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2022 WCQ: Eagles Will Deliver Quality Football In Playoff -Simon

2022 WCQ: Eagles Will Deliver Quality Football In Playoff -Simon

Super Eagles winger, Simon Moses has assured fans of a better performance from the team in the final knockout stages of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

He made this known on the backdrop of Nigeria’s 1-1 draw against Cape Verde on Tuesday at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Lagos.

Having joined Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Senegal as the seeded teams, Nigeria could face any of Egypt, Congo DR, Mali, Cameroon, and Ghana in the playoffs in March.

In a chat with BBC Sport Africa, the Nantes winger stated that fans deserve better performances from the Super Eagles, and he admits it is up to the players to raise their standard and deliver quality football.

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“We know our fans expect more from the team, and we believe we can do more,” Simon said.

“The players have a role to play, and hopefully, we can continue to improve and make our fans happy.”

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  • MONKEY POST 3 years ago

    Na 3 points matter o! Make una no come go play quality football forget the main aim..But if the quality football comes with the 3 points no wahala otherwise make we rugged am dey go ooo…

    • Papafem 3 years ago

      Points don’t matter anymore. The number of goals scored is the the major determinant now. Our players should bear this mind

  • Stanley 3 years ago

    Wao Wao Wao! Certainly, there is room for improvement in any endeavor. Good luck boys!

    • I DEY SHAME 3 years ago

      ***SHAME ON YOU ALL***
      ***SHAME ON YOU ALL***

  • Michel 3 years ago

    Quality football with your poor crosses

  • Chidi 3 years ago

    You have a point here is upto the players to raise their games!!because of our love n passion for our country we hastily blame GR for every misfortune of d team which is not right,judgeing d way SE played against CV showed us something
    They where compact n discipline until d final blast of d whistle indicating that they really want to be at the world cup,can we beat our chest n boast that the players have been paid their match bonuses and arrears upto date?if no how do u xpect them to raise their game?no one is even asking questions about their bonus
    AP is just lying to them which they know decieving himself cos u can fool some people some time not all the people all the time, spending, laundering tax payers money all in d name of going to see d players,abeg how many times we Don read on news say Argentina fa presido go visit messi?our problem today is not GR but AP
    God bless Nigeria

    • Gr and Pinnick is to blame @chidi Nwanne. you can not ask a Jallopin to drive like a Ferrari. If you don’t have it YOU DON”T HAVE IT. NAWA O.. Instead of Insisting Rohr taps into our other EPL Stars and our main Bundesliga star Awoniyi. You are saying Moses Simon should up his game. BROS You are seeing the best of Moses Simon what is wrong with you people? I take God dey ask una? Bro our Concern is not their Match Bonus these players are millionaires they should be able to put Money aside and fight for their country if not make way for who will simple!!!! we don not care when World cup is around the corner.

      Also at Chidi any coach that has no back bone is NOT OUR COACH. How can a coach openly say he listened to a BASTARD (Pinnick) telling him not to take Musa off for Iwobi in 2018 world cup. and you still put your faith in that coach. and it makes sense because Rohr does take well calculated risk. If he had went ahead and still put Iwobi on and he scored that bastard who ask him to leave Musa on would have celebrated with him that, is what you call taking calculated risk and most importantly having faith in your players and decisions.

      Rohr risk is Dumbo Risk, I mean taking Osimhen on for Onuachu. ROhr knows that Awo would have done better than Onuachu but still left Awo out.. I mean How do you take your goal threat off in such a crucial game had it been Cabo Verde Scored Nko??. Also Shehu coming on for Simon I mean come on bro. Calvin Bassey would have been a better option even Chukwueze. Rohr has given his best and can give no more infact I think he has also lost respect of some of the players. and at the moment he is a puppet in Pinnicks game. Mind you Pinnick in all of this still thinks he (Pinnick) is the most sound football head on the planet hence his yeye pep talks all the time.

      What a Zoo nation Indeed. Then we have guys like @Chidi still wanting this shambolic way of doing things to carry over to Macrh Knockout TUFIAKWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Chidi 3 years ago

        Brotherly u got me wrong am no longer a fan of GR,AP,ekong,shehu,Musa,balogun n Moses infact I was praying that Moses be substituted when he first showed sign of injury,Bros u can’t say de r millionaires a laborer deserves his wages,u can u play without match bonus,if they are been paid their match bonuses as at when due any play who plays below average will be dropped,because de r not paying them that’s y they gather a group filled with tired legs,imagine Ekong coming to give Musa d captains armband while he is still outside the pitch shows that there’s something fishy n Musa is indispensable

        • @Chidi Nwanne I agree with you 100% but I just feel the players should rise above the money issues. and fight for 200milion Nigerians because if the do well in AFCON and World Cup. Millionaires and Billionaires wey full Naija go scatta dem with gifts. So they must focus for now. But yes I can hear you. and that is PINNICK, Pinnick is a big crook I am so Disappointed in him. In Hindsight Chris Green may have had a better motive the only problem Green had he was pushing for Local coaches and Local Players to dominate the team so he too has no knowledge. I just feel we need a fresh highly rated foreign Coach (i.e Herve Reynard) and the president needs to back off completely and let the Coach do his job. But Rohr is not the right man for the Job it is crystal clear now. hanging on to Rohr is only prolonging the inevitable disappointment.

          Rohr has the nerves to beg Nigerians to give Ighalo time his goals will come. What a NERVE IF YOU ASK ME. especially after he axed our second highest goal scorer in German Bundesliga without as much as giving him a full game to show his worth. WHAT A NERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!.. this Rohr sef go give person high blood pressure for real it is not healthy for us Nigerians Really it is not.

  • Moses Simon and musa like to talk big. it is so funny because they are always the ones that can do Shisi in a match. SMH!!!

  • Abiola 3 years ago

    This one wey no fit cross ball for him teammates head smh‍♂️

  • Godswill Diego 3 years ago

    Rohr is a Rohrbish coach. #RohrOut.

  • News: NFF asked Rohr to resign.

    This is a fresh news on sporting life.

    I have not seen a journalist of repute who Ia supporting this clueless rohr. It’s only on this forum that I see supporters for the mediocre rohr.

    When I posted #SackRohrNow yesterday some guys were abusing me. I am posting it below again..

    #SackRohrNow campaign should be trending now.

    Did anybody hear the rubbish he said yesterday. We played a cape Verde team that is ordinary. Our goal keeper was on duty for most part.

    Rohr said a draw is like a win. I am surprised he was not sacked yesterday..

    Who will join us with this #SackRohrNow campaign. Reasons for this campaign.

    1. Super eagles have become bigger than him.
    2. He is too rigid to manage a bunch of upcoming talented players.
    3. He is tactically deficient.
    4. He gets too scared to make changes. He is always confused in the second half.

    5. He has destroyed competition in the team. He favors some players above others. Ekong does not deserve to be in the first team. You only need to look at how he conceded a needless corner and how he left his marker after standing with him before the corner was taking for him to score. His errors are becoming too much for a country like Nigeria. Omeruo can step in or akpoguna. Rohr will never put ekong on the bench because he does not have the courage to so.

    6. I wonder why Rohr would overlook two full backs in the italian league (ebuehi and aina) in matches he needed to use the 352 formation. Rohr has a secret and unholy interest in simon Moses. This is the reason why he is always making him to play games. It’s embarrassing that aina was on the bench despite his form this season for Torino fc in Italy.

    7. Rohr has sold lies to us concerning ighalo’s come back to the super eagles. Rohr cant know ighalo more than us. Ighalo is not that special striker that we can kill ourselves over to beg him out of retirement. Ighalo usually don’t score many goals in matches. He misses lots of chances before scoring one goal. You need check his days with the flying eagles under samson siasia. You need to see the match against Argentina in the last world cup. He only began to do well in recent times because of players like Mikel in the midfield and the intelligence of Victor Moses. But we don’t have these players anymore. We need strikers who are fighters like awoniyi oshimen and sodiq and players who can convert half chances like dessers. Not ighalo and even he is getting old and he has retired. Rohr is confused and insincere.

    8. The trust the players have in Rohr in the beginning is diminishing because of his favoritism and insincerity. This used to be the strength of the team in those days. That Is fading away now. This will surely affect the psyche and the performance of the team. It’s just that they won’t talk to the public about it.

    9. Rohr is now speaking from both sides of his mouth. He was always telling us about the top 5 leagues and how he prefers players doing it in these leagues. He is bringing a 32 year old player into the team from Saudi Arabia! Since Musa is already in the team, we don’t need the liability of another ‘old cargoes’ who is not really special to help the young ones.

    10. In the match against Cape Verde away, we used Kinsley Michael and Bonke in the midfield and those boys did a good job in the absence of the regulars. A good coach will not totally throw out the guys since we have a problem in the middle..But our Rohr will always not want to rock the boat against his trusted guys.

    11. Moses has found it difficult to cross balls effectively yet rohr has always left him untouched. How can he be effective In that role If he is not crossing the ball very well. We need to ask the clueless rohr this question..

    12. If we fail , rohr will leave us, collect his money and leave for his country and still enjoy the world cup because his two nations will be there.

    13. Now we have heard ejaria has been cleared yet I know rohr will not give a him a chance. Yet we have a problem in the midfield. If nwakali amd nwobodo have what it takes more than those in the squad now, why can’t you take a risk instead of taking a risk with a 32 year old striker who now plays retirement football in Saudi Arabia. Yet we have quality in the attacks.

    14. When is rohr going to stop talking about youth and semi final in the afcon? Maybe after he is sacked and the right time for him to be sacked is now

    15. If he could invite players who are not playing regularly in Europe consistently I wonder why he complains of inactivity of Nigerian players in the local league. This coach is not sincere.

    16. Finally a combination of finidi and amuneke will do the needful.

    Finally, we have good players. Some of them do it well abroad. Some of them except for some who lost form, were the ones we were using to beat Cameroon, Algeria, Libya home and away in those days.

    It’s just that the commitment and efficiency of the follower begins to drop the moment the leader becomes insincere and dishonest. It’s the same problem with Nigeria as a nation. It can also be the reason why many children performs poorly when they have lost trust in their parents.

    #SackRohrNow I will post this on the nff and super eagles social media handles. Let us do the same before this man kill our dear super eagles.

    • I am with you 120% @Christian Ministries Nigeria. Operation #SackRohrNow must dominate all social Media platforms as well as #Musamustgo enough is enough he has been carried enough, we do not want his yeye experience again… please my people it is of utmost importance… Let us band together because as it stands this same list and Match handling will mean we will collect no less than un replied 4 goal margin in the next round of games in March.

      I said it I would like to beg us let us do this.there is too much talent at our disposal that Rohr is mismanaging. abeg

  • Coache 3 years ago

    Yes oooo, they asked him to resign after the last game and he refused

    • Well if it is true. It would have been reported by CSN by now and other newspapers. Again, bad belle people everywhere spreading rumours.

    • They asked him to resign after the Cape Verde game right? And he dithered so they sacked him??

      He was probably holding out for the sack so he’d get severance package. He probably doesn’t know it’s more honourable to resign that it is to be given the boot.

      I’m almost certain he didn’t resign from any of his previous positions.

      What a breath of fresh air!

  • Dr Banks 3 years ago

    I said it in my post after the last match that “Rohr has come, saw but did not conquer”.

    I knew he had reached the end of his wit and has nothing to offer to SE again, his utterances in post match interviews are disgusting and he really disappointed those of us who were his staunch supporters. Glad NFF finally developed enough balls to relieve him of his duties.

    Didn’t you guys realise that Dr Drey hasn’t made any comment since the last match, he was also fed up and felt let down by this senile demented coach and please let us all implore Dr Drey to please come out of Hibernation as we do love him so much and miss his incisive analysis and comments. We all feel let down by Rohr but it is understandable and life goes on bro.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    If it’s true that Rohr has been given the heave-ho, we thank him for his contributions to Nigerian football, and we wish him well in his future endeavors.
    Now, the search for a quality coach has to begin in earnest.
    Someone who will improve on what Rohr has accomplished. Not take us backwards.
    Rohr came in when our football was in complete disarray, and steadied the ship. He helped us rise up the rankings, and we had some memorable outings.
    But in football, you’re only as good as your recent performances.
    Below par performances in recent games, with Nigeria huffing and puffing against the likes of Liberia, CAR and CV, with CV almost eliminating Nigeria right in our backyard, has proven to be a bit too much for Rohr’s employers to take.
    On the flip side, this same employers must bear their share of the blame.
    With chronic nonpayment of salaries and players bonuses, while expecting and demanding excellence in a comically dysfunctional environment peppered with incompetence and ineptitude, the NFF have no doubt contributed in no small measure to the downturn in performance of the team. The stunning insistence on taking matches away from the lush Uyo pitch, the best pitch in the country by a country mile, and dragging the national team around Nigeria playing on millet farm pitches, is an infuriating example of the kind of incompetence that Rohr has had to deal with during his tenure. Well, he no longer has to be saddled with that mess anymore.
    If it’s true they have sacked him, they now have to pay him thru the nose per the terms of his contract.
    With his bank account flush with newly acquired cash, Rohr can finally go back home and relax, emancipated from his Nigerian nightmare.
    For Nigeria, the struggle continues. Let’s hope this is not the beginning of another slow, agonizing descent into the football doldrums.
    We hope for the best!

    • See all you in pants running wild on the pages of CSN. Rohr didn’t refuse anything because NFF board was undecided. Here is a link:
      Please report properly next time and stop adding your sentiments to it.

      • pompei 3 years ago

        Your quarrel should be with Own Goal Nigeria, not me.
        I asked if it was true that Rohr has been sacked, and I put the source link there for all to see. I then expressed my feelings on the sack.
        So please carry your wahala go front. Thanks in advance.

        • See how your guilty conscience is disturbing you. All I said was that you all are running around in pants. Then said you should report properly the next time. How do you understand the words “All of you”. Our problems are many, even common understanding is zero. Then you want to understand tactical formations and dynamics of football, when you can read. Na wa o.

          • pompei 3 years ago

            You replied my comment with an implied insult.
            If the comment was not meant for me, why did you make it a reply to my comment?
            If you can’t stomach insults, don’t dish them out.
            Mr. Tactical Formations and Dynamics, whether you sabi English pass the Queen of England or not, my request remains the same.

      • Dele Sapa 3 years ago

        Rohr is staying till next year Afcon. That’s the clause of the agreement. Everything will be clearer later today.

        • Untill it is reported in the press. I consider this still a rumour. Thats how fake news started.

  • This is great News, Nigeria knows Local coaches are no good. they will find a rightful Hier truth is if we stick with Rohr it is equally painful than letting him stay. At this point I feel majority of Nigerians will prefer to risk it and hope for a breath of Fresh air i.e Herve Reynard, or that coach that took Burkina Faso to Afcon Final in 2013 Paul Put and Ghana coach from World cup 2010 that one wey dey wear magnifying glass for eye, these are the guys we need. Not Rohr better now than later. it is better to sack rohr now so the new coach can use December Friendly and the 2 friendlies prior to AFCOn to figure out the squad. but one thing for sure a new coach has no loyalty towards Musa and Ighalo and no feelings be it good or bad towards Amaju, that in itself is already a + in my books. It normaly takes Pinnick at least 3 years to figure out how to worm his way into the coachs mind as it showed with Rohr, so we still have time to achieve something decent in AFCON and World cup with New coach and array of Pro’s at our disposal.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Hehehehe, this is getting interesting.
    We don’t know what to believe now. Is Rohr in or out?


  • Oseodion Inegbenebor 3 years ago

    Coach Rohr was given the objective of winning next year’s AFCON and leading the team to the World Cup. And he’s been meeting targets, he is still on course, which is why he deserves at least a fair chance. However, I would take anything from the NFF and not some junk news.

    • Don’t mind them, looking for beautiful football in African qualifying series and players they desire. Expecting Super Eagles to play the old and dusted 4-4-2 system that has been killed by 4-3-3, which has also been killed by 3-4-3,3-5-2, 4-1-4-1, 3-4-1-2.
      Also forgetting that a team like CIV and South Africa failed to qualify and the 2 teams that played in the last semi finals at AFCON- Nigeria and Algeria struggled. So all other African nations should remain dumb and inefficient, while Nigeria keeps winning matches by wide goal margins. Bunch of ignoramuses and lunatics.

      • Yusuf 3 years ago

        Who is thiz nuisance?

        • It’s nuisance to you abi, because you don’t know how to tolerate it. Lunatic

      • GLORY 3 years ago

        @ Brodaman Ben your 352 system is far older than the other systems you mentioning except you only just started watching football. Ivory coast, Zaire, now DR Congo n many Franco-phone football countries have always been modelled their football on 352 right from the very 70s. 433/442 or 424 is our God given system. It runs on our veins. Our kids seemlesly key into it when they gather together to play. We must stop follow follow the Western world in everything they started and claim it’s the way forward.

        • @Glory 3-5-2 has withstood the pressures of all the other system you mentioned. We suffered at the hands of Italy, Denmark, France and Argentina at World Cup when they clipped our wings. The central players during those years couldn’t leave up to expectations, because our central play was weak. If you deny this, just watch UEFA Champions League to see this at play. It happens everytime. It is also the reason Super Eagles survived Cape Verde despite them scoring. If you watch that match properly, you will notice that the center combination of Ndidi, Aribo, Iwobi and Collins stopped most of their play. But Nigerians don’t notice that. It is star dust that is worrying their eyes.

          • GLORY 3 years ago

            @ Ben, we outplayed Italy. n if not for some silly defensive mistake, that match was heading for a win to us. Can’t remember France ever defeating us. The one I can remember is Nigeria defeating France at home with Shaibu Amodu, deploring 433 system. Also Denmark defeating us was never down to system but over CONFIDENCE of players, who had earlier on defeated world No. 1 rated country; Spain. As for Argentina we played them several times, and lost to them but on most occasions. Even on those occasions we lost, we played some beautiful football and many only lost gallantly.
            But how come you failed to mention SE spanking same Argentina 4-2 while deploring the 433/442 system as well as mentioning all the three AFCON CUPS won by Nigeria, playing same system.
            Also you failed to mention SE being beaten by Croatia, with us playing the most boring football of that whole 2018 world cup tournament. You know, there is no point wasting time on to his argument, Nigeria football will forever struggle to dish a decent 352 system football, simply because it’s not in our DNA.433 OR 442 OR THE REARLY MENTIONED 4141 SYSTEM.

          • GLORY 3 years ago

            Some typo errors cos typing really fast in between job task.

  • Alphonso Gbefumu 3 years ago

    Lolz! I dey laff for pigin. CSN mumu commentators can’t see nothing. Only NFF can sack Rohr and not some fiticious company promising to pay off whatever. Over to CSN for updates!

  • pompei 3 years ago

    If Rohr has not been sacked, then I will consider Own Goal Nigeria to be an unreliable source of news from henceforth.

    • It is now that you know Owngoal Nigeria might not be reporting the right news. When your desire is to see someone fail, you will find anything to make your case.

      • pompei 3 years ago

        My desire is to see Rohr fail?
        Now I see that you’re completely clueless.
        This one that you’re hot on my heels today, following me up and down, dem send you? Tell dem say you no see me ooo.
        Abi you think say I be woman, and you’re trying to toast me? I no gree.
        Oya, leave me alone!

    • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

      Rohr hasn’t been sacked….. I just confirmed from authoritative sources.

  • De Star 3 years ago

    How can we waste Nigerian tax payers hefty severance pay off $2m just to get rid off Rohr ? I am definitely against the sack of Rohr and loose such huge amounts of money .

    I am not a fan of Oga Rohr as he has proved severally that he has nothing to offer SE which any right thinking forum members shouldn’t blame him for his appalling deficiencies, because his employment and contract extension in the first place were fraudulently done by his business partner NFF ; otherwise, how could any sane football nation as Nigeria would have employed a retiring coach ( approaching 70 years old grandpa ) , that had been summarily dismissed not by Germany , not even by any football power in Afrcan that have won a single Afcon in the past , but a tiny Lilliputians without football pedigree nations as Niger , Gabon and Bukinafaso , let alone any European countries ; and then most importantly, engaging a coach going into retirement of 70 years old without a tea cup in his CV , overwhelmed in WC and then well tutored by a local coach Belmadi not only in Afcon within 2 years on the job , but would also tutored Rohr again after 5 years on the job !!! , and on both occasions, the best football filed in this world ( There is no note to take , other than the Zoo country has just succeeded to embarrass the so called giant of African by advertising our corruption outside the world ).

    The way forward, is to persuade Oga Rohr to save Nigerian football by honourably resigning from the job and enjoy the awuf money he had gotten from Nigeria plus bribes from the likes of his fellow retiring Ighalo; where Rohr refuses to resign, he should be demoted and made to work under the combo of Amunike-Finidi-Garba plus either Peter Rufai/ Ike Shorumi/ Cal Ikpeme as goalkeeper trainer( taken that option would leave Rohr with no option other than running back to his country for good on permanent retirement because no country in this world can be the corrupt as Nigeria that would have offered him caretaker coaching job let alone full contract .

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    Sack nah small thing he should be arrested with Pinnick for corruption, bribery and attempt to sabotage the our qualification chances. Look at his staters, look his substitutions something doesn’t smell right, Rohr not be this incompetent.folks the truth will come out one day. Taking our matches to TBS was an act of corruption and sabotaging, Dare shouldn’t be spared either.

  • Gritty 3 years ago

    The old man (Gernot Rohr) should go and rest; enjoying his retirement benefits. Super Eagles of Nigeria job is too big for him to manage. He lack the eye for talent, and how to harness the strength of a great talent and deficient in overall game tactical curves and prompt situational adjustment in a match.
    #Rohrout; #IghaloOut; #MusaOut!
    Nigeria Football Fans and Supporters are worried!!!

  • George Okoh 3 years ago

    Who remember Berti Vogts last day in Nigeria. He list total idea of the game when he met younger and brilliant coaches. That is what is happening to Rohr.

    • I hope you know that Rohr has qualified for the next round and your young coaches are out. I find it hard to understand. But really why are we like this?

  • Oseodion Inegbenebor 3 years ago

    @Ben, It has always been how many prefer to unwind after a long day. With my men downing few bottles to the amazement of all while the boys fill their day with noise as usual. I have told the stakeholders to continue with Coach Rohr’s plans.

    • FatPo 3 years ago

      This Oseodion self, when some months ago you said Osimhen will pair Odion Ighalo in Super Eagles attack and it did happened in the match against Cape Verdeans, na that day I fear you. Again you are saying we must continue with Rohr. Hmmmm! Are you working with Rohr or NFF?

    • Raphael 3 years ago

      How do you mean? Pls expatiate.

    • @Oseodion, Thanks Chief. To be honest here and to point it out again. We have never been realistic with many foreign coaches, the only coaches we were ever realistic with was Westerhof. That is also because he had the ears and heart of the Then Vice President on Nigeria during Babangida’s regime in his pocket. After that especially from the retirees of the USA 94 squad, it has been criticisms upon criticisms. Once any of our coaches reaches the end of an AFCON tournament without a trophy, you will start hearing complains. It took Westerhof more than 5 years to build the USA 94 team. I remember vividly how he used to praise Etim Esin as a playmaker before Jay Jay Okocha was given a nod to wear a shirt. Or how he found Oliseh in a University soccer competition. Not league. All am saying is that it takes more than 5 or 6 years to build a solid team and people should just keep quiet. If it was so easy to build a football team in under 3 years then many nations will be winning World Cup. See the list of World Cup winners today and count the nations that have won it. Especially the year’s it took them to rebuild their squad. The median is about 10 – 12 years.
      We are never patient in this country, always hungry for rewards now and always least prepared for it.

  • De Star 3 years ago

    @Sunnyb ; how would you called for Rohr prosecution? The only person that deserved arrested is his business partner NFF , only a highly principled coach would resist corruption inducement of NFF.

    In the first instance, Oga Rohr never came for the betterment of Nigerian football as he cannot give what he does not have , rather he is in Nigeria on business trip in collaboration with his business partners NFF. NFF themselves are only after their pocket and could only fund willing tools in Rohr ; they no a 68 years old coach with no Tea cup to his credit cannot take SE forward other than mere qualifications for tournament

    I have said it severally that his employment in the first place was fraud !!! for a coach that never lasted 2 years before been sacked by the 3 smallest African countries , now becoming super bride of Nigeria of all nation .

    Please, go and read today punch news paper ; Former Abia Governor Kalu ; he said , having evaluated him when he was brought by his business partner, he funded him not qualify to coach Eyimba football club . What a country!!! A coach that was assessed not competent to handle a football club in Nigeria, was embarrassingly saddled with the responsibility of handling Super eagles!! and you expect miraculous performance of Westerhof, even Keshi era

    Only the gullible Rohr’s fan would fall for such phoney expectations, not the progressives , not even his business partner NFF would have expected him to perform than his capacity; that was why they never bothered to ensure Oga Rohr undergo the recommended refresher training he was asked to go ; and Oga Rohr himself not an ambition at 68 years ; he would helped himself, even if he had gone to understudy Algeria local coach Belmadi for 2 weeks, but he would rather stayed in his home country Germany enjoying his awufu salary

  • Larry 3 years ago

    If eventually Dumbo Roar gets fired and he is allowed to runaway with $2M, all signatories to the contract should be arrested and probed. I still believe that there are other ways to handle his case.
    Does his contract conditions include staying in Nigeria for certain amount of time ? Attending certain number of league matches ?
    If these conditions are in his contract then it can be terminated for breach of agreement and he won’t get shishi..
    Imagine someone that is not good enough for Enyimba handling Super Eagles,
    Shame on you Picnic. Your greed and personal ego put the whole country in this mess..

  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    This owngoalnigeria na calamity sha…… NFF just denied that any sack happened…

    • pompei 3 years ago

      Owngoal Nigeria have scored an OWN GOAL today. Honestly, I’m not impressed.
      Why come out with worthless news just to drive traffic to your website?
      It’s shameful indeed.

  • Shuma 3 years ago

    Listen man, the recruiting on this team is so bad. More players of a certain tribe on the team. This team is not going anywhere with a bunch of regulated players. Jamilu Collins? That guy been on the regulated team sc paderborn for so long, obviously he is not a good defender and can’t cut it. Osimhen, Aribo and Awoniyi are the only ones putting in work. Super eagles are so incompetent, bunch scammers in the organization. Ugbo is smart for choosing Canada when they weren’t taking him seriously.

    In my opinion the top African teams in no order are Senegal, Cameroon, Ivory Cost, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, Nigeria is not even close.
    A lot of these countries are colonized by France. In which these players are already playing in the top 5 league, ligue 1 or French ligue being 5 in the uefa ranking. A Lot of those players are starters too. Crazy thing is half of the players are born in  France and choose to play for their French colonized country. To me the reason being is that they have enough top tier players with experience to actually compete and win things. Where is Nigerian people are always begging and pleading for foreign born Nigerians to play for them. But I always say they will easily outgrow the team, knowing few are actually good enough to compete and might get tired of carrying the team. Nigeria being colonized by England cant just waltz in to the premier league lineup. Alot of the premier league clubs are stacked, cant even make the bench. They promote their own and use academy players. So Nigerians have to go to a relegated/ lower division team, if not then a club outside the top 5 leagues. So the people of a country colonized by England don’t get top club experience.
    Nigeria only chance to stay in competition is through friendlies where the coach stay experimenting, so many one, two or three capped players. The lineups are never consistent. But people here eat anything. There was an article where a bunch of players dropped out because they were injured, I don’t know if that was true or if the players even pull through. But I saw the lineup and found at it was true. I read somewhere else that the reason players dropped out was because of unpaid wages, like always. It was no coincidence that a bunch a players decided that they were injured. Now tell me, why would a foreign born Nigerian would come play for Nigeria when you might not get your money, but in Europe you are most certain. Same thing with the women’s team, the women were protesting. 
    Back to my point, another way for Nigerians to compete is through the fifa youth competition, its how Osimhen and Chuckweze  got recognized. Nigeria has the most u-17 world cup, but that doesn’t translate well for the final team they cant even make it past the second round. Lastly is through relegated or under 1 tier teams and or out of the top 4 uefa leagues and work your way up. Ngolo kante played in French third tier league, then worked his way up. Sadio Mane worked his way up. Edouard Mendy was unemployed, was constantly trying to make a team, then he got noticed by chelsea goal keeper Peter. The thing is outside of foreign born players in France they are players born in Senegal, Ivory Cost, Cameroon and etc that are being scouted by French people and others, and they get to play for top tier teams. While in Nigeria Taiwo Awoniyi was scouted by Liverpool, but he didn’t get his papers in order which put him on a whole bunch of loan spells.
    When I watch Senegal, Cameroon, Morocco, Algeria and Ivory Cost, I’m like I know most of these players. While super eagles I know few by heart like Osimhen, Chuckweze, sadly Iwobi, Kelechi and Ndidi. All people do here is post new players that should play for super eagles every other day, which relates to my point how there’re soo many players with less than 5 caps for the team. Which disrupts the synergy and partnerships with players. Even in friendlies Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia still compete and not do a whole switch-a-roo of players.
    For a team to win something the whole foundation has to be good. I know Nigerians here are corrupted by heart by promoting a bunch of players to be slaves, working for free, imagine that. I thought slavery ended. I just don’t see the super eagles being successful where the federation cant even pay its players, its just not gonna happen. And I dont care about what a past player said about should of played of Nigeria because I would have played more, even for free than playing a few times for England because they will actually pay me, thats the stupidest comment I ever heard. Yall really have no jobs to keep talking about Eze, Lookman, Aridibayo, Nmecha etc every other day. Why would a European born Nigerian getting paid come play for Nigeria and not get paid? Spamming their social media is not gonna help either. These players will have great club careers, but not national team careers. People keep dreaming and hoping, hope is irrational. All this team is gonna do is rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. People reject a call up and or not playing because they are not getting paid then they look for another sucker. Just a bunch of poor players who been relegated or dropped down from a league. From poor Collins to Awaziem. 

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