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2023 Women’s AfroBasket: D’Tigress To Face 11-Time Champions Senegal In Final

2023 Women’s AfroBasket: D’Tigress To Face 11-Time Champions Senegal In Final

Nigeria’s D’Tigress will face 11-time African champions Senegal in the final of this year’s FIBA women’s AfroBasket in Kigali, Rwanda.

In the second semi-final played on Thursday, Senegal defeated Mali 75 – 65 to reach the final for the first time since 2019.

Earlier on Thursday, reigning African champions D’Tigress outclassed hosts Rwanda 79 – 48.

The last time D’Tigress faced Senegal in the final was at the 2019 edition (hosted by Senegal) which the Nigerian team won.

While Senegal last won the FIBA AfroBasket in 2015 when they defeated hosts Cameroon in the final.

The final between D’Tigress and Senegal will hold on Saturday, August 5.

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  • OJON ABIODUN 10 months ago

    These girls are just simply magical with the way they dispatch their opponents. Not even Senegal can stop them in winning the Afrobasket for the fourth time in a row. Go girls, we are solidly behind you.

    • World cup wey them qualify last year, one yeye ignorant sports minister obviously in oblivion now, prevented them from attending it. I doff my hat to these girls for still sticking by us

  • I wish our girls Best of luck.

  • It is called greed and power show. Thats the problem of an average Nigerian, once they get that little opportunity they think they are demi gods that needs worshipping. In the west such minister will be scrutinized by the public and press. Investigated by his government and then dismissed.

  • Very true @ Kim. Nigeria’s so called leaders’ problem is driven by foolish greed and of course a backward ego trip. They think in their dead brain that, they are demi gods, how laughable. But outside the shores of Nigeria, they are so so timid to only able to punch inside their pockets.

    • Greenturf 10 months ago

      The Nigerian leaders we scold all the time are they not Nigerians like you and I?Did they fall from the sky or the moon?Our leaders are products of the system the Nigerian people.
      If they continue to be bad all the time,it is because the Nigerian are bad people.

      • You can clap for yourself @ @Greenturf as you struggle to make a point. But if you are ready for this,trust me I am.

        • Just like the Musa you have been scolding too is a product of the nigeria system. Your two face will be unveiled sooner than later as we continue.

          • Greenturf 10 months ago

            I would say that my write up or reproach was purely on sporting ground other than that i have no detest or dislike to his person why should i?

          • Greenturf 10 months ago

            My two face!Haha..If you have nothing to attack me on you might as well make yourself useful.Preferably something you’re interested in,i’m sure it’s definitely not me.
            Have a nice day!

          • Oh useful,, lol zzz. If your two face judgement is how to be useful, then I’d preferred to be useless. What is more two face than attacking Musa’s invitation which I too agree on and now protecting same thieving leaders paving the way for such act to be practiced going by their corruption laden activities. Or such corruption are only not acceptable as long as those practicing maybe like Musa don’t line your pocket. Hahaha… WE are closely monitoring characters on this forum using information dropped on here. BEWARE.. LOL ZZZ. I CAN EASILY TELL THE KINDA PERSON YOU ARE WITHOUT BOTHERING TO MEET YOU. So continue to be useful yeah Mr use’ful’ Greenturf. Lolzz. I WILL CONTINUE TO LASH OUT ON THOSE THIEVING LEADERS AND NO ONE, NOT AT ALL YOU CAN CHANGE THAT.

        • Greenturf 10 months ago

          Am i getting my point across?By your reaction you totally seem not to get the message.
          It wasn’t an attack on you!Read carefully,you will undertand what i mean..

  • @ Greenturf it’s easy to say every Nigerian is the same, corruption wise, for that is the usual excuse to join the band wagon of thieves. But it will make sense to refrain from such over judgement, by first knowing someone or wait to hear/read of such about that person before making such statement.
    You may not have directed your reply to me but it does gives a sense that you kinda encourage such set back practices from our leaders. We should never ever be defending these sort of human beings irrespective of the Nigerian system; THE MODUS OPERANDI SHOULD BE IF ITS TOO DIFFICULT, RESIGN OR BETTER STILL AVOID SUCH HUGELY DEMANDING OFFICES AND NOT
    I used to be one of your biggest fans on this forum but recently I find it really hard to place you especially with your support for SALISU, under the guise we should learn to forgive.
    Forgive I 100% agree with but that must be on the ground he humbly give himself up to remorsefully and concertedly refrain from his old bad grafting habits and not a case of him brazingly declaring that no one can sack him despite his most despicable behaviour.

  • onwajunior 10 months ago

    Please where can we watch the finals? Any link?

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