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2026 WCQ: Peseiro Blames ‘Bad Luck’ For Super Eagles Draw Against Lesotho

2026 WCQ: Peseiro Blames ‘Bad Luck’ For Super Eagles Draw Against Lesotho

Super Eagles head coach Jose Peseiro has blamed ”bad luck” for his side’s disappointing draw against Lesotho.

The three-time African champions held the visitors to a 1-1 draw at the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium, Uyo.

The visitors took the lead through Motlomelo Mkhwanazi in the 56th minute.

West Brom defender Semi Ajayi nodded home the equaliser 11 minutes later.

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Ademola Lookman, Taiwo Awoniyi, Kelechi Iheanacho and substitute Joe Aribo all missed chances for Nigeria in the game.

Peseiro claimed his team created enough chances to win the game.

“We had 76% of the ball possession against 24% (by Lesotho), the opponents only had two chances to score and scored a goal,” Peseiro said after the game.

“We had many chances to score. It was bad luck.”

The Super Eagles will now shift attention to Sunday’s matchday two clash against the Warriors of Zimbabwe at the Huye Stadium, Butare.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • MONKEY POST 7 months ago


    Now na BAD LUCK..LOL no be PITCH again..

    You guys PLAYED on the FINEST FOOTBALL PITCH in the COUNTRY and still came out with one of the WORST PERFORMANCE in HISTORY…

    • I be even think say na rain soaked pitch e go use lol. Hard luck for 90 minutes go dey “visible to the deaf” and “audible to the blind”. Simply means, everybody go know say na bad luck. No be the trash of yesterday. Again, if dem stroll into camp again 6 hours to match for next home match, make them forget because I no say other nations get foreign stars but passion dey drive those ones to do well but our own don get slots down.

      Sadly, na our AFCON squad be this. Tiny midfield, uninspiring and ball watching defense including a goalkeeper not deemed fit for even 1 hour of league action in nearly a year and strike force that play goal to Maiduguri instead of pitch side posts.

    • I would rather say bad coach.Not bad luck!

  • BigCole 7 months ago

    Cover your mouth and face front Oga you no sabi anything, na gambling you dey gamble yeye coach.

    • na so I keep on saying he Presario 419,,4 attackers on the field even two other midfielders are attacking midfielder.

  • Chibuike 7 months ago

    appens sometimes in the game, Argentina lost to Uruguay at home! It happens but Pesario tactical quality is poor. Nigeria deserves higher quality world class coach or sound local coaches. I don’t know why EFCC never investigate people they suppose to investigate, they only focus on poor people! Bad people in Nigeria football need to investigate!! juju and alcultic people full glass house. Because balogun complaind about players bonuses, they came after him! Banished him out from the team, you talk you die, if you no talk you die. Politicians have captured every positions in nigeria. If those players tell you what they going through with NFF, you will not allow your brother to play for this country

  • Afolabi David 7 months ago

    Sincerely, this coach has nothing to offer the S.E, technically and otherwise. dont let us waste time again get a better coach.

  • JOEL CHIDI 7 months ago

    This man is just so empty. When I gave up on him was when a coach of a Nigerian team, pressing so hard to win a home game, the opposition is highly compressed in their own half, you want to substitute a defender(osayi), instead of you to bring in an attack minded player like tells to roam like a right wing back just to add more pressure up front, you end up replacing him with Aina(defender)I just knew this man was just there to help us replace players and not to add technical know-how to the game. I have never clamoured for any Nigerian coach to be sacked but you see this man, HE IS EMPTY. LIKE REAL EMPTY. this really pains me. He will mess us up and leave. Yeye Coach

  • Vincent 7 months ago

    I don’t understand why everyone is talking about a coach, the question is whether we have a coach period.

  • This guy just gathers players and tells them to drive forward in numbers. No intelligent formation or specific tactics for unlocking defence or scoring goals. So simply because of the quality of players in SE, you see a lot of shots on targets with zero or just a single goal. Rohr wasn’t particularly fantastic (Was great from 2017 to 2019), but he’s no doubt a professional coach and a lot better than this impostor that man Pinnick finished us with.

    I said two days ago that we might concede at home first to Lesotho, which will set in panic in the team as anything can happen with Paseiro. said good luck to Paseiro cos he’ll need it. Wasn’t that clairvoyant? With this supposed “coach”, every team either beats or scores against Nigeria first, even at home. He’s that bad and unqualified for the job.

    He’s always saying a team can be great but not able to lose a game and that luck plays a big role in football. No sir, you are simply not good enough or have training pitch tactics on weaving opene defences and scoring goals. I kept sensing and reading something off on Iwobi’s face both in training and on the pitch for this match. There was no spirit, no conviction, and no belief. He’s an old player (not age-wise) and understands something’s off with this particular coach and his tactics.

    EFCC should please arrest Pinnick to explain how he got this man and what criteria he used without consultation. I’ve consistently mentioned that he’s bang average.

  • The only positive be say them dey do well for competitive away fixtures pass for home.

    In 3 years and 10 competitive home matches, they have only won 4. They lost 2 (you know the lowly countries already lol) and drew 4 (including yesterday’s).

    Famous 4-4 against sierra Leone in Benin

    1-1 cape Verde in Lagos

    And the Ghana fiasco

    E be like say fans dey make them uncomfortable as we dey currently do lol

    Goals for – 20

    Goals against – 10

    So make Una no shock if Rwanda, SA, Benin and Zim come here make us drop more points.

    As for away according to pulse,

    “For comparison, the Super Eagles have not lost a competitive game away from home since January 2022, the round of 16 defeat at the last AFCON and the last away defeat before that also coming at the previous AFCON in 2019 against Algeria.

    Nigeria have won nine and drawn two of their last 11 away qualifiers in Africa, scoring 25 goals and conceding just five in a run that spans the last four years.”

    Away fit favour us again. But we fit trust them?

  • BigCole 7 months ago

    That friendly against Portugal finally exposed that coach, I did raised the topic but people don’t wanna talk about it then, we were like its just friendly…with current super Eagles team even the worst indigenous coach can never lose 4 – 0 to that Portugal. Peseiro is tactically blank, clueless, and he is got I too Know attitude. They even offered him Vincent to work with him to help scout for keepers, He said he doesn’t want and he claimed that he doesn’t know Enyeama… Empty Pride. Someone should screenshot this for me Peseiro is going to disgrace us at AFCON.

  • Peseiro’s Super Eagles are creating chances but they are not converting the chances.

    This is what he needs to address with greater communication and chemistry upfront.

    Also, his Super Eagles are conceding goals in too many games. This is also not sustainable.


    Delivery of crosses
    Getting into good positions.
    Having goal bound efforts.
    Decent overlapping efforts from fullbacks.


    Abject goal conversion ratio.
    Inadequate goalkeeping.
    Insufficient concentration at the back
    Predictable crosses
    Lack of a discerning plan b.

  • This one that doesn’t know his players.
    Aribo has never played as a midfielder under him.
    Iwobi has never played behind the strikers under him.
    Now , iheanacho is a right winger, Omeruo is now one of his best, He prefers half fit left back to Aina as a left back( he has never tried that) , he doesn’t know any goalkeeper apart from Uzoho.
    He doesn’t know how to play or change formation during a match. 4-4-2 we start, 4-4-2 we end it. He invited more than 12 new players, kept just 3 (Adeleye, Onyeamechi, Boniface). Onyedika and Tella are not guaranteed yet trust me. Just like Jordan and Dele-Bashiru. 80% of the team remains the same that lost out of the last nations cup, lost World Cup qualification slot zto Ghana no improvement, no new thing. I don’t see all these as bad luck. I see it as the result of our preparations. If he’s not ready to let go of some players and change his approach to games. Same Bad luck will still be showing up.

  • Hundredfold. Onesimus 7 months ago

    Complacent and sheer indolence about the importance of the match. Remember bafana bafana Zimbabwe are higher to Lesotho in FIFA rankings. Comoros defeated the black stars in the last afcon group stages and got to the last eight so no longer also-rans in sports

  • Glory 7 months ago

    I think we nigerian FANS and sadly in majority are the biggest problem and not the coach or players or even NFF. We tend to overly criticise, and criticise and keep criticising.
    While few criticism are positive and helpful, the vast majority are just pure selfish. AS LONG As THE COACH NO PLAY MY PLAYER, MAKE E FAIL. It won’t be out of place to assume that some Nigerians are even going fetish, pouring out curses on the team just to come back and say the coach /team failed because their suggestions were ignored.
    I stand with Peseiro and the team to the end for I see a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Same pathway as Waldrum and Falcons. Just that Nigerians are ever so quick to forget.

    • 9jaRealist 7 months ago

      @Glory, abeg no make person laugh…LMAO

      Fans can wish that players “fail” from now to kingdom come, but be rest assured that no amount or such wishes or thoughts actually determines what players do on the field. Sadly, it is such superstitious mentality among Nigerians that often causes so many Nigerians to believe that success can be achieved merely through “prayers” instead of building capacity through knowledge development, proper preparations, hard work and focused execution, among others – and which conversely leaves so many Nigerians bemoaning fabled “village people” and “spiritual attacks” in (our often recurring) times of failure instead of engaging in earnest introspection. SMDH

      • 9jaRealist 7 months ago

        @Glory, in case I hadn’t made myself clear, and thus for the avoidance of any doubt…

        The SE performance and consequent result witnessed on Thursday was the result of a POORLY-coached anc a POORLY-prepared team. It is NOT the result of fans’ bad ‘mojo’!!

        • Glory 7 months ago

          Brother @njarealist I hope you truly understand what good preparation means. That proper preparation, encompasses mind, spirit and body. Those three go together for anybody to succeed in anything they do. The spiritual gets the other two functioning at their optimum.
          Brother please don’t get whiter than the white people to mention superstition because majority of their top athletes/players incorporates those 3 big elements into their thriving career.

      • Glory 7 months ago

        @ @njarealist and again good thing you mentioned good preparation. Then why are the players or coaches who were only able to train together for 2 days before an international match be constantly being maligned. Is that 2 days enough for your definition of good preparation to warrant all the many criticism and attack? Here lies my understanding of such criticism, that its beyond just the fact that team didn’t come to party but all down to fetish wish that they fail just to satisfy selfish ego of loads of varied personal interest. THESE MANY EGO SURROUNDING OUR NATIONAL TEAMS HAS BEEN THE SECRET EVIL AGAINST OUR FOOTBALL AND UNTIL WE RECOGNISE THIS AND DO SOMETHING TO SQUASH IT, WE WILL CONTINUE IN THIS NEVER ENDING JOURNEY OF VAIN COMPLAIN.

    • Lol@ Righteous Glory, Faith without work is what? Other countries are not worshiping Devil, they too are praying seriously and back it up with hard works.
      If there’s improvement in this team in the nearest future, mark my word that means they’ve changed something for good.  But if they continue like this? If you like, fast and pray for 100years.
      Rohr came in back then we started counting many games without losing to any African team, before we know, regulars like Echiejile, Onazi, Oboabona, Igiebor , etc we’re off the team for new legs. Against Argentina, Rohr started with 4-3-3, ended it with 3-5-2.. he might not play the best games but victory against this minnows is guaranteed. 
      Except Madagascar and CAR.  Saka was once abused racially after losing penalty against Italy, now he’s one of the postal boys of England. That’s what I expect criticism to do though too much of everything is bad. Both coach and the team need to wake up. God is never behind a Lazy man.

      • Glory 7 months ago

        @ Sean, I want to believe you can read and understand. Please go read my post very well before you carry on making out of point responses. I never mentioned that the team should not work hard brotherman. FAITH PRODUCES HARDWORK IF YOU MUST KNOW MR, POINTLESS.lolzz.

  • This man go just carry book as if him know any thing about football tactics. No any technical input 442 or424. Can’t change tactics in between games. Na wao

  • Hundredfold. Onesimus 7 months ago

    Hans flick and Joachim leuw could be of significant contribution towards preparation for the AFCON

  • Abiodun 7 months ago

    Na this coach be bad luck, e no get any football idea , why leave Moses Simon till late second half?
    The earlier he is sacked the better, else kiss afcon glory and world cup qualifications good bye

  • Glory 7 months ago

    And again good thing you mentioned good preparation. Then why are the players or coaches who were only able to train together for 2 days before an international match be constantly being maligned. Is that 2 days enough for your definition of good preparation to warrant all the many criticism and attack? Here lies my understanding of such criticism, that its beyond just the fact that team didn’t come to party but all down to fetish wish that they fail just to satisfy selfish ego of loads of varied personal interest. THESE MANY EGO SURROUNDING OUR NATIONAL TEAMS HAS BEEN THE SECRET EVIL AGAINST OUR FOOTBALL AND UNTIL WE RECOGNISE THIS AND DO SOMETHING TO SQUASH IT, WE WILL CONTINUE IN THIS NEVER ENDING JOURNEY OF VAIN COMPLAIN.

  • That bad luck that has been following you anywhere you coach will eventually catch up with you again.
    Remember this is your longest job as coach of any national team. You hardly last more than 6 months in any country.
    Same bad luck will soon chase you away! Yeye man

  • Mikee 7 months ago

    Excuses and more, maybe it is spiritual,like Nigerian military leaders say we need to defeat boko haram, so lets start praying like we always do to solve our problems. Bring in the pastors and imams and maybe our Yoruba babalawo to anoint all the players so bad luck don’t follow them. Quack of a coach. To the fans nor be Oyibo/white skin coach una want?.well enjoy him.

  • Michael Olaleye 7 months ago

    Nigeria has never feel at home at Uyo stadium, but that’s no excuse for their abysmal performance against smaller teams.Stop blaming the coach and start performing. Period

  • Omo9ja 7 months ago

    “2026 WCQ: Peseiro Blames ‘Bad Luck’ For Super Eagles Draw Againsts Lesotho”

    Niboni motunwajasi bayi o, hmm. Bad luck or your inability to read game, ba?

    I have decided not to watch the match against Lesotho but if not because of Edoman, Oakfield, Pompei, Kel, Deo and Sean that were begging me to watch the match, which I did in the end but we all saw the result kę. They said omo9ja, you have to watch the match. In fact, I’m lost for words.

    The coach and his troops didn’t disappoint me in the end.

    I am sorry we are not ready for the World Cup with this Oga Paseiro. If truly we are, then he has to go.

    Amaju Pinnick should be arrested as well, be he destroyed our football.

    Now, what the coach has to say is that our Super Eagles had bad luck against Lesotho. Hmm, interesting.

    Just like Oga Rohr, who says his team was young, now the current is cooking something different. How market my Naija people?

    More so, I have no belief in this gaffer, though he loves Nigeria.

    I have tried my best to give the best to our country, but NFF is letting our sports down. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

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