5 Popular NBA Betting Trends That Can Increase Your Bankroll

5 Popular NBA Betting Trends That Can Increase Your Bankroll

After being shut-off in mid-March due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the NBA season is coming back this summer. It will continue the playoffs season and the remaining teams who were already matched-up for the seeding process head on to the final stage. A few weeks ago, the NBA organizers officially announced that the game would start by July 31, 2020.

With the NBA joining the NHL to move mountains this year by returning to the spotlight, sportsbooks, bettors, and fans are rejoicing as this will give another opportunity for them to participate in the betting games and earn substantially. Apart from that, the NBA teams are also excited to showcase their best plays inside the court.

Therefore, as the NBA continues this July, the basketball odds for the betting games will surely come massive for all NBA bettors to wager. To get you guided on how you can gamble in the upcoming basketball games, here are some NBA betting trends that can help you boost your bankroll effortlessly.

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Don’t Bet For Home Team When Crawford Is The Referee

Looking back into NBA betting games, home teams are around 5-14 against the spread (ATS) in the last season, where Crawford runs the game. It is the prevailing trend for the past decade and does not help you win in the betting games if you happen to do this.

Although Joey Crawford has been retired, this fact holds true to all Joey Crawford-like referees in the NBA. Referees such as Mike Callahan, Ron Garretson, and Mark Ayotte are known to have bad records for Home teams when they’re on the floor.

Bet For “Under” In Totals Category

The totals or commonly known as under/over category is one of the most popular betting games you can play in the NBA. The same with the rules with other sports, the bookie set a specific score for two competing teams. One team is listed in the over category while the other one takes the under. When you wager for the under team, and the overall score is below the value set, you win the betting game and the other way around for over bets.

According to most NBA analysts, 55% of the “Under” bets made in the NBA Totals betting game can usually win. So, if you are planning to gamble in the upcoming NBA games, make sure to consider betting for this category as you might end up winning big.

Washington Wizards Isn’t A Good Bet

The Washington Wizards represent the Southern Division at the Eastern Conference who ranked at the last one in the previous NBA season. Their last division title was in 2017, and the NBA title was in 1978. Wizards are considered as one of the biggest underdogs in the NBA who are having a hard time entering the playoffs.

In the last NBA season, the Wizards recorded an 8-18 against the spread record (ATS), which was considered as the worst record in the whole NBA league. The team doesn’t have their superstar in John Wall as he is recovering from injury. Although their second star Bradely Beal is making NBA headlines, his stats and star power isn’t enough to push the Wizards into playoff contention. There are also rumors about Bradley Beal being traded. Avoid the Wizards at all costs.

Wager On Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls are playing for the Eastern Conference in the Central Division for the entire NBA season. They are one of the strongest NBA teams since then, who always generates a good value in betting. You can expect to see results from their young, but solid lineup in Lauri Markhanen, Colby White, and the 2016 NBA slam dunk champion, Zach Lavine.

Moreover, the Chicago Bulls have a solid defense, an excellent point guard player, and a team that shows perfect discipline and focus. Hence, don’t forget this team to bet in the upcoming NBA season as they can help you earn big.

Gamble For The LA Lakers In “Under” Category

Now that Lebron and Anthony Davis is smoking hot, the Lakers will have no problem winning the western conference or even the NBA title this year. Be sure to bet on the King and AD if you want to get the best out of your wagers.

Although the Lakers need help with three-point shooting, they have Danny Green, a key player in last year’s championship team, the Toronto Raptors. You might think that the Laker’s bench is thin, but don’t sleep on them. They have Alex Caruso, a silent yet, hardworking player who can explode and provide hype to the team.


Betting for the NBA like other sports this coming summer season does not only give you excitement but also helps you gain instant money. Apart from that, you can now apply the most effective betting strategies you made to earn consistently. Thus, in the next NBA games, make sure to consider the betting trends above, so the ball is in your court.

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