Why TG Casino Proves That The Best Live Sports Betting Sites Accept Crypto

Why TG Casino Proves That The Best Live Sports Betting Sites Accept Crypto

In 2024, the global sports betting market is predicted to reach $155B in value. 50% of the total market share is projected to be football betting—the most popular sport in the world.

Football sports betting dominates the online gambling market, accounting for almost 70% of total revenue in 2020. With the online gambling industry thriving but the market growing increasingly saturated, it’s hard to choose a go-to betting site that answers gamblers’ every need and is up-to-date with the latest trends in gambling.

Crypto betting websites have been accommodating the needs of sports bettors and are opening up their platforms to the world, but which one to choose, and how do they compare to a traditional fiat online betting site?

EstrelaBet vs PixBet: Which Provides the Best Sports Betting Experience?

EstrelaBet is a fiat betting site that’s a popular choice in Brazil after they secured sponsorships in 2021 over high-profile football teams in the nation to promote their platform on football kits and merchandise.

You can access EstrelaBet on multiple devices, and there’s access to a wide range of sports to track and bet on with over 35 to choose from—some include MMA, basketball, alpine skiing and football.

Good betting websites will offer bonuses to incentivise players to play games, including Loyalty Bonuses, Sportsbook Bonuses, Free Crypto Faucet, No-Deposit Bonuses and Welcome Deposit Bonuses. EstrelaBet appears to be limited to a 100% Bonus on your first deposit on the platform.

On the other hand, PixBet has been branching out globally since they provide gamblers with content on sporting events worldwide for live betting. While the content is similar to what Estrela Bet offers, PixBet provides a different bonus feature, offering a R$ 25 bonus for bettors that play PixBet roulette and PixBet blackjack.

PixBet gives VIP status to bettors registered to the website and who made deposits on the platform. VIPs benefit by receiving R$ 15.00 per correct guess, instead of R$ 12.00. Rewarding loyalty makes bettors feel appreciated and gives them a sense of value for playing on that betting website.

However, the key flaw both PixBet and EstrelaBet face is their lack of acceptance of cryptocurrency—preventing them from opening up their platforms to an ever-growing market adopting decentralisation.

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TG Casino: The New Wave of Crypto Betting Sites

TG Casino

 TG Casino, unlike traditional platforms such as EstrelaBet and PixBet, stands out by embracing cryptocurrency, particularly its native token, $TGC, built on the Ethereum network.

The recent presale conducted on 21 December 2023, successfully raised $5 million USD, positioning TG Casino as a player in the growing market.

A distinctive feature of TG Casino is its integration with the widely-used messaging platform, Telegram. This integration facilitates seamless access without the need for additional downloads, potentially reducing entry barriers for users.

The $TGC token introduces an innovative tokenomics model, with 40% of tokens bought back being burned, contributing to scarcity and the remaining 60% distributed as rewards, fostering user loyalty. TG Casino delivers decentralised payments, leveraging blockchain technology for efficient and low-cost transactions.

The platform’s commitment to regulatory compliance is highlighted by its full licensing, allowing operation in various jurisdictions. This not only provides legal protections for players but also expands the potential user base.

TG Casino

TG Casino goes beyond the conventional gambling landscape by introducing exclusive High Roller NFTs for investors who contributed $5000 or more during the presale. Some of the games you can play at the TG Casino include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, poker, etc. Additionally, TG Casino provides a wide variety of sports to bet on, these include NFL, NBA, football, golf, tennis and more.

The introduction of a staking system for $TGC holders is another distinctive feature, providing additional tokens as rewards and in a 6-month pool, Ethereum. This staking system aims to encourage long-term engagement and loyalty within the TG Casino community.

While PixBet, EstrelaBet and TG Casino offer bettors a great variety of content and all offer bonuses—TG Casino is positioned as the go-to gambling website for a larger audience using different currencies and benefits from the perks associated with cryptocurrency.

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