AFCON 2019: Senegal Pip Amuneke’s Tanzania In Group C Opener

AFCON 2019: Senegal Pip Amuneke’s Tanzania In Group C Opener

Emmanuel Amuneke’s Tanzania fell to 2-0 defeat to the Teranga Lions of Senegal in their first AFCON 2019 Group C match at the 30 June Air Defence Stadium, Cairo on Sunday evening, reports Completesports.com.

The Taifa Stars, playing in the AFCON finals for the first time since the 1980 edition hosted by Nigeria, were totally dominated by the West Africans who were without their talismanic forward Sadio Mane due to suspension.


Senegal started the game brightly but were let down by their profligacy in front of goal.


Keita Balde celebrates with teammates after scoring the first goal for the Teranga Lions

Zenith Ziva

They finally took the lead in the 28th minute through Keita Balde following a pass from Idrissa Gana Gueye.

Aliou Cisse’s men further pinned the Taifa Stars back after the goal but were unable to add to their advantage before the half time break.

Krepin Diatta netted Senegal’s second goal

The game continued in the same pattern after the break with Tanzania defending deep and the Senegalese dominating possession.

Krepin Diatta made the points save for Senegal when he scored the second goal in the 68th minute.

Tanzania will face East African rivals, Harambee Stars of Kenya in their next AFCON 2019 Group C game on Thursday, while Senegal will be up against the Desert Foxes of Algeria.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Ndubuisi 2 years ago

    This is winning by submission. That’s what is expected from big boys. Senegal a complete team but as usual they will fall short when it mattered most.

    • @Ndubuisi We will see about that Can’t you watch your mouth how can you say such thing about another team. That is to say you are tempting faith and the universe and now at the same time jinxing Nigeria. Why will you confidently say that a team that plays a lot more powerfully and Confidently than your own Super Eagles will fall short when it matters most???..

      Okay and if they Don’t? and, if they meet Nigeria today Nko?? will you confidently say Nigeria will beat them??? I mean they Bullied a very Rough Tanzanian Team without their star man Sadio Mane on field Add Mane their they would have even been stronger, where as Nigeria Labored to a 1-0 win against Burundi with our full squad?? Please bros watch how you talk don’t jinx our Super Eagles abeg

      • Ndubuisi 2 years ago

        I don’t even understand the rubbish you are writing. Did I compare Senegal to Nigeria? I only praised them for their assured display but reminded them that they will fall short when it mattered most. We know Senegal na, when Mali hosted the cup everyone expected them to win they lost the finals just 2yrs ago same thing happened. Last word cup they started well. What happened they failed to make it out of an easy group. I want to assure you that Senegal may have the best crop of players but they will not win this afcon.


          They had Japan and Colombia. Colombia beating(dismantling) Argentina in Copa America last week 2-0. Also Japan that nearly beat Belgium in the World Cup. Last week also Whipping Uruguay (with Suarez) in a Copa America Warm up game 3-1. Please bros Check your facts properly. Senegals Group in the World Cup was not an easy one. And also they finished on 4 points Nigeria could only manage 3 points

        • fred oselu 2 years ago

          In away yes they have been having the best crops of players since 2013,They are always short when it comes to knockout .Icant Imagine since the time of sow and Diafri Sackos they have never reached the final .Almost their fourth edition now .How many Afcons has Mane played.

      • Ndubuisi 2 years ago

        How am I jinxing eagles with my comment? Are u that superstitious? What connections does my comment has to do with Senegal performance in this tournament. After supper eagles Senegal is the next team in my heart I wish to win. I will be rooting for them all the way if Nigeria disappoints me. Cheer up and don’t attack comments just to draw attention.

  • This Tanzania team is the worst team among the so called Minos. I thought they said Amunike is the best coach in the world @omo9ja waiting for what u will say.

    • Point of Correction this Senegal team is Exceptional! I am really scared for Nigeria if we meet them.

      The Power Pace and ability of this team the balance of their players. The Determination of their Game it was unbelievable and Mane was not even there throw Mane in the mix and they become even stronger. Nigerian as I am and die hard supporter but, from the game I watched yesterday Senegal is Very Very Strong and for more favourites than Nigeria

      • Ndubuisi 2 years ago

        What are you saying now? Contradicting yourself from your earlier post. Are you not jinxing Nigeria now by openly saying and believing Senegal will beat Nigeria? Hypocrisy at the highest level.

        • What I am saying is Rather expect the worst than openely saying a team that is better than your own will stumble when it matters most what if the universe decides test you bold boastful statement and decides that, the point when it matters most will be against your Nigeria NKO. Can you honestly Boastfully and arrogantly as you are say that Nigeria will beat Senegal?????

          Please answer me that.

          • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

            That Senegal WorldCup group is an easy group. If SuperEagles was in that group we will not only qualify easily we will win the group. No superpower none of the teams in their group at the WorldCup ever made it past the second round ever in a Fifa WorldCup. Argentina is forever a superpower. Croatia had previously reached the Semi Final. Our group was at the WorldCup was the toughest and the SuperEagles were only minutes away from eliminating Argentina.

          • @Aphili,was Argentina a solid team in that WCup. We are talking about 2018,you are talking “forever living products”.
            How didn’t you see that the Argies were a weak team in that WCup,Colombia was better then and even now, beating the Argies 2nil.
            You think Japan was easy meat in that WCup.
            If we say the group was easy for Senegal it’s because of their players and their football,not because Nigeria would have found it easy in that group sir. Not at all pls.

          • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

            Colombia can beat Argentina any day just like they can also beat Brazil any day. Any South American team can beat each other any day, but Colombia have never won a WorldCup. Nigeria would’ve easily made it out of that group that I’m certain of. Not taking anything away from Senegal they’re a very solid side, but they too have never won the AFCON. Let’s see how it goes this year. SuperEagles were written off when we faced Ivory Coast in 2013 we all know the end result. Underestimate or underrate the SuperEagles at your own peril.

          • @ayphilly, leave matter for Mattaiahs abeg.
            There are dominant teams in South American,stop making it look like they just beat each other at will.Yes the competition there is strong,but there are DOMINANT teams.Colombia is curently among the top South American sides,even FIFA rankings, that is not perfect, attests to this. They drew nil all with Argentina, in a friendly AFTER THE WCup and they beat Argentina some days back. This is no South American unpredictability,it is that Colombia has the team and coaching to beat them.It is a merited victory! Hah,you don’t know Colombia? Argentina had a weak team in that WCup,simple.Do we have to argue that fact? Maradona won the WCup with Argentina is not what will make it hard to beat Argentina in a 2018 WCup. Infact they passed tru “the eye of the needle” to qualify,it was on the final day they managed to qualify esp because Chile lost.
            It’s good to put records straight and give people the honor they deserve even if they are not your people.

            On the SEagles in the Nations cup,that’s a different matter from the aforementioned.
            I wish them the best.

          • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

            The fact remains that Colombia had never won a WorldCup not even at any level and you are here shouting you don’t know Colombia!! I laugh in Swahili when did Colombia become a team to be feared in world football?? I’m sure you’re the only one that believe Colombia is powerhouse in world football.

  • Where are those claiming for amunike to take over SE from Rohr? That Tanzania team will not even move to next rounds. Football ⚽ is mouth . Make una meshonu and look forward before making mouth.

  • Abdulrazak 2 years ago

    The same clowns clamouring for Amunike also want Westerhof and Bonferee Jo to take over.

  • @abdulrazak. Don’t mind them, every others poor African nations, always play 200% efforts when is to play . Rohr know what he is doing, let all those media coaches shut up their mouth and see what will happen in this nations cup before complaining. Merci a tous. From côte d’Ivoire

  • chuks haifa 2 years ago

    Amunike is bad! Then how did he make them qualify after 20 yrs. You people do not regard what you have.

  • Amunike should work on his team, in fact I don’t see any talent in that Tanzanian team ,how they did qualified is what I don’t know!!..No body should blame Amunike, even though technically and tactically they were bereaved of ideas upfront but we can see also that they have no talent!!..what a poor team!!

  • Yes nobody is blaming amunike but some people here especially omo9ja started shouting to the roof that he should take over super eagles because he managed to qualify them for nations cup. Thought he will perform wonders but that team was so poor even Eyimba will do better.

  • Austin 2 years ago

    This same senegal beat Nigeria 1:0 few days ago nobody said GR is a bad coach. Senegal in the best team in this competition beating tanzania 2:0 to me is not a bad results for the Tanzanian

  • How did Tanzania qualify? They were in a group with Uganda (1st in the group), Lesotho (3rd) and Cape Verde (4th).

    One can only beat the team they are given to play (or not) and can only play to the best ability of the players available.

    To be honest, Senegal were always going to beat them. They should be able to get a result against Kenya as they were the only team to beat (and score against) Uganda in the qualifiers.

    But then again, Tanzania can be hit or miss, having lost to Lesotho and Cape Verde during the qualifiers as well as won the second legs, pointing to the fact that they have the ability to turn things around

  • @Austin i believe u dont watch that match. tanzania is the worst team in egypt. senegal there came moment when they toy play with tanzania in front of goal or other wise 5 0. if that tanzanian team had played better and concede 3 0, i wont hv complain. the players were just a fools, they need serious advice. the defenders and midfielders spoil the game all of dem wan be like okocha de loss possessions up nd down. but dat guy call diatta hin face na death oh. i was afraid to look at his face.

  • @Iluwa Point of Correction this Senegal team is Exceptional! I am really scared for Nigeria if we meet them.

    The Power Pace and ability of this team the balance of their players. The Determination of their Game it was unbelievable and Mane was not even there throw Mane in the mix and they become even stronger. Nigerian as I am and die hard supporter but, from the game I watched yesterday Senegal is Very Very Strong and for more favourites than Nigeria. Tanzania Tried Senegal was just too npowerful, If Senegal played Burundi You would be saying the same thing about Burundi because they would have made Burundi look amateur

  • @ugo u really observe the game their power, pace, height, rough and force style of play determination that i saw, i was really afraid for super eagle but i came to understand one, we will beat them. we need to improve one thing. chukwueze too selfish unlike iwobi. mikel too sluggish. these two guyz are the cause we lack goals. musa and kalu and iwobi will beat senegal. power of ndidi and etebo and ogu will match them. mikel when at DM will spray passes.

  • Alamin 2 years ago

    My dear fans, most of you have said it all that, the power, rigidness and strength is there in their team, if you look each of their player 80% of them is physically balance so they will surely power you on the ball and a team like Tanzania, we all know that there are not that technically good so their meeting with a team like Senegal will make them look disorganized and stupid even if it Burundi, Zimbabwe and all other 2nd hand teams at the afcon so Amunike can’t be blame. but these kind of team(Senegal) can only be defeated with a technically good and attacking team not that Senegal defense is not good but a team like Nigeria and Morocco are the only teams that can play them cos Nigeria has good wingers that can demolish any defense in this afcon and Morocco team is okay with their performance at the world cup. we no go use power na sense and dribbling we go use finish them so their power will be less effective cos VAR will be introduced starting from round 16 so they will be careful in their marking and play. so far the team is injury and sickness free no shaking by Allah’s grace. soar high eagles.

  • Plz fellas before una begin talk make una check out the talents in Amuneke possession in Tanzania compared to what Rhor has .How una de take analyze una own football? A team with less potential than what Naija has, qualified for the Afcon and lost 2-0 to Senegal who happens to be the best in Africa and you dare say who says Amuneke is the best coach.For all those singing Rhor praises  i still haven’t seen what your Rhor has done so far ? What technique or pattern has he installed in your so called super eagles?Your super eagles that was outplayed by Burundians and you are praising Rhor who has had more time and got more talents in his possession than Amuneke but still lost to this same Senegal team.You are all shying from the truth and reality.What has he achieved with your super eagles or has he brought anything different or better than what we had before? I am a die hard fan of super eagles but i must confess i wasn’t impressed at all with what they played and we must be honest to ourselves without much ado.Rhor has been giving so much excuses and he had blamed super eagles performance on the weather or illness.Anyway only time shall tell because i know there’s nothing hidden under the sun.Rhor isn’t the best for super eagles and there’s no gainsaying about it.When it matters most at the World Cup he was short of ideas.And even after been with this team since 2016 i haven’t seen much impact he that has made in the super eagles.Super Eagles hasn’t done well against bigger opposition and i wonder what progress the super eagles has made since he has been in charge of the team.He said these countries in our group has home base players so they have nothing to lose and they’re very organized, if i may ask why couldn’t he assemble set of good home base team even with the introduction of African home base nations cup?Almost the whole squad of the present super eagles were discovered by a Nigerian coach.The Amuneke i am so proud of has won under 17 World Cup and also produced world beaters.This same Amuneke has qualified Tanzania with less potential than what we have to this year Afcon after 39 years in less than year or less than two years .You all didn’t score your Rhor low when they lost to Senegal in a friendly but couldn’t say better of Amuneke.Even if Siasia failed with the super eagles i still preferred how our teams played under him than what this present super eagles are playing.I wish them best of luck as it would be very disappointing if they don’t reach their full potential this time around.And Mr Rhor please stop giving excuses we are tired of your excuses we want to see our super eagles play good football even if they don’t win this Afcon

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      Don’t worry Senegal got pace power and brute force. When VAR takes its toll from the quarter finals we will see how far they can go. If there’s any team in Africa in an Africa Cup of Nations that can benefit from VAR is the SuperEagles of Nigeria. Most other African teams will struggle with that technology. Let’s watch and see.

  • Mr man nobody is saying Amunike is not good neither are we trying in any way to comparing him with Rohr or any other coach but we are only trying to cut out sentiment and racism. In your post you said u haven’t seen any impact rohr has made since he took over Nigeria team my friend that is racism, Rohr only sin is because he is a white and he didn’t invite your google players. May I tell you this? we have not been using calculators ever since the man took over our national team for qualifiers equally the team has been playing well even during the last world cup we were only unlucky to make it out of our group. Same Senegal u referred to as best in Africa couldn’t even make it out of their easy group. Finally, the performance against Burundi was a top notch except may be you watch from black and white television. You can’t compare the kind of fight the Burundian gave Nigeria to what your Amunike Tanzania gave against Senegal even as they lost the match, they were so poor.

    • Similarly,you can’t compare the quality of the Nigerian side to the Senegalese current. Right now,Senegal na bros abeg.
      You can scroll up,their group was not as easy as you think.
      Infact our greatest threats are our brethren–these West African sides:Senegal Mali,Ghana,Ivory Coast,etc. We play similar football with these our brethren(esp Mali) and they seem never to be afraid of us.

    • Young man name the big footballing nation that your so called Rhor has ever defeated as i sounded racist over sabi u wey no watch the match with black and white tv or from the back of your tv i see am.Don’t even think you got one maybe you’re one of those soccer fans that stand on the street peeping on a street tv.Guess that’s why you couldn’t comprehend the poor performance of our super eagles on that day .Better still go get a medicated glass from your doctor so that you can see better today when we play against Guinea over sabi house wife .

  • Mr Hush 2 years ago

    With all due respect ,
    I don’t see the need for the arguments of which team is best as it relates to this Afcon, Senegal,Nigeria,heck Tanzania..
    The Afcon is being played,why don’t we wait and see how things progress; a winner would definitely emerge!
    Yes bragging is part of the game,it is the passion that makes football such an interesting sport and the emotions are one we can’t control;
    but I have watched football for a long time to know that it is no basketball,it is filled with surprises.
    1.The team with the best players don’t necessarily win.
    2.The best team dont necessarily win at the end.
    3.The team who wins is the team who carries the day on that day the match is played.
    4.Every game is different from the last one.no two games are alike no matter how similar they seem.
    5. Quality do matter.but when two teams with similar level of quality means,then tactics,team cohesiveness prevail.
    6.and you can never rule out mother luck,sometimes it comes in handy,when tactics hits a deadlock,be the fact that football is played by humans,and you can never count on the human emotion, physiology, physicality until the day..

    Senegal is good.but Nigeria is as well good.and yes Egypt too.Ivory coast too .Morocco even Zimbabwe…
    All I am saying is right now,we don’t really know what would happen.
    We should take Every game as it comes.
    But as a Nigerian.i would always support my Super Eagles and believe they would always carry the day,no matter who we face..
    Trying to objective doesn’t stop me from being hopeful and nationalistic,there is no crime to be..after all we are Nigeria.we have done this before .we got quality to do it again.
    It is what it is….

    • With similar respect,let’s be comfortable aknowlodging that the boss in Africa now is Senegal. It doesn’t make one any less a Nigerian. It doesn’t even mean that Senegal will win it.
      I don’t think there is any argument on who the best team is,well if there is I didn’t notice. Other continents also have best teams,so we are not alone in Africa.
      For example,the best team in South America,doesn’t always win the Copa America,so I think it’s clear enough.