2026 WCQ: How Super Eagles Rated In Draw Against Lesotho

2026 WCQ: How Super Eagles Rated In Draw Against Lesotho

Completeports.com’s ADEBOYE AMOSU rates the performance of Super Eagles players in their 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifying fixture against the Likuena of Lesotho at the Godswill Akpabio International, Uyo on Thursday night…


The Omonia Nicosia goalkeeper was virtually on holiday during the game. He was at fault for the goal conceded by the Super Eagles.


The right-back was not at his best in the game. The Fenerbahce defender was replaced by Ola Aina in the second half.


Salvaged a draw for the Super Eagles with a superb header. He was solid all through.


The Fulham defender put up an above average performance in the game.


The left-back was awful all through. He was replaced by Bruno Onyemaechi early in the second half.


The defensive midfielder failed to impress in the game. He didn’t combine well with Alex Iwobi in the middle.

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Created some of the Super Eagles best moves in the game.


The winger missed a good chance in the first half. He was duly replaced by Moses Simon early in the second half.


Unlucky not to score in the second half. He was one of Nigeria’s best players on the night.


The striker fought hard but couldn’t help his side rescue a win.


A poor game by his his standard. The Nottingham Forest striker came off for Terem Moffi early in the second half.



Gave a good account of himself after replacing Ademola Lookman.


The OGC Nice forward didn’t contribute much following his introduction.


He came close to scoring the winning goal for the Super Eagles late on.


Took the place of Jamilu Collins in the second half. He failed to make impact following his introduction.


Noted Rated

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  • MONKEY POST 6 months ago


    Na wa o….


    • 9jaRealist 6 months ago

      LMAO!! Abeg leave Rohr who is still struggling to win just 1 game with Benin Rep …

      Problem isn’t getting rid of that Reserved-for-Africans mediocre coach (who could not even get a job in his own homeland or continent), but seemingly replacing him with what is increasingly looking like yet another journeyman. In fact, the only issue with kicking Rohr to the curb was that it came arguably TWO YEAR TO LATE!!

  • Uzoho:

    POOR positioning
    POOR reflexes
    POOR marshalling of his defence line
    Everything POOR, POOR, POOR !!!!!!

    I’m SICK and TIRED of defending you, Uzoho! ENOUGH of your misdemeanor…..LEAVE THE TEAM N-O-W!!!!!!!!!

  • Selfmade KING 6 months ago

    The CHICKENS have started again haha

    • Ndubest 6 months ago

      You are irrelevant and very annoying

      • Selfmade KING 6 months ago

        Bro why are u mad at me? I didn’t say nothing bad 

        Btw Ghana is going to follow too 

  • Ndubest 6 months ago

    Flies that refuse to hear follows a dead person to grave. Mr coach refused to listen he has the next match to make amends or fired. Anything less than a win will mark his end as Nigeria coach and his romance with Uzoho. Uzoho should have gone for that ball either he punched it or he is fowled. 3 matches played 5 goals 4 from set piece. Uzoho has overstayed his welcome. I gave him 2/10 rating Mr coach 0/10.

  • I never watched the first half but went to see the whole highlight and I never saw any chance Awoniyi had or missed at all. Not even a clear pass to him at all that he could not score. He even gave one empty net pass to Boniface that he miss-controlled. I get, the people blaming Awoniyi are just doing that based on expectations or assumptions that, what will Osimhen have done better. Trust me, Osimhen have missed or blasted so many chances also that were meant to be goals and he has been lots of matches before he could get to his current goal numbers. So, be patient guys, they have diffrent tactics, Osimhen is more of a hussler, while Awo needs feeding most times, which is not present in the current uncreative eagles.

    • Chima E Samuels 6 months ago

      Shut up you didn’t watch the match so get out from here before you spill nonsense. Awoniyi couldn’t calm down to tap into empty net and you’re here typing nut. I will slap you from my phone right now!!!

      • You are crazy with that your abusive bad mouth. Send me the video now if you truly want to prove yourself, you do not have to abuse. Come and slap if you can. Ode

        • Chima E Samuels 6 months ago

          You are very ignorant because you didn’t even watch the highlights as well to see that Awoniyi missed open net from Boniface pass. I will honestly slap you if I could get access to you idiot!!!

    • Collins Id 6 months ago

      It was boniface that gave awoniyi a clear pass to an open net and awonyi floped as usual, i dont know why you guys are changing a story that is visable to everybody even the highlights are clearly on youtube, that miss from awoniyi is very shamefull, but i will not give him all the blame, i think lookman cost us the most chances, that guy is not good enough for eagles, he cannot cope with the eagles, the coach should bring in ibeji and jude sunday to compete in that wing, i believe they will do better, ibeji is just another osihmen, he is tecknicaly gifted and very direct in play, the coach should bring 4 players from Bosso team to improve this team the likes of daniel daga, ibeji,jude sunday and gift orban will do a great job, the likes of lookman,awoniyi,aribo,moffi should go and focus in their club carrear they are just wasting chances of good players, we dont need strikers or wingers that rely only on clear chances to give us a goal, if that is what we want, players like junior lakosa, imade osarenkhoe etc can do thesame, we need Players that can shot from outside the box to win games, player that can score from coner kicks via a well timed header, like osihmen did in the opening goal against saotome, osihmen have scored 20 goals from thesame set of playmakers and somepeople will blame thesame playmakers for awoniyi failures, clear chance to open net, yet awoniyi cannot soak the net, awoniyi, sadiq, moffi are the worst Nigerian strikers ever to wear our jersey, they are Davidos boys, they are unavailable. ideye who was always underated was far better than them. boniface and iheanacho are the only forwards that was visable today, i dont see what benefit 442 has brought to us, its only working when osihmen steals the show, outside osihmen we have lost all 442 games apart from muzambik that we won 3 2 despite one man down for muzambik, 433 was what rohr uses to beat lesotho home and away, if onyedika and onyeka had stayed behind iwobi, iwobi would have done better combination with boniface and iheanacho and we would have scored at list three goals in that game, Pesero doesnt have the capacity to win Afcon with this boys, thats my conclusion.

  • Goal attempts : 14.
    Corner kicks : 13
    Shots on target : 8
    Actual goals scored: just 1 and it didn’t even come from open play.

    Peseiro isn’t doing very well in my books.

    How is he different from Nduka Ugbade or Ladan Bosso. Seriously, I wouldn’t mind Ladan Bosso talking over this team if he is transparent in team selection and if he knows how to man-manage Europe based professionals.

    Bosso plays 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 and his teams are usually well drilled. Over reliance on average players seems to be his weakness.

    For me, 4-2-4 or 4-4-2 is not the problem, it is how poorly these are implemented. By the time our wingers pull to the flanks, it’s one way traffic with the opposition being effective yellow fever traffic officers.

    Since the players are proving incapable of unlocking the potentials in this formation, isn’t it time to try something new?

    • JimmyBall 6 months ago

      @deo… only England and Sweden still play traditional 442, and still they put emphasis and discipline on possession and lightening quick transitions from midfield to attack… these teams can slow pace of games if they want to… none of these teams put their emphasis on wingplay. It’s only a defensively astute team that can play 442 in this day and succeed… but no one plays 424 anywhere in the world… your opponent will rubbish you. Jose Peseiro is destroying Nigeria National Team. He has to be sacked tomorrow… if he goes to play Zimbabwe, I don’t see him performing any feat. The man is a toad… he only he knows how to croak.

      • @JimmyBall its a known fact that Gareth Southgate is a 343 man and sometimes play 433, 3412 or 352.

        • JimmyBall 6 months ago

          @Kim…. formations are malleable… England and Sweden are two teams that traditionally play 442. But yes… depending on opponent they tweak it.

        • @ Kim, God bless you. I expected him to know better as a retired midfielder but No!

          K Phillip or Henderson – Rice – Bellingham or Mount with arnold make it 4 (if they want 3-4-3) in the midfield.
          I can’t remember when England used 4-4-2 formation in Southgate Era.

          • Fidelis 6 months ago

            Who is the goalkeeper trainer in the Super Eagles? He needs to be SACK WITH THE SO CALLED COACH WITHOUT PROFILE OR KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT FOOTBALL. The goalkeeper trainers are so lazy they should go and scout for a good goalkeeper in Nigeria league or abroad. Nigeria is blessed with a lot of talents but CORRUPTIONS AND TRABALISM has gone beyond the stem in Nigeria.

        • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

          Hahahahaha…..no comment. LMAOoo.

          I refuse to add petrol to the inferno…LMAOoo

          Before Kim and Sean too will become clones of Dr.Drey…LMAOoo

        • JimmyBall 6 months ago

          @Sean… learn English well. The mention and reference to 442 by England and Sweden being traditional teams that play this pattern is known by all. Traditional means something that is or used to be norm. We all know no modern team uses it anymore and it’s to properly state why nothing seems to be working for SE under Peseiro. English football does not start during Gareth South Era… so yes up till Frace 1998, England still uses it as a default. Sweden to this day plays 442 with tweaking every ans then… this thread is not about me… it is rather about Peseiro and his misfiring pattern and structure.

          • Mr English, now you are talking about 1998 in this year 2023 (25 years ago)
            And you expect me to understand your own English?.
            England don’t use 4-4-2 again.. that’s the point.
            Most teams used it back in 94,98 and not anymore, except only few that have players to play the formation well .
            Osimhen plays as a lone striker for Napoli
            Awoniyi plays the same Forrest
            Boniface for Leverkusen even Moffi for Nice . I can’t understand your English o! So sorry.

  • Afolabi David 6 months ago


  • There is no discipline in the team play of the Super Eagles. They are so casual in their approach and it all boils down to the coaching crew. Hopefully we see improvements going forward. You may not like Rohr…but we have not made any progress since his ill advised sack. We have actual becomes a worse team.

  • Miss beating Zimbabwe on Sunday and kiss World cup slot good bye. After only 2 games! 30 points to gather. 2 dropped. Drop another 2 or 3? No leading group leader will fancy dropping points again since Nigeria’s home is now a fertile ground for little ranked nations to out rank themselves. Playing names without clout. 4 more home matches against RSA, Benin, Rwanda? If eagles strolled into camp 18 hours to those matches, they’ll lose convincingly. Rubbish

  • There is no discipline in the team play of the Super Eagles. They are so casual in their approach and it all boils down to the coaching crew. Hopefully we see improvements going forward. You may not like Rohr…but we have not made any progress since his ill advised sack. We have actually become a worse team.

  • Chima E Samuels 6 months ago

    South Africa will be throwing party now because of this trash play by Broke NFF hiring average coaches that can not cut it against that weird looking Lesotho coach with almost no pedigree. This country is going nuts for their less ambitions hiring cheap coaches!!!

  • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

    Please, I need a sensible human being to please educate me.

    How was the goal we conceded Uzoho’s fault…???

    A Lesotho player runs 10 to 15 yards unchallenged to plant a beautiful header in the direction from which the ball was coming and y’all want to blame Uzoho….??? Are y’all for real…..including CSN…???

    Semi ‘van Dijk’ Ajayi and Osayi Samuel stood flat footed ball watching when their eyes supposed to be on their markers, and y’all expect uzoho to move from one pole to another in sync with the flight of the ball and still save the unchallenged header travelling to the other pole…??

    We had a goal opportunity off a corner kick too, cleared of the line in the 42nd minute because lesotho had 1 defender each guarding both goal posts. Yet we expect Uzoho to guard the full length of his goalposts when we are defending a corner kick, and still save the free header, with our defenders ball watching all the way…..?

    Our elders have said it all….A man who is hated will be accused of raising dust even if he falls in a pool of water.

    For the sake of Uzoho’s mental sanity I will advise Peserio to save the boy more unwarranted attacks by giving him leave off SE duty. I want to see the Super human that has wings and springs in his feet to save such sorts of balls next time. I really want to see the Super human GKs we think we have with the kind of defence we are putting up in games these days.

    Thank God Ekong wasn’t playing today, otherwise he would have been the one to be scape goated for that goal by CSN’s accusers of the breadren….!!!

    • Reason I blame uzoho is that he conceded the first penalty that initiated the second one that eventually score by himself, that ball is already heading outside clearly but he push it to the corner himself, see Uve said it all, peseiro shd give uzoho some slack to avoid the young man more attack.

      • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

        How do you know the ball was heading outside from the camera angle that was being televised….?

        What if the ball was a curling shot that could have crept in if he didn’t palm it away. It is you guys that would still have blamed him and rained more abuses in him .

        Moreover the corner from that was cleared, it was the 2nd corner after that one that was scored.

        So this excuse of he shouldn’t have parried the ball to a corner doesn’t hold water.

        That wasn’t the only corner Lesotho played in that game.

        • I beg to disagree, Lesotho have just that two corners the entire game and the first corner that’s obviously heading for corner birth the second corner that they score, peseiro better not come here to back that guy henceforth, yea it’s good to back ur player but there shd be limit, for uzoho sake as well he need to give himself some break, yea the SE play one of the worst match under peseiro, 13 corners and just a single goal, 50-50 ball possession with Lesotho in our own backyard says it all.

    • Legendary 6 months ago

      Thank God, Maduka no kuku come lol.
      Well said my bro.

      • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

        Maduka is being wise. The boy has good advisers.

        He only makes himself available for friendlies and dodges high staked matches….LMAOoo

        His only offence was not being able to stop a long range shot that changed direction and took a bounce at the last minute.

        Anyone who must keep goal for Nigeria these days has to be super human. Too many ignoramuses meddle with football affairs these days.

  • pompei 6 months ago

    Other countries that invest in solid coaches, do their officials have 2 heads each?
    As we made our bed, so we are now lying on it.
    Big thank you to NFF ONIGBESE. Unu do well ooo!

  • I have a question? Is the pitch not good? Because that was the excuses when we lost to both CAR and Eq Guinea at home (remember we beat them away?). 
    I said it here that Paseiro is so predictable anyhow coach can just come here and beat this team but someone responded by saying a good coach has to be predictable that means he knows his first 11. Here’s the result.
    Nigeria is playing at home, we all know our opponents are coming to defend including Ghana. I wonder why Aina (an offensive player)has to come from the bench. I expected Aina to start from the left.
    Somebody here once Analyzed that Box strikers without movements like Onuachu, Awoniyi, Orban etc can’t play with Eagles even though Ighalo tried his best. 
    I don’t want to talk about Rohr now because presently, he’s our opponent and the only thing he’ll wish for now is our downfall but it’s a pity that we lost that man.. life goes on. What is the way forward? Somebody should please advice Paseiro to watch our past tapes. Like Matches against Brazil, Ukraine, Argentina (4-2), Cameroon, Algeria etc majority of the players that played those games are still in the team. Paseiro has called more than 12 new players, non of them is better than what Rohr left behind to him, is that not a shame? Omeruo is already planning World Cup because he knows that our Present coach is lazy and has no vision. If they tell me that between Balogun, Ekong and Omeruo back then, who will remain in the team now, I won’t believe it’ll be Omeruo. I want to wait till we play against Zimbabwe May be there will be an improvement.  Iheanacho/ Boniface Combo for me and Tella/ Lookman and Simon from the wings if he wants to stick with his 4-4-2. I don’t want to conclude yet . We can still win the group with a game to spare but first someone needs to speak to Paseiro. Seems he doesn’t really know his team. He doesn’t know new players, he has no scout, and he’s lazy.

    • Selfmade KING 6 months ago

      Ghana didn’t defend in Abuja!! We outplayed u guys 

      • Frank 6 months ago

        Out play to score how many goals?
        Your team with that lazy coach is also going nowhere

  • okponku 6 months ago

    Mr president no CV,Mr sports Minister no CV and Mr Coach no CV you expecting something good as output. Sorry!!!

    • This is the worst coach ever. 5 home matches in world cup qualifiers only one win.

      • Chief, world cup qualifiers just dey start oh. Which one be 5?

        Inasmuch as na 5 home dem go still play, still prophesy well na lol

  • Sack this lame coach

  • Sugar Daddy 6 months ago

    Chicago state university at play!!! Players demoralised because nothing is right. The coach must be sacked now… there’s no cohesion. The tactics is good but the coach doesn’t know how to interpret it with the manpower at his disposal. The coaching crew is too mediocre…

  • @ Dr Drey. It was indeed his fault.Not picking out the scorer by the defenders is contingent. As a goal keeper, the basic drill is not to allow corners and crosses to flash across your goal mouth to the far post. So the drill against this is first never allow crosses into your box and don’t concede careless corners. If it does happens. the goal keeper must accurately time the flight of the ball to either punch the ball away or hold it. This is where Ozoho failed and that was why he was blamed for the goal.

    So if you watch the replay of the goal closely, he was badly positioned. when he realized that he has mistimed the flight of the ball(which was an in swinger), he tried to step back and brace for impart, Unfortunately, the ball was headed to his blind side.That was why he took majority of the blame. Poor defending too my our defenders

    • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

      Hahahaha….a goalkeeper should not allow a corner kick that his flying high beyond his reach past the edge of the 6 yard box to pass across his goal….LMAOoo.

      A goalkeeper should come and claim a corner kick that was floated with pace and with intent at the outer edge of the 6yard box of his far post

      You think this is batman cartoon playing out….???

      Oga I’m sorry….no offense….but you don’t know jack about goalkeeping.

  • Tristan 6 months ago

    I used to ignore SelfMade King’s comments as mere insults, but after watching today’s performance there is truth in his words. When someone is called a chicken, it means they’re cowardly and afraid.
    This team are not ‘Super” Eagles they’re “Backpass’ Eagles. Too afraid to move the ball forward when in possession, and instead of progressing the ball with one-touch football they linger on the ball with 4-5 touches only to pass back because their opponents have been given time by their lingering to structure their defense.
    A football game is very much like a boxing match, when an opponent is off-balanced by throwing a punch that has missed, that is when to attack because his defense would be wide open. No self-respecting boxer would respond to an unbalanced opponent by throwing quick jabs and putting up their guard.

    This is what Nigerian players are doing on the pitch. When they gained the ball in transitions rather than attack with quick passes and minimum touches on the ball they allowed Lesotho time to regain composure and arrange their defence. Iwobi and Iheanacho were all guilty of holding on to the ball for far too long and seemed more interested in showing how many touches of the ball they could make.
    This type of behavior would never be tolerated in Europe where they expect players to move the ball quickly and forward after transitions – when they regain possession. I knew this coach didn’t have a clue after the match against Portugal, but I kept quiet and kept my peace while others were flattering him.
    The entire first-half was wasted with Nigeria treating possession as the be-all and end-all of the match.
    Unlike others, I do not blame any player. I blame the coach, what we’re seeing today is worse than Eguavoen. The players are clueless on how to even supply their attack, meaning they’ve not been coached.
    Zimbabwe are by far a better team than Lesotho, with players with international top-league exposure. They will be better organised than Lesotho, whom many Nigerians were predicting a 5-0 defeat.

  • FatherJP 6 months ago

    NIGERIA will never win a TEA CUP with PASEIRO. I have written that here onore than two occasions. Someone rr echoed what I wrote about 442. No decent football playing country or clubside employs 442. Also, when did Iheanacho become a winger that you bench Tella and Moses Simon? If you must play Iheanacho because of his intelligent link up play, why not bench one of Awoniyi and Boniface? This coach is just wasting our players. Play 433; Uzoho (GK) Aina (RB) Onyemaechi (LB) Onyedika (DM) Aribo (CM) Iwobi (AM) Lookman (RW) Awoniyi (CF) Simon (LW). With that formation, NIGERIA would’ve beaten Lesotho hands down

  • Ajaxco 6 months ago

    Which reasonable country is playing 442, you need mobile wingers to do this, not Iheanacho, Simon or chukwueze, when playing 442, you need box to box CM, not an AM like Iwobi. Too much strikers, why are we still drowned in 94’s idea, Steven Kesha, Rip, use 4231/4312 with Ndidi, Onazi, Etebo, Mikel and Mba, Mikel will drop to make defensive balance, but here, they call 4 defenders, 2 midfielders and 12 strikers, if possible dem tell Musa or Iheanacho to play in goal post.

    • That midfield looks like it is a cult in eagles. Previous coaches have never been fluid with it. 65 defenders, 86 strikers, 4 midfielders since like 2016.

  • Mr Hush 6 months ago


    Apart from the praise of ‘Selfmade’; I doff my hat for you. You constructively nailed it.
    I made similar observation of our game. The ball progression and transition is just too slow, predictable and passive.

    Have always been on the notion that as much as we decry formations, what matters most is the application and personnel to carry out such, no matter the formation.

    We have possession but do nothing with it. We are simply too reactionary. We rarely initiate attacks. When we do, it is mostly predictable or misplaced, sluggish at best.

    As much as I expect us to beat Lesotho and Zimbabwe with what is available; We simply lack brave men and leaders who can take the bull by the horn and get it going. Fast , direct and purposeful.
    Iwobi , Iheanocho and Simon tries now and then but lack consistency.
    And this is no excuse; the only duo that I can regard in that calibre( in terms of directness and swiftness) is Osimhen and Ndidi. And both are missing.

    It is all about mentality. Super Eagles; Mostly Skillful players but lack the strong will,technical and tactical mentality. It is just bland.
    The only reason most perform so well in their clubs is because they are surrounded by players who have such mentality. Basically influenced appropriately.

    As for Peseiro, as much as I don’t believe in him; sometimes players bails the coach out. Players save the game. We have enough quality to beat Lesotho. They just failed to show it to the world on the day. And that’s disappointing.

    Now, I wait to see how they react against a much tougher opponent in Zimbabwe, who as well is looking to react. Though neutral, we are playing away on a pitch not as lush.
    I wait to see if they can prove my assessment wrong and show me,nay Nigerians, that they do have the mentality to get things done. I sincerely hope they do. Sunday can’t come any sooner.

  • I hope Nigeria doesn’t qualify for world cup I hope we don’t win a single game ever again.
    All the African teams in the last world cup had an African coach. Nigeria with inferior mentality still thinks Oyibo is the right coach for the Super Eagles.

  • @ Dr Drey, I see now why lots of people have issues with you on this platform.You arrogate too much knowledge to yourself and is very disrespectful of others, That is not how civil people exchange ideas;and that is why you engage in slur languages with forumites.I will not descend to that low level with you.

    Yes, I insist that he was to blame for that goal.First, the corner he caused was needless and careless as the ball was actually harmlessly going out.Secondly, he was badly positioned and mistimed the flight of the ball.He was supposed to come out and Punch the ball clear or hold it on or before the ball in flight get to the center of his goal area.This is to close down the damage causing areas.Only very few exceptional players (Abedi Pele goal vs Nigeria at Senegal 92) have been able to score from the first quadrant of the goal mouth area as it is too acute.So the drill to goalkeepers, cut the ball out in the first quadrant during corners and crosses. Bros Ozoho was positioned in almost the fourth quadrant of his goal area!

    For more information Mr know all and arogant Dr Drey, I will refer you to the goalkeepers drills on corner and crosses on coaching.com

    • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

      Hahahaha…of course, anyone that talks ignorantly with so much courage will have problems with me.

      The way you are even shifting positions says it all.

      If all you are saying is true, please how many corner kicks did the lesotho claim in that game…?? Or were all our corners kicked to the centre circle…???

      1st and foremost, we didn’t concede from the ball Uzoho paried out for a corner kick. It was the 2nd corner after it we conceded from…so that your blame point hold no water, it smirks off desperation to call a dog a bad name to kill it …so whether it was a 1st minute corner kick or a 90th minute corner kick, if we defended with ball watching defenders like we did, we would still have conceded….
      If Uzoho didn’t parry that ball and the ball somehow crept in, folks like you who know no jack about goalkeeping would have still been the first to rain insults at him. Maduka despite getting a hand to a swerving long range short was not spared of your insults. There was no fault in uzoho paring the ball for a corner…first rule of defence is safety first.

      Secondly, and note this if you like, as a goalkeeper, even right from the academy the instruction is that balls into the 6yard box are yours to claim, balls outside the 6 yard box are for your defenders to clear.

      Only over zealous goalkeepers rush out to clear balls heading outside their 6 yard box especially if it is and outswinger…because the ball is gonna always be moving away from you….that was the blunder Enyeama did that got us bundled out of the 2014 world cup.

      Uzoho took a perfect position in the middle of his goalline and opposite 6yard box line as at when the corner was taken. The pace, height and flight of the ball demanded he repositioned himself because that was NEVER a keepers ball….unchallenged that ball wouldn’t have fallen into the 6 yard box. With no defender guarding the other goal post, the keepr also had to take a position that would protect that gap.

      Your defenders allowed a lesotho player to run 10 yards unchallenged to the edge of the 6 yard box to plant a bullet of a header to the alternate side of the goal. There is a reason that box is called a 6 yard box. Not many a GK can save an unchallenged header at such close range unless the ball was headed straight at him.

      Uzoho is a product of the world famous Aspire Academy, he is one of few Nigerian goalkeepers to have ever been signed to Europe without playing in the league nor the national team. You don’t know more goalkeeping than him, and also

      You don’t need to refer me watch any goalkeeping drills. Your drills were acted with an empty penalty box and not a crowded penalty box containing almost 12 to 16 players. The only position I ever played in football was in goal, I have drilled others in the art too. That is why it always sounds like i have a bias for goalkeepers in my comments.

      And i put it to you once again that you, like many others like you, know no jack about goalkeeping.

      And like I said before, yall hate uzoho so much that he can be blamed even for a goalless draw. I’ve never seen a generation of hate-filled fans like these. Even if that boy falls in the Atlantic Ocean, yall will accuse him of raising dust.

  • pompei 6 months ago

    Could communication with Peseiro be an issue?
    I hardly understand the guy when I watch his pressers. Today was no different. He would respond to questions, and all I hear is all this gibberish coming out of his mouth.
    If I had to work with this guy, I would be in trouble. I can’t understand jack when he speaks.
    Could it be that the players also struggle to understand him? And by extension, his interpreters?
    How do you follow the tactical instructions of a coach you can barely understand?
    This could explain the seeming lack of tactical input in our matches. Perhaps, our players just don’t understand the guy.

    • Chima E Samuels 6 months ago

      NFF is mad because the man can not communicate and he even have the guts to belittle Vincent Enyeama and our history by saying he doesn’t know an ex Lille goalie that won us our last Afcon. NFF is the beginning and the end of Nigeria and no authority in Nigeria is calling them to order for age long.

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