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Yaya Toure Named Saudi Arabia Assistant Coach

Yaya Toure Named Saudi Arabia Assistant Coach

Former Côte d’Ivoire midfielder Yaya Toure has been appointed assistant coach of the Saudi Arabia national team.

According to BBC, Toure will be working with Roberto Mancini, who managed him at Manchester City.

Mancini was named Saudi Arabia’s head coach in August and has taken charge of four matches since then.

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Toure who played for City for eight years after signing in 2010, started coaching in 2019 and leaves his role at Belgian club Standard Liege.

The 40-year-old has also spent time working with Ukrainian club Donetsk Olympic, Russia’s Grozny, and as an academy coach at Tottenham Hotspur.

During his playing career Toure earned 101 caps for two-time African champions Côte d’Ivoire.
He captained his country to win the Africa Cup of Nations in 2015 after penalty shootout win against Ghana.

At club level he won 18 trophies across spells in Greece, Spain, England and China.

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  • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

    “….Toure who played for City for eight years after signing in 2010, started coaching in 2019 and leaves his role at Belgian club Standard Liege. The 40-year-old has also spent time working with Ukrainian club Donetsk Olympic, Russia’s Grozny, and as an academy coach at Tottenham Hotspur….”

    Any updates of Joseph Yobo’s (and other lazy entitled exinternationals) coaching career please….???

    They are not giving us jobs because we are blacks……LMAOoo. Yaya Toure must be a white man in dark skin…LMAOoo.

    • I can’t laugh o..lol…..Oro buruku pel’erin……Only in Nigeria….ki awon ex-internationals wa lo wa’se se.

    • GentleD 7 months ago

      Omo, like you knew exactly what I was thinking in my mind as I read this news.
      When Yaya Toure becomes Cote D’Ivoire’s NT’s coach in some years now just like the present Morrocan Coach (who is also an ex-Morrocco International), some ignoramus would start siting them as an example for our seemingly lazy internationals with entitlement mentality to take over as SE coaches just because they had played for 9ja in the so called “untouchable class of 1994”.
      Nonsense and konkobility yin.
      Check out this dude, his brother (Kolo Toure), Coach Egbo, Seyi Olofinjana et’al, they are all working their sucks off in europe and all around the globe cutting their teeths in the trade and learning the ropes under some great coaches but some people would just sit down and expect NT’s jobs to be thrown at them ala carte. Shioor

      • KENNETH 7 months ago

        Abeg which of them has begged for the NFF job. another Dr dry ass-licker. Better save your data. Dr dry is a retiree and is not ready to part with his pension.

    • KENNETH 7 months ago

      Hope no termites in your brains yet, before you come and dish us lies about yobo. Funny enough how many of them have come to beg for the job? Or is feeling entitled. Make them different from the journeymen the NFF has being hiring all this while.

      • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

        Hahahaha….òde okponu ayirada oshi…..LMAOoo.

        Between you and I, who sounds like one whose brain has been eaten by termites….LMAOoo

        You that knows the truth about yobo’s coaching career, dish it out na….LMAOoo. Tell us another fat lie (as you ways do) that yobo is a qualified coach who is good enough to lead Nigeria to the world cup like your clueless local NFF beggers claimed back then….LMAOoo.

        Maybe your memory was crushed by your stepmother when your lazy exinternationals (with no CVs that can even match those journeymen) have been claiming rights and entitlements to the SE job all these while.

        I guess you were scavenging refuse dumps for food to eat when such reports were published here on CSN.

        Compound idiot.

        A 30something year old just led Mamelodi Sundowns of South Africa to the final of the African football league…..your loudmouthed, entitled, yet unqualified 94 squad finidi could not lead the biggest club in Nigeria past the preliminaries of the CAF CL niether could he win 1 game in the African football league….yet he was laying claim to being competent enough to coach the super eagles…..LMAOoo

        Mr 2 world cups 3 AFCONs donkey years in Europe best 7 in the world 94 squad celeb is yet to win a decent match on the continent in 4 attempts with unarguably the biggest and richest club in Nigeria….LMAOoo.

        I guess that makes him better than journeymen according to an idiot like you….LMAOoo

        Dindirin alainilaakaye omo

        • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

          …yet to win a decent team on the continent…

          • marvelous sunday 7 months ago

            Our ex internationals want to start their coaching job with super eagle.

        • Kenneth 7 months ago

          Please tell us the ex-that are requesting to coach the national. Don’t let this dr dry with dementia be poisoning your minds. He doesn’t even know what some of them are doing currently. I will not waste my time on a confused person. Hope when he wins the African League, he should take over from Ten Haag if eventually he is fired. Where is your Almighty Ugbo, thought he would be the next coach of Nigeria. Oga abeg go and take your medications. Please share where CSN claimed our ex-players were begging for the super eagles job

          • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

            Hahahaha…okponu omo àlè….go and ask your father which ex is requesting to coach the national team…..LMAOoo.

            All the reports CSN always publish here are difficult for your illiterate self to comprehend abi….LMAOoo. Between you and I the world is already seeing the one who is demented. Everyone but and idiot likè you has read how your lazy exes with their scanty CVs keep laying claim to national team jobs when they cannot even compete elsewhere….LMAOoo It is only to be following Dr.Drey everywhere he goes on CsN like flies follow shit that you know….read simple reports written in simple english has become of destiny challenge for your deadwood brain….LMAOoo

            You that knows where your exes are coaching at the moment tell us na…..useless idiot.

            Between you and I who is sounding confused….LMAOoo. Who is sounding like one who cannot even articualte his thought into understandable Comments….LMAOoo

            Okponu aláìníláárí ọmọ.

            Go and ask your father to share CSN’s reports for you, since you are too much of an imbecile to read and comprehend english…LMAOoo.

            Every other person commenting on the thread is commentjng I the affirmative….useless idiot is arguing blindly begging for us to share CSN reports for him to read….LMAOoo

            You must have been braindead when CSN published those reports.

            Òde lásán lásán omo

          • Steve O 6 months ago

            Why arguing blindly bros ?.. Olisa, Yobo, Finidi George, Amuneke etc have been eyeing the Super Eagles job perennially, yet they can’t even win a simple African cup with our local league teams !!…Why can’t they learn the ropes before eyeing the Super Eagles?..just filthy and lazy brain’s!!

  • Hahahahahaha….. I laugh in EJAGAM.

    An eye opener to our ex….

  • Kenneth 6 months ago

    Steve 0, abeg show us the proof they were eyeing the job, and stop this childish assumptions. Abi u be another Dr dry ass-Lickers.

    @UBFE, must every ex footballer be a coach. Why so much hate from you guys

    • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

      Hahahaha….. to a madman, he is the only sane person around, everyone else is mad.

      Thats why to an illiterate ignorant imbecile like you, everybody seems to be making assumptions except you…LMAOoo, because your idiot self spends all of your time on CSN searching for Dr.Drey’s Comments to bark at rather than reading actual news reports. LMAOoo.

      Useless fool is begging for proofs…LMAOoo. continue begging ehn…LMAOoo. I’m sure you missed all those reports while searching for your daily bread from dust bins as usual.

      Olodo cannot locate or click on ordinary search button on CSN to update his demented brain ..LMAOoo


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