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2023 WWC: How Super Falcons Shared Beds In Camp –Onumonu

2023 WWC: How Super Falcons Shared Beds In Camp –Onumonu

Super Falcons forward, Ifeoma Onumonu has revealed that the team had to share beds in camp during their preparation for the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

Recall that Nigeria was knocked out from the Round of 16 of the competition by England after losing 4-2 on penalties.

However, in an interview with Guardian, Onumonu, who led the line for the African nation against the Lionesses, highlighted the difference in support that both teams receive back home

‘I’ve seen what England has access to. In Nigeria we don’t have access to much.

‘Our training fields aren’t great. Where we sleep isn’t great. Sometimes we share beds.

‘It’s not good enough. In terms of recovery we don’t have much of any of that. We don’t have access to a gym in camp in Nigeria. There’s a lot that needs to be done.’

“We do what we can because we love playing for our country but hopefully they make it easier for us to do our best Back home the pitches aren’t great. The grass is rocky, bumps everywhere. The stadium we play in for qualifying, you’d be surprised.

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  • Ako Amadi 10 months ago

    Tmwhat a shame! They hate the truth in Nigeria, and the NFF is likely to sanction Onumonu. Like Oluehi they’ll ask her to write a letter of apology, and come and kneel down before the Minister of Sports like Chioma Ajunwa once did

  • Coache 10 months ago

    When it was time for penalties, the English brought out techs to aid their performance. For Nigeria, …..

    • 9jaRealist 10 months ago

      Aren’t you Nigerian? Why didn’t you give them “tech” for PKs?

      Meanwhile, I suppose the US forgot their own “tech” at home. LMAO

      • Coache 10 months ago

        Success is when preparation meets with opportunity. Proper preparation should never be excused nonetheless


    • There is a revolution beginning next season in our local league NPFL by GTI. Since NFF looks like a “sleeping partner” in that equation, football will soon be taken as serious business here. It will trickle down to refurbishing stadiums, government disinvestment in clubs, more wages for players and it will in turn have effect on continental football.

      Thankfully, CAF says all continental teams MUST have female squads.

      Google: NPFL Gets Boost As GTI Engages Investors, Partners To Support League

      • @brodaman sly, whatever they ve got there, doesn’t raise any course for celebration. It only goes to shows that corruption,and the chaotic/toxic environment around Nigeria football,marshalled by incompetent NFF officials is making the Nigerian brand very unattractive. Nigeria with over 300million people where majority are football lovers should be amongst the most attractive for sponsors/business investment under a sane climate.

  • 9jaRealist 10 months ago

    Everything you need to know about Nigerian authorities is encapsulated in the victorious D’Tigress (who had just won their fourth consecutive continental title) being ferried around Abuja in a Danfo-type minibus, whereas politicians are driven around in convoys of luxury SUVs. SMH

    Granted that Nigeria is nowhere near as rich as England (and not just because our politicians are mostly thieves but also because most ordinary CITIZENS do not bother with the basic civic responsibility of paying taxes – even those who can afford to do so), but with better management of resources (starting with getting rid of 102-vehicle convoys, presidential fleet, private jets, estacode, wardrobe allowances, etc.), we can better provide for and support those who put their bodies and lives on line for our collective glory. 

  • we black nations especially in Nigeria situation. are cursed only GOD can help us, Greed of evil is too much with the majority or all governments they only think about themselves.

    • 9jaRealist 10 months ago

      The fact that you’re sitting on your behind waiting for God to come and help you is the reason that so-called “black nations” are cursed.

  • CS, are you not aware NFF have just constituted 20 committees (17 standing and 3 adhoc)? I know you don’t want your favorites in the list to be lampooned by their “arch enemies” Dr. Drey, Deo, Ugo, Pompei, etc. maybe Monkey Post is a little forgiving.

    Pay attention to the Women football and Technical committee (adhoc) and you will know why ex internationals or past employees never criticize the FA abi na NFF.

    Google NFF Constitutes Standing And Ad Hoc Committees.

    We are already going and dancing in circles. No wonder our national team players are never paid.

  • Madam!!! this people interview you are setting you up. They are part of NFF cabal that did like you in the super falcon team. Don’t be surprise that your name will never be in invited player for any tournament again.

    Anyway you are saying the truth about the Nigeria factors and problems in NFF office. BAD PEOPLE

  • pompei 10 months ago

    Is Onumonu considering retirement from international football? Because this thing she said is enough to have her blacklisted from future callups by our lovely NFF. They will ask her to come and dobale for them before they invite her again.
    Another player I think might retire is Plumptre. Though not showing it publicly, she must have been shocked to her marrow by the things she experienced. NFF constantly haggling with coaches and players over money, players not been adequately provided for, not to mention the awful pitches they have to play on at home. If she stays on with the SF, it would be because of the Olympics.
    Saka and Eze would be giving themselves high fives now. They don’t have to ever even think about their bonuses. It’s paid IMMEDIATELY, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. And they are provided with a top notch working environment. Facilities, pitches, coaches, welfare, everything is in order. Why give up sanity for insanity?
    Just imagine what the SF could have accomplished if it was the English FA that was handling them.

    • Plumptre is another fan favorite that has multiple WAFCONs to attend and possibly 2 more world cups. NFF has an African malaise – not concerned with women football. RSA coach said recently many of her players work 9 to 5 jobs and need encouragement by SAFA.

      While I am never a friend to the glass house, I think managing and coordinating under 15, 17, 20 (male and female), under 23, and both senior national teams that tend to qualify for multiple competitions every year as well as their backroom staff and still looking out for funds to embezzle because of the offices they are in, is already tasking for them and evidently show their incompetence.

      Granted, apart from the cadet teams that have no voice at all, how many matches do the senior teams play in Nigeria every year to utilize the decrepit facilities etc?

      Nigeria football will always be in this problem. See MKO stadium that Dangote refurbished? We poisoned it ourselves in anger. Would he repair it again?

      Onumonu might have or have not played her last game yet. If she has, credit to FIFA, she would have earned (national team wise) what her previous counterparts playing for Nigeria never did. Jokes apart, did you listen to Okobi “sermon” yesterday?

      I think it was Deo (not too sure) who wrote she and Etu were put forward to Waldrum by NFF but he axed them for WC.

      She was not forgiving of NFF in her scathing remark yet NFF wants to get rid of Waldrum somehow (to possibly accommodate her).

      Maybe our players have realized they “have a short time to live” in our national teams and want to be agents or wind of change.

      • 9jaRealist 10 months ago

        @Sly, if the NFF did not care about female football, it wouldn’t have had a national team and a female league since 1990 (when most African nations did not even officially recognize African football). Let’s give credit where due, because winning 11 out of 14 continental tittles, qualifying for EVERY female World Cup, qualifying for every female FIFA competition (except for 1 U17 WC) is not beans!

        Meanwhile, if the NFF executive board cannot manage the success of the various national teams (especially given that all FIFA competitions come with grants, plus the regular FIFA developmental grants), they should quit and let those who are more capable take up the mantle. I don’t feel any sympathy for them, for as Tinubu would say “they danced for the job!”

    • Plumptre is very committed. I don’t think she’s planning to retire. She’s ready to endure the hardship from the NFF,just to play for Nigeria.

    • 9jaRealist 10 months ago

      @Pompei, some of you should quit weeping more than the bereaved.

      While we all want Nigerian administrators to raise their standards, rest assured that Nigerians born and raised abroad fully understand that Nigeria is a Third World nation with developmental challenges (and I speak from experience). Furthermore, ALL Nigerians (whether born in Nigeria or abroad, or even if they are just carrying Nigerian passports for sports purposes or any other professional or personal self-interest) have the SAME obligation – the betterment of Nigeria. We cannot just rely on the (admittedly inept) government to develop Nigeria.

      Finally,  those of you whom seem unbothered when Nigerian-born players were being shabbily treated should please spare us the wailing now that foreign-born players have been caught up in it.

      • God bless you for speaking the truth. A lot of for forum members here a blind and quick to judge. Always pointing fingers but yet can’t help develop the country. Love the last statement, when ex-players were treated badly, or ex-players owed salary which of them came to their aid

  • pompei 10 months ago

    @ Sly and Olu, indeed Plumptre’s commitment is obvious for all to see.
    Same applies to all the other SF players. They are a very committed group. Now that they’ve seen world cup action, they also want a taste of the Olympics. Their goals and ambitions, and the camaraderie in the squad will likely keep them coming back.

  • Thanks everyone for ignoring the idiot attention seeker 9ja realist…
    Come ooo mumu it’s fools like you that makes Nigeria whT it is today and the good thing is you’re enjoying it now cos most of us live abroad…so quantinu na you go suffer am… EWOBI…

    • What nonsense are you spilling here, you sounding like an hypocrite to me. When did it become a crime for him to express his opinion. I honestly don’t see anything wrong in what he has tabled down, we are always quick to judge but not doing thorough investigation because one player came out crying. Please which other players have come out to criticize the NFF, you probably will say out of fear, or maybe her story are not clear enough. Am trying to imagine where 2 players are to share one bed during international matches. Still baffling. So maybe one of you an walk to the Glass house and inquire deeply for us the truth

      • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

        So you that isn’t spilling nonsense, have you conducted your own investigations and found out Ifeoma is making false allegations…??

        Or because the rest are keeping quiet in order not to incur bans like Oparanozie, Oluehi and our World-conquering D’Tigres team, it means the NFF is innocent of all these charges…..??

        You too can please walk into the Glass house and help us get evidence from the NFF that these allegations are false.

        • Are you not Mr know all. Kindly help us out that, don’t think it’s too much work for you. You are very good critic of the country, so use your connections to get us proof not dem say dem say

          • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

            Mr know nothing, Defender of NFF, Senior Advocate of Incompetent and Irresponsible administrators…..for you to come attacking everyone like a rabied dog, you must have information different from the one already in the public domain that we are all privy to now.

            You are the one who has proof that onumonu Is lying…..you are the one who has gone to NFF headquarters and Confirmed that NfF has always provided those things she is complaining about. You are the one who is not acting on dem say dem say….you alone are an authority on this matter….Oya tender your proof against onumonu instead of biting trees all over the place.

            The onus is on you to give it to us.

            You are the one attacking someone for not conducting investigation…..ngwa you that works for FBI and have conducted investigation, tell us what you have found that renders Onumonu’s allegations false na…..LMAOoo.

            Mr Investigator. Investigative Jounalist of the year….LMAOoo

    • 9jaRealist 10 months ago

      @cuteprinter, I ignore people who resort to childish insults and personal invective on public discussion forums. It merely betrays your lack of a substantive argument and a CRUDE PERSONAL UPBRINGING! Bye Felicia!!

  • pompei 10 months ago

    Mr. 9jaRealist,
    I think you need to change your name to 9jaDelusionist.
    So Nigeria’s status as a 3rd world country is an acceptable excuse for incompetence? Is that also a valid excuse for the rampant corruption?
    Are Morocco, Senegal and other African countries with much better administrative function than Nigeria also not 3rd world countries?
    You are entitled to dislike foreign born Nigerians. That’s your business. But you can’t railroad me into joining you! NEVER!
    I have always advocated for all our players IN GENERAL. A player might be born and raised on the moon for all I care. As long as they’re playing for us, I advocate for their welfare. For you not to see that, you must be a bonafide resident of LA LA LAND. You call yourself a realist, but continue to delude yourself with false reasoning.
    Our administrators are corrupt and incompetent, you said. You want them to raise their standards, you said. But our players should be ok with that because we are a 3rd world country? Are you kidding me?
    I enjoy bantering with honest, forthright people. You obviously have an agenda against me, because I don’t understand why you singled me out for your vitriol, when so many here have expressed their discontent with our administrators. Perhaps it would be better for both of us if in future, you just waka pass when you see my name. I most certainly do not have time to waste arguing with people disconnected from reality.

    • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

      Hahahahaha….being a 3rd world country means we shouldn’t have common sense. LMAOooo.

      Being a 3rd world country means we shouldn’t be able to provide enough beds for our professional national team players.

      Being a 3rd world country means we shouldn’t be able to have at least 10 football pitches of international standard.

      Being a 3rd world country means we shouldn’t be able to afford to camp our NATIONAL TEAM in a facility that has a gym.

      One would think it is a war-torn country like South Sudan or Somalia he is referring to, and not a nation that can afford to appropriate N70bn to its legislooters to purchase 2023 model SUVs.

      • 9jaRealist 10 months ago

        Dr. Grey, again, I specifically premised my comment with the posit that our administrators should raise their standards, but since you brought South Sudan and Somalia into the discourse, perhaps you need to be reminded that your nation Nigeria is the World Capital of Extreme Poverty and that it’s about 140 million persons multidimensional poverty are almost TEN TIMES the total population of both Somalia (17m) and South Sudan (10m) COMBINED!!!

        REALISM is that Nigeria has so many other competing demands for scare resources, other than just football, and that even if Nigerian leaders were not as spectacularly corrupt as they are (often cheered on and supported by a population more focused on ethnicity and religion than on development and accountability) and Nigeria decided to share EVERY SINGLE CENT made from oil, without providing for anything else, it would amount to less than 20 cents per Nigerian per day.

        Nigeria is NOT an “oil-rich nation” either. Your daily production is about 1.2 million barrels daily for a population of anywhere from 200-220 million (we can only ESTIMATE since Nigerians cannot even do the basics of counting themselves). In contrast, the UAE pumps 3.7m bbl/d for a population of 9.3 million Emiratis (ie, less than 5% of Nigeria’s population), Kuwait produces 3m bbl/d for a population of 1m Kuwaitis, and Saudi Arabia about 13m bbl/d with a population of 30 million.

        There are school districts in the US, where Ify is coming from, that has a bigger fiscal budget than the NFF (and perhaps the entire Nigerian Sports Ministry). The budget for NYC (just ONE city) of $107 billion is more than 3x that of Nigeria’s government for 200+ million Nigerians (so is NYC’s last year’s budget of $97 billion). Let that REALITY sink in – because unless Nigerians rid themselves of their delusions and understand the depth of Nigeria’s issues, and the work required, we’ll continue to wonder about aimlessly.

        So yes, we should all share high standards and collectively aspire to the highest standards, but our most immediate goals should be to do the most with the little we have – rather than indulging in the delusion of some that we can provide caviar comfort/facilities on a crayfish budget. PERFECTION SHOULD NEVER BE THE ENEMY OF THE GOOD. And fortunately, it’s not by force to play for the Super Falcons (or for Nigeria).

        • 9jaRealist 10 months ago

          *Meant to write that 140 million Nigerians in multidimensional poverty (about 101 million in absolute extreme poverty) is more FOUR TIMES the entire population of Somalia and South Sudan COMBINED! 

        • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

          Hahahaha….and all this waste of energy of yours are the reasons why we can’t provide enough beds for 23 professional players in our national team…..LMAOoo

          These are the reasons we cant plant green grass and tend it optimally to have a football pitch that meets international standards….LMAOoo

          These are the reasons why we cant afford to camp our NATIONAL TEAM in a facility that has a gym. But the NFF president and sports minister can afford 7 star accommodation anywhere they go…..LMAOoo.

          All these are the reasons our national team players must never complain when they are ill-treated or when promises are made but are not kept.

          A country has to be filthy rich like the Kuwait before it can fulfil basic obligations and pay bonuses to players as at when due.

          You for kuku say make the players dey sow their own jerseys carry come play for Nigeria because we are a 3rd world country na……..LMAOoo.

          Pompei was right afterall, You must be a real delusionist….LMAOoo.

          You will tell us if NFF and sports ministry officials dont get paid their salaries at the end of every month to get their job done.

          • 9jaRealist 10 months ago

            Dude, I don’t indulge in childish Strawman’s Arguments…smh

            My earliest comment on this thread harangued the authorities for providing creature comforts for themselves while all but neglecting those who put their limbs on the line for our collective glory. Perhaps you need to learn to read, COMPREHEND (a very necessary step for any attempt at intelligent discourse) before drivel a response.

            Meanwhile, are you not Nigerian? Why are you waiting for the government to come and plant grass? How many pitches in the US (where Ify was born and raised) or the UK (apart from Wembley and St. George’s) are by govt? The flip side of challenges are OPPORTUNITIES but Nigerians like you are too busy wailing to see that. #TakeRespnsibility

            In a nation of over 20 million out-of-school kids, schools without roofs, doors and/or desks, or even working toilets, with one of the highest maternal  and infant mortality rates in the world, lacking primary healthcare centers and pipe borne water, if some people have to share comfortable beds in secure hotels, it’s not the end of the world.

            Your mindset that in a desperately poor nation PRIORITY should be given to replicating facilities found in advanced nations for a small group of citizens is pretty much the same mindset that sees Nigerian leaders appropriate state resources to replicate a lifestyle and privileges similar as (or even more than) those in advanced economies. 

            At the end of the day, Nigeria’s condition is (and it’s ultimate fate will be) the culmination of the various actions (by commission or omission) of ALL Nigerians – and not just those in the NFF or the government. #TakeResponsibility

    • 9jaRealist 10 months ago

      @Pompei, I usually I ignore people who resort to childish insults and personal invective on public discussion forums. It merely betrays the lack of a substantive argument, but I see that you might have taken the weep not more than the bereaved premise as a personal attack (strange, since I don’t know you from a can of beans and do not ever recall previously responding to any of your comments, but nonetheless…), so I will make an exception.

      On the SUBSTANCE of the matter under discourse, I specifically premised my comments with the posit that our administrators should do better. Nonetheless, it is foolhardy to think that foreign-born Nigerians coming to Nigeria are unaware that standards and facilities are not up to par with what obtains abroad. These national representation decisions are not taken lightly, and most people do prior due diligence (again, I speak from PERSONAL experience).

      Meanwhile, I cannot speak about sharing beds (which I suspect is a bit of an embellishment to make a point that needed to be made), but I can assure that even in the wealthiest nations and the best-resourced teams, players and athletes SHARE rooms (sometimes they even utilize bunk bed arrangements), not least because it is an effective way of building camaraderie among team-mates. Thus, not inclined to make a mountain out of that molehill.

      REALISM is that Nigeria is a POOR Third World nation (even without the spectacular corruption of its leaders or the civic irresponsibility of it’s CITIZENS, many of whom do not pay their due basic taxes even when they can afford it) and its development and salvation rests upon EVERY SINGLE NIGERIAN (regardless of how one came about the green passport) chipping in, and not just on the NFF or the government. NO successful nation is built solely by its govt.

      Finally, glad to LEARN that you are concerned about the welfare of ALL Nigerians, and not just those born and raised abroad, albeit you could have fooled us with your blather that focused solely on the latter (complete with cuckold fantasies of Eze and Saka, who was only recently back in Nigeria helping in anyway he can, high-giving each other for making the commercial smart choice of electing to be England international instead of Nigerian international).

  • pompei 10 months ago

    This delusionist and his never-ending ramblings of delusion. Full of hot air, he has gone to great lengths, expending great energy to argue and provide stats to support his argument that Nigeria is a poor 3rd world country. Problem is, he never needed to do that.
    To illustrate, imagine that you take a friend to a restaurant, and after his meal of fufu and egusi soup, you ask him if he enjoyed the experience. Your friend in response starts rambling on about the ingredients in the egusi, how to prepare egusi, how the restaurant was formed, the restaurant’s business plan, etc. The simple question of did you enjoy the experience is yet to be answered!
    We all already know and agree that Nigeria is a 3rd world country.
    The question we are still waiting for Mr. Delusionist to answer is that IN SPITE OF OUR PAUCITY OF RESOURCES, SHOULD WE NOT STILL BE ABLE TO PROVIDE THE BASIC NECESSITIES FOR OUR ATHLETES? The delusionist continues to dodge that question with all alacrity.
    Mr. Delusionist, look at Dr. Drey’s posts again, and answer his questions!

  • @ Dr Drey, i would rather yield to rialist and not descend so your childish behavior.

    • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

      Hahaha….Mr ivestigator, FBI agent per excellence, clap for yourself. Who cares if you yield to ritualists for a living.

      Is this the result of your first hand information from NFF proves that onumonu Is lying against them…??

      Is this your Confirmation on good authority that NfF has always provided those everything she is complaining about and that we don’t have any rights to side with her……LMAOoo

      You that isnt acting dem say dem say, is your yielding to ritualis your proof against onumonu…..???

      Mr investigtor, custodian of all proofs, Stop rambling and give us the outcome of the investigations and why we are all wrong to condemn the NFF instead of biting trees all over the place.

  • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

    Hahahahaha Pompei. One day we wouldn’t be able to play our home matches in Nigeria because FIFA has banned all our stadiums and the rambling delusionist will come to remind us that it’s because we have so and so number of out of school children or that infant mortality rate is so and so….LMAOoo.

    Our national team players too should better look for good tailors that can sow their jerseys for them, because when that time comes when the NFF cannot provide enough jerseys for the national team like during the last Olympics, someone will tell us it’s not enough to cry about since unemployment rate is over 30% in Nigeria…..LMAOoo

    Never have I seen such lame, waywardly divergent waste of energy in defense of incompetent administration and leadership.

    We cannot do the barest minimum for our athletes because we are a 3rd world country…LMAOoo. What a gargantuan fallacy….!!!

    • 9jaRealist 10 months ago

      And what’s wrong with Nigerians making their own jerseys?! SMH

      Sadly folks like you is the reason Nigerians continue to import toothpicks and about everything else. There’s virtual unanimity (even among the ‘rulership’ class in Nigeria) that Nigeria is accursed with mostly inept and corrupt leadership, but the difference between winners and LOSERS is that the former get on with it while the latter wail and point to their richer neighbors.

      Anyway, glad you’ve now made it abundantly clear that you would rather millions of kids lack access to school and basic education, and that millions of mothers and infants die at birth and/or at an early age, so that PRIORITY would be accorded to replicating facilities found in advanced and wealthy nations (and of course you would prefer IMPORTING grass and clothing, among others, since locally-made products are contemptible to you) for a small group of citizens.

      PS: Btw, while I think arguing about little things like sharing beds would be indulging you in chasing shadows in derogation of substance (which seems a specialty of so many in the Nigerian chattering class), suffice it to note that the Falcons camp in the same hotel as the SEs in Abuja, and at Eko Hotel when in Lagos, and in each place there are gym facilities and doubtful that they are made to share beds (not share rooms, which is normal worldwide).

    • Morocco is set again to host next year’s Women African cup of nations. Nigeria no dey shame? Oh, sorry, we are worse 3rd world country than Morocco lol

  • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

    Hahahaha…..delusions of grandeuriic proportions.

    No wonder the country keeps retorgressing….LMAOoo

    Indeed, nothing is wrong with national team players coming to play for Nigeria with their own homemade jerseys…..LMAOoo. May Nigeria never degenerate to that level.

    Nigeria should just quit participating in sports outrighly because it is a 3rd world country where there is poverty and child mortality……LMAOoo.

    We should just quit everything good since we can’t seem to get anything right as a “3rd world country”……LMAOoo

    Sorry ehn, i feel your pain. I understand your plight. I will also become salty, edgy and unintelligently incoherent when I know I’m sinking deeper into my own goofery….LMAOoo

    What a rather pointless endeavor…LMAOoo

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