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2022 WCQ: ‘Defeat Cape Verde, Take N20m’ –Air Peace Airlines Chairman Tells Eagles 

2022 WCQ: ‘Defeat Cape Verde, Take N20m’ –Air Peace Airlines Chairman Tells Eagles 

The Chairman of Air Peace Airlines Allen Onyema has promised the Super Eagles N20million if they beat Cape Verde in their second Group C game in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier on Tuesday.
Air Peace is the official airline sponsor of the Super Eagles.

In a video published on the Super Eagles Facebook page, Oyeama, addressing the team on board said:”You won your first match resoundingly, and we expect that the one happening in Cape Verde in 24hours time will not be different.

“You’re carrying on your young shoulders the aspirations and the hopes of a Nation. You must help us in restoring hope to this country. Nigeria is a great country with so much potentials to achieve. We are yet to get there. We may have our differences but we love ourselves.

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“Because of this, if you win this match, I am going to give the team 20 million naira on arrival. This will serve as a stepping stone in unifying our Nation. Go there and die for the country. Thank you and God bless you.” He concluded.

The Eagles lead Group C after opening the qualifying campaign with a 2-0 win against Liberia on Friday.

On their part, Cape Verde held Central African Republic to a 1-1 draw in Douala, Cameroon.

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  • Walking 3 years ago

    Which kine wastage be this na. What is their duty if they don’t beat them before.

    Spending money lavishly.

    • Chidiomimi 3 years ago

      Such a weak thinking. To assume that Cape Verde came to sell pure water on the field of play is amusing.

      Going there to win them on in their home is a mountaineous duty hence, the motivation.

      • He want to expose them . Vape will beat eagles if they go with mind of winning. By the time 2nd have start eagles would ve faded out. As a local coach me i will tell eagles to contain cape Verde 1St so that wen they lose steam. Eagle finish dem

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      My brother, these players have not been paid a dime for 2 years now….TWO SOLID YEARS….and nobody seems to be saying anything about it. If that isnt wickedness I wonder what else is. Yet they keep giving their all, showing up for matches and getting the results that matter most.

      If an individual is dipping into his own hard earned monetary coffers to do what the NFF/Ministry hasn’t done for 2 years then we should commend him.

      I will encourage the boys to keep playing without their bonuses for now……but the morning of the day of the 1st leg of that final head to head WCQ…yes that very morning, they should all refuse to leave their hotels to the stadium until the last kobo of their emoluments has been paid.

      Let NFF and Sunday Dare go and bring their home-based players (who they claim are as good as the foreign based players) to execute the home and away games.

      • Lord AMO 3 years ago

        I keep talking about it

      • KangA 3 years ago

        I scratched my head, but couldn’t think of a better strategy. It’s high time Rohr links up with Osibanjo. Westerhoff initiated the liaison with Aikommou and the relationship worked. Let subsequent SE coaches carry on with the informal relationship. Buhari may not be that interested in soccer.

        We need someone to tell Pinnick and Dare to step in line, otherwise, they’ll continue to drag Naija in the mud (sic) as they did in Lagos last week.

    • Porverty is ur problem @ clipping not walking

    • Ahhh I’m sure your son type this for you bro. I mean this should be appreciated from peace air, this a good gesture to boost the player morale.

  • God bless the coaches and bless the players likewise. You all will succeed in your respective career. We’ll remember you all. Heaven knows someone cannot owe me money. Ko possible.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    The 2 nil result we obtained against Liberia was against all odds, considering what our boys had to overcome. The NFF sunk to new lows in impropriety and incompetence, with unpaid bonuses, wahala at the hotel, and salt was rubbed into already gaping injury with that potato farm of a pitch the boys had to play on.
    Now, the promise that was made to pay players’ bonuses if Liberia was defeated. HOW FAR?
    NFF ONIGBESE continue to sit on funds meant for payment of salaries and bonuses.
    2 years! I just can’t wrap my mind around it. How you can owe a group of people for 2 years and remain nonchalant is beyond me!
    A report mentioned that the NFF offered the players a paltry 1 million naira each as match bonus, when 5 million was due, and the players vehemently rejected the offer.
    Where is the remaining 4 million due to each player? What happened to that money?
    You are not just owing your employees, you are REFUSING TO PAY THEM, yet demanding nothing but the best from them!
    I think the time has come for us to invite FIFA to come and investigate this NEVER ENDING FIASCO of nonpayment of salaries and bonuses. If our government does this, it will be deemed as interference, and we will risk a lengthy ban. So FIFA should come in themselves to clean up this mess, THEIR MESS. NFF is FIFA’s representative in Nigeria abi? Oya, let them come in and sort things out!
    Any wrongdoings uncovered should be punished with lengthy jail times and stolen assets should be seized and returned to the NFF coffers. Controls and procedures should be established over funds to ensure proper and timely disbursement. The NFF should also be audited annually by a FIFA appointed auditor. We are tired of this perpetually occurring rubbish!

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      And the way CSN is loudly silent about anything concerning unpaid emoluments is really suspicious. When they eventually release any such reports, it usually after the whole world has read about it from other outlets and even forgotten.

      Its utter wickedness to withhold this team’s pay…..under any guise. It amounts to nothing else but intent to sabotage

      • Chris 3 years ago

        And one mumu will wake up to attack Dr. Drey by saying he is working for CSN. How can Dr. Drey be working for CSN and still calling their bluff with facts (they choose to forget)?

        All the barking ex-internationals hoping to see the failure of this bys just to have a reason to bite will definetly get something to look up to… evil people

  • Beryl 3 years ago

    all the ex-internationals are just jealous that this boys might re-write history hence all their rubbish doings

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