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Yobo, Wife Dazzle At AMVCA Ceremony In Lagos

Yobo, Wife Dazzle At AMVCA Ceremony In Lagos

Newly appointed Super Eagles assistant coach, Joseph Yobo proved he is also adept in fashion as he dazzled all at the seventh edition of the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) in Lagos at the weekend, Completesports.com reports.

Yobo, who captained Nigeria to win the 2013 AFCON title in South Africa wowed all with his gorgeous outfit as he and wife Adaeze, joined entertainment stars in celebrating the Nigerian movie industry at the awards ceremony held in Lagos.

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Stylish: Yobo at the 2020 AMVCA venue

The suave and well-spoken former Everton and Fenerbahce centre-back made at big fashion statement at the event with his dazzling suit – complete with dark goggle, black bow-tie and black shoes to match, while his wife stepped out in an exquisite black gown.

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The ex-Nigeria international who featured in three World Cups with the Eagles in 2002, 2010 and 2014 was among high-profile guests who rocked the red carpet with their gorgeous outfits.

Yobo is expected to kick-start his Eagles coaching career when Nigeria takes on Sierra Leone in a double-header 2021 African Cup of Nations qualifiers initially slated for this month but which has been postponed due to Coronavirus fears.

By Sulaiman Alao

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  • Chris 3 years ago

    See Yobo, Mad ooh! Yobo you be fine bobo… what you bring to the table is yet unseen by all but what I see is a Super Eagles in an off-pitch winners. GR takes it on the pitch and you bring it in outside the pitch…we win all round.

    As it stands, GR no get fashion sense like you and vice versa… any players without the right outside the pitch (family/society etc) swag should better ship in with you or ship out without you.

    • I pray that appointment of Yobo as assistant manager of Supper Eagles will not be a regret to the Nation, Yobo needed to be tested gradually before catapulting him to the danger zone

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    “…Yobo is expected to kick-start his Eagles coaching career when Nigeria takes on Sierra Leone…”

    See CSN trying to make it sound like Yobo had another coaching career elsewhere previously…Lolz. Actually, CSN, POC….Yobo is kick-starting his entire coaching career (albeit without any coaching badges) and guess what…with Asst Manager position in the National team of Nigeria. Inedible isn’t it? Lolz

    This is what we had known of him for the past 6 years, comedy and fashion shows…while his mates like Steven Gerard, Lampard, Kolo Toure and Mikel Arteta where busy receiving lectures and studying to pass exams to qualify to become coaches.

    In the words of our elders, “..There is no shortcut to the top of the palm tree…!”

    • Lol, it’s just like appointing David Beckham (who is more or less a male fashion model than a football icon with his former Spicegirl wife, victoria by his wife) as England Asst an Asst coach in England. Shey this one will not soon be dragging all SE players to AY shows?

  • Asoko Emmanuel 3 years ago

    Dr Drey,I dissagreee with your conclusions reached on Yobo.I rather will advice that you decease from passing judgement on areas not known of Yobo.As a wise man keep your fingers crossed and see What happens at the end.Aside,I think it is derogatory to say of Yobo that the only thing he is known for is comedy and entertainment shows.Do you know Yobo owns an academy. Let’s be careful what conclusion we reach of others so we are not held liable for libel.Thanks .

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago


      A big round of applause to him for owning an academy. Professionally, that raises another question on the issue of conflict of interests, another reason (out of many others) why we have the wrong man as the assistant coach of the SE.
      It would have been nice if you also told us he is directly involved in the day to day operations of the academy. I’ve known Yobo FC for years now, even while he was still playing, but I make bold to say I’ve seen Yobo in more comedy shows in the last 6 years than in amateaur league and grassroot tournament engagements with his team. Anyone who wants to sue me for libel should go ahead. Lolz.
      Friday wey go good na from Monday we dey see am. Once again “..There is no shortcut to the top of the palm tree…!”

  • Mercy 3 years ago

    God bless you bro!! The problem of Nigeria youth is something I can’t fathom. Our leaders have lied to us to the extent that the youth have lost their thinking faculty. We are blessed with capable and qualified ex international with requisite coaching badge but no the nff will not employ them. This same Yobo will not remember to call GR since his appointment but he will remember to gyrate and galivante all over the places. Nigeria league is on, he is not watching those games but you find him in comedy show, fashion biz.

    What i know is your God father can help you get the job but they cannot help to keep the job. Only your performance will determine how far you go.

  • Yobo’s appointment is another proof that Nigeria is indeed a banana republic. There is no sensible explanation for his appointment. Super Eagles is way too big to be used for this kind of foolish experiment. His appointment is a sheer demonstration of godgatherism and we know those who are behind this corrupt move. I’m highly disappointed in the like of Uncle Segun stooping this low with all his holier than thou attitude. His article on Yobo made more sense after his appointment. If they decided to groom him appropriately there could have been a measure of common sense in what they are doing. But with this approach, they have set a very bad precedence for a deeper level of decadence in the near future.

    And we are supposed to wait for the outcome of Yobo’s choice, whether he performs or not, before we make a comment, while he had already started on a wrong foot. Football management is highly relational in nature. Even if you were trained with sound pedigree, you need to take care of the relational dimensions. How much more when you did not get the job based on merit. Here is an uncertified man in the business who does not have time to call his boss but has the time to step in the “runway”. We are already seeing where his priority lies. Training, e no get, teachable attitude, e no demonstrate. I guess his godfathers will also do the job for him. Big shame on Nigeria’s leaders.

  • Pompei 3 years ago

    Man, Yobo and his wife are looking so good in this pic. Some bad belle pipo don nearly die finish……..hehehehehehe! Abeg make una no jealous na.
    Yobo, you too try and call Rohr and communicate with him. That is where you fall my hand. How can you not have called your boss after your appointment. There is no excuse for that. You have to be professional and do the needful. Don’t give your enemies the opportunity to roast you on the grill like suya. You know they can’t wait!

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    Yobo is learning from his boss Oga Rohr lolz. If we could remember before Afcon in

    Egypt, Mr. Rohr and his team were having fun at the beach. In the end, what did they achieve in that tournament? 3rd place. Hmm, interesting lolz.

    In Yobo’s case, he might win Afcon and world cup for us. Who knows tomorrow? Absolutely nobody.

    For that reason, it’s Yobo’s turn, let him enjoy his life bęrękętę lol.

    In actual fact, this Yobo handsome sha.

    I still believe that it is better to have Yobo with the team than having Salisu Yusuf and Imama.

    Please Yobo, don’t let we patriotic Nigerians down. You can do it our man.

    God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Again no one should get me wrong, I like Yobo as a person but daily, with his words and deeds, I get more disappointed.I even poke at those that appointed and went the extra miles in justifying their action while firmly imposing him on Nigeria.

    For Pete sake, the Job of an assistant Manager of a national team is a public one and goes with some decorum.A very private Yobo with his wife dressed like this will draw applause from the fashion world, but not from the corporate world and the more conservative parts of the country. Have you ever seen Gareth Southgate stepping out with his wife half exposed as the image we are seeing above?

    The people that employed him should do well to school him that he is now occupying a national position that goes with a lot of responsibilities as his every move will be in the public eyes.The other day, I watched on tv when as guest of honor to a kid competition, he went shaking the kids hands before kickoff which his face cap turned to the back!Meantime, he was supposed to be an idol to the kids.

    As a national coach, there are certain places you should not be seen, there are certain ways you must not dress.Can u cle segun and Pinnick honestly take a look at the picture above and beat their chest that it was  right? To be sure, he and his wife have the right to go naked on the streets, it is their prerogative and nobody can question that BUT not as an Assistant Manager of the super eagles of Nigeria .

    Again it reinforced my earlier post that a partying Yobo for the past 6 years is simply not ready for the position.He wasted the last 6 years partying and adding shows and displaying his half clad wife whilst his mates were busy getting their badges and the necessary practical experiences yet he landed the plum job ahead of all of them, Can’t you guys see that we are sick as a country?  Sometimes, I feel like packing my loads and move as far away from this country called Nigeria.

    But we will wait and see, perhaps just perhaps, he will party and get us results you never know.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      My brother. Take heart. I can see you are in pains (Apologies to Mr Fayose), but let your consolation be that you are not in it alone. If the heavens fall, it’s not just 1 person that will be victim. Na Sidon look we dey. This pregnancy wey NFF carry so, we go soon see Wetin e go born…weda na male or female or stillbirth.

  • Coaching a national team is not a day job,no be beams oh.NFF una know waiting una dey do so ,to catch a national team no be to Annalise a football match oh.it happened to Garry and Cole oh etc