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2022 W/Cup Playoff: Ghana May Host Super Eagles At Neutral Venue

2022 W/Cup Playoff: Ghana May Host Super Eagles At Neutral Venue

The first leg of the 2022 FIFA World Cup playoff between Ghana and Nigeria may be played at a neutral venue, Completesports.com reports.

The Cape Coast Stadium which has been initially approved for the game is in bad state at the moment.

There have been complaints about the pitch in Cape Coast after it hosted an Independence Day parade on 6 March to mark Ghana’s 65th anniversary.

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There have been renovation works on the field, but it looks like it will not be in good condition for the highly anticipated encounter.

The Nigeria Football Federation filed a petition to the Confederation of African Football (CAF) on the bad state of the pitch last week and a CAF/FIFA inspection delegation is now in Ghana this week to follow up on this.

CAF had earlier rejected an application by Ghana for the match to be moved to the Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi.

The match may be moved to a neutral venue with Benin and Morocco suitable options.

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  • Michel 2 years ago

    This is a welcome development,we can’t afford to play that game on that injury trap called PITCH.the match should be moved to morroco or Benin,Ghana has been playing all sorts of shameful games just to qualify, football has gone past all these old school tricks of trying to play on a bad pitch,not realising ur list ,using juju etc.

    • I believe Ghana messed up the football field deliberately as they are aware that Nigeria players are 100% from developed countries and are all used to standard and very good football field.
      Ghana football is known for dubious way of winning matches. Confirm from South Africa if you are doubtful.

      The match must be moved to a neutral ground.

      Ghana evil plan has backfired.

      This is high class match that will attract the attention of millions across the world. It will be thing of shame for Africa if the ball is played on a bad pitch.

  • Father 2 years ago

    The match will certainly be played in Ghana even if Cape Coast stadium is not ready. CAF officials inspected Kumasi stadium and it will be played there if Cape Coast is not suitable. Tamale Sports Stadium is also available so the SE can’t hide away from Ghana.

    • Gaduwama 2 years ago

      If what we saw at #AFCON2021 is the best the #BlackStars can offer, #Ghanian Football, once the pride of #African continent is truly in a terrible shape. Were #Ghanians to be good friends of #Nigeria, they should humbly withdraw, concede the ticket & commence early rebuilding for the 2026 Edition. But no hard feelings, since they chose to allow themselves be disgraced & humiliated.

    • Michel 2 years ago

      U are wrong ,it takes 3 months to apply for a change of stadium which Ghana doesn’t have anymore

      • Father 2 years ago

        You are wrong. Since the change in venue is at the request of NFF( not GFA), it can changed. Why then did CAF officials inspected the Kumasi Sports Stadium yesterday if it cannot be played there?
        NFF are to be blamed if the match is moved to Kumasi.

    • Chidiomimi 2 years ago

      It is shameful for Ghana to be playing pranks with match of this magnitude. Can you imagine, our list was out for more than a week but till now, Ghana is not ready, secondly, they have idea of the field they want to force Nigeria to on yet Ghana football federation has refused to come clean on that too. I feel CAF should be just enough to punish Ghana for these nonsense.

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    FIFA already ordered them to play the match in Morocco or Benin republic after the NFF protest that the cape coast stadium is not in good condition. The fact remains that Ghana are playing all sorts of mind games to get the best ticket. We must be alert not to get carried away. Kudos to the NFF for this complain. We will be ready for their antics.

    • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

      Well said Brodaman. We are not unaware of the devices of Ghana. Lolzzzz. Super Eagles will prevail. Heaven bless Super Eagles and all deserving players.

    • True @AY. It’s all mind games. They’re actually trying to force CAF’s hand to move the match to Kumasi, their initial preference that CAF had rejected. You can see the confirmation of that motive by their countryman @”Father” in the comment above.

      They got to this stage through dubious means, got exposed badly at Afcon and now trying to go back and resort to crooked means again to scale a tough Nigeria hurdle. Only God knows what they have buried in that Kumasi that has made them desperate to move the match there. They believe it’s their slaughter ground and with few Nigerians there.

      I trust CAF under Motsepe (who’s a South African by the way and are still hurting from that Amartey abracadabra in the box 18″). Thank God match moves to Benin or Morocco. Qatar straight for the SE!

      • Naija 2 years ago

        Kumasi is the headquarters of their witches and wizards with a lot juju believers. Ever since I discovered that a lot negative comments are posted against Nigeria online by Ghanaians with unbelievable animosity, I have decided to see them as sour grapes. They are really against Nigeria in everything even though they first expelled Nigerians i from their country in the late 60s.

  • Yeboah 2 years ago

    Why should the game be moved to a neutral venue? If CAF & FIFA are sincerre, they will move the game to Kumasi.
    You people are accusing Ghana of playing mind games, but it is Nigeria that is actually playing the mind games. Please tell me, why is Nigeria afraid to play in Kumasi? Are they the one to tell the hosts where the game should be played? They want a venue that will be packed with immigrant Nigeria supporters so that it would look like a home game for them. I thought you people have oshimen and Igalo, so why are you afraid?
    I was told that the Nigerian FA chairman has connections in CAF and FIFA. Now he is using the connection to gain board room favour. Ghana fans want the game in Kumasi, and that is where it will be played. Nigeria cannot qualify through the back door. Full stop.

    • Chidiomimi 2 years ago

      Read your comment and judge for yourself if you’re truly sincere.

      Ghana FA knows that both Fifa and Caf have their rules which is detailed enough.

      If Kumasi has been your preference from the onset, why did you announced Cape-Coast?
      Football should not be war, let the best team go to represent Africa.

      Tell me why your list is not yet out?

      • Golden Child 2 years ago

        Don’t mind @Yeboah, we are not afraid but we want fairness. Do not take us to a farm to play football. A country like Ghana should have a FIFA approved stadium for international matches.

        I understand the stakes are high but the game should played within the confines of fairness. CAF is the arbiter in this case and they have adjudged that the surface at cape coast would not be in pristine condition for the match.

  • Yeboah 2 years ago

    The CAF chairman is angry that Ghana eliminated South Africa in their own backyard. If he supports this Nigerian antics, we know why.

  • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

    Nigerians are sacred now and they want the match to be move to a neural venue LOL!

    I thought they said they are in form now and they ll win both home and away so why are they now asking for a neutral venue lol!!

    Caf will move the match to Kumasi and that place is even more DREADED than cape coast!!

    Kumasi is the soul and body of black stars and they turn out to perform like crazy whenever we play there and it has been a while since Kumasi hosted the bs and u can imagine how they ll turn up for the match

    Ghana ll turn the heat up and completely destroyed this OVER HYPE TEAM lol

    • @selfmade idiot, please name the ghana players that you’re parading. jordan ayew? Lol. Walcott? Double lol.

      Nigeria picked the Abuja stadium, not a single issue has been raised. Everything intact. You want Kumasi by fore, by frce. No problem. We’ll 100% determined to zip your mouths up – like we did to Cameroun on our way to 2018 World Cup. Now they’re humble when talking about Nigeria. Ghana is next come 25th! I repeat second leg in Nigeria will be a formality for the SE.

      You beat Egypt there and have become sentimentally attached. You picked cape Coast, but then went ahead to do a parade there, so you can force CAF’s hand. I also see ghana is trying to get more senegalese into the ref teams.

      If you were so confident with all these your childish, fear-motivated rants and repetitions here, you should have choose one venue and stuck to it, announced your squad and keep quiet. No. No venue, no squad. Just noises everywhere. Charlie, how far nah? I’ll see whether you’ll show your humiliated face here on the 26th. Dolt!

  • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

    Nigerians are scare now lol!

  • @Selfmade Agboro I have been Reading your rambles in the forum and just laughing inside. This is the reason Why I must have been 1 of the only people Happy when Luiz Suarez saved a goal with his hand and asamoah Gyan blew a chance to make Ghana go into the semi’s because I know Ghanaians who people your mouth is too big. Exactly why we have a jalopene Bag named after you people!

    Let us see our team is Star Studded and Ghana’s is average. you make mouth but truth be told I have no fear what so ever for this team so let us see come Match day I hope you will not run away come March 29th

  • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

    There’s no stadium in NEPAD CONTROLLED NAIJA, generator controlled naija that’s better than BABA YARA STADIUM IN KUMASI

    Watch this stadium and this match was played only ystday in Kumasi

    A lot of Nigerians has an iq of caged DONKEYS and swallowed fake news like eba lol


    Enjoy this beautiful stadium and see the LIGHTNING alone haha

    • Father 2 years ago

      Thank you Selfmade. Our Nigeria brothers are scared of Kumasi Sports Stadium where the Black Stars walloped Egypt 6-1. The NFF shot themselves in the foot by sending a petition to FIFA on the cape coast stadium.

    • @SelfMadeFool! Your preference for making reference to animals whenever you want to insult a Nigerian on this forum shows you are indeed an ANIMAL! Young man, Nigerians are not the cause of your problems in life. Go tackle the Necromancers , Juju men, witches and wizards you give your money to to make black evil concoctions for you. You RETARD!

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    All u ghanians pestering around here Like miserable viruses would soon vanish very soon. The lesson taught u guys by comoros is just nothing compared to the heart break awaiting you people come end of the month. It is then that u shall realize again that juju, hate and wickedness dont have any place in football. So, if you like, conjure all the juju u can and confront us, take the match to anywhere and u shall see what will happen. I really loved how gyang shed tears on tv when comoros gave u guys the boot in your miserable ass. This time around, he’ll pass out for 1 week. The fact u come here with your hatred and all sort of babaric antics shows how scared and shitless you are. Pls guys, lets try and ignore the ghaninan viruses here.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    @Oakfield… Where have you been? You were missed…

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      Ahhhh… My man @jimmy! Na work no allow me all these while but im back. Pls, where were we with the “rohr” matter???? Loool!!!!

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    After the month end, these poor Ghanaians will seize to exist in this place, believe me. They are now having sleepless nights since their illogic antics did not pan out. The match has been moved to external field of play. Benin or Morocco. I think Morocco will be okay with us since we played Liberia in that field before. Ghana always likes to cut conner. Now yeye average Ghana players are running scared.

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