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Wilder Mocks God With Trash Talk vs Fury: ‘Not Even God Can Save You’; Boxing Fans React

Wilder Mocks God With Trash Talk vs Fury: ‘Not Even God Can Save You’; Boxing Fans React

WBC heavyweight champion, Deontay Wilder took his trash talk too far ahead of the much touted February 22 rematch with Tyson Fury by tweeting on his personal Twitter handle, what many boxing fans see as a mockery of God, and they believe the American pugilist will receive his condign punishment in due course, Completesports.com reports.

Wilder (42-0-1, 41 KOs) and Fury (29-0-1, 20 KOs) ended their December 1 2018 fight in a controversial draw at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles. And now their rematch in Las Vegas is the next biggest occasion in boxing

It can be recalled that the Gypsy King, Fury, dominated the Bronze Bomber, Wilder, with his boxing skills during their first fight, but the American forced a draw after he scored knockdowns in the ninth and 12th rounds.

“I told you before our first fight that I was going to baptize you. And I did. But not even God can save you the second time around. I promise you that. 👑✊🏿 #BombZquad #TilThisDay #WilderFury2 #February22,” Wilder’s controversial trash talk Tweet on Tuesday reads.


Many fans were appalled that Wilder brazenly discredited God not long after he met Catholic leader Pope Francis in Rome who appointed him ‘ Boxers’ Representative and Boxing Ambassador For Peace’.

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Wilder’s Tweet has animated boxing fans from around the world, with many labelling it an act of blasphemy.

Below are some of the fans’ reactions under Wilder’s Tweet.

Erick Torres: “You are one of my favorite boxers Deontay and I hope you ko Tyson fury early,
but please don’t use God name in vain.”

Nigeria Boxing: “This right here is where you lost it. [” But Not Even God Can Save You the second time”] It’s over Deontay.

Dirk Stoggio: ” Wilder might know this for a fact… Why else was he out hanging around with the Pope?”

Shemley: “I genuinely don’t know if this tweet is trolling him or not.”


Pope Francis welcomes Wilder to the Vatican City

De’Ron Craft: “Not even God tho.. come on man, why do ppl think it’s ok to play with the Lord like this?”

Mike Blackwell: I see you getting the dub [double], but God can save anyone. #RollTide.

Nana Ackom: Becareful Deontay when talking about God.

Number Six: Please take God out of this. I beg u 🙏

Ahmed Aljied: You know what God did to the pharaoh right.

Manzolwandle Maphumulo: “Don’t include God”

Joejoek: God Controls everything man!! Just by that statement….watch your first loss

Hymaa: Lol, let see who
God gonna save. By the time
God save @Tyson_Fury from your right hand, @Pontifex [Pope] will withdraw the title given to u .

Lobo Nucturno: LOL the weed is working 😅

Sabali SBM: “You are the man 🥊 for me but not like this…

Jean Pascal A. Zebaze: ” Please Sir all you said is good but just remove that phrase : “Even God can not saved you this time” I know you will win. But give God the Praise. If i may suggest repost something else that show appreciation to God before Febuary 22. Please Sir.”

Tigeress: “Nah uh! #DeontayWilder Do Not Bring GOD Into Your boxing Match With #TysonFury It’s Blasphemy!!

Fabio Damasceno: “God forbid, brother. Are you christian. Remember?”

Dee One: “That’s where you missed it. Your comment about God will surely come back and bit you. I promise you.you

De Prince: “Looks like the pop [Pope] has made a mistake on you.”

Victor Emeka: ‘But not even God can save you the second time’. for this alone . You already lost the fight by way of knockout. Mark this.

Baron Samedi: ‘BLASPHEMY!’

Keith Graham: “Ok now. I Definitely knew you were going to kill him this time but don’t temp God!!!! Pray for forgiveness!!!! Even a figure of speech is dangerous!!!!!!!!!!”

Officialemmy07: “Bruh if you brag too much even to the extent of calling God’s name you gon [gonna ]lose the fight.”

Under-Rated: “Not even God can save u”
Was this necessary though?

Dresupremacy: “Make a good phrase bro. Nothing God cannot do bro. I will wait for this your statement at the end. Goodluck”

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  • Glory 4 years ago

    I just wanna believe Wilder has been misquoted. But if he did actually said that, I truly feel sorry for him, as it’s not just about his boxing carrier but his entire life. That’s just been overly excited n proud. GOD ALWAYS RESIST THE PROUD AND PRIDE COMMETH BEFORE A FALL. It might or might not happen with Fury but something really humbling is coming his way n that’s if truly he said that. God have Mercy on him n family.

  • Adu oluwadare 4 years ago

    Wilder relays on his JUJU rather than God. His brain is equal to that of child.

  • Saying that after coming from Pope’s place tells us that he said those words by faith so he may not really lose the fight. What matter is one’s thought when saying something. When you say something, people look at what mean bt God look at the thought begind it. What you see is not everything

  • Nelson 4 years ago

    Unless he asks God for mercy, then the beginning of his downfall has started at this point…Not even d titanic could survive it

  • Ask God for forgiveness now or u will never win any match again

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