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2022 World Cup: Forget It, I Can Never Apologise To Ghana –Suarez

2022 World Cup: Forget It, I Can Never Apologise To Ghana –Suarez

Uruguay striker, Luis Suarez, has disclosed that he has no intention of apologising to Ghana after his involvement in the Black Stars’ quarter-final exit at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Recall that Suarez stopped a goal-bound opportunity from Ghana with his hand in the stoppage time of the extra time of the last-8 fixture twelve years ago at the Soccer City Stadium.

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Ghana was awarded a penalty late in the game but former Sunderland striker Asamoah Gyan failed to convert the spot kick, with Ghana going on to lose the encounter on penalties.

That incident has stood in the memories of many Ghanaians for a long time, with some demanding an apology from the former Liverpool and Barcelona star.

However, Suarez has now opened up on the incident, insisting that he would not apologise because he did not force Gyan to miss the penalty.

The first time, I don’t apologize about that,” Suarez told the media at a press conference ahead of Uruguay’s 2022 FIFA World Cup final group game against Ghana on Friday evening.

“I took the handball – but the Ghana player [Gyan] missed a penalty, not me. Maybe I apologize if I injure a player, but in this situation, I take a red card, the referee says penalty, it’s not my fault.”

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  • The question is did Uruguay cheat their way to the 2010 World Cup semi final ticket?

    Maradona scored against England with his hand in Mexico 86. He was not caught, so the goal stood. It’s clear he cheated.

    In South Africa 2010, Suarez stopped a goal-bound header with his hand. He was red-carded and a penalty was awarded to Ghana. Penalty lost. Equation balanced. So, how exactly did Suarez or Uruguay cheat and why exactly should he apologize? What will be the content of the apology?;”Oh Ghana, I’m sorry I stopped the ball and was not punished for it”?

    We all know like they say, all’s fair in war(including football) and love. Anything goes. The end justifies the means.

    We’ve seen teams win by hook or crook, including time wasting, dying minute substitutions, faking injuries, and playing 9-man defense, which Ghana has been doing at this World Cup and did also in Abuja. So what exactly is the fuzz with Suarez? Gyan should be apologizing to Ghana, not Suarez. Stop passing the buck.

    Senegal and Morocco through, Tunisia out. I know Cameroun will be following Tunisia home, it’s 50/50 for Ghana.

    • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

      Do u think he wldve done that against ENGLAND?

      Is not the action that matters but rather the MOTIVE behind and the motive was clear, I can do that against African team after all they are nothing! 

      His gesture doesn’t affect only Ghana but every black person on earth!  

      • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

        Maybe u will asked me how I know his motives

        This is a player that has countless RACIAL BURST with a lot of black players throughout his career!

        He racially abused evra and other black players both in Spain and England 

        He did that against Ghana because he knew it’s a black African team and he can get away with it!!

        If he has done this against his own LATIN AMERICAN TEAM, he ll be dead by now believe me 

        He can’t do that against Mexico or Columbia, his own Latin America neighbors!!

        • There is no reason to apologise to Ghana by Suarez. He committed a football offence for which he was given the maximum punishment- Sent off with a red card and also a penalty kick awarded to Ghana.

          Every patriotic player will do what Suarez did to save his country. Like he said the person who should be blamed by Ghana is Gyan who could not convert a last minute winning penalty. Had Gyan scored that Penalty and Ghana made history as first African country to make it to the WC Semi finals all these “vengeance” call will never arise.

          Stop been hypocrites you ghanaians!

        • benakay 2 months ago

          What the heck are you talking about???
          He did what he had to do for HIS country, and it worked. HE took a big gamble and it turned out to be the best decision he made for Uruguay!

          As Suarez rightly and correctly pointed out…what stopped Gyan from scoring? The easiest opportunity to score over 90 mins of play, yet he failed to score. That’s on Gyan, not Suarez.

          Please, make we see road, ibeg!

    • If Tunisia result against France is anything to go by, then Cameroon might shock the world tomorrow. Brazil is changing everyone of their first 11 so cohesion might crumble against the indomitable

  • pompei 2 months ago

    I heard that Suarez loves banku and shitto……

    • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

      I swear pompei u love BANKU AND SHITO like ur other colleagues lol

      I know u gulp banku like a Ghanaian haha

  • MONKEY POST 2 months ago

    No need for an APOLOGY…


  • Marvelous Sunday 2 months ago

    A penalty was given. Why didn’t the penalty taker score the penalty? Am supporting all African teams but this is unnecessary at the moment