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Abraham’s Girlfriend Slams Tuchel Over Chelsea’s FA Cup Final Squad Snub 

Abraham’s Girlfriend Slams Tuchel Over Chelsea’s FA Cup Final Squad Snub 

Tammy Abraham’s long-time girlfriend, Leah Monroe, took to Instagram to blast Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel, after he left out her man from the Blues squad for Saturday’s FA Cup final against Leicester City.

Tuchel had no place in his match day squad for Abraham – despite him being Chelsea’s top scorer this season.

Timo Werner started in attack for Chelsea, with Olivier Giroud and record signing Kai Havertz both among the substitutes.

That left Abraham – in attendance at Wembley – to watch from the stands.

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Reacting to the snub, she wrote in a now-deleted post:“How on earth do you make the decision to leave your top goal scorer out of the squad for a final!?!” 

“The same person who even scored the goals to actually qualify for this competition? “It’s not making any sense to me whatsoever.”

She also added: “Not even the bench?! This has to be a joke.”

Chelsea went on to lose the final 1-0 courtesy of a Youri Tielemans volley from outside the box.

A number of Premier League clubs are keeping tabs on Abraham’a situation including Aston Villa – where he previously enjoyed a fine loan spell – Wolves and West Ham.

David Moyes is understood to be a big fan of the Blues’ No.9, but believes the Hammers may struggle to meet any potential big-money fee – amid suggestions Chelsea would be looking for a figure in the region of £40million.

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  • Greenturf 3 years ago

    Feeling Brits with a Caucasian lady no wonder Nigeria is never your thing haha…

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    … Honestly. You will hardly ever see a white Super Star especially in sports circles with any partner (Lover or Wife) who isn’t their kind… It’s an unwritten taboo. The moment you do it, you will never be spoken of in serious terms… The most ones with an inferiority complex are certain black elite athletes… Some will call me racist but this is just the truth… See how the lost
    son is smiling to say, I just got validated with my white chic… Take away his money and that girl won’t even let him sniff her dirty underwears… Hahaha!

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Jimmy these guys will one day feel the impact of rejecting their country. I have seen alot of people suffer in the hands of these whites after using them at the latter stage of life. Boy has a good eye for beauty though but Mikel played for SE yet he is married to multi millionaire white businessman’s daughter and she is proud of Mikel’s linage. Let our kids hold on to the green white flag no matter the bad leadership just for patriotism.

    • Greenturf 3 years ago

      Yeah lad you are spot on @Jimmyball.Top black athletes are so obsessed with white ladies but broke black lads struggle to have a slim beautiful Caucasian lady,most of who end up with either a big(fat)or older white ladies.It’s a shame indeed.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hehehehehehe….woooowww…..Hypocrisy at its peak. I am shocked this is coming from someone who has bragged here several times before of having a (white) german wife…..LMAO. He must certainly be among “the most ones with an inferiority complex”…Or maybe it was one of his numerous untrue cooked up stories he frequently dishes out here that he seems to have now forgotten…..LMAO.

      I never knew it was a crime for blacks to be friends/date/marry whites.

      • Big mouth you have started confusion and lies here.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Fool, when did you escape from rehab. You changed your name to Akin today again….LMAO. Why not ask you master why he’s always bombing us with lies and hypocrisy here…..LMAO. Nor be by force to comment for CSN na….LMAO.

      • Dr.Drey leave this place now.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hahahahaha…..what are you afraid of…? Why is Dr.Drey’s presence here making you shiver and feel uncomfortable. LMAO
          Tell lairs and hypocrites to leave first…LMAO

      • chuks haifa 3 years ago

        Its not a crime but a complex issue and majority of them have lived to regret it. How many white, Asian or Latino athletes marry black women. Its good to marry where ever you want but black marrying black keeps the money within the black community and indirectly empower black people. Those women just love the money. On a normal day they won’t date black guys and even their family will be against it but with money involved, it’s workable. Large percentage divorce and take a chunk of the black guys money because the judge is mostly white and the system supports them. It seems black women are not good for black athletes.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hahahahha…what a way of thinking.

          “…black marrying black keeps the money within the black community and indirectly empower black people….”
          “…Large percentage divorce and take a chunk of the black guys money because the judge is mostly white and the system supports them…”

          These are 2 of the most racialy ridiculous statements I must have read in my life. Marrying black keeps the money within the black community….LMAO…So if you marry a white woman you money flies out of the black community…..or when you marry a black woman, every black man on earth becomes entitled to your money and will be on your will…..LMAO or when you marry a black woman divorce will never come into the equation….LMAO.

          The last time I checked, Daniel Amokachi and Sunday Oliseh didnt marry black women, they are happily married with kids till today and their monies have not developed wings “from the black community”. The last time I also checked, Samuel Etoo and Didier Drogba both married black women and are today divorced. Even Ighalo that married his fellow bini woman is currently separated. Serena Williams is currently with a white man and it has not stopped her progress, the progress of her family or her community in anyway.

          Marry whomever you love…whether black or white, green or purple…and do all you can to keep your home strong. Love is the ultimate. There are good and bad people everywhere…there are good whites and bad blacks and there are good blacks and bad whites. Life is a choice. Growing up, I dated whites and also dated blacks and in the end settled for the one I loved to journey with me for the rest of my life.

          Let people be with their choices, for love, not for skin colour.

          It is rather disgusting that in 2021 people expect others to marry based on their own wish. Its even worse that someone who bragged severally here of being married to a white german lady is where casting aspersions on others for being in a relationship with a white girl. It’s either he is a cheap hypocrite or a chronic liar…..LMAO.

          I refuse to be involved in discussions that are racist or nepotistic in nature…..I refuse to. Not at this age or level of exposure I’ve attained in life. I simply refuse to.

          • Mr Hush 3 years ago

            @Dr Drey

            Just have to duff my hat for you on this..

            Ordinarily, this shouldn’t be my business, since it goes beyond sports and everyone has his/her ‘conviction’, but reading what I am reading here left me in total awe.
            Someone has to speak up so as to fight back against this myopic and distasteful mentality.

            Blacks are quick to call everyone else out there racist but forget to self reflect and see the irony in this;the hypocrisy.
            Aren’t blacks racist and nepostic as well?

            It is so appalling that someone would be lambasted for his relationship preference.


            We should know;
            The way you treat people tells a lot about you.
            Your mentality defines you.
            And we can clearly see a lot of racist tendencies on here.
            We can clearly do better.

            No one should be judge by their skin colour.rather by their mentality,character and deeds.

            Everyone has the right to be with whoever suits them.
            No matter the skin colour as long as it is not against the societal norm and law.

            And @Dr Drey said;

            I refuse to allow such nepostic and racist thoughts be part of us.
            We can’t play the victim why being the criminal.

          • chuks haifa 3 years ago

            I don’t know what you think you know about racism! sometimes you write to insult but end up ridiculing yourself. You are the damn white racist apologist with that type reasoning. What a white apologist you are. I doubt if you know more about the Jew self help and the exposure you claim you have. A community that comes together is stronger. Have you even read about the Tulsa race riots that black wall street was destroyed by whites. People like you lick Oyebo feet with complex. They are not better than blacks anyday. Its just that they discovered gunpowder and used it conquer others. How many millions of blacks did King Leopold of Belgium kill in Congo DRC, more than 10 million people. Why is the west not talking about it, what we hear is that Hitler killed 6 million white Jews. You call others racist because you don’t value your own. Is it not the British that started racism in the world and have they changed their ways towards that. Your kind of people call Mugabe that empowered his people a devil and Mandela that empowered the whites a saint. Look at South African blacks suffering today. Have you forgotten how the west and France treated Haiti because its a black independent nation. Don’t come here to lecture me about white racism pity. Focus on your football. Whatever Oyebo gains from is good, what they don’t gain from is bad. The Chinese and Asians are liberating themselves from white inferiority complex. The result is that China will be the next super power in future. Some advice to you @Dr Drey! If you are stating your points don’t use insults because you don’t have monopoly with insults and curses. Any day, anytime I will stand and support black rich folks whether athletes or business people to marry fellow blacks. You can call it racism but i will call it empowerment because they have taken so much from the blacks and this needs to stop

          • Greenturf 3 years ago

            Well I do not think anyone is against Abraham dating a white lady I think there’s a misunderstanding to some posts on this issue.
            The point is if Successful black athletes are good for you so also the regular black man on the street.
            You can try to be a nice man as you want fair enough it’s your choice and I respect that but you should also respect other opinions without making them out to be racists.
            Fair play you lived in the western world for ages likewise most people here.Just like you have your experiences of life in the western world as it concerns relationships others have theirs too so we should respect each others opinions without making them out to be racists.
            It’s not racist when people say their opinions what happens in society this things happens it doesn’t make them racist they are just honest about what happens,it’s a different thing when someone openly questions why should a Caucasian date black which is a racist comment rather the views here are different.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hahahahha @ hafia…..where was you black ass when the whites were discovering gun-powder….LMAO. Where were you black forefathers when the white man was building ships that could sail across to the great oceans to discover new found lands…LMAO.

            How many millions of blacks have blacks been killing and are still killing till tomorrow. Have you accounted for the hundreds of millions blacks have killed in Sierra leone, Liberia, CIV, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Angolan and many other senseless wars fought accors Africa in the last 40 – 60 years alone. I dont even want to talk of the ones your fore fathers fought during the days of the great empires across Africa. Mugabe turned Rhodesia (one of the biggest economies in Africa) to Zimbabwe where you need a trailer load of Zim dollars to buy a loaf of bread up to the point now that Zimbabweans swim across crocodile infested rivers just to escape from their country and go earn a living in a southafrica that was built by whites but now destroyed by blacks……LMAO. Im sure those are all heroic turn of events to you becos they were all perpetuated by blacks. LMAO…What Hypocrisy…!!!

            Mr man you too stick to what you know, because the little you have said just showed how shallow minded you are….LMAO. Call me a white-apologist if you like but I wont join any of you to be foolish in calling black white and white black because I want to appease my race and absolve it of any complicity it its own self-inflicted misery…that’s the speed of sound in air beneath me.
            I will rather lick the feet of a white than lick the feet of a fellow black….and I have no apologies for saying that.

            60yrs after independence most of your countries still cannot maintain just 1 standard playing surface that is good enough for international football, yet your CAF looks the other way. It has taken the intervention of FIFA to come set things straight. That indeed sums up what everything about your hallowed race stands for when left on its own. Maybe its King Leopold, the Slave traders or the colonialists we should blame for that too…..LMAO.

            Insult me all you want, me sef get fingers to reply you.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    @Dr.Drey and @Mr.Hush… My wife is German, of course, na school I meet her and I am not currently an elite athlete… So I no marry her for validation. Infact na she the beg me to spend money for me… I no dey used to using woman for her money… She works for US Army in Kaiserslautern… and does not need my money. The question wey you and @Mr. Hush go answer be say, how many European and Asian elite athlete get black girlfriends or wives?

    • Mr Hush 3 years ago


      Danke schonè.

      Thanks for buttressing my point.

      You are married to someone white.
      I guess you married because of her character. And she did same for you.
      As you said; ” I no marry her for validation”.
      That’s the point I am raising.

      People should be with who they want to be with.

      As much as they are racist out there; there are good people too

      Judge people accordingly.
      By their actions towards you. Rather than generalise.
      You never know..

      It is quite archaic and myopic to always play the race card.
      It is hypocritical..

      To answer your question
      Dan Gosling, Mason Mount, Travis Kelche of the Nfl ,Dan Nowitski of the Dallas Mavericks etc. Are all caucasians with black girls.
      These are the ones I know, they are definitely a lot out there..
      Just because they don’t talk about their private life and no one talks about race with this things, doesn’t mean it doesnt exist..

      Bro. In every bad. There is a good side..

      Let’s let this go.
      Let’s talk sports..

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      And whats your business with that…? How has the choice a person (rich or poor, elite or nonentity) makes a become a problem for you. Why not mind your own business and let others mind theirs. An elite woman pick you a black man as her lover and married you and its Ok. Other people pick others of different color and it has become a headache for educated illiterates…? Oh. yea..?! is that the sort of world we live in now..?

      Everyone should MIND THIER DAMN BUSINESSES….! Even individual in life has in own unalienable rights to choice of whom to love and unlove irrespective of race, tribe or color until it is otherwise included in the 10 commandments that it should not be so.

      For God’s sake what has whom European Elite Athletes dating being anyone’s business…?! Go and get a job if your mind is this idle and stop the hypocrisy.

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Dr.Drey… This thing pain you. Which one be educated illiterates again? I met my wife at the same level we studied together as coursemates… so it was not a case that she was above me, or I above her. It’s different… For your information I earn higher than her. But you too the quick call names… I wish Paul Onuachu can help me with you and stop scoring for fun… Paulo “goal demon” Onuachu, hehehe, please slow down the plunder make @Dr.Drey no remote me from Mambilla mountains…

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hahahahaha….your hypocrisy is legendary…pls stick to the subject matter. The fact that you don’t see marrying a white woman as an attempt to seek validation but see others marrying white ladies as a sign of desperation for validation speaks volumes about you.

          You claim your wife and you were on the same level so that you can exonerate yourself from what your are accusing others of……so pls did Tammy or other “elites” tell you its some lowlife white girls they are rolling with….??? Did they tell you the white girls they are rolling with are not also on the same level with them…??? Didnt you see black girls in your school or your vicinity before going to love a white girl or why did you also shove away your white girl when she was throwing herself at you and spoiling you silly for a black girl in Oturkpo or Okpoga or Ugbokolo….??

          Heck….you dont shock me at all o…I swear…you dont shock me. Ever since you couldnt even do something as basic as to name a working starting XI SE team after dedicating years of your life insulting Rohr, I just knew exactly the kind of persona you are built of….and I’ve since never been shocked. I know many of your type. People who see a spec in other peoples’ eyes from miles away but cannot spot the huge log in theirs.

          And for your Information Paul Onuachu too is currently in a relationship with a white girl, so he too must be amongst “…The most ones with an inferiority complex…” seeking for validation, according to you….LMAO.

  • Mr Hush 3 years ago

    Bro@ Chuks Haifa

    I can feel your venom burning from your peice.

    You have your reasons. You have your emotions.
    But facts don’t care about emotions.

    Yes. Racism exist.Nepotism. And would always do.

    But it cut across everywhere..
    You just chose to see what you want to see.

    You talk like the whites are the first that brought slavery to Africa.
    Bro. There have been slavery in Africa even before the advent of the white and the arab slave traders.
    Africans fought wars against each other and enslaved their captives. This is fact.

    In fact as of today, the highest concentration of modern day slaves are in asia, the middle east and Africa, Mauritania holding sway. Nigeria has more than 1.5million slaves. Lest not forget about the sex traffickers and human traffickers from Africa,that we are still battling. These are facts.

    You insult a wise man like Mandela, who tried to heal, unit and integrate his people. Yet you praise a dictator like Mugabe, who destroyed his own people by his self centred and racist mentality and you call that empowerment! Wow…
    Bro the reason South Africa is in a mess is because of the black run AnC who knows nothing about governance but just corruption. Is that empowerment too?
    Is the problem we are facing in Nigeria right now caused by the white too?

    If the whites are so bad, why does everyone want to live in the West abandoning their empowered home?

    And the Jews are 60 percent caucasians ancestry and 40percent semitic. So yeah.. they are white as well.
    The Jews isn’t about race. Rather socio- religious.

    Bro. My advice to you is to heal.
    No one can hold you down unless you chose to.
    Even if some shortsighted racist is against you. You can be the bigger man and do you. It changes nothing.

    We should learn to be self aware, selfless in our thoughts and actions and try to see the bigger picture.
    No one lives this life alone..

    This is the end for me.

    • chuks haifa 3 years ago

      Bro! There is nothing to heal from the white superiority which they use racism as a cover to deceive us into doing what suits them. They whites are the one’s that should be begging other races for forgiveness. The white man has done more damage and evil to other races in the history of mankind. Talking about Nepotism! No race is more nepotistic than the white man. They protect their interests more than others! They don’t want others to reach the level they are now! They have used Coups plus other means to take out African leaders who have true developmental intentions for Africa. Lumumba & Sankara and Magufuli are examples. Why is France forcefully Keeping the money of it’s colony countries in their central bank ? Why does the British aid it’s companies to under-report the amount on mineral resources mined from colonial countries in Africa. You talk about Mandela being a hero because of western media because he did not negotiate to have Black South Africans have equal control or more control of the Boers diamond mining (No white man will cede his resources to others just to please others), unlike Mugabe the dictator did in Zimbabwe. Today blacks control Zimbabwean economy and the whites control South African economy. Zimbabwean economy was crippled by western gang up sanctions just because Mugabe did the right thing for his people. I state that South African blacks are poor because they don’t control the economy and has nothing to do with ANC corruption. After all the west is more corrupt than Africa. If the west likes Africa that they claim, why don’t they bring back to Africa all the stolen African money sitting in their banks. If i continue talking about the evils of the white man against other races, it will not end today! Let me continue watching Enyimba match. We learn from each other every day.

      • Mr Hush 3 years ago

        You only inferior to the next man if you want to.
        It is all about choice and action.
        It is all personal.

        You talk of empowerment but call it nepotism when the white look out for their self interest!
        Now can you see the hypocritism in that.

        Bro. Everyone . Every race looks out for number one first. It is human nature.

        Who does the West use to plan such coups?
        Isn’t it same blacks?
        Wasn’t it Compoare that killed Sankara? Isn’t he black?
        Wasn’t it Moputu Seseko and The Katangan authorities that killed Lumumba? Aren’t they blacks?
        Wasn’t Mugabe that stole almost half of the wealth of Zimbabwe and moved to South East Asia?

        In as much as the West does evil , such evil plans can never be executed without Black accomplices.
        Don’t African leaders steal and stash our resources and funds abroad?

        This goes beyond racism. It is just simple human greed and selfishness.

        As you said, we learn from each other everyday…

        Enjoy your match…

        Hopefully.Enyimba do the needful

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahahaha….”…If the west likes Africa that they claim, why don’t they bring back to Africa all the stolen African money sitting in their banks…” LMAO

        First start with asking the Nigerian government to show you what it has done with ALL the ABACHA LOOT they have been recovering since 1999. Once they can do that, I will personally lead a campaign for repatriation …..LMAO. Some of the stolen artefacts gracing european museums were returned few years ago to recently, I read in the news a few weeks ago the some have been damaged where they were kept when they were returned while some are now missing. The white man kept them nicely in his museums and was even using them to generate revenue…..the black my turns them to unwanted debris on return. He who shows himself worthy in little things shall be granted in bigger things.
        Let me tell you for free, let the west return everything stolen from Africa today, Africans will first kill themselves to have dominion on them and then the last man standing will re-loot them and go stash them in the west again.

        All you have said above about Zimbabwe and South Africa just reeks of ignorance. 100% ignorance….Im even laughing hard now. Go and read up how Ian smith sustained and built Rhodesia for years into the 3rd largest economy in Africa while cut off from the rest of the world. Continue making excuses for 1st class looters like Mugabe whose one people will kill a 2nd time if he rises from the dead today….you will also tell us where South African blacks like Cyril Ramaphosa, Patrice Motsepe, late Richard Maponya and many others made their fortunes from. Lolz. For your info, more blacks have died from oppressions in South Africa since 1994 till date than recorded in the entire apartheid era….and thats a fact.
        Continue being deceived with parochial black/pan-africanism and not learn to shove your sentiments aside and point to where the problems really lie. Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery…and learn to think with free and non-prejudiced minds.

        Let me run with your advice and stick to football. I hate engaging in disgusting arguments about race……especially with people who want to blame slave trade, colonialism etc for the misgivings of the black race in 2021

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    @Mr.Hush… atleast you are trying for coming to @Dr.Drey’s aid with some list. Let’s leave America, because the USA is very well integrated now so, it is common. I asked how many European and Asia top athletes will have black girls as girlfriends or wives… I do not mean mixed partner, I am not talking about half white/half black partner, full blooded-black… Let’s even assume Mason Mount, whose girl is mixed which whites like a lot, name some other top European athlete… especially in football circles.

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

      It is even easier to have white girlfriends in Europe and Asia than it is is in America sometimes. So don’t come here and try to educate us about dating white girls. We’ve all been there done that. You should be even ashamed that in 2021 you’re still talking about interracial relationships that’s been around even since the slavery era. Lmao!! It should depend on your emotions and the one you love based on your exposure in life.

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        … @Ayphillydegreat don find him voice. When Paul Onuachu strike again last night all of them run go hide. So you don see delicate topic now come comot head from your hiding place… Lol. The scenario wey we the discuss no get anything to do with me lecturing anybody… I think you hear about Emmanuel Eboue story, you kuku know how Celestine Babayaro almost land for problem with rape case with an English lady, what about African Maradona, Etim John Esin? The story about our Elite athlete playing Russian roulette with those white mannequins often no the end well na why we the try talk to them make them careful be that… The thing wey that Belgian woman do Eboue sote court come say Eboue no well for head take all him money and property give the white lady… go and dig up the story for YouTube and see how Africans the hurl Eboue insults upon him loss because after the woman deal with am finish, cut am off from their daughters… na the African girl wey him been throway go for the whitie him come go back go marry… toh, we no say make them no validate with whitie o, we just the say make them put sense for side of bag…

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          And what makes you confident your own whitie too will not go the way of these ones you’ve highlighted. And why has Daniel AMokachi and Sunday Oliseh’s wives too not towed the path of this your fallacy of hasty generalization….????
          I hope you have also heard of the several fatal to near fatal cases divorce/separation cases involving NIGERIAN MEN and their NIGERIAN WIVES in the west. So if you think it is only white women who have monopoly of madness or that black women will guarantee you a prefect life, go do your research properly.

          May God not let us meet the wrong woman.

  • chuks haifa 3 years ago

    Enyimba just embarrassed themselves today! I don’t see them moving to the next round after losing 4-1

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      … See na pyramid yet the beat Enyimba silly like this o, and some go say Egypt league no good to develop some young players especially from a country like Nigeria.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahaha so you are now admitting your league is crap that cannot develop palyers…?? Now pls name which young players don go develop for egypt/north africa in recent times. From Sokari to Kolanut boy, to your wonderful Ajayi to Moses Orkuma, Damein Udeh and the rest.

        And by the way, we are still waiting for you to pls post the source of your info here that “…Al Nassr weighed Musa’s contribution against his wages and paid him off to cancel the contract….”. abeg we are eagerly waiting for the link let us read o….LMAO….bcos it seems to be more authentic than ESPN and BBC. It seems its the same link that reported that Anthony Ujah messed up at the confed cup because he was suffering from stage fright in a half empty stadium vs Tahiti….LMAO

        Pls post the link Or just do the honorable thing by apologizing for telling us white lies….LMAO

        Let me borrow your own words You don fart for that thread you run come another thread to hide face, you nor know say na your body the smell of the fart dey….LMAO.

        We are waiting o.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    @Dr.Drey… hahaha. Ok… I apologize to England first born… TAMMY ABRAHAM… abeg, gum your whitie the go… just marry am quick and please don’t sign pre-nup because if you do, it will reveal that even you as a guyman know say na hand you somehow the put for crocodile mouth
    if you looseguard croc fit bite hard… hahaha. I see say @Dr.Drey don move the matter from Tammy Englishboy Abraham come @JimmyBall head. Afterall Kofi Annan sef been validate marry whitie. Hahaha…

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahahaha. Just drop the whataboutries and admit that you are n the same boat the those you are accusing of seeking validation by marrying whites.
      My man leave all those Tiv and Idoma girls wey sabi bedmatics wella for markurdi go hook whitty, come dey give us excuse here say na beacuse dem na school mates. Make we hear word biko. At least paper don sure….LMAO. Who black benue girl help in career…?? LLMAO

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        … Hahaha. You know the story! Who no come no go know! You get point sha… When you come abroad, you go know say nothing be free… Oyinbo worship their ladies sote, them carry way-forward… a.k.a PAPER go hide for inside their woman kpata… you gast dive there to save your life when e read! Lol…

  • Collins id 3 years ago

    I don’t support the idea of dictating who people should marry, marriage is ordained by God not man and every union have a purpose beyond human knowledge, inrespective of the status, or race of any individual, I think we should respect everyone’s relationship, exept for Gay’s.
    I think the white people have contributed more to the worlds development that’s why they are sitting on top, and I don’t mind it doesn’t affect me as a black man as long as I have lived, there will always be inferiority complex and superiority complex among race, looks, height, status, tribes, families, nations, and continents, I don’t think that will ever change as far as we are humans, the only thing that can change is you as an individual, you can choose to be a colours or race or rather be a human and being, I don’t think God created us to compete, he created us to run things and what ever have happened between us before is a process of which every race where guilty of ignorance, and violence was the easiest options for success then. As for now, we should be running things, the only problem I have with our africa stars is choosing to play for the europeans is bcoz I think every children being white or black should put ur origin first especially when the call comes, it doesn’t cost anything, u will still play for European clubs and can remain europeans if you want, stepping down to fly ur father’s national flag is to pay tribute to them and also show respect to ur parents and race, the europeans have enjoyed enough victory in the world of football and the other world deserve some smiles too, if you are an african u should be passionate about Africans happiness no matter where you are based, if u are half cast u have equal rights to choose either way and I will support you fully.

  • chuks haifa 3 years ago

    @ Dr Drey Your emptiness and insecurity is exhibited by your quick to haul insults! It shows your low levels and lack of self confidence! Insults does not win arguments but your facts and critical thinking points! What i see is junk insults. No matter how good your points are, if you degrade others and add insults to it it becomes junk! I rub minds with people who exchange ideas without fighting like a pig! Dude grow up in your interactions this is not high school stuff, most people here have masters, Doctorate degrees and well established in their careers. If you want to fight go to Oshodi park!

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahaha…Congratulations to you even if you are Nobel Laurette. Its from your dint of hardwork. It will benefit the human race if you put it into productive use rather than spreading racial hatred. Kindly go and point out where I have insulted you and lets see if you are without blemish….beginning from the very racist junk your spewed out up there.

      That is part of what we talking about. People who get emotional when feed with a pill of their own medicines but have felt ok pushing it down other peoples’ throats. LMAO

      Mr this place is not CMS bustop where you think you can hoodwink people into sheepishly toying your line of ignorance and fallacies of hasty generalization. If that is what you wanna do with you Nobel prize pls go and look for disciples elsewhere.

      Now he wants to lecture me on the art of public speaking…..LMAO. I am empty…thank you. I am insecure….thank you. I lack self confidence…..well appreciated. But at least I am not racist. I will gladly be everything you have called me up there but not racist….LMAO

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