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Adarabioyo Targets Spot In England’s Euros Squad

Adarabioyo Targets Spot In England’s Euros  Squad

Fulham defender Tosin Adarabioyo is looking to force his way into the England squad for this summer’s European Championships, reports Completesports.com.

Adarabioyo has been one of the consistent performers for Fulham this season despite the Whites fight to stay up in the Premier League.

The towering centre-back last represented England at the U-19 level but is eager to play for the country at senior level.

“We know it’s the Euros this summer so hopefully if I keep on doing well, who knows, I could be looking to push myself into that squad,” he told The Telegraph.

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“Obviously there are a lot of good players to choose from but if I do what I can do best there is a chance.”

Fulham currently sit in 18th position on the Premier League table.

The 23-year-old is upbeat they can turn things around and maintain their top flight status at the end of the season.

‘I am just focusing on survival, on avoiding relegation and we have full confidence that we will remain in this league,”Adarabioyo added.

“We have so much quality and so much fight to push on and get the results that we need. I think we are going to go on a mad run and stay safe.”

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  • Elsabi 3 years ago

    like seriously??? I’m shocked. I thought this guy wants to play for Nigeria?. Good luck sha

  • Shuma 3 years ago

    At least this puts an end to rumors of people coming here saying that he switched allegiance or talked to Kelechi about joining super eagles during Fulham vs Leicester

  • Anthony 3 years ago

    Am in total shock, this is unbelievable, am still findind it so hard to believe this is actually coming from tosin. I thought this guy has switched allegiance to nigeria a very long time ago. But seeing this now is quite heartbreaking, well i wish all the best in his future endeavors.

  • Its good that this is coming out now. Alot of people have been clamouring for this guys inclusion in the Super Eagles, but as we can see he is more interested in representing England than Nigeria. Im sure when all hopes are dashed he will do a 180 like akpoguma and come running to Nigeria and we will still welcome him with open arms. This should be a lesson to aoll who are quick to say that fifa has cleared the switch of allegiance of certain players without getting confirmation from a true source (the coach). Only Rohr knows which players are cleared to play for Nigeria and he invites them based on this information. The nff are another source but im not even sure of the information from the nff officials because they are the ones who spread the biggest rumours of all.
    If Tosin is holding out for England best of luck to him, I have not been a big fan of his. I always said he Was a semi ajayi look a like. And we already have one in our team, we dont need another one.
    Lets celebrate the players we have at our disposal, the ones who are doing us proud in their various clubs whether it be in the top five leagues of the world or in the second division in an unknown league. Time and chance is the difference between each of them.

  • chuks haifa 3 years ago

    He is a good defender but he will not greatly improve our team. We have players who are in the same level with him at this time. Equally, so many good defenders are coming up and will be considered before him for world cup. He will not make England team and will regret shunning Nigeria because world cup selection is not only about form but team history with the player. I wish him well but it’s a poor decision. He should look at Zaha,Tomori, Eze and Abraham who are on a higher level than him becoming fringe players for England due to the silent racism in team selection which lots pf people have not noticed.

  • Michel 3 years ago

    This guy is not even better than awaziem just that the coach doesn’t trust him that much,good luck to him,as awaits England,but that will be a very tall order.

  • D-cardinal 3 years ago

    Nedum onuoha part 2 lol..one less headache for Mr Rhor

  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    I never trusted this guy…….. he didn’t need a fifa switch but took his sweet time to decide and now that he has been in the news for good performances he thinks he will make the squad for the euros and bench Maguire lmaoo. Goodluck bro just as someone said above one less headache to worry about. The world cuo qualifiers start soon and the world cup is next year we need to know who has Nigeria at heart and who doesn’t lol as a matter of fact we no fit carry all these players go tournament so one less troubke.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    I see the player’s agent moves here… Create a distraction for Nigeria and England so the player get media attention and properly hyped. I will not be quick to throw this guy mud… But he needs to get Fikayo Tomori’s phone number and asked that bros how far? After Tomori let him call Nedum Onuoha… because Nigeria fans don the hype this one mention his name here and there… him ma wan use Super Eagles dance surugede… Tosin I hope you reach? Well Jordan Torunarigha still dey bank anyways… Whatever he decides, goodluck to him. But for England… na fafafa… fowl!

  • Ako Amadi 3 years ago

    Adarabioyo has treated Nigeria like garbage. For years Nigeria courted him, like Tomorin, Saka and Eze. It is time for Nigeria to leave these people to go where their heart is.They are not wanted like runaway slaves to come and work for Nigeria.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      You expect this people to run away from the better civilization and welfare they were born and brought up in? It is sad how we allow our views from a different perspective to cloud an honest judgement of a present situation. Iwobi was divine because of family line, Moses was a sacrifice and you see it didn’t last long after World Cup he quite for reasons best known to him.

  • Ako Amadi 3 years ago

    Crawling on bended knees and prostrating for a young Englishman called Adarabioyo devalues the Nigerian people.

    • KangA 3 years ago

      Be soft with these guys. Deep in their hearts, they know where their interests lie. But they are helpless. They pitch their tents with England for purely economic reasons. 

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    I respect every views here, but isn’t it strange why every promising players submit to England and the less promising ones to Nigeria? Just a moment of reasoning guys.

  • Hahahah

  • Coachie 3 years ago

    God bless you @Chima E Samuels;
    I have said it here before and saying it emphatically again. Who amongst us here would live,give birth to a child abroad (England, Germany, Holland et’al) and would not wish 1st and foremost for that child to play and shed blood for the country he has always known as home. It is only on a second thought, perhaps if such a child is not deemed skilled enough that the options of embracing Nigeria will come up. Abeg, may we leave hypocrisy and sentiments. It takes a lot of perseverance to represent 9ja in sports. Other classic examples are Nigerian born Athletic talents dumping us for Spain, Bahrain, etc.
    May God heal our land

    • Coachie 3 years ago

      Good day folks,
      It really is very painful when these class kids choose their obodo oyinbo adopted countries over us but believe me i know what i am saying, it isn’t easy for these kids either, let’s put sentiments aside. The way they are raised out here plus the system they have been brought up in doesn’t make it any easier for them. It is indeed very tough, even as a Nigerian parent, you try your best to bring them up in the Nigerian culture and tradition but alas it is the same like it would have been if they were in 9ja and they eat and breathe 9ja and imbibe the 9ja street sense. I read sometime ago how Saka’s father tried as much as possible to make him lean towards playing for the Super Eagles but hey as much as he tried the kid’s heart was with the three lions. We need to just allow them make their choices and bear the responsibilities of their choice and actions afterwards. One can only wish they find happiness

  • Ako Amadi 3 years ago

    People are telling us that Iwobi and Victor Moses were not good enough for England? That’s incorrect. The two had made up their minds to play for Nigeria despite efforts by the English FA.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      You see the problem we are tackling in the forum today, People are talking about today’s players not yesterday of Moses and Iwobi. But today where exciting talents like Eze, Saka, who in my opinion will make SE super strong ditch us for England Tammy and Tomori when they were both inform too did same. Lookman when he was hot also did except that England seniors ignored him but after his decline has decided to pitch tent with us.

      We need to start being honest if we must resolve the loop holes causing this embarrassment. If we start to reason clear and straightforward it will help us resolve a lot, instead of trying to make a joke of a persons view whenever the truth is said just because we all think differently. Nigeria has a large ethnic group so most times I don’t really expect us to think same way but I expect us to be growing in knowledge in line with civilization.

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    Potentially very good defender, but honestly speaking, Nigeria will never miss him. Defence is never a department to bother about. Wish him goodluck.Bye bye Aderabioyo. In football, emphasis is on defence network n not necessarily on individual defenders. Trust Rohr to come up with good defence network for SE. Here is where NFF can support Rohr by organising, atleast two friendly games everytime we play qualifying matches. Such friendlies could easily be organised regularly against our CHAN eagles, which I suggest should be managed by Manu Garba. Doing this will go a long way in enhancing proper blending of both main stream SE and Chan eagles, as well as assists in trying out fringe players properly.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Glory spot on but Nff will not give job to proper coaches like manu but instead they’ll go for Bosso and co.

  • Hahahaha, a lot of feelings are hurt. People begging foreign born Nigerians to play for super eagles. This website stay advertising players who are not currently in the roster. Rumors here left and right saying he switched allegiance and now we get a confirmation, rumors come from the desperate. Nobody scouted him heavy until this 20/21 season with Fulham. These foreign born Nigerians rather be wait listed or on the bench than play for super eagles, just shows the quality of the team. Nobody here was talking about Abraham and Tomori until their breakout season under Lampard, then they got chosen for England. Playing for Nigeria was not even on their minds. I read an interview about Tomori dealing with a hard decision of choosing between Canada or England. Should focus on the people that want to play for Super Eagles, like Seyi Ojo, but this site never tracks him.

  • daniel 3 years ago

    You cant blame the young man. look at situation of Nigeria today, bad news everyday, instead of Nigeria moving forward, they are going down everyday.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      Now that he has come out to decline us, some people here will start calling him a bad player that he is not good enough and start making comic comparison. I have seen this countless times as in the Case of Saka and Eze once they choose another country we start lying to ourselves in pity just to console us that they are bad players. Is this the way to tackle real problems? Shotire is now on the block let him start performing for Man U and then he chooses England over us you will see bias emotional comments about him here or Musiala of Bayern that choose Germany over England, Nigeria was not even an option.

      • Ikeben 3 years ago

        Life is full of decisions and Choices, anybody has the right to choose any thing he wants for his life. We choose our careers, we chose who to marry and we chose where to stay. It has nothing to do with whether you are good or bad.

        As long as Super Eagles exists some players will choose to play for us and some will not. it is left for them. There is no need living in self pity about who has rejected you. You want to marry a lady and she says she doesn’t want you after several attempts. Do you waste time every day talking about her beauty and talents. That is not neccessary and that is living in self pity. Though you don’t deny her quality but you have to forget her and move forward. That is what many Nigerians fans have don’t to the likes of Tammy, Tomori, Saka and Eze. We know longer see them as Nigerians and we even hope Complete Sports to give us less information about such players. Instead let them tell us about performing Home based players.

        We have enough foreign born who are desperate to play for us and we don’t need to cry over any one that wants to play for his adopeted country. We should not also wish them bad because they are still our brothers. But for someone to tell me that the ones that chose Nigeria are the ones that are not good while the ones that chose England or other Nations are the good once, that person is having inferiority complex. They all have equal potential only time will tell us who will achieve more in the next 10 years.

        That is why I love the style of Genet Rohr towards the foreign born players. He quietly tries to woo them like a man try to woo a beautiful girl, also letting them know what they stand to gain. But immediately either by word or body language he senses you are not interested he dumps you and checks the next one.

        So congrats Tosin on your decision and we honestly wish you well in pursuit of England call up.

        • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

          It doesn’t change the fact that we are loosing some crazily amazing talent and we need to address it to maximize our chances of dominating, gosh look at Barkey, Alli, Alaba, Saka, Eze now Tosin. If we had this players plus Aribo and Ejaria don’t you know we will have strong bench and can conquer any team in the world? A loss is a loss bro and search inside if you don’t feel pained to loose this sort of players.

          • Ikeben 3 years ago

            If wishes were horses beggars will ride. In life you loose some and you win some.
            How to address it like you said. My take:
            1. Try to quietly woo them early, this we are already doing
            2. Improve the standard of Football in general and state of the Nation.
            3. And lastly, because there is no guarantee 1 and 2 will give the desired result, we have to learn to accept that some will still prefer their adopted countries.

            In the last 10 years we have lost Alaba, Alli, Onuoha, Barkey, Saka, Tammy, Tomori, Eze etc,

            We have gained Moses, Balogun, Ikeme, Ekong, Iwobi, Aribo, Aina, Ebuehi, Ajayi, Akpoguma, expecting Ejaria, Ademola etc

            If you are sincere to yourself we have also gained some top players and some that we take the world in future.

          • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

            Thank you but compare the quality of our loss vs gain player by player you’ll see that we have lost better quality players haba Alaba, Barkley, Alli, Saka of today with those bizarre technique. Hmm

          • Ikeben 3 years ago

            That depends on who is looking.

            In the case of Alaba, we were not doing well trying to attract the foreign born then, but under Rohr things have changed.

            Alli had issues with his father and decided to snub both his father and Nigeria as a whole so what can we do in that case.

            Barkley that decided to answer his English mother’s name instead of his father, so how will he join us.

            But we got Moses, who helped us win Nations cup and also won several throphies with Chelsea.
            We got Ikeme, who was one of the secret of Wolves promotion to Premiership and our easy qualification to 2018 world cup but was unluky not to enjoy the fruit of his labour. He was indeed a world class goal keeper.

            And we have Aribo, who Stephen Gerald, like you is wishing England got instead of us.

            So we are not doing badly too. Thanks for your views all the same.

          • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

            You’re right about Aribo I highlighted that before even Moses and Iwobi but the fact remains that I hate it when we loose players to this colonial masters.

  • It would have been nice to have him. But we won’t miss him. We have more of his likes. All the best tosin. But you you can’t make it with england. They will ditch you.

  • You see we want to blame Nigeria or nff for everything. In this case, it’s tosin that has a problem. He showed us that he would love to play for us. He posed in an eagles jersey. So it’s normal that we should try to go after him. If we don’t do that some of us here will blame nff.

    It’s not a sin if we want the best to play for us. I think we are doing it right. We are not forcing them.

    If they want to, let them signify. If they don’t want to, let them go away.

    We should however value the ones we have now. We should not rate tosin above awaziem or balogun or any other defender we have already.

  • Collins id 3 years ago

    Adarabioyo the tall muguuu, with no pretence i wish you, eze, saka and Abraham to fail woefully with England, it is only the blackrace that have this betraying, selfdistructive, selfish attitudes. The only race that hates it’s own race. Thats why they are the most popular slaves and still remain slaves even without chains. Gorillas are far better than some of these black monkeys. Playing for Nigeria does not mean staying in Nigeria if you are given them excuses, they are not better than the American soldiers that goes from newyork (paradise) to go and protect other lives in Africa middle East e t c.
    I have never seen another race publicly betray is origin for a slavemaster it’s only blacks. The others do represent other countries only if their origin is not interested in them, if messi was a Nigerian he would also have rejected us for Spain (who do black man like this?) the oyinbo workers in Nigeria don’t complain the country like our local ajebotas, we want to rip where we don’t sow, stay where we didn’t build that’s our typical footprint. black men for England are even more British than the English people themselves.
    This is football that you play only for 10 to 15 years and you retires, you cannot serve your fatherland for just 15 years of your life, you play already for a European club and you earn goodmoney you are not told to bring your money home, just your little service to lift our world status and make our race and people smile with some sence of pride, you say no say na another people you like pass us. May you all suffer racism in the hands of the white racist and your new names(monkey) shall be boldly written in the wall of those you try to entertain, all of you will not make any sense in the English shirt, I wish you all own goal. If England eventually win the wcup, how does it help you and your race. Boateng won wcup for Germany but when he wanted to buy a house in Munich the neighbours rejected him bcos he was blackman. Fooooooooooools.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      @Collins you spoke out of anger, anyway thanks for lashing those who can not pretend.

    • Dr Banks 3 years ago

      @Collins id I concur with you on this………kudos for airing your opinion without fear or favour. 
      All these boys do not understand one Singular thing about Heritage, it’s about your true Identity which is who you really are, nothing can ever change that in your whole life. You can change your identity or Citizenship based on your place of birth, marriage, length of stay in that country or by your relevant critical skills in that country. All these can be revoked by simply passing a law in the Parliament or Senate house in any country but one factor that can never be revoked is your ancestry and lineage, that remains for life. No matter your citizenship status in Britain, Europe or America, you will still be referred to as a British born Nigerian, Afro-American or European of Nigerian descent………so why are we selling ourself cheaply to these people who only see us as a means to an end, who turn to us only in their time of need? 
      George Weah today is the President of Liberia, if he had naturalised to play for Italy during his peak playing days so that he can appear in the World Cup, he would’ve been long forgotten by now and only belong to history book but here he is enjoying the fruit of his patriotism at the highest level.
      A word is enough for the Wise…………let all these boys learn from the mistakes of the past great soccer players like John Fashanu, Nedum Onuoha etc.

  • That’s not the point here the point is simple. He was ready to play for Nigeria but was not getting selected. Let me take this moment to Reiterate to people. According to new FIFA rules on player Eligibility for National teams A player is only Really switched allegiance once he has played 3 International games for a specific Nation until he has played again 3 Games he can represent one of 2 countries he or she is eligible to play for. So Let Rohr keep dulling and we will loose Josh Maja too as he has only played 1 international game for Nigeria and is eligible to represent England as per new FIFA Rules.

  • So Stop Blaming Tosin and start Blaming Rohr for not doing his Home Work properly. Instead he Chose to put all his attention and focus on Akpoguma

    • JOSIAH 3 years ago

      That’s a lie what about tamori and abraham are the still eligible to play for naija as well after representing England,now is the time if he plays for England ones that’s the end of it

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