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2021 AFCON: Why I Don’t Have Confidence In Rohr’s Technical Crew -Finidi

2021 AFCON: Why I Don’t Have Confidence In Rohr’s Technical Crew -Finidi

Former Nigerian midfielder, Finidui George says he doesn’t have confidence in the Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr’s technical crew.

The 1994 Africa Cup of Nations winner stated this in an interview with Channels Television, where he raised doubt on the chances of the Super Eagles to win the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

Recall that the three-time AFCON champions are pitted alongside Egypt, Guinea-Bissau, and Sudan in Group D.

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“We have yet to see the team play good football under the current technical crew, so I can say I don’t have confidence in the technical crew led by Gernot Rohr. For the team to do well in Cameroon, they must function as a unit and not the individual brilliance we are seeing now.

“The current Super Eagles team are not better than the set that finished third at the 2019 AFCON finals in Egypt. I saw them against Sierra Leone when they conceded three goals in the second half, and they drew that game. All we have seen is individual brilliance, but they don’t function well as a team.

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  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    Finidi hitting the nail on the head straight from Spain. Those who have zero experience in felele and tanko should come and insult him. My only concern is CS shouldn’t have brought this news when we are closer to world cup qualifiers. It’s a wake up message they should have sent out earlier to put the whiteman on his toes because in Nigeria we love good attacking football and results. NFF also has lion share of blames for Super Eagles downfalls due to their bad football administration and indebtedness which is leading to mass corruption

    • Nobody is insulting Finidi but as ex internationals it’s not just enough to go to the media houses to criticize the coach….they must get involved,they must get in touch with Rhor personally and share with him their observation,they must visit the camp from time to time and motivate the players or share their experience with them……They can also get involved in football development at grassroots to help out…..This their negative critism of Rhor in the media is becoming suspicious to me…..we all know where this Rhor picked Us from…..We hadly had a team to even call ours…..The national team was used as a laughing stock…..we where no longer guaranteed participation in major tournaments again……But today we are talking of trying to win the Afcon…..We are talking of going to the world cup…..we are even talking of exceeding the 2nd round jinx in the world cup….. Please let us give this man a chance and at least speak positive things about the team he is trying to give us…..haba

      • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

        You made a valid point but the coaches invitations and team management doesn’t meet expectations. It’s too shambolic and ordinary he gives excuses instead of calling the right inform players at any given time. England France and other good football nations call players based on form and are able to integrate them within a short time due to their top notch backroom staff, but coach Rohr will tell you that time is too short to invite new inform players because he only has few days to train him. LMAO what a doomass old school Coach. You will start hearing invite Ighalo now after scoring in Asia yet you’ll hear same coach talking down Simy in Seria A. I just dey observe let’s see if he won’t invite Ejuke because if he doesn’t then he has to give a reason and show us who’s better than Ejuke ATM.

      • Coaching job is all about hiring and firing. As such, the coach would be gone if there’s no Positive and or encouraging results to show for it.
        Criticism of all manner is allowed and it helps to put both the coach and players on their toes for better performance.
        Let’s not blame the critics but the NFF who hired him and who really don’t pay well.

      • Solomon Azumki 3 years ago

        U r wonderful my father.i like ur kind of person sir.U forgot to add d most annoying part.When tournament is ongoing that is when the team is always being distracted by calls for sack of the head coach.We r yet to appreciate the good work done by Genort Rohr.We also tnk NFF president

    • An africa adage says: Give good soup ingredients to someone that doesn’t know how to cook soup, he will still cook rubbish.

      The boys have individual talents but Nigeria need a good technical team to make Eagles a world class.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        The boys didnt have individual talent when your good technician Guadiolas couldn’t even qualify for ordinary afcon with most of the same boys right…? LMAOOOoo. Their individual talents were still in ICU in LUTH back then….LMAOOooo

        • Kenneth 3 years ago

          And Please What has your PE teacher gotten us since he got year. All this noise about missing nations cup is baseless. AT least a local coach won us the nations cup with mediocre team. And took us to the second round of the world cup with same mediocre team.

      • Omo9ja 3 years ago

        @Godsate, Chima E Samuels and Mike, God bless you all.

        Am so impressed with your comments.

        This is the perfect time to pass the messages to the Nigeria
        football Federation and I hope NFF are reading Mr. Finidi George/ our comments today.

        They have failed and continue failing Nigeria.

        We can’t continue this way. Enough is enough. Nigerians have decides and NFF have to abide by the rules. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    CSN partime staff are back again. Two days ago it was Akpoborie, in two days time I can bet it will be Dosu’s turn…by the end of the week Okparaku will have his own turn too….. common denominator….. jobless exinternationals. Poor people who want to teach a rich man how to make and spend his money…. LMAOOO

    Your mates like Kennedy Boboye and Ndubuisi Egbo have already won league titles in their coaching careers after hanging their boots….you are still scrambling for U17 and youth team coaching jobs in 2021… telling the world lies about not being employed because you are black….. LMAOOO.

    Rohr is your problem…. LMAOOO. Keep it up ehn. Rohr will be gone one day….we will see what you will present as CV when that time comes… LMAOOO….that your CV that couldn’t even get you a national U17 job….. LMAOoo

    If some people had channeled the energy they spend gossiping about Rohr on their own careers, by now we wouldn’t have even needed a Rohr in the first instance.

    Rohr doesn’t need your confidence. He only needs the confidence of his employers….and so far he has earned it having met all the deliverables given to him by them…… LMAOOO. And by God’s grace will also meet the ones ahead of him.

    Save your confidence till when you get a job to do……Rohr doesn’t need it. LMAOOO.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      The day Rohr leaves and we spend good money to hire Coaches like Herve Renard alongside a decent NFF Administration then Nigeria football will be saved. For now Nigeria football is a comedy of inconsistent performances and no pattern football national teams with terrible coaches from Rohr down to Ladan Bosso led U20 teams.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hehehehehe…..it must be the $100 per month you make from you socalled “multiple Forex accounts” you will use to pay the Herve Renhard when the time comes.
        Just make sure you offset all unpaid emoluments to Rohr and his players running to 2 years now before you start dreaming of hiring Renhard.
        Renhard costs $1.2m per month upwards….. LMAOOOO

        • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

          Look at the misinformed fool I am sure George Soros also earns 100usd from forex monthly?You’re such a non enlightened shallow minded fellow I shouldn’t be coming down to.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            So you are the George Soros now ehn kwanu….. LMAOoo….deep minded fool. You should have just told us plainly that you are Jeff Bezos….. LMAOOOO. Iberibe.

            Poverty stricken idiot that sees getting married to a lawyer as a lifetime achievement…. LMAOoo

            You don’t need to come down to my level….stay up there where you are hanged to dry in the sun along with your fellow imbeciles.

      • We even have local coach that won’t collect as much as NFF is paying the present coach that we deliver if NFF could give him same support that the present coach is enjoying.

        Amunike for example.

        The present coach has coached Eagles for solid five years with no cup to show. Even, a student that gained admission to university to study engineering same day the coach was employed would have graduated by now.

        NFF need to wake up

        God bless Nigeria.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Why did the NFF go looking for Le Guen and later Rohr (on Wenger’s recommendation after Le Guen said world cup qualification and AFCON semis was too ambitious for a team ranked 17th in Africa) if your local coaches were delivering….LMAOOoo.

          If Amunike was delivering in ElMaqqassa why was he demoted from 1st team coach to academy director after few months…? If Amunike was delivering in Tanzania why did they sack him….?

          We could not QUALIFY for competitions for 4 years before NFF stopped the ides of giving inexperience and incompetent exinternationals the national team coaching job.

          A student that gained admission into university is 1989 graduated before the Westerhof we worship today won an cup.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      And nobody is stopping you to go and coach Kastina united you drey abi think you know football? Ex internationals know how disorganized the league organization is so every smart person will not want to attach himself to these funny situations. The u17 and 20 jobs are recycled to failures amongst imama and Ladan Bosso. Instead o giving chances to ex internationals with better coaching qualifications and exposure. We keep playing policies with the game I’m even surprised that people like you are playing blind with these sort of appointments like Bosso and co instead of rooting for ex internationals with promising expectations.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahaha…..your exinternationals cannot coach in other countries right…. LMAOoo….lazy joblessness bunch…. LMAOOO.
        Of course they have nothing on their CVs…. LMAOoo….and unfortunately “exinternational” doesn’t get anyone a coaching job elsewhere outside Nigeria…. LMAOoo. Cvs and portfolios do.

        Pitso Mosimane is Finidi’s mate….he never played in Europe, never played even at AFCON but has already won 3 CAF CL titles and is today coach of the biggest club in Africa.

        Your lazy exinternationals are here gossiping on CSN and their asslicker is here making excuses for them…. LMAOOO. Nigerian league is disorganized…. LMAOoo. I guess all other leagues in Africa too are disorganized….. LMAOOO…that’s why they cannot coach there too. LMAOoo

        • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

          Countries like Algeria and Senegal that has ex internationals must be Asslickers right? And they’re not performing I guess. And Rohr is better than Cisse or Belmandi right? Hausa clown like you drey!

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Igbo idiot like you China.
            Was Belmadi jobless when he was hired by Algeria….? Belmadi had won league titles and cups in Qatar and even coached Qatar national team. He didn’t get the job simply because he was an exinternational…..he got the job because he was qualified….infact eminently qualified….he had both the required ceeificions and licenses as well as job experience as senior coach both at club and international level.

            What do your own exinternationals have on their blank CVs…? Remove exinternational from their CVs it will be as blank as an A4 paper….. LMAOOO. Belmadi did not sit down in Europe and tell lies nobody wants to give him a job because he is Arab….he dusted his portfolios and went to where he will be accepted and built himself an enviable CV.

            Cisse coached in France lower divisions and has been with the Senegalese national teams for close to 10years now assisting at both junior and senior levels, gathering experience till when he was made coach. Yet despite ALL the super talents in teranga lions….we can’t even stand anywhere close to Senegal currently in terms of quality of players and the calibre of clubs they play for, plus all the years he has spent has national team coach, he hasn’t fared an inch better than Rohr.
            Pls what do your own exinternationals know about coaching….? What did they have in their portfolios…? That have they achieved in coaching that makes them good enough for the SE job….? Keshi was assistant SE coach for 4 years, coach of flying eagles, Togo and Mali before he became SE coach. Amodu had won titles at home and on the continent before being made SE coach…..what do you exinternationals have in their CV…??? LMAOOOOO.

            You think if the master of all of them Oliseh and Belmadi go for a job interview today Oliseh will get the job…??? Or you think if finidi and Cisse go for job interview today, they will pick finidi ahead of Cisse…? LMAOoo.

            The current coach of alahly is a contemporary of your jobless exinternationals o. He didn’t even play at AFCON talk more of world cup or Europe….he didn’t get that job with exinternational title…..better go and advise your tingods to go and better their own careers rather than gossiping about Rohr. People who are supposed to be criticizing Rohr are not even talking….it’s people with blank CVs who have not coached even 1 game of senior football that open mouth wide every week on CSN to talk…… LMAOoo….talk is cheap ey…. LMAOOOO

            Poor men want to teach a rich man how to make and spend money….. LMAOoo

            Someone who’s CV could not get him ordinary U17 job in passing vote of confidence…. LMAOoo.

            He should use his confidence to go get a job. Rohr doesn’t need it.

          • It is a free world and there is freedom of speech or expression.I do not think it is proper for name calling and mud -slinging.Air your views and tolerate others with divergent views or opinions.The coach has stayed long enough, to give us a technically sound world class team. The experimentation should stop and inviting players based on media hype.Conte left chelsea after winning premier league and won Italian league the following season with same football philosophyand pattern of play.All he did was to recruit players in addition to the ones he inherited and moulded them to his own football brand.And he got the result.1996 olympics football team had talents but you will admit also that they played as a unit.

  • Sean T 3 years ago

    Enough of clamoring for more chance for Rhor. For God sake this Man had been handling the team for 5 years now. Is it until he stayed for 10 years before we win a trophy. You Rhor supporters are always quick to make reference to his qualifications to major tournaments but can you pls tell me if he has achieve any meaningful thing at the proper tournaments which SE haven’t achieve b4. Fine we weren’t qualifying for tournament prior his appointment not because the team is that bad but because of poor football administration and corrupt Local Coaches handling the team then. Their has not been any improvement in the team period. We are just blessed to have individual talent which is what is still pushing us and trust me that won’t be enough to win a tournament if the players are not well groomed. We need a sound technical Coach on the SE bench. Not just a Man who don’t have ability to read games, adjust your formation or pattern of play based on opponents and the rhythm of a match, make decisive and meaningful substitutions and not just put a player in 5 minutes to the end of the match to do magic. Use players only at their best positions and not force a player on a team all in the name of he his the captain. Game management has to be look into also because you just don’t throw away a match you’re leading comfortably in a tournament else it might hunt you progressing. Lastly NFF should pls pay up the players and Coach salary immediately or within a reasonable tim frame to encourage them and provide good welfare management and good pitch to execute all their home games. GOD BLESS

    • @sean Rhor has only participated in two tournaments since his appointment as Nigerian coach which is WC and Afcon and expecting him to win any of the two is too harsh…..Low handled Germany to 2 tournaments before he finally won his first and he eventually coached them for I think 10 years plus,so continuity is part of football….If England or Germany can assemble a team in 3 days then it will take Nigeria at least a week because logistically we are not at the same level……Distance too is a factor as our players have to travel through continents and harsh travel condition in Africa to get to camp and you need to organize them in to a formidable unit in 3 days?….haba!…… Nigeria has players playing in many different countries but those countries you mentioned above may have all their players in 2 or at most 3 different countries with similar cultural make up…..The environment here is not the same with European countries,from pitches and stadium to hostile fans and so on…..Rhor has tried abeg and he can do more I believe but labelling him a failure is wicked.

      • @Akp please add “T” to his name next time. We might have the same name but we reason differently. A coach can’t suffer to build a team capable of winning silverwares finish and I go dey look for how to fall him down for jobless people to take his glory. NO!

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Gbam. You are the true son of your father. Your family raised you well…!!! No worthless stranger shall reap from your own sweat, tears and blood by the grace of the Almighty.

          • Amen O! Dr Drey ..back to Sender my brother (Same to you).

      • Sean T 3 years ago

        @Akp Don’t get me wrong. I’m not expecting SE to reach WC Semis not to talk of winning because we’re simply not there yet. But on the African continent. Under his tutelage i expect SE to be consistent and be more ruthless in his game plan. Take for instance. Algerians that SE whitewash during the WC qualifier with all the like of Mahrez presence all of a sudden dominated them at the AFcon bcos of his approach to the match. Similar thing against Argentina ( no thanks to Ighalo whom supposed to have make a difference but that miss )that were far from their best in that tournament. All this happens in a tournament so what is the probability that such things won’t happen again ? Also am not advocating for inexperience local Coach but my question is are we going to stick with Rhor ? If we do, trust me the SE chance of winning this Afcon and the next one is slim. Like it or not he is not technically sound that am 100% sure though he has done a good job by enforcing discipline in the team as a whole prior his appointment to get the Players to camp has proven difficult. NFF should do the team a favour, look for an experience Foreign coach to hire and seek a sponsors to handle the salary since they can’t afford it.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      If we were qualifying for tournaments before we ran to Rohr for help, we wouldn’t have needed Rohr. Winning tournaments start with qualifying first…you cant win a tournament you didn’t qualify for….. LMAOOO….ask Olishe and Siasia.
      The individual players you claim are the ones driving the team now we’re also there when your super tactical guadiolas couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON o….. LMAOOO. The same useless NFF and administrators were the ones in charge when people make substitutions as early as 15th minute of the game (LMAOoo) couldn’t manage to top ordinary AFCON qualifying groups or even finish as 1 of best 2nd placed teams.
      This old man is even qualifying with games to spare even when points are dropped. We qualifies for world cup with a game to spare and 5 point lead….even when FIFA deducted 3 points we still remained unshakable. We qualifed for 2019 with games to spare despite losing our 1st match of the series. We qualifed for 2021 with TWO games to spare despite dropping 4 points against Sierra Leone. Was Nigeria lacking individual talents to power is when your guadiolas couldn’t…?!
      If Rohr is using individual talents then he obviously knows how to use them…By God’s grace the individual talents will go a step better than they did in 2019 this time around.
      The westerhof we worship today took 3 tournaments to win AFCON despite inheriting a team that was cheated out of the trophy in 1988. Rohr inherited a team that couldn’t even qualify twice in a row.

      Since he has not done anything that previous coaches have not done before….let him also fail like the ones who failed and got booted out.

      Rohr is depending on individual brilliance…. LMAOoo…as if individual brilliance was involved in a plane crash all that time we dropped to 16th in Africa and 70th in the world.

  • Oakfield 3 years ago

    You failed to condemn the appointment of a dummy assistant whilst criticizing the technical crew headed by rohr? Why haven’t you ex internationals who feel say una sabi pass come out openly and condemn the appointment of a dummy as assistant to rohr just the same way u easily condemn the coach at will. You ex internationals are a major part of the problem. Yobo, since he got appointed as an assitant coach has contributed nothing to the betterment of team. Its just as good as not having an assitant at all and u are here talking about the technical crew. Fools! How come u mentioned the games he lost and left out the games he won including qualifying for the nations cup with games to spare yet again??? . In fact, u were even so ashamed to congratulate the team when they qualified yet again with a game to spare. Na bad belle go kill una there, nonsense! You are such a miserable sorry ass fellow, mr finidi. Pls, go and look for work elsewhere, stop hovering around the nff and media like a chronically hungry vulture. If you were that good, I believe u should have gotten a job at least somewhere in africa say Eritrea or Somalia to say the least but you’ve been jobless all this while with ur so called qualifications and experience. Pls, just go and sit down on corner abeg make we see road. When u openly condemn the appointment of yobo as an assistant then, we shall know your are serious but until then, just shut the f…. K up and go look for something meaningful to do.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      See this poverty stricken idiot that can not afford 2 square meals a day, talking shit calling a multi millionaire that wants to one day contribute to national team development jobless. Finidi doesn’t need Nigeria to be okay, so get sense and know that Nigeria need finidi and other ex-internationals with great idea of football than they need Nigeria because most of them are successful investors better crawl back to your single room and think about how to have a better life.

      • @ China that’s a bit too harsh and you are hitting under the belt

      • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

        Look at this poverty stricken scumbag Chima the saki monkey who claims he millions in forex worshipping and asslicking Finidi. Lmao!! Siasia couldn’t even pay his CAS fees from his pocket ex international millionaire my foot. Stupid ashole internet scammer ass licking ex internationals who hardly make a right decision when it comes to investing. Better crawl back to your trap house.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Wait till FIFA hammers this one whose CV cannot get him even youth coaching job too…LMAOoo…that is when we will know how “multi millionaire-ric” they truly are.

          People wey don squander all the money wey them earn in the 90s finish tey tey…LMAOooo.

          Look at even his picture….it that how a multi millionaire looks…LMAOOooo?

          Poor man licking the ass of fellow poor men…..LMAOOOO

          • JimmyBall 3 years ago

            @Dr.Drey… go check. Finidi George was recently appointed at Mallorca in their youth team as one of the coaches… he is not unemplyed at the moment… put some respect on his name… your attitude towards those who have sacrificed for the nation Nigeria is so hypocritical… someone who is exposed wont act like you do.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hehehehhe….”recently appointed”….LMAOoo…after how many years of retirement from football. Your legend retired from football more than 15 years ago but just got a UEFA A license to statutorily enable him coach youth teams and you think that is a coaching job…..LMAOOOOo……when his mates are already making history with Alhaly of Egypt and winning their 2nd NPFL titles in 3 years or so….LMAOOoo

            Someone who is exposed like me will always speak the truth no matter whose ox is gored. If my speaking the truth infuriates you that much go and sand-fill your eyes and ears…..LMAOooo

            Your boy scouts “legends” are opening their mouth to talk where frontline war veterans haven’t even sniffed a miff.

            Go and tell your “recently appointed” Mallorca youth coach to put his confidence to proper use by leading Marlloca youth teams to win BBVA youth cups…..Rohr doesnt need his confidence.

        • shina 3 years ago

          Look at this lying mechanic coming out to call someone names. How many of your family members have you fed lately, better go back and be collecting your unemployment check. And let normal people debate on this platform.

      • Oakfield 3 years ago

        @chima ewu gambia samuels, mother f… King lych like you. Miserable parasite. U said ur tiny ex international god doesn’t need Nigeria to be okay, if that is so, why then is he hovering around the nff like a hungry vulture for a job???? . The other time, he was begging the nff to give him the u17 team to coach but got his small opiora head slammed into the wall by pinick. Your foolishness and stupidity have made u not to read btw the lines to realize his antecedents. Miserable pig like you that I can feed his entire generation for one century. I have come to realize thst you have an acute personality disorder that always makes u feel intimidated all the time. Loser like you living a fake life.

    • @ Oakfield that’s Abit too harsh take it easy on the guy

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    So all the EX England players that criticizes Southgate works part time at sky sports or at the daily Mirror.we shouldn’t play politics or joke around with what Finidi said, this guy rarely talks.Rohr needs better assistants I’m afraid time is running out.

    • @sunny a pundit is different from a critic…..Those England internationals where acting as pundits during a tournament and they are doing their job by pointing out to the viewers how the game is been won or lost…..But you will never see an England international run down the English team before a tournament kick starts….their internationals are always very optimistic and they even over hype their teams….. England didn’t even play too well in the last Euro,just that they had a smooth/easy part to the final but you see how they where hyping them……Micheal Owen even said the cup was already half way in London……Thank God Italy humbled them….lolz

      • pompei 3 years ago

        England served with some piping hot humble pie, looool.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hehehehehe…..didn’t we see how Neville bombed at Valencia…..almost took them to segunda division….and Roy Keane…? The less said the better. Empty barrels always make the loudest noise…. LMAOoo
      Have you ever heard the likes of Gerrard, Lampard, Terry or Rooney talking nonsense on TV or in the tabloids…???
      Those are the people who should be talking…. but you will hardly hear them talk because they know where the shoe is pinching.
      The same way you will never hear the likes of Olofinjana, Boboye, Ikhana, Ogunbote etc talk rubbish in public. It’s people whose CVs cannot get them even U17 coaching jobs but want to be SE coach by fire by thunder you will hear on CSN (CSN alone o) on weekly basis….. LMAOoo
      They always have all the time in the world to grant interviews….off course as dem no get job na…why CSN no go dey ring dem eveeyweek for interviews…. LMAOoo

  • Sammy 3 years ago

    Nigerians are really ungrateful honestly. A country that had not qualified for two prior continental tournaments is criticizing the coach that qualified them for a nations cup and world cup with games to spare. Na wa o.

    Do you guys actually know how bad things are in Nigeria – administration wise? What is actually working in Nigeria? The doctors are currently on strike nationwide, the University lecturers just returned from a long strike.

    In sports we just returned from the national debacle that was the Olympic games; the super falcons have not qualified for 3 straight Olympic games, while the U23 team have not qualified for the last two. The other age grade teams have not performed well at any tournament whether African or World Cup since 2015 (for U21 its even longer); the CHAN team has been an embarrassment since 2014.

    The Falcons demonstrated in Abuja in 2016 because they were not paid their bonuses; the Super Eagles have not been paid for close to two years; Rohr has not been paid in months.

    After all these things una still swallow shame, get mouth dey abuse this old man, the only other person (asides Daniel Igali in the wrestling federation) getting tangible results in any Nigerian sport…

    May God deliver una….Una really need prayers!!!

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Most of you can not reason well sometimes else you’ll read well that we are not supporting NFF as well. But we can’t hide that the coaches appointment from super eagles to u17 is total trash. Heavy trash good players but no results anymore. Coaches who discovered Ndidi, Iheanacho, Awoniyi, Chukweze, Osihmen ETC are left Jobless for ones that discovered Ighalo (Bosso). I’m just seeing an end to production exceptional talents If Garba and Co are not given back their jobs to continue developing grassroot players.

      • Mr man u are the highest fool in this forum

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        George Soros….abi na Aliko Dangote….You that can reason well….of what usefulness are you or have to been to this forum apart from always bragging about wealth you have never had and crying about likes and dislikes.
        Was it not the same NFF that appointed those who made us miss 3 AFCONS out of the 5 we should have participated in in the last decade…?

        Or were you not one of the buffons jumping up and down like monkeys drunk on bananas when someone who has only been attending comedy shows 6 years after retirement….zero training, zero qualifications, zero experience in coaching….as assistant coach of the senior national team….?

        It is now that Rohr has stabilized our national team back amongst top teams in Africa, now that drawing a match always seems like a loss, now that we have been set on a path of hope that even critics are hoping we should win next AFCON that you remember that NFF appointments is total trash.

        Empty barrel.

      • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

        Stupid dumb fool. Bragging about trading forex at an old age here asslicking ex internationals. Bloody ashole. Let Finidi take charge of the U17 team first before he can talk.

    • Omo9ja 3 years ago

      @Sammy, you are part of the Nigeria problem if you don’t know.

      Let assume that the Super Eagles is your company, would you keep Oga Rohr?

      The coach qualified Nigeria to major tournaments without winning meaningful things. Is that what you called achievements?

      Algerian coach have warned other African countries and NFF to invest more in our football by getting our ex players and local coaches involved and NFF should making sure the ex players/indigenous coaches taking over from Oga Rohr because they are far better than the foreign coach.

      Did NFF do anything about that since then?

      They ignored that advise and instead, NFF called Amunike to come and help Oga Rohr and still,
      “Nigerians are really ungrateful” according to you ba? What is going here kę?

      Over the five good years that we have been complaining about our world class coach?

      All you can say today is we are ungrateful to Oga Rohr? In what way if I may ask?

      Is he working for free? If yes, that issue should be between him and his employer why is he working for free.

      Even Super Falcons that you mentioned above did their best to win the Afcon tournament in Cameroon and after that tournament, they started the fight with our oppressors and in the end, NFF paid them.

      You and I can change this by calling a spade a spade.

      Instead, you keep praising the coach without winning a tea cup?

      Nigerians are the problem of Nigeria indeed. It is a pity that many of us doesn’t know their right. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Rohr will soon be gone. The time for him to leave is almost here. We will then see who or what the real problem is. Those that are blaming all their personal problems in life on Rohr, from joblessness to inability to impregnate their wives, we will see how far when the time comes for Rohr to leave.
    When we go from qualifying for tournaments with a game to spare to failing to qualify, when we go back to PAY AND PLAY and PLAYER AGENT driven selection, instead of merit, then una eyes go clear fiam.
    One day, the thing you people are asking for will come to pass. Rohr will go eventually. It is then you all will appreciate what we have lost.
    Shebi now Argentina, Brazil and other top countries want to play friendlies with us, abi? When Rohr leaves and our football gets back into the hands of African Guardiolas, then we will see what you will all do when the SE jersey becomes a laughing stock.
    People hardly appreciate what they have until it’s gone.

  • Obinna Obi 3 years ago

    Please my good Nigerian brothers, let’s take it easy on ourselves. It doesn’t speak volume when we attack one another with a harsh words, like the one am reading here. If those in our Glass House are making mistakes in football administration, we the readers are not also suppose to follow suit with the way with fight each other with words. Nigeria, as we know is blessed with great talent in football, but our number one problem is from the Glass House. All there arrangements, plans, etc comes back to affect the Coaches and players negatively. And at the end the blame will be on the Coach. Let NFF fixed all the problems, issues they are having with the Coaches and the players. Money owned to them and better working conditions, and things will be alright. Please Please Please, let’s stop attacking ourselves. God bless us all

  • Greenturf 3 years ago

    Akpoguma playing right back against union Berlin

    • Mercy 3 years ago

      Link 4 the match pls

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

      And he scores. Rohr is using him wrongly according to some bigots. He has mostly been played as a right back this season and last.

      • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

        Awoniyu scores again. Not a good clearance by Akpoguma to gift Awoniyi the goal. Entertaining game though.

  • Can we please watch out for this: We should not kick against everyone who criticises rohr. It’s normal. Not all of them are mischievous. Let rohr learn from this and improve.

    Forumites should understand that you can not always win every argument. Pass yours across. Try to explain and move on.

    This is a sign of maturity. When you begin to curse fellow human being because of sports, then it shows how immature you are.

    We need to watch out for this.

    It’s immaturity that makes you think you have to win every argument. Sometimes, some of us will do worse than those who criticize that are in leadership today.

    Rohr does not have to be super super for us to win afcon. Rohr and this eagles can win and they must win. We have the talents and the experience now.

    • Can the Nff pay up the egbese (debts) they are owing the players and coaches. Haba

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Nobody is kick “against EVERYONE who criticizes rohr”….No far from it. Those we kick against are people who are criticizing him for parochial interests…either thoes who are eyeing his job and feel it is them or one of their colleagues that should be there, even though they all have empty CVs….or those who have been sidelined from the “buying and selling” they used to use the SE platform for when their cronies were in charge.

      Why should someone who hasn’t even gotten his primary school leaving certificate yet be criticizing me for not scoring As all through in my semester exam in the university…? You you score A parallel naim primary school certificate still dey hard you to get since all these years…?
      Soldier wey never quench univeristy students riot before talk more of to go warfront before dey talk for where people wey fight ECOMOG for Liberia and Sierraleone never talk…??? Someone whose biggest coaching job till date has been coaching U20s of a Dutch Eredivisie club for 3 months wanting to pass vote of confidence….?

      ALL of them, I mean ALL of them who CSN has recruited for weekly interviews have common denominator, jobless ex-internationals. Go and look at the ones doing something tangible in football with their post-retirement careers….none of them talks rubbish….but these ones are always available to receive calls on weekly basis from CSN headquarters…..LMAOOOo.

      When really great names in coaching in the local scene start talking, then these ones can manage to sneeze…..otherwise, like their minister they should SHUT UP because they talk damn too much. They were all silent when their colleagues dragged us to to 16th position in Africa…now that we are on the ascendancy they all want to have a piece of the cake and take over an already fledging team that is already nearing its peak.

      Even Eguavoen, the most experienced and accomplished of them all doesnt talk nonsense, not before he became NFF TD or after.

      Dem dey talk about war even boys scouts want to talk…..LMAOOOo

    • Omo9ja 3 years ago

      @Christian Ministries Nigeria, you won my heart for the first time.

      You have to be yourself if you have to say the truth on this forum. We said.

      I hope you continue this way. I am here for the truth. Bravo.

      God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Are we sure the NFF too don’t impose players on him. Right now the Ex internationals should give support in any way they can either by recommendations, advice etc to the current technical crew. Thank God Joseph Yobo too is there unless he’s been removed. They can talk to Yobo and help in anyway they can to lift the morale of the team.

    A coach hasn’t been paid for months or years, we want him to give us results. We should have told him to work for free at the beginning.
    If the NFF don’t have money so where are they getting funds for Aisha Buhari cup, training tours etc.

  • Chibuike 3 years ago

    All this ex international wen dey eye this man job, make una go coach rivers United or akwa United first before una go come out come talk trash. Rohr is best coach Nigeria can afford for now, so leave him alone and talk to Oni gbesee nff

  • Lord AMO 3 years ago

    When I first saw the headline, i was a little skeptical considering whom it was coming from and considering the possibility of a sinister motive behind it. I however read the article and to be honest I dont completely disagree with Finidi’s assertions. Is it in the best interest to come out with this now? Probably not, but if you distill it down to what he said, he’s not far off.

    Yes Rohr took us out of being a laughing stock and failing to qualify but turned it around. I along with a lot of fans truly appreciate that. Even the NFF appreciated it by giving him a contract extension. Now since that extension, one can see that out football has stagnated some for one reason or another. As a fan, I have not been satisfied with our pattern of play. We have passed phase one of the project so referring to successes achieved in that phase is all well and good but we need to see the progress in phase 2. That has not materialized thus far and i think thats what some fans are grumbling about, myself included. I know there are all kinds of external factors at play but if you just boil it down to results since afcon 2019, i havent been too impressed.

    In football you’re only as good as your recent results and the results have been meh.

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    All you have said is nothing but the bitter truth Mr. Finidi George.

    I have really impressed with your view.

    You have played the game and you understand how it works but in Nigeria, many of us just like average results because they have bn programmed that way.

    Where others are celebrating gold medals, Nigeria is celebrating Bronze medals and the NFF hired and stucked with a coach that other small African countries kicked out of their countries because the coach wasn’t good enough and they can’t continue wasting money on a coach that failed to deliver.

    NFF/Oga Rohr have planted Bronze medals as I said earlier this week, they are about to harvest the gold medals, how could that be possible? Let’s wait and see.

    However, I saw a video of the NFF president and Tijani Babangida dancing and very happy after the announcement of the Nigeria group in Cameroon. They hired a private jet to Cameroon and on their way back from Cameroon, Nigerians were asking the both men why were so happy like this?

    We don’t have what it takes to win the tournament in Cameroon interms of coaching department, the coaching crew doesn’t up to the task ahead, you people failed to pay players their allowances and now you hired a private jet to Cameroon.

    A lot of questions have bn thrown at the NFF concerning the Super Eagles coaching department but NFF turned their ears.

    Mr. Finidi have spoken really well and I am very happy that I am not the only one seeing what Oga Rohr and NFF are doing.

    Over the five years of the gaffer, Super Eagles doesn’t have a pattern of play, Super Eagles doesn’t have a number one goalie.

    The gaffer have created enmity among the goalies. Calling Okoye no1 over Uzoho but forgetting that club doesn’t determine no1 position at the national team but your ability does.

    We have our own to choose from and I can say it boldly that between October and January, our ex players and local coaches can build a team that better than the one Oga Rohr have presently.

    We have,
    *Manu Garba
    *Finidi George in place to put Oga Rohr’s team together to form a solid team that we have bn asking for and get the team ready for the next Afcon tournament in Cameroon.

    The four coaches I named above can build a team that will take the world by storm if given the opportunity and adequate support.

    NFF won’t let that happen because all they really care about is their pockets.

    Fellow patriotic Nigerians, I am very proud of you all. Let’s keep our comments moderate and logical because we are passing the messages to NFF and their fans.

    We have to speak the language they understand without abusive words.

    Please don’t use abusive words for the sake of what we asking for which is good governance in all the aspects of our lives in Nigeria.

    We deserve the best and if we join their fans that using bad words, it won’t bring the best out of our oppressors.

    If NFF refuse to replace Oga Rohr before the Afcon in Cameroon with the names I have mentioned above then don’t expect too much from Oga Rohr/Amaju/NFF because they can’t give what they don’t have. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    Comedians all over the place. LMAO!

  • OmoEsan 3 years ago

    I think CSN is deliberately courting these guys (Finidi, Akpoborie & Co) for comments cuz they know their comments will attract readers to their site and elicit reactions, hence more money for CSN.

    Finidi, Akpoborie and their gang are no influencers in the scheme of things, no matter what they say about Rohr. Not even Elder Odegbami at this stage will say anything that will move the glass house to do away with Rohr. The elder has tried before and has failed, but Rohr moves on.

    Even the sports minister has obviously not been an admirer of our beloved Rohr, going by his utterances in the media about the gaffer, yet Gernet Rohr soldiers on, winning the matches he needs to win and meeting his targets without heartaches and sparing us the headache of using calculators.

    I won’t bother myself about Finidi & Co’s utterances, cuz it’s inconsequential in the scheme of things and Rohr in his wisdom knows how to ignore them and put them in their place.

    For heaven’s sake, we have important world cup qualifiers coming up in few weeks, AFCON coming up in four months and some people feel this is the right time to get rid of Rohr??? Common…….

    Some say Rohr hasn’t won a tournament in five years as if we’ve participated in seven tournaments within the period. I wonder where some people dump their sense of reasoning before coming to make comments here.

    Now Finidi is talking about technical ability, really?? What happened to his own technical ability since he retired? If he has been doing the right things and bagging the right certifications and experience, by now the NFF would have head hunted him and he should be one of our national team coaches. Emenalo was Finidi’s mate in the national team while Olofinjana’s national team career started when Finidi was done with the national team. We all know the levels today, these two are even beyond the reach of the NFF as at now.

    There’s no need bickering over this issue, Rohr’s enemies have played all their cards, their joker inclusive and they have failed woefully. The earlier they realize that we’re all stock with Rohr till 2022, the better for them.

    Some are obviously wishing the man should fail so that he will be sacked, but God pass them. This was the same manner they waged war on Westerhof back in the day to the extent that his sack was announced on national TV few weeks to the 1994 AFCON that he won, but the rest is history.

    Soldier on Coach Rohr, God’s got your back, you will succeed and Nigeria and Nigerians will celebrate you.

  • HASSAN Tia 3 years ago

    Super Eagles need tow things in coaching assitants; an assistant coach who can read the matches properly and and also he had a charisma and has pysicological push or support for SE players; so I think this important things for the coaching crew to do in Africon cup in Cameroon.Rhor also can do this matter,but when comes from a local coach who always be a nigerian one…

  • Don’t Insult Me Please 3 years ago

    Am amazed at how people reacts to criticism. Finidi and co have rights to their own opinions. It’s an insult for people to be asking what ex international have done with their lives since they retired. Most of these ex are far better and exposed than majority of us in facets of life . The truth of the matter is only people with out elevated ambitions will be satisfied with what Rohr is presently doing in Nigeria after five years of being with the team. However that does not mean he has done badly. Nigeria deserves people like Rohr to be the coach . Rohr can actually play the game of politics and he is willing to used that’s why he is still there do we think an ambitious coach can accept Super Eagles job and still be around after five years after being owned by seven months salary. So in this regards I think the Nigeria stupid system is great lucky to have a coach like Rohr

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