how the administration did it during westerhof era.

    We also need a rugged defence and a stronger midfield to do well at the world cup

  • Awe Daniel 1 year ago

    If not the rancor and carelessness on the part of super eagles Nigeria would have beaten Italy and other countries to play in the final. Imagine leading Italy and Okocha allowed the whole thing to run into his head and dribbling around instead of defending their goal area. Before Egwuafon committed his stupid mistake on Roberto Baggio.

  • Thank you Mr president Iam surprise that even die hard super eagle fans never notice the abondance of talent in this team.we are in the same situation before we won 2013 nations cup where good center defenders were lacking, surdingly the duo of Oboabona and Omerou was formed and we won the cup. Last time i told Mr siasia that he was wrong to make such a comment last time and now mr president has proof me Wright. With 1 or 2 years expirience and nice deo of center defenders and good Keeper you people will understand what this man talking.

  • Codex 1 year ago

    Nooo Comment…

  • Uncle Mike 1 year ago

    Let’s take that as Christmas well wishing. CAF president is allowed to wish, hallucinate or exaggerate. World cup isn’t a tea party. Super eagle may have the crop of players but no team.

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