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2021 AFCON: Dennis Sends Good Luck Message To Super Eagles 

2021 AFCON: Dennis Sends Good Luck Message To Super Eagles 

Watford striker Emmanuel Dennis has sent a good luck message to the Super Eagles, as they get set to feature at this year’s AFCON.

The Eagles will begin proceedings at this year’s edition when they take on Pharoahs of Egypt on Tuesday.


Dennis will not be part of the squad after Watford claimed his invitation for the competition came late.

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The former Club Brugge striker was later replaced by Peter Olayinka.

And ahead of the commencement of the tournament, Dennis wished the team success.

“Wishing the Super Eagles of Nigeria success in the upcoming competition – The African Cup Of Nations (AFCON).¬† #SoarSuperEagles #LetsGoNigeria,” he wrote on Twitter.

On Friday, Dennis won both Watford December Player and Goal of the Month awards.

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  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    You hypocrite! keep your fucking good luck message to yourself… LMAO! Shey you are happy now? Don’t worry Championship awaits you..

    Dude must have read all our bashing comments on the comments and is feeling guilty now.. LMAO!

    • Chinenye 5 months ago

      Lmao Monkey post the earlier you realise no one is taking your brainless comments serious, the better for you.

      Good wishes Dennis brother! You are simply not in afcon because of a failed coach and a failed football administrators

      See you in Qatar 2022 GOD willing

    • felix peter peter 5 months ago

      you are a fool

  • Dennis please Concentrate on Watford ok u chooses Watford ahead of Super Eagles and I also wants u to choose Relegation By the Time this team travel to Qatar for the world Cup Ok.

    • Ode, you are stupid if Watford relegates Dennis is 100 percent not going with them but ekong, maduka okoye,Tom dele, etebo(if he stays)e t.c, Watford carries more than half of Nigerian players in the premier league.you guys like cursing as if Dennis join the Nigerian team and you see Watford supporters saying Nigeria won’t go beyond group stage how would you feel?(like a nigger)

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    *Comments section*

  • Message accepted brother……we will miss you but others are capable of doing the job…… Please hold the fort well at Watford and make sure you keep them up because Watford is a Nigerian club…….. Watford must not be relegated…….I wish you all the best Dennis.

    • Chinenye 5 months ago

      Watford does not deserve to stay in the epl after what they did to us. We all clamoured for that boys invitations only for watford to fall our hands eventhough nff messed up. They needs to be relagated. Dennis has sold himseld and will get offers from another epl clubs when they’re relegated

    • Thanks only you have sense, it’s like Portugal saying wolves should be relegated. Some African are really who they call them (niggers)

  • Omo9ja 5 months ago

    CSN want to cause another commotion this morning ahahaha.

    Simply because Dennis did not make the Afcon list doesn’t mean he is ignoring Nigeria, blame nobody but Oga Rohr and Amaju Pinnick.

    Amaju was aware of the original list that Oga Rohr sent to CAF and he didn’t say anything.

    Dessers and Dennis are really in form of their lives at the moment which means none of them won’t be in in Cameroon to represent Nigeria. It is a shame that NFF and the coaches are very confused and have no idea of what they are really doing.

    My main concern is that none of the strikers scored in yesterday’s match and this should be a concern for coach Eguavoen.

    No matter what, one of the strikers should adapt quickly to rescue his team.

    We can see now that Super Eagles may struggle in front of goal but why coach Eguavoen acted like that? Since we don’t have Osimhen available for Afcon then you can’t play politics game, you have to go with full force by selecting the best strikers to represent Nigeria and you the gaffer himself.

    With what I saw in Ighalo in our last match and we what I read about yesterday Friendly match, Super Eagles is not ready yet.

    Musa and Chukwueze scored but our main strikers failed to register their names on the score sheet then why did Eguavoen left out Dessers?

    For me, Ighalo got nothing to do in that team anymore.

    No Osimhen and Dennis in the team but there should be another striker that can take his chances in front of goal which happened to be Dessers but corruption have no solution except NFF and the coaches stepping out of corruption. That is the only solution.

    If Dessers could adapt quickly at Feyenoord, I think he still have what it takes to repeat the same thing in Cameroon but coach Eguavoen said he did not know much about Dessers.

    When the time comes, he will remember that I warned him. We need Dessers not Ighalo in the team. Misfiring against Egypt may be costly oooo. Ire o. So, Dennis shouldn’t be blamed for this. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dennis 5 months ago

      Omo9ja please stop spewing trash. Dennis was on the original list of 40 players Rohr sent to CAF. Ndah was never on the list. How Dennis and dessers get omitted and Ndah makes it to the list is squarely on the shoulders of eguavoen.

      I read your comments yesterday were you complained that 3 weeks might not be enough time for eguavoen to coach this team properly. Then I ask, weren’t you the same clown that said 3 weeks is enough? Weren’t you the same clown that said any coach apart from Rohr can win the AFCON with these players we have? You said with umar, nwakali, awoniyi and co, we would rule Africa. As luck would have it, these players are all there, no ighalo, Musa might start from the bench so that means all what you said we needed to excel has been put in place. No excuse whatsoever.

      What we want is total football, go beyond the stage Rohr ended in the last AFCON

    • WHICH WAY 9JA 5 months ago

      @Omo9ja – I dont normally get involved in these things because I would not bring myself low enough to be on the level of a lot on here but after I saw your post, I thought I should just tell you that we now have 100% information and hence assurance that Dennis used this snub to get back at 9ja, I even thought this guy was a good guy- If you have seen any of my previous comments on the Dennis guy, you will observe that they have been very positive however I now know better – He said in an interview with a Watford correspondent that he would not honour a call up by 9ja and this was even before any talk of call ups came up, also it was the way he said it, his body language and facial expression was so disappointing, he used his little 5 minutes in the limelight to try and make 9ja look bad, now I know that 9ja is a ridiculous country in so many ways but us, it’s citizens still try to defend it publicly and big it up even if privately in our hearts we are also just praying for things to get better, so for that Dennis to do what he did! For a man like me to see him doing that?? then I am sorry to say that I completely disown the guy from now on, and he can do whatever he wants to do but in my humble opinion must never ever be allowed to play for Nigeria again!
      I am not like some idiots on here who are now wishing bad on Watford because as some have so rightly said, it’s not only that turncoat Dennis that is there but we have other original bonafide sons of the soil at Watford who I want only the best for so I would never wish harm on Watford or anybody or anything in life but left to me, Dennis has been excommunicated and I don’t even see him as one of us any more! Chikena

  • Four four two 5 months ago

    Proud to get a call up to represent my country. Naija boy,‚ÄĚ he tweeted .those Whr words when he first got his invitation which indicates that he actually wanted to play at the AFCON but unfortunately his club capitalize on the late arrival of his invitation letter to block the move just like Ighalo’s club. So we shouldn’t blame Denis one bit but the NFF for sending late invitations to vital players. Pls fans should understand the situation Denis found himself and casting aspersions on his person. It was a legal battle between Watford’s layers and the NFF legal Department which Denis can do nothing about. @Denis we still love u and need u in SE . we expect u to comeback stronger after the AFCON for the world cup Qualifiers.

  • if Watford relegates Dennis is 100 percent not going with them but ekong, maduka okoye,Tom dele, etebo(if he stays)e t.c, Watford carries more than half of Nigerian players in the premier league.you guys like cursing as if Dennis join the Nigerian team and you see Watford supporters saying Nigeria won’t go beyond group stage how would you guys feel

  • LET US FAIL WITH OUR OWN 5 months ago

    And so fucking what??? Is Dennis and the rest you mentioned the only Nigerian international players we have?? We don’t mind sacrificing them just to serve as warning…