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2022 World Cup: Uruguay Won’t Escape Defeat Against Ghana –Ayew

2022 World Cup: Uruguay Won’t Escape Defeat Against Ghana –Ayew

Former Ghanaian international, Ibrahim Ayew, has urged the Black Stars to avenge the team’s 2010 loss to Uruguay in the last group game of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Recall that Suarez stopped Ghana from progressing to the semifinals of the 2010 World Cup with a handball on the goal-line at the last minute.

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In an interview with The Athletic, Ayew stated that he wants Ghana to seek revenge against Uruguay and Suarez.


“I thought we had won. I was a substitute, warming up behind that goal, and I ran onto the pitch to celebrate because I was sure the ball had crossed the line. I thought we had done it, the first African team ever to reach the semifinal of the World Cup,” Ayew said.

“The whole of Ghana hates him [Luis Suarez], and the whole of Africa hates him. Oh yes, we hate him. And we want revenge.”

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  • While I don’t subscribe to one writing a check they are not in a position to cash, win, lose or draw, Ghana has made more than a few people eat their words.
    We watch as the encomiums continue to pour in. A supposedly ”weakest Ghana team in half a century”, changed coaches just weeks to a crucial World Cup qualifier, a coach with almost no coaching experience at national team level, yet was able to get us eliminated right here in our own country.
    You can call our local coaches all the name you want to, the home truth is that it was the cold determination of the Ghanaian players on the field of play to do or die that saw them through on the day. The same trait the world is now witnessing in Qatar. Or you can argue that Mr. Paulo Bento and his coaching staff are a bunch of dunces.

    • Glory 2 months ago

      Most of our homebase coaches are pure trash. Stop trying to antagonize the players by shifting blames away from our quack coaches to players who have been true patriots in such failed system.
      Eguavoen should stay far from ever coaching any football team. All these your talks are all in trying to promote quack HOMEBASED LADS into main stream SE.

      • mikee 2 months ago

        Your comments about our coaches is very repulsive and juvenile, grow up. If you have such venom for our politicians and sports ministry our football would be better off. The coaches are a victim of a failed system in every sphere in our country, from security to education, we as a people have failed. When the NFF hires indigenous coaches their salary is not commensurate with the position and payment of the meager salary is not consistent. No indigenous coach can ever succeed with a corrupt and a good for nothing FA. The blame should go to the sports ministry and the NFF. A winning team is not built over night, it takes years of grooming talent that come through the system. The NFF and sports ministry have lazy, they prefer to jet out to Europe and beg those that were deemed surplus by their countries of birth to come and play for Nigeria. they do not have time to blend, such a team cannot and would not win the world cup.

        • onwajunior 2 months ago

          “… a winning team is not built overnight…” You know all these and yet still advocated to remove a coach who was building his team gradually and met all his targets. You guys removed him 2 weeks to a major tournament and few months to WC playoffs. Just rest!!! Our local coaches are Quacks!!! Let them go and lead clubs without relegating those clubs first before coming to play table soccer with Super Eagles. They knew that it takes years to assemble a winning team yet they accepted to take over a team with 2 weeks to a major tournament. When they failed the excuse is now “it takes years to build a winning team”

    • Dcardinal 2 months ago

      Nothing like that brother man..a match we lost due to bad goalkeeping. We were the better team over the two legs..if we had an average goalkeeper we would have been in the world cup..Ghana is not better than Nigeria..forget the friendly match we lost to Portugal, if it was a world cup match, the result would have been totally different..I repeat again Ghana is not better than Nigeria..

  • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

    The Whole of Africa don’t Hate anyone, win Uruguay for your own good and don’t include anyone to join your Hating squad. I wish you join Senegal to the next round but do away with the Hate talk it is disgusting.

    • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

      U always talking as if u have no hate in ur life but u do!

      U can’t deceived anyone here and we know who have hate and those who doesn’t!

      U not amonged those who has no hate in their lives on this platform and u are a very hateful person 

      Stop the pretense and be urself dawg 

      Ur comments over here shows the sort of person u are, a bigot and a dye in the wool tribalist pretending to be pacifist but u can’t fooled urself but u can’t convinced anyone here ….

      Such a fake brother and fakeness should be ur middle name! 

      • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

        Young man what is your problem??? You miss road??? Where do I know you from??? Them give you something chop??? Whatever is operating inside of you that’s making you loose should know it’s limits. You no know your league??? That demon that is making you talk loosely should know it’s boundary. By now you should know those who have your time and be able to tell those who has no time for manipulations. Just because it’s internet and requires zero physical presence doesn’t mean you’ll continue taking advantage and creating disgusting utterances. Watch yourself and that demon spirit thats accompanying you from the pit of hell. The fact that people ignore you doesn’t make them fools but those who keep their mouth sealed saves themselves and only the foolish attacks people and thinks they’re wise. You should be growing away from your insecurity and inferiorities instead you allow Satan to be using you for his nonsense. The day you’re delivered from this manipulations is when you’ll realise that you had a major problem. I don’t even know why I’m writing you. I rebuke that which is in you!!!

        • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

          Rebuke the fucking demon in u first, u piece of shit! 

          Wasn’t u the one who was here calling the president of Ghana an APE? 

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          U such a dirty, unattractive human being and the bitterness in ur tribalistic soul has no bound!

          I don’t know the tribe u are from in Nigeria but I know the men from ur tribe are more far better than u, becasue honestly if all the men in ur tribe are like u, I pity NIGERIANs!

          Such a unkempt dirty and vindictive soul that u are no wonder u roaming from one nation back to Nigeria because the GOD that u touted here cant blessing a man with such DIRTY SOUL …

          U keeping on saying here that u owned properties in ghana and u turned around and insult the very nation that have allowed such a wicked tribalist to have a property!!

          THUNDER WILL STRIKE u dead one day because God hates the ugly and I can see u have a JEALOUS AND ENVIOUS soul within u!!

          U punk, u only hustling place is Ghana whiles ur mates are hustling in more advanced nation because of ur envious disposition!

          I can see that in real life, u are very jealous person and u ll hate it when ur friends are progressing in life no wonder u can stay ur STINKING ASS in one place and no one even help u in ur miserable, BORING motherfucking life, u bloody swine!

          There are countless Nigerians in Ghana who are at peace but ur FOOLISH self can’t stay in ghana becasue of ur jealousy!

          I ll advice u to change ur life and stop been a HYPOCRITE and covering ur idiotic self in religion and the Bible because God gate people like u!!

          U have no repentance in u and from what u write here, u are  dangerous religious fanatic using the church to cover ur evil deeds and probably sleeping with a lot of girls in ur church!!

          How can u be saved and called an elderly person APE? 

          Change ur ways and seek true salvation for ur tormenting soul because u fucking lost, u asshole!!

          I have met a lot of ur kind and I know a lot of people here can see thru u as well!!

          Btw did u said, inferiority complex and insecurity ?

          U such a DUMB ass! Inferiority complex comes in all sphere of life and THE MOST DANGEROUS OF ALL OF THEM is RELIGIOUS INFERIORITY COMPLEX  which u have!

          Go to church and acting HOLY and trying to fit in is one HELLUVA of a complex and acting SAVED to impress others is another form of a complex and I can see u have all these combined!!

          Edit:  Take this advice from me today, seek for a real salvation and stop ur hate and STOP PLAYING CHURCH 

          Stop ur pretense, hypocrisy and ENVINESS so that God ll truly see the MAN BEHIND the mask!!


    • mikee 2 months ago

      speak for yourself, as a Nigerian and an African i hated the guy for what he did and pray that Ghana avenge that defeat. For intentionally using his hand to prevent the ball from going in, it should have being allowed as a goal. I hope FIFA updates the rule book.

  • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

    Complete Sports will eventually loose audience if they don’t regulate and prevent nuisance from Ghana on this website making useless and senseless comments. This is supposed to be a forum for well meaning sport loving Nigerians and shouldn’t be a ground of fraternity with disrespectful random persons. I came here to correct a wrong impression base on the headline, only for a riffraff to come and be making utterances that doesn’t connect with my values. It is very strange that this website does not filter Junkies else this nonsense for no dey happen.

    • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

      They should start the regulation with u, u wicked, hateful BASTARD!!

      Who is more nastier than u? Who tell? 

      U such a fucking hypocrite and a pretender!! 

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      U pretend to be anti hate on this platform but I can list the number of HATE COMMENTS u have spewed on this platform insulting elders and people who have made more life than u!!

      When did u leaved Ghana? Years ago and u still hold this hatred and vindictiveness against every Ghana! This shows the sort of soul that u have in u! U such a divisive and dangerous person!!

      U microcosm of what’s wronged with modern Christianity, HOLDING THE BIBLE in ur right hands and DRINKING and smoking with the left hand!!

      As a Christian, let that light shines whenever u go but the opposite is the case with u and is about that time u stop the FAKENESS, the hypocrisy and the double life and be real to urself becasue u aren’t been cute to another but ur self 

      Csn ll lose patronage right ? Is now that u have realized that, motherfucker? 

      What happened to the Ghanaian president is a APE?

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      U are a snake and I hope u reflect on what I have told u and change ur ways for the better because I know ur friends can’t even STAND u because u have an awful personality!!

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      U are the text book definition of a RIFFRAFF, u stupid OLD FOOL!!

      Kwasiapanyin!! U dirty JUNKIE 

      • Ghana man if you are well cultured you will behave yourself on a foreign website. This is not Ghanaweb where hate speeches are celebrated or anti Nigeria headlines everyday. We are Nigerians and we don’t hate Suarez or anyone. Don’t give us negative advice leave our website alone and stop sowing discord for peaceful forumites. Respect yourself and leave this place because I didn’t see anywhere Chima mentioned your name on his first thread before you started spewing your usual nonsense tantrums.

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

    Lmao!! @Selfmade no mind them we Dey enjoy your contributions for here. CSN can’t do shit about public opinion. No body send anybody for here we know the hypocrites already thank you for opening their asses. Lmao!! 

    • Mumu na who call you join matter? Bro Chima avoid this yeye people. There is a reason why no one is responding to self made idiot except his cronies. Quiet as they say my brother is the best answer for fools.

      • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

        @Joe Exactly my point these loads of Shenanigans will alway follow themselves, indeed birds of same feather will fly together. For a long time I have given no room for their nonsense but the dreadlocks wearing Selfmade with spoilt teeth has been looking for my attention since the day myself and someone from this forum unmasked this weirdo on his YouTube channel, before he deleted his own video on YouTube. Somebody who doesn’t like himself no wonder he can’t be happy to like anyone else. Insecurity and reckless talks will only push him to depression most especially when he meet his meter. I can choose to qualify him more but I’m been lenient because for real life me and am no fit dey yan as for Aypilly na who no get work go dey reason am.

      • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

        CS has won today for the fact that I responded to a couple of nonsense drawing traffic. I will try to give no more room for this unnecessaries. Some days it’s near impossible avoiding temptations not to answer the lies satan gives them to spread and eat. Agent of devils sowing their seed!!!

        • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

          Such a sorry, pathetic PUTA haha 

          Go and sin no more, u BUM!!

        • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

          Dullard it is birds of a feather not birds of the same feather useless nonentity using the same iD to be relevant. Bloody asshole Ghanaians have finished you for here. Your mates are hustling and doing great in the western world you are hustling in Ghana blood nincompoop. Lmao!! Leave Ghanaians alone they’re not the architects of your problem Aṣiere!! 

      • Chima just compare their names. “selfmade and ayphillygreat” as a psychologist one can easily tell that they want to be noticed since they bear names that are not given by parents, and no real person seeks attention by all means except empty barrels or people with inferiority complex without their knowledge. They also posses signs of Bipolar disorder that can be found in offensive people. I will advise you to save your peace and avoid them for your own sanity my Brother.

        • Brother man 2 months ago

          I love the Ghanaian commenters here! We are brothers and let keep it fun like that 

          Chima has been insulting people too why u dey run now haha 

    • Solo Makinde 2 months ago

      Don’t mind them Joe. These useless people who cannot use their real names. Bloody slackers. They are jealous of Chima because he is wealthy and wise. Jealously is their wives. They are too ashamed to use their real names. Useless people.

      • Adore red 2 months ago

        Lol… u the one using the same Id lol

        U the same as joe, chima etc … 

        Attention seeking 

      • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

        @Mr Solo alias one of the above, who’s wealthy and wise??? Wonders will never end the fact that you people are cloning to make remarks to hype and continue your propaganda to dent me should tell the level of manipulation that engulfs your plight. Go find something reasonable as for me I done with all these nonsense. Football is now the reason that we will be coming here to be creating hullabaloos. I’m out here!!!

        • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

          Bye and MAKE sure the gate wldnt hit ur BIG phat ass on ur way out  SUCKER haha 

          We have heard this story before but this SNAKE ll come back tomorrow spewing bull shit haha 

          He is now INSULTING his own Nigeria friends and sympathizers covering his back for him lol

          Mister solos, u how this BORN INGRATE is? U were speaking for him but he turned around and dragged u in the mud 

          U want to know why, because my comments is burning him and he has suddenly developed DEMENTIA haha 

          U see God doesn’t like the ugly for real 

          Now that u outta of here, the yahoo business ll boom becasue the thieving yahoo kingpin is coming haha 

          Nincompoop lol

          With ur DIRTY FEET haha 

        • That Chima guy is a big fool. Always writing nonsense and you want csn to regulate who? Regular your brain first. Kwasiakwa!

  • Monte 2 months ago

    The rivalry is a healthy one. Ghana Nigeria rivalry is not only about football or sports, it is about everything. You guys should relax and make it all fun

    • Send this to Chima. He talks as if his mama of papa own csn

    • You know,Monte, I like the brotherly way you talk. Selfmade occasionally gets a good head and talks like an African first. But you see that @Fetch and @Yaw, they can be provocative and erroneously think they can win in a verbal match here or other social media platforms.

      Except people like me are busy at that moment. It would be nukes for nukes. The other one was disrespectfully asking if Nigeria has super star players. Like are you kidding me!!?! Because you’re in the ring and the camera is on you, you suddenly think there are no other wrestlers in the crowd??? When in fact Nigeria has more household names in African football – except maybe for Senegal.

      I’ve related with Ghanaians in Nigeria and really have no cause to detest them. Most of them seem mild mannered. But Yaw and Fetch (maybe Top It) provoke the e-war here and you don’t expect Nigerians to back down.

  • Fetch 2 months ago

    Nigerians haven’t gotten over the world cup debacle. Clearly, they are still in pains.

  • pompei 2 months ago

    Otto Addo has done great with the Banku Boys.
    But let us not forget that he has some quality people with him. Including and especially Chris Hughton, a PREMIER LEAGUE LEVEL MANAGER. When you have someone like that on your crew, it can make a huge difference. By recruiting Hughton, the GFA dramatically increased their chances of success, while their Nigerian counterparts were busy twiddling their thumbs.
    Can you imagine Hughton and Addo going unpaid for months? Hughton will likely not hang around if his wages are being owed. Quality never comes cheap. The GFA rose to the challenge, and they are now reaping the benefits.
    As the good book says, YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

    • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

      Pls support us on Friday lol plsssss 

      We ll come back to the rivalry after the wc lol

  • Sunnyb 2 months ago

    @Selmade, most Nigerians are supporting Ghana,in fact my money is on Ghana from day one, but pls stop insulting people here because they’ve opposing views or opinions. We’re in this forum to eat and drink soccer not to insult people for having diverse opinions. Come Friday Uruguay most fall. 

    • tancosport 2 months ago

      Thanks @SunyB. I hope self-made reads this. Enough of all these insults.

      • He only insults people who insult him. Go back and check. Tell your countrymen to respect themselves 

    • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

      @Sunnyb I salute you Bro, I have read a couple of thoughts on this thread and fact is that nobody is happy of Suarez’s action years ago but it doesn’t lead to Hate for me, and even the Selfmade or some other guys on this forum that tries to create all sort of drama just to take words out of my mouth I do not hate them I only dislike their motives. Why will I hate someone when I know what I should be practicing? That’s the whole point, and to the extent that these people will create profile to make comments for eyes to be on me makes me wonder how much do we really stand to gain all in the name of sports when in reality we don’t cater for one another’s daily life. That which is important is respect and when comments are made that doesn’t point to anyone then it’s odd to be disrespected by Random person you know from no where.

      Not pained by any of these words but Example is the usage of “fake brother” Selfmade used yesterday just because I don’t accept the hate towards Suarez by a Muslim fellow who doesn’t care about the consequences of Hate. But to say I’m fake brother because of my opinion on a religious view which is not his business is odd for me, When did we become brother that you’ll be calling me fake brother??? Sometimes these comments make you regret coming online to share sports opinion. In my day to day career life through out this year I have not come across physical person that will insult me for one thing or whatever because we all have values we share to warrant our fate in this regard.

       So it will be odd that your hubby that doesn’t put food on your table will now be a place where insults will be coming from corners. Some people can enjoy insults but it’s not everyone that will enjoy it most especially when you see how much energy these people put to create confusion towards you. Ask them what they stand to gain when they create false i.d to hype or make comments just to put me on a public front, I feel sorry for them when they do these things because it almost doesn’t add or remove anything to well-being but I feel sorry how you allow satan to use you for his Payless job that you’ll pay the price. I’m not one of those who come here with nicknames ( I’m not saying nickname is bad) that is why I watch the conversations I share online. Even sometimes I will be offline for days and when I come back to see missed sports action I find derogatory words aimed at me by names. Anyone can insult endlessly but it will be wiser to be quiet and save yourself Judgement. So let he who finds delight in create false things continue but remember everyone including cloners that are deceiving themselves will one day make account for idle words and actions that only them can decipher their motives. Let it not be said that common sports conversation is what will be your downfall how funny LMAO….. Sports is not what will make me Hate anyone, not Suarez not Selfmade not Drey Not Oakfield and many more but their action is what I don’t like. Because I know who the real adversary his, and it is my business to stand to my faith be it fake or not it is my sole business because at the end of the day we will all individually answer for ourselves. So the one who’s saying fake Christian this and that should channel his energy into saving his own soul!!!

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

    Selfmade and Yaw and all our Ghanaian brothers on this forum don’t mind all those nonentities we are enjoying your contributions on this forum. It reminds me of Africaplays in those days. Don’t let all these useless miserable morons using the same iD to get relevant frustrate you  guys . We know the person who is joe and solo Makinde. He’s the same ashole using multiple IDs to get noticed on this forum. We always bust his bubbles here that’s why he can’t stay in one lane lmao!!

    Ghana have done well in this WorldCup and they will get a result to qualify for the next round against Uruguay. Even if you lost to Uruguay at least you guys qualified for the WorldCup. Ask them where their own led them to?? Lmao!! Awọn oloriburuku. Especially that worthless Chimpanzee Samuel who claim to be wealthy yet he’s hustling in Ghana Lmao!! Miserable scalawag. 

    • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

      To think I’m pained by what you wrote should tell how sad I am for you. What will your insult do to my well-being? Most times you people need to think before you write and ask what’s motivating you to do this? Ask yourself what you stand to gain??? A couple of I.d has been created by you and some other people who will not stop allowing yourselves to be used for Payless things. You are not my enemy so there’s no need to insult back. I hope you find mercy and security in the eyes of the creator. Mercy!!!

      • onwajunior 2 months ago

        @Chima you actually need to do some reflection bcos you’re the one person I know who insults ppl for no reason at all. Now you’re surprised ppl are calling u out for it.

        • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

          Sometimes the provocation gets beyond limits and you have to respond to their deception. But to say I will just come online and insult people is impossible. Even to the extent that they expect you to respond like a carnal man. If you respond you respond Godly it’s termed pretender or fake Christian. Crazy world out here when everyone should be accountable for themselves. Then you judge my way of response LMAO…. I finish reading CS and bowing my head to say God forgive me that I got offended and responded. Is it worth it??? When there are better things to talk to Elohim about!!!

          • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

            You’re a liar!! You’re the one who always instigates insults on here. How many times have you come here to insult me without purpose? You bloody fool!! It is you that needs to find security and mercy in the eyes of the creator you miserable hypocrite. Go and remove the log of woods in your eyes first before condemning someone else. After all you’re not my creator. How are you sure that you’re holier than thou in front of the creator?? Leave Ghanaians alone they’re not the ones that send you to be messed up in their country. 

  • Fetch 2 months ago

    Tomorrow’s match is going to be a cracker. The Ghana team must take it calm and easy, they shouldn’t let emotions in. The Black Stars will qualify to the next stage

  • Oakfield 2 months ago

    Mr Ayew, pls and pls , leave africa out of your innate chronic hate Complex. Maradona helped Argentina beat england with is bare hand but the english never hated him even though they were heartbroken. In fact, Till today, maradona is highly revered in England. However, to show the world nd confirm the fact that you people are natural haters, you have come out to tell us that u ‘hate” him bcs of what he did. U see, This has vindicated my ( and some other people’s) earlier stance on Ghanaians as natural chronic haters. I may disagree with chima on some other matters but we are on the same page on this. They hate people with passion. But people like selfwreck ( who has been wrecking himself here ever since he surfaced like a parasite) would always deny it and try to coat it with lies and garbage spewed from his stinking banku earing mouth. Ghanaians are haters and nigerians top the list of people they hate. I think, it has a lot to do with their complex (always feeling inferior whenever they are around us) Anyway, i blame csn for this unnecessary banku traffic here, otherwise we for dy here dy face our own issues. Very soon(by this time morrow) they’ll all disappear from here so that we can have our peace and deal with our own issues.

    • Monte 2 months ago

      Ghanaians are haters and Nigerians are what? I’ve witnessed Nigerians attacking each other’s tribe on this forum due to player selection into national teams

    • Glory 2 months ago

      @ Chima, @ Oakfield, Ghanians hate, Nigerians hate. Anyone hating is poisoning his soul ; FACT. There is no point replying such but just laugh it off. I think we pay too attention to trivial things on this forum. This is football blog. We should strive not to take thing into our heart/personal.

    • Lol @Oakfield you have that all twisted up mate.. Maradonna is probably the most hated person in England by the media when he was playing, and the older fans from the time of the “Hand of God” as the media portrayed it then still hate him to this day. you don’t believe me go and look at comments from English fans when he was sick and when he passed. also too Cristiano Ronaldo why do you think he is constantly bashed by the English media??????,, I think you need to do some research before you type. Cristiano is the most hated footballer in England and by the English media today because of Europ 2004 and WC 2006 (infamous Wink) and winning Penalty in the quater finals. this is also the main reason Wayne Rooney (coupled with him out playing Rooney when they played together at Mn UTD) and Gary Neville and most English pundits continuously bash him until today.

    • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

      This comment shows why Ghanaians hate u!  

      U not open minded and u can’t fit in any society 

      Change ur mindset and u ll change ur life!! 

      From today onwards, change ur prejudiced mindset and u ll attract wonderful people into ur life!!

      This is an advice for u take it or leave it 

      • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

        @ oak field 

        Ur comments here can let see thru u and I know for a fact that, a lot of fellas here aren’t dumb as u think 

        So if Ghanaians hate u, why are u still living in Ghana? Why don’t u go back to Nigeria? 

        So what about Nigerians living in Ghana, so they also hate u as well and why can’t u associate with Nigerians in Ghana rather than associating with Ghanaians who hate u?

        Reading ur comments, I can dissect the sort of person that u are, EGOTISTICAL, TOO KNOWN, self centered and A NARCISSIST and no one ll like a person like u!!

        Am a HUSTLER myself and I know how it hurts when u trying to MAKE UR BREAD in a foreign country and people hate u for no reason because I know the struggles of IMMIGRANTS all over the world but for u, I know u are the cause of ur own problems!!

        First of all, whenever u find ur self in any environment, stop the above listed tendencies and am telling u u ll attract a lot of wonderful people into ur life!

        I can’t come to Nigeria and act like A LANDLORD more than Nigerians! I have to respect Nigerians, respect their laws and confirm to their values!! Any other thing and I ll be hated!!

        Chima, has always said here that he owns a PROPERTY IN GHANA and frankly, how many immigrants owns even a store in Africa? Even in America, how many immigrants owned their own properties? It’s tough but for him to owned a property in ghana if only is true shows the TOLERANT LEVEL OF GHANAIANS! 

        U don’t have to judge a whole people with one experience!!

        Btw maradonna was HATED by the western media and they make sure that, that CHEATING TAG stayed with him to his grave! In his grave, the British media TORN into shrews and they still do!! 

        • Oakfield 2 months ago

          Who told u i was living in Ghana, God dumb ass??? God forbid!!! I can’t live in that shit hole full of banku eating haters

  • Sunnyb 2 months ago

    Let’s move on guys, Ghana and USA have two of the most exciting midfield combos in this tournament so far. Did you guys know that the black stars had the possession twenty one times without any interference from the Korean before kudus scored.