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2023 WWC: Waldrum Admits Injury Worries Ahead Super Falcons Vs Canada

2023 WWC: Waldrum Admits Injury Worries Ahead Super Falcons Vs Canada

Randy Waldrum has disclosed that some Super Falcons players are suffering from injuries just 11 days before their Group B opener with Canada at this year’s women’s World Cup.

Waldrum disclosed this in a video interview posted on the Super Falcons Twitter handle.

When asked if there are injury worries, Waldrum said:“Couple of knocks, couple of injuries that concern me a little bit but outside of that they are healthy so it’s all about their performances and how they play.“

Waldrum however described the camping exercise as very good so far.

“It’s been very good, camp has gone really well the players are working really hard, the talent level is good. We are happy with what we are into now which is day five so it’s been fun to watch.“

The Super Falcons will hope to make it out of a group that has hosts Australia, Olympic champions Canada and debutant Republic of Ireland.

At the last World Cup tournament in 2019 in France, the nine-time African champions reached the round of 16.

Speaking on his team’s chance of making it out of the group stage, the American said with the talent at his disposal, it can be achieved.

“I’m confident because we have talent, we’ve always said that. Over these 10 days of training if we can get them organise the way we want especially defensively so we have every opportunity to be successful so I believe in the players.

“I’m confident we will make it out of the group stage, all the focuses have been on Canada and we know how important that first match is going to be for us and we need to get something out of it but it doesn’t mean the end of our group play but it will be a very big start for us to get something out of that match.

“I know the players can do it and the most important thing is the players are very confident of getting something out of the match.“

Despite a good camping exercise so far for the Super Falcons, it has not been all rosy off the pitch between Waldrum and the NFF.

In a podcast interview with PSN’s John Krysinski, the University of Pittsburgh coach blasted the NFF for their lack of support in terms of a proper preparation for the World Cup.

Another podcast interview with ‘On The Whistle’ had Waldrum call out the NFF on misappropriating $960,000 from FIFA to prepare for the World Cup.

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  • Knocks ko injuries ni. Do your job coach. We have one week to the tourney. Spare us lies. Our players appear fit. My fear is if you can deploy them properly on match days. I no wan see Ajibade for example for defense because you go start Opara and Asisat for attack. CAN is no Maroc

    • Ajibade and Ayinde are out of the first match against Canada due to red cards against Morocco.

      Since his area of key emphasis in the video is defence, the form of Imuran, Alozie, Demehin, Plumptre and Ogbonna will be key.

      I personally think Onome and Ohale should be used sparingly.

      • Onome wants to extend history on the continent. As captain, your wish might not happen.

  • Coach Randy Waldrum in Buoyant Mood

    As the Super Falcons ratchet their training sessions up several notches with greater intensity in the world cup build up, Coach Randy Waldrum is optimistic of a favourable world cup campaign.

    Speaking on a video posted by the NFF, the Gaffer said (paraphrased) : “the camping is really going well; the mood across board is really well and the players are working very hard.”

    “The talent level is there, it has been fun to watch the players and I am very happy,” he added.

    On the chances of the Super Falcons making it out alive from their ‘Group of Death’, Waldrum said (again, paraphrased) “I am very confident ; I believe in my players. All the focus has been on Canada and we know how important that first game will be to us and we need to get something out of it. Speaking to my players individually, they are confident in getting something out of that match.”

    Although some players have knocks and negligible injuries, Waldrum is not worried.” So long as they are healthy, I am not overly concerned.” He said.

    It was reassuring to watch that interview. Hopefully the players will prove to the world that they are not cannon-fodders in their Group.

  • Ako Amadi 11 months ago

    Hardly a tournament team in the world that won’t have some injuries Eleven fully fit and injury-free players is rare anywhere

    • My only worry is that, had the camp opened earlier before the final list was released, perhaps some of the players with knocks might have been replaced with far fitter players.

      Anyway, we are where we are. Good luck to the team.

  • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

    2026 World Cup Qualifiers:

    Nigeria to face:

    South Africa

    • Yeeeeeee! South Africa, Benin? Chaii… abi what do ya think my pple?

    • We finally face rohn in a qualifier.. if we don’t get things right like paying salaries and getting contract to our coaches we might not survive this group

    • I think it’s a fair group. Nigeria should be able to top this without much sweat. Obviously, we had to come up against a strong foe in Pot 2 (Burkino Faso, Ghana, South Africa, Cape Verde, DR Congo, Guinea, Zambia, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea). Ghana, Zambia, Burkina Faso, DR Congo, and Guinea would still have given us headaches from that pot. But we keep coming up against South Africa, so it’s going to be another long round of rivalry and e-fights with their vociferous crowd online and on DSTv.

      My real problem is the CAF President. I don’t trust that man. He seems desperate and clearly has a strong bias and agenda for SA and southern Africa as a region. He may influence or manipulate refs as he seems desperate to do something tangible for SA and COSAFA football before his tenure expires. And his people may not forgive him if South Africa misses out on the 2026 FIFA WC again. Funnily, Pinnick helped to install him so he (Pinnick)could get support for his own selfish FIFA seat ambition.

      This means Nigeria’s new sports minister and NFF must be ready for potential football politics and intrigues and have their eyes peeled. Senegal once protested against a biased ref in a WCQ match against SA and got a replay which they won. If it was NFF, they would keep mum and the match would be as good as lost forver.

    • 9jaRealist 11 months ago

      Couldn’t have wished for a better WC group. Looking forward to beating that COACHING FRAUD Gernot Rohr home-and-away!

  • https://youtube.com/watch?v=SsdYml7X7ps&feature=share7. ….I watched this and greatly felt ashamed of the sort of people leading our country…. Truly a strange breed of humans far far below the lowest breed of animals,most likely on same intelligence level as millipedes; always wearing big big wears to cover up their inadequacies and smallness. … IF ONLY FIFA CAN BE HONEST TO RESCUE NIGERIA AND OTHER AFRICAN COUNTRIES FROM THESE SORT OF DEAD BRAINS HUMANS BY ESTABLISHING A NEW RULE FOR ALL FEDERATIONS. A RULE THAT WILL INCORPORATE FANS INTO THE APPOINTING/DISMISSING OF FA PRESIDENT. THIS, FANS CAN BE ALLOWED TO DO, BY SETTING A TARGET NUMBER OF SIGNED PETITION FOR THE DISMISSAL OF INCOMPETENT/ CORRUPT FA CHAIRMAN.

    • Monkey Hunter 11 months ago

      Sadly, it won’t work either. There are hungry fans who will rally votes for the corrupt. The same way your governors and presidents are elected.

      • Brodaman,This is not gonna be a vote thing but a response by fans, to be empowered by FIFA, through targeted number of signed petition to dismiss FA chairmen found under performing, based on clearly stated KPI, which such FA chairmen must be held accountable to.

  • CSN you lots are the secret enemies of Nigeria football hence you keep deleting my messages without giving any reason for doing that. Delete the above message again and I will go post your discriminatory selection of comments on other blogs.

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