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‘4-0 Loss To Portugal Was Too Much‘ —Super Eagles Coach, Peseiro Admits

‘4-0 Loss To Portugal Was Too Much‘  —Super Eagles Coach, Peseiro Admits

Super Eagles head coach Jose Peseiro has admitted that his team’s 4-0 defeat to his home country Portugal in Thursday’s friendly game was too much.

A first half brace from Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes and second half goals from Goncalo Ramos and Joao Mario, earned Portugal the deserved win.

The Eagles had the chance to reduce the deficit from the penalty spot, when debutant Bright Osayi-Samuel was brought down.

But Emmanuel Dennis saw his effort stopped by Rui Patricio.

The game was Portugal’s final warm up fixture before heading to Qatar for the World Cup.

And reacting to the heavy defeat on NFF TV, Peseiro stated that the Eagles first half performance was poor.

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“Losing 4-0 was too much, we didn’t start well in the first half we didn’t show good organisation and we didn’t pressure the opponent. It’s true the opponent has too much quality but like I said the first half was not good but the second half was much better.

“I believe in the second half we showed we can so better, we missed a penalty and conceded two more goals. We must improve because we want to win the next AFCON.“

And on Dennis missing the penalty awarded to the Eagles, Peseiro said:“We need to defend our players. Which player has not missed a penalty before? Any player can miss a penalty so Emmanuel Dennis has my support.“

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  • This man keep talking like guy man, keep using winning next AFCON as yardstick always, Mr Man you are not a good coach period.

    • Emmanuel Akinz 2 years ago

      Ekong needs to be dropped and the Captain’s band handed to a more inspired player like Iwobi or Osimhen.

      Ndidi has not improved his game, the absence of no competition for him in the DM role has made him redundant and stagnant

      Peseiro should stop making excuses and rid himself of the ghost of Rohr’s Eagles team.

      A new blend of Eagles is needed with a new drive and leadership

    • And we also don’t have the quality of a good team. Period.

    • the man na 419!!

      • Disbanded is not possible. Ndidi is 25, Chukwueze is 23, Onuachu, Simon and Etebo are 27 years old. Uzoho is 24.

        I think their football age no longer suit the progression of modern Africa football.

        Old age is being trumped by youthful agility. We are now paying the price

    • Femi, why? if you don’t hate Ghana, you are hating a coach whose home national team has given your Super Eagle an unforgetable drubbing.

  • Steve O 2 years ago

    This team have no spirit, directionless and no tactics!!!….the teams needs to be disbanded and new and energetic crop of players in to shore up the team .The coach is not good enough!!

    • Our players never “old” and na the hindrance to our football progression. Old men in real life, competing with youth in this modern age.

  • This so sad , Amaju Melvin pinnik and co destroyed Nigeria football some years ago . Under pinnik there was a little misunderstanding between Vincent enyeama and the coach Sunday oliseh , now instead of Amaju pinnik to wad into the situation and make peace between the two but rather kept quiet and nobody cough because of tribalism and allowed enyeama to vacate eagles’s camp and proceeded for retirement unceremoniously after about (101) caps for the national team , this was the beginning of the downfall of this team and unless the present Nff will call Vincent enyeama back but not as a goalkeeper but as a backroom staff and celebrate him, if not this super eagles would not make any impact again. It really looks like this team is under a course and I have just suggested the way forward. Pls this is just an opinion

  • Josiah 2 years ago

    Who even bring this man to coach Nigeria always giving excuses for failure you can’t even defits your mate and yet you keep talking nonsense

  • TALK UR OWN 2 years ago


  • Moses Inyang 2 years ago

    No need to complain. It’s finished. Please bring Rhor back

    • Its not about Rohr, it was about a little creative Mikel that retired. When Mikel retired, the team crumbled. He carried the team to the best of his ability for playing days. If Rohr were still around, the team will still fail. Rohr was also messing up after Mikel retired. Kudos to him. Our midfielders now are far far clueless

  • osaretin 2 years ago

    I think there are some positives from the match. first the jersey is fine, second we should thank Ghana for stopping our world cup dreams because they might not know this they saved us from a colossal humiliation

  • Thank you Coach Emma Dennis is a quality player. Some players are demoralized. The absence of Osimhen affected the team they say a player with a big presence can ginger a team mentally and Subconsciously for me the players that need dropping are Ekong, Moses Simon and in their place Olisa Ndah, Isaac Success respectively, Raphael Onyedikachi needs to be brought in the team and also we need to find a way to persuade Eze to come play for Nigeria. and for gods sake Victor Moses needs to make a u-turn the guy is still the best and most experiecencd player SE have this fable that Musa is a SE legend fed to us by an Aboki media needs to be dropped. Victor Moses when back from Injury needs to be brought back and handed that Captains Armband he has been the player over the last 12 years that gave SE all the joy we experiecned AFCON 2013 and World cup qualifiers 2018. Sadiq Umar can take Either Moffi or Onuachu place when he is fit again any other drastic action will derail our ball. also if we can get Michael Olise and Destiny Udojie as well as Alhasan Yusuf in the team some then we can make it. But the problem with Nigerias is now every body will have conflicting interest and call for rubbish what I have written above is the only way back on track as of now Umar Sadiq is the only attacker that can Rival Osimhen if he stays fit next season. Thank you!

    The players are clearly demoralised for not getting to World cup.

    • For me Although he missed a penalty he did more direct play than that useless Moses Simon did the whole time he was on the pitch. And please stop the hate on Samuel Chukwueze he and Osimhen are lethal when playing together!

      • Your sentiment and bias attitude are the reason the country football is where it is. Imagine Dennis, see the way he even kick that ball unprofessionally when he was told by 2 of his teammates to leave the ball but his ego will not let him. That guy is too arrogant to think you criticised Rohr because of him sums up who you are. You need to change your way Ugo stop this bias and always comment sense here.

  • Now we know the value of Mikel. When Okocha left the big shoe for another player to wear, Mikel came and we thought he was not good enough. He carried the team to his best that won him one nations cup. The ones we have now are far far clueless. They can’t even find a striker and throw one accurate pass just like Oliseh and even Mikel would do. Its a pity for the team we have now.

  • Francis Okika 2 years ago

    This coach is not a good one, what is the need inviting the whole world and you won’t give them playing time, this is friendly for God sake, tactics zero,we can’t even pass ball together for three minutes,if the man remain in charge, nothing for Nigeria, let’s stop employing helf baked coach, nonsense from them,worst performance so far

  • Ako Amadi 2 years ago

    Nigerians are funny. They owe a Portugues coach 6 months salary and expect him to raise a Nigerisn team to beat Portugal.

  • okponku 2 years ago

    Why can’t you people admit that densely population of this Nation doesn’t play any role rather the unity? Countries like Croatia, Portugal, Belgium even Ghana that ousted Nigeria for the World cup never possessed the large popular like ours. The country keeps on degenerating instead of improving in every sector, crooner and aspect. It’s never too late to do the needful. Divide/split this country to save lives and future of the younger generations. Currently people are complaining about the poor performance of the Buhari’s regime, I bet you people will in the next 2years refers the same poor regime better as the upcoming regime.

  • Dr Banks 2 years ago

    Shame on you Finidi, a coach dragging to exchange shirt with Pepe, whatever reason he offered was just not good enough…..period.

    This is the type of selfish and star-struck coaches that we want as our head coach? See the way he was looking at Simon like a child that was about to cry when his friend refuse to share the lollipop with him. No decency at all

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahaha…..if looks could kill, Moses Simon would be dead by now.

      As a coach your team has just been handed its worst, most humiliating defeat in over 30 years (our 1-5 losses to The Netherlands in 1998 and Algeria in 1990 and ranks better when GF is considered) and there you are fighting for jerseys with your player. What a shame.

      What else do the coaches contest with these players for….women..???

      Imagine fighting for Jersey for “his son” who is chilling somewhere at home, with a player who has just shed sweat and risked getting injured on the pitch for 90 minutes. The height of selfishness and lack of self-respect/self-worth. He could have walked into the Portugal dressing room after the game and gotten as many Jerserys as he wanted from the spares normally given to each player.

      If his son needs jerseys, he should dust his ass and go start playing football too.

      Selfishness can never leave the blood of our Local officials. Our athletes at the last olympics had to protest when Sunday Dare and his officials from the sports Ministry who were only in tokyo for a jamboree cornered i-phones meant to be shared as gifts from the organizers to participating athletes.

      I can never trust Local coaches or administrators with any of our national teams…..Never. Everything on their mind is always how they can/will shortchange the poor athletes.

  • Osamuyi Osaruyi 2 years ago

    That game was so embarrassing, they ( Portugal) where in control of the game through out.

  • Prince charming 2 years ago

    Rohr is the best, if you like it or not am saying the truth Rohr can’t lose 4,Neil picnic I don’t know is name have killed our football with the fans that support the sacks of a good coach

  • Larry 2 years ago

    Mr. Pesseiro, based on your performance in all matches played so far,i’m afraid you might end up being the worst-ever SE coach.
    Here are my observations and suggestions.

    1. The 4 nil defeat is the biggest defeat for SE in decades. You should bury your head in shame. Your team lacks all ingredients of a winning team.

    2. I’m not buying your excuse of doing better in the second half, the opposition was not as strong as the first half. Perhaps,they had finished the job in the first half and the two goals scored in the second half are enough justification for your technical deficiency.

    3. You can never win a top opposition with a below average player leading the team. Go check SE records and you’ll realize the significance of a top leader in the team. Teams led by Keshi,Oliseh,and Mikel gave us the best because they were top players with winning mentality and leadership traits.

    4. It is obvious that the team is still being controlled by some mafia who controls players invitations. If not, consistently underperforming players like Ekong, Onuachu, Uzoho,Etebo,and Dennis would have been eased out of the team by now.

    5. Since your arrival, SE has failed to earn a point from matches against top 70 teams. I try not to blame you for this, because the previous handlers could not do the same in the past 2 years. However, your attitude and playing pattern are major contributions.

    Possible solution.

    1. Get a new leader for the team (BalogunNdidi/Simon). This set of players are top players in their team, their leadership traits on and off the team are recognized by their coaches. Balogun is using his real age and i believe he still has 4years of good football in him. His former coaches and current coach say the same team about the quality of thus guy. Ndidi is a tough player with a professional mindset. He is qualified to lead the team. Simon has not really done bad in the matches he led SE,

    2. Use last match to judge the players, all underperforming players should be dropped from the team or to the bench. This is the only language out players understand.

    3. The technical committee of the nff needs to be revamped. Eguavoen’s only interest lies in becoming the coach through the backdoor, he is not the right person to lead.. Get Olofin or Emenalo to lead

    4. Instill competition in players selection by inviting players on current form. Who needs Dennis when you have a robust Olayinka. Who needs an Etebor when you have Al-Hassan Kante or Onyedika,

    5. Get the best for Eagles, foreign born or not. Tomorrow, Adarabioyo, Tuanarigha, Okoli, and that German born are still available. Olise had not said no to Nigeria, there are a good number of foreign born young GKs in Europe..
    Mr. Passeiro, wake up!!

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 years ago

    Too many things to talk about but there is not enough time in a whole week even self to do that in but in the meaantime- one thing is clear!
    Boo to Emmanuel Dennis, my advice to whoever it concerns is never to invite that mumu back into the fold – he has TOILET attitude and brings bad luck to the team
    I was one of those calling for him after the first time I saw him play in the premiership but since then, having had a good chance to take a proper look – If Peseiro has any sense, he would turf the chav out!
    I am fed up of all there entitled ignoramuses!
    And just before anyone says I am saying this just because he forced himself on the penalty and wasted it – You are wrong, that is an almost unforgivable crime but note I said almost – If the player in question carries more merit as a member of the team then it will be easy to forgive such a thing, learn from it and move on but not for Dennis, his attitude stinks and he is not even a great player or anything like that, at his club, Taiwo is way ahead of him in the squad based on ability and what their own gaffer can see which is the true reflection of the facts as seen daily in training and even on match days because Dennis has regressed badly and he is not getting any younger.
    Enough said Emmanuel Dennis out!

    • Ignatius Abo 2 years ago

      Well said Brodaman Field Marshall. Boo to Selfmade second hand cloth too. He needs fresh curses as the ones you pronounced before did not work. You said iku buruku lo ma ku (meaning he will die painfully) but I can report back that he is alive and well and making our lives miserable on this platform.
      He must be punished. Go back into your bag of curses to rain bad omen on him heavily.
      Thank you sir.

  • UO
    Nigeria lost 4-0 to Portugal, in a friendly game. That’s nothing unusual. Did anyone look deeper into the underlying problems of Nigeria (football)? We are talking about a score line but don´t seem to grasp the screaming more serious issues.
    This is what else I saw and have been seeing for years. LACK OF LEADERSHIP and above all, LACK OF DISCIPLINE.
    Let take the first: LEADERSHIP. Finidi George, a member of the coaching crew of the National Team, whose team has just lost woefully even if it was a friendly game, vying tenaciously for a jersey from an opponent, with a subordinate. I have seen players of a Team going at each other´s throat for a Messi´s jersey after a match. However, I have not yet seen, where a coach and his player make a claim for one.
    One must be careful these days of actions on and off the pitch. Cameras are almost everywhere and captures almost everything. Today, we saw this disgraceful act on TV. It may have been a silly mistake happening at a wrong time, but it should be pointed out, nonetheless.
    I agree, that Finidi is a human being like everyone else. But he occupies a position of authority in the team or at least should. How will he be able to reprimand a player, objectively (especially after such a dreadful encounter) when he is engaged in a tussle with his player over a jersey of an opponent he just lost to, woefully? A disgraceful act and shows why it is hard to instruct the players. How can they (the coaches) when the supposed “leaders” don´t lead by good examples?
    This normally would just be funny and insignificant but this one of too many flagrant misbehaviours of the people who should be held to high esteem. We often neglect the real reasons of our problems. That is one glaring example. In a more disciplined environment, he would be sweating over his job right now. No joke. We are talking about self-esteem and discipline in a public arena, from a person who is in a leading position, on a national duty. I doubt if he wanted the jersey for himself. He was surely on an errand for someone else. But for an ex-player of his calibre, who has played the game on a very high stage, this behaviour is a very big let-down to himself and to his position.
    Secondly: Discipline. We often speak of the 1994 Team. But we hardly recognize that discipline was what made them thick at the time. That is the biggest problem we have in all facets of our ways. Talents are abundant. For example, look at Dennis today. Yes, such behaviour happens all the time in football. Even recently, between Neymar and Mbappe both players of PSG, in a game. These actions destabilize the team nevertheless and should be dealt with, consequently. Why do we have a captain in the team anyway? The player refused to listen to him. I don´t know what the coach was gesticulating from the stand, but this should not happen again. PERIOD.
    DISCIPLINE is one important issue we all run away from but is vital to success. Who do you expect to instil the discipline? The coach who was begging/struggling with his player for an opponent’s jersey? I very much doubt that.
    Forget the 4-0 result and look at the deeper real problems.
    Note: I had wanted to post this yesterday after the match but just didn´t have the appetite to do it. However, having read some comments from people like “Dr Banks”, “Dr. Drey” and some others here that saw the same incidence and made strong reprimands, I wanted to post it after all. This is simply disgusting.

  • Where is Omo9ja and others who fuelled the sacking of rhor? Come and see your dream coach playing’good football’.
    Those complaining about almost half of the players, was it not the same team that played under rhor? Which team beat them 4:0 under rohr? Not even England, France, Brazil or Argentina with Messi. I thought you guys said Rhor was hiding under talented players to get results Or is this the first time of super eagles playing without Osimhen?
    Take it or leave it; Rhor would have qualified us to world cup and there is no way Portugal could have beaten Nigeria 4:0 under rohr!
    This is just the beginning, una never see any thing. If you like, sack the coach, rejig the team, the God of soccer will not forgive you guys for the ill-treatment you gave a man who did no wrong. He was beating all the target given to him, winning crucial matches and harmonizing the team.
    All because he was not playing beautiful football. Oya na, let’s see how it goes… Beautiful football loading……

    • Edoman 2 years ago

      You said it all. God is on your side. He hear your pain. l am in southwest Florida, l share your the pain too. The Nigeria soccer which we are always proud off, have now become the weeping boy in football. It will never end well with those who support, agitated, and contributed to the sacking of our able coach, Mr. Rohr.

  • Samson 2 years ago

    Don’t let over react to the lost. It’s a friendly game and Portugal is playing in front of their home crowd and a Worldcup bound team. Portugal exposed or deficiencies and corrections should be made and we shall be relevant again. It’s like trying to drive a broken down high performance car and expecting a great performance. You might have a little glimpse of good performance here and there but not the full efficiency & consistency of the car. Tell me a player that has never missed a penalty before. That penalty kick lost deflated the team as a result lead to the two consecutive goals. You should commend Denise for stepping up and trusting himself in this situation not condemn him. They will be alright with our support. Up Nigerian Super Eagles let’s goooooooooal!

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