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‘You Can’t Bring A Good Man Down’- Ighalo Blasts Estranged Wife, Adesuwa

‘You Can’t Bring A Good Man Down’- Ighalo Blasts Estranged Wife, Adesuwa

Former Super Eagles forward, Odion Ighalo has indirectly shot back at his estranged wife Sonia Adesuwa after she slammed him on Instagram hours ago.

Sonia, who earlier disclosed that Jude just had a baby from another woman, which she said made it two children from two different women as she also accused the footballer of refusing to pay child support.

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The Super Eagles player who was Nigeria’s outstanding player in the last World Cup staged in Russia 2018, took the same medium- Instagram to say nobody can bring a good man down, adding that curses don’t manifest in the life of anyone God has blessed.

He wrote;

”You can never bring a good man down, who God has blessed no one can curse #itstoolatetofail”

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  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    And some people were here telling us only black women are good…black sportmen shouldn’t be going out with, or marrying whites……wara wara wara, including the one that claimed to be married to white woman…LMAO…but casting aspersions on another person for having a white girl-friend.

    May God not give us the wrong woman, black or white. A prof once said, marry the right woman and you are complete…..marry the wrong woman and you are finished.

    This woman wouldnt stop till she sinks what is left of Ighalo’s life in the mud…..and guess what, she isnt white. Na in fellow black girl from same Edo state.

  • Oga… It is not a must to comment on every topic… The context we discussed Elite black sportsmen often favouring to Marry and date white women mostly as status Symbol for needless validation was different. Dont Slam Ighalos wife even though exposing him in public isnt wise as we all know. You are not privy to their travails… and know it that she has Ighalo by the balls if she sues. A whitie would long have been in courts.

    • Oga, must u also comment on every post or topic??? Did @Dr.Drey call u out??? Park well joor… Do u know d story between Ighalo and estranged wife??? Or u just came to seek attention! Make your comment and pass, it’s the best path bro, but stop looking for wahalla where there is none!

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Q… His comment was targeted to me and he knows. If you jump on something wey no concern you next time especially my matter I will run you out of CSN forum… Idiot.

        • @jimmyball, lolz always quick to parade himself as a paragon of righteousness!!! What warantted the insults??? I will not stoop as low, clearly we are not equals!!! The forum is watching your double standards… Lolz

          • JimmyBall 3 years ago

            @Q… Me and @Dr.Drey go at each other every now and then, once or twice, we have gone real berserk on each other with dirty slurs but it did not help anybody, more we ended up letting down other forumites who look up to our reads… @Dr.Drey is capable of backing up for himself without your unsolicited “Voltron defender of the Universe” self appointed role… You would always see me and @Dr.Drey taking jibes at each others post looking to highlight each other’s inconsistencies but we stop short of making it personal and overly emotional… So for you to come and assume I am looking for cheap attention, that I should park well as if I patch you ball for loins… ask around CSN forum of @JimmyBall… if you take a swing at me unprovoked, walahi you go collect!!! Just no start rough play with me… I the bite!

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      @Q Help us ask am too o. Take a census of comments on CSN this month alone and his will me more than mine….but he’s here telling me must I comment on every topic.

      Answer – Yes….I must comment on every topic as much as i feel like….it is nobody’s damn business, because no 1, you dont own the site. No 2. You dont own me. No 3, you dont own my time. No 4. You dont own my resources. No 5. there is no law that prohibits me from commenting.

      So how my commenting on every topic is giving you chicken pox in the cleavage of your butt is what I dont understand. If elite black sportsmen are chasing white girls for status or validation, pls how is that your headache. The key point is mind your own damn business and let others mind theirs.

      Marry black woman, marry black woman nor be him Ighalo no get peace of mind so…? Not everyone that marries a white married for validation, and not everyone that married a black ended up having a peaceful home. Mind your own business and let people go after whom they want…black or white. There are bad women everywhere, black or white….and there are good women everywhere too, black or white.

      Live and let live.

  • All this lazy Nigerian women always after the wealth of the man through devorce…. Unfortunate for adesua igalo is not resident in Europe so their law doesn’t bound him so she should forget anything about getting the guy’s hard earned wealth….Matter never even set u don dey calculate how to get him wealth???who hold your hand make you no Hussle??? you just sit down dey open toto down dey born born now you wan chop free money through devorce???I think Europe and other Western countries should look into this their devorce laws because many female folks are turning marriage into a business ventures thereby defeating the very essense of marriage….THIEF THIEF WOMAN

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      If I were Odion, I will discretely sell all my properties in Europe and go invest them in real estate back in Nigeria IN MY MOTHER’S NAME, make we see the devil wey God wan punish wey go say in wan come share am because of divorce….LMAO. Abi court go share my mama properties give one longa-throat ex…?

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Dr.Drey… I wish what you have said is just that easy. They had kids together and when you factor alimony after they have split everything which will favour the woman more… that lady has Ighalo by the balls. The families have to settle the matter, otherwise, there is nothing Ighalo can do… once a divorce lawyer in the country where they got married backs that woman up… it’s game over for Ighalo. Especially as the woman will want to keep living abroad… I am sure his family will be in England.

        • @ Jimmy The highest she can get is a bench warrant on his head in that particular country nothing more because igalo will not honor that divorce Court order….More over I doubt if he has any tangible property in Spain that can change her lifetime…. believe me brother She has done her calculation already but her gain doesn’t outweigh her lose hence the delay and threat….If Igalo’s balls is in the hand of that woman or any woman for that matter she won’t hesitate to crush it,that how brutal women of this days are.

          • JimmyBall 3 years ago

            She is still his wife legally… It’s more deep than you think. I do not know where she resides with the kids but you best believe if she starts divorce proceedings… Ighalo has to oblige the courts… Don’t think divorce is easy… The woman already has professional legal advice at her disposal and possibly knows what will likely accrue to her already… Europe no be Nigeria with shabby laws and lack of enforcement o… When Eboue’s case started he must have been thinking it is a joke until it hit home hard… Ighalo may not have more than 7years to play active football again and you think in the present cloud of chaos in Nigeria he will want to live in Nigeria after his playing time? I doubt…

  • nnamdi ikwueze 3 years ago

    IGHALO i advice you choose the part of peace broken home is nt the best a peaceful home is a healthy home stop been churlish nd boorish embrace peace forgive ur wife no one is perfect we re prone to make mistakes we learn from it and become even more stronger she really love u is all written in her face she mighty be guilty and your ability to handle this we always portray how matured u have nudged up dont mind all this earthly proclivities WOMEN re always the weaker dont judge her on the basis of her weakeness which hav eventually resulted the way things has gotten betwen both of you consider ur spirirtuality and disregard ur canality becos ur canal way of handling this will all end up ruining you

    • I think it has gotten to a point of no return….The woman has already revealed her plans to get his wealth and bring him down financially…. Even if he allows her back he will be eating with her with a very long spoon which is unhealthy for the marriage….Igalo became what he is today from the very scratch,he tasted poverty and he knows what it is….I don’t think he will forgive anyone that ever thought of taking him back to the poverty he escaped through intense hard work and God’s mercy.

  • Marriages run into problems cos people get into it without understanding it’s a solemn covenant. A covenant to take your partner as your soulmate, your best friend, your other half that completes you, your number one, your first love – before anybody and anything else. And I mean A-N-Y-B-O-D-Y. Except God.

    And that’s no matter your background, whether it’s a grass to grace story or vice versa. It’s just a blackmail to keep you strong-headed into deluded sense of justification. A covenant is a covenant. This generation don’t grasp the true meaning. It’s the only phenomenon where 2 strangely become 1.

    When either partner (women are most guilty of this) elevates any third party (mom, father, brother, sister, pastor) above his/her partner through long-term family or societal conditioning, the fate of the marriage inadvertently rests on the whims of this first/number one love outside the marriage union.

    If your wife or husband is not your first love, gossip mate, adviser etc, then your marriage is sitting on a time bomb with the trigger in the hands of the usurper (which you knowingly or unknowingly enthroned).

    Love your family. Love you best friends. But don’t forget who should be number one that you agreed to when you went into the union. Iron out differences between yourselves. Love forgives. Unfortunately, no matter your best intentions, the other party may not be so mature or loving. It takes 2 to tango. That’s the dilemma.

    Not taking sides, but, Ighalo, nothing is unsalvageable. Don’t get carried away with people around blowing hot airs and whatnots. They’re all THIRD PARTIES. You even have 3 kids and wealth. You’re fighting for your brothers over your wife??

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