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AFCON 2021 A Wonderful Experience For Me- Sadiq

AFCON 2021 A Wonderful Experience For Me- Sadiq

Almeria forward Umar Sadiq says playing at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations is a remarkable experience for him despite the Super Eagles early ouster from the competition, reports Completesport.com.

Sadiq featured in all of Nigeria’s four games in the competition scoring once.


It was his second appearance for Nigeria in a major tournament after he represented the U-23 team at the Olympics. 20

Despite constant criticism about his performance in Cameroon, Sadiq claimed he enjoyed making his maiden AFCON appearance for the Super Eagles

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“Playing at AFCON 2021 is an experience that I would never forget in a hurry,”Sadiq stated.

“You dream of playing in a competition like this and to actualize it is something I can never forget in a hurry.

“I hope to have the opportunity of playing in more AFCON’s and most importantly the world cup.

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  • Jones 4 months ago

    Jimmyboy is going from one page to another trying to deflect the blame from Eguavoen to Iwobi lol. Imagine an experienced coach granting interviews up and down revealing our tactics and possible formation..who does that. I saw the comment the Tunisia Asst.coach made when he was asked by the press how he would be able to curtail Nigeria’s attacking threat and in his words…”We have studied the Nigerian team well and we believe we know how to stop them {but we cannot discuss our strategy here untill after the game}” Eguavoen got caught up in the hype and became too comfortable after the group stage.

    • Dondada 4 months ago

      Bro you are spot on what a daft coach .Dude going up and down granting interviews,talking a lot and yet simple tactial awareness he has not got a bit..Thats the kind of corruption that has ruined nija when you employ incompentent people to lead a post..what a shame

      • You folks are absolutely ridiculous. Go on YouTube dummies the tactics and philosophy of almost all the top coaches is on there. From Mourinho, Pep, Pochetino, Wenger etc they all have done the analysis of their tactics still doesn’t mean every team can stop it. There is something called execution of tactics that just knowing doesn’t mean you can thwart it. Guordiola that is dominating the EPL with Man city so his tactics are CIA secrets? Opposing teams don’t have thousands of hours of footage to watch and what happens when they face CIty? The teams that park the bus some playing 5-4-1 how successful are they in stopping Man City? Nigerians are big reason can’t have anything good because you all are always judging everything with emotion instead of critically looking at things and find ways to build on the positives. Here you have a coach missing several key players, barely had full squad for a few days before a major tournament yet still played good attacking football and dominated opponents that played in the so called Arab cup where you will think they will have a better understanding of each other. Even the Tunisia match we lost if Oshimen was there it’s almost 90% sure he would have scored that goal Sadiq missed. How many times have we seen him run into those through passes and either blast with power, the keepers legs was wide open and he could have got it through there or chipped it into the far corner. That is almost Oshimens signature goal.

        I’m sick of Nigerians and the short sightedness. Eguavon has given us a template to build on to be dominant and instead of us appreciating and trying to build on that you clowns are still on the Rohr, local coach, foreign coach camps as if all our objectives are not the same. If SE gets another winger like Simon on the right side, Oshimen back with a good back up striker, a solid consistent AM as good as Iwobi on his good days or better and with Eguavon philosophy of mass attack, mass defense and play every game like a cup final with a high intensity press (gegenpress) like we saw against Egypt and in the group phases. You think Nigeria won’t dominate the world while entertaining us? You folks are so emotional you don’t even realize how stingy and compact our defense really was. Now add the few minor tweaks to add to the explosiveness of the attack from the Wings and Middle and their you have a winning team that is ready to take on anybody. That was my major problem with Rohr started well then suddenly became scared of everyone. If you cannot dominate and impose yourself and game plan on Cape Verde. If you are scared to venture forward and play your game against such opposition is it when you face the likes of France, Italy, Germany, Belgium Argentina that you will play with confidence? If you are jittery against teams where their players are local or play in obscure leagues what do you think will be the mindset or psyche when it’s Mbappe, Messi, Gnabry, Ronaldo etc on the other side of the opposition?

        It’s just sad reading some of the commentary on here and very depressing. Now i see our problems go beyond just leadership. The backwardness and poverty has really skewed a lot of our thinking and I’m just consider myself blessed to have been able to travel and see how things are done and built on in developed countries. I pray to God he gives us better leaders because it really pains me to see the ignorance, anger, and just vile ppl spew on here rather than seasoned, thoughtful and insightful reasoning.

        Let’s build on what we saw here with Eguavon . He doesn’t have to be in charge but I have no doubt of his philosophy is implemented with minor variations SE will really enter a golden era. Imagine explosive wingers like Simon on both wings, a solid AM to feed Oshimen through the middle and the high intensity mass attack mass defense we saw against Egypt and in group phases with clinical finishing which team in the world do you think can stop us?

        • My friend your long epistle just shows how myopic you are.
          How many times do you hear Guardiola or Klopp talk about his philosophy or how he wants his team to play.

          Even if they reveal one strategy and they see That it is been countered by the opponent, they change it to another strategy.

          Which is why you have substitutions for every football match.

          Eguavoen was bereft of ideas to change his tactics, pure and simple. What you don’t have you can’t give.

          At the World Cup stage it doesn’t get any easier for the coach of any national team.

          The better are coaches are equipped with tactics, the better

  • Michel 4 months ago

    Yes eguavon made the mistake of talking too much during the Afcon,though I support him but I must call a spade a spade,I stand for the truth and nothing more,apart from the catastrophe we put on the goal post to man our post,the defence especially ekong didn’t do much to stop that shot, eguavon also fumbled when he couldn’t change things when things were going wrong ,he also out ejuke on the bench and relied on olayinka and Sadiq,who does that,he came out in an interview to say that he regretted benching ejuke who may have used his skills to turn things around ,I don’t want any mistakes during world cup play off.we must get it Right.

  • JimmyBall 4 months ago

    Olayinka and Sadiq came in for Iheanacho and Awoniyi… like for like but Ahmed Musa who is now ineffective went in for Chukwueze instead of Ejuke… Perhaps it was Ejukes selfish displays atimes like against Egypt, football is a team game… We know Eguaveons limit from his previous stints. We saw young coaches at the tournament but Amaju Pinick feel Amuneke who only worked with talentless Tanzania was not up to it… Give that Job to Manu/Amuneke they refused but gave it to a man in their own Cabal Eguaveon… because NFF just did not want to engage new coaches who will require fresh contract… Pinick’s decisions were based on financials and he is tight with NFF purse except to give to journey men white coaches he scouted himself… You had lost of windows for friendlies to involve good players and other options but it’s the same boring set with Musa and Iheanacho always to play… What stopped us from using Amoo against Mexico? Nwaekeme who needs no introduction… still active and our best in Turkey… When Rohr was clearly keeping good players off the team who told him anything? Nigerians like to dream of Iwobi even at 26yrs dude is as confused as anything… Iwobi is finished. See Comoros players striking Andre Onana from distance yesterday with accurate shots… Tell me who can shoot in the whole of our team? Same missile Tunisia sent us out with… JimmyBall this JimmyBall that… like @Jones above… did I not warn that guy Maduka is still Amateur? Who wins a tournament with a baby goalkeeper? But hey no… the likes of “Sidon Look Geng” said Maduka was the best thing after slice bread that happened to Nigeria… Even insulting Enyeama uploading Vincent Enyeamas videos and laughing at him for fumbling more than Okoye while at that age… now let him come and compare Maduka again to Okoye… Lol. We don learn by force… So goalkeeper no the catch outside 18yard infact 25yards shot on goal again? Make una still put am for post against Ghana na from centre circle them go lash am…

    • Michel 4 months ago

      You are very correct,no one in that team can shoot from distance ,only iheanacho can shoot properly once in a while,maybe out of every ten shots,3 might be on target, ndidi is a fantastic footballer but his shots are terrible,infact since I started watching him since 2016,I have never seen him hit one shot on target for the eagles.back in days the likes of okiseh and co could shoot very well.honestly these our present eagles are overrated and cannot win anything in thier career,no wonder the highest they can win is bronze which they some of them already have,the way African players have improved now,it will be difficult for out team to make it to semifinal of any Afcon no matter the coach we have,they are not physically strong,they panick a lot and fizzle out when they needed most, chukwueze and ejuke that we all wanted to watch were an eyesore to watch throughout the tournament,not to talk of the catastrophic okoye that every shot beats easily,should we make the mistake of putting that basket on the post again,Ghana will beat us home and away cus already they know he is not good and will be shooting from any angle

  • Omo9ja 4 months ago

    Sodiq is a fantastic striker but it showed that he was the kind of a striker who could not adapt quickly in a team. Not his fault but the coach.

    Coach Eguavoen needed an expert. An expert when he was trying to make the team selections.

    He, Coach Eguavoen would have watched their videos and selected his strikers based on their skills, smartness and adaptation.

    In this Category and the time frame just three weeks to Afcon, the coach should have used Feyenoord as an example and added Dessers name to the list but he opted for Ighalo and other strikers but in the end, they all failed him yakata. Lobatan, lojubamo węla. Super Eagles finally nocked them out of Afcon and Oga Rohr fans were so happy that our own finally failed themselves.

    For me, coach Eguavoen Mr. No nonsense have tried with the space of time he had to brings something like this at the Afcon but he just failed himself based on tactics and his final Afcon list. I hope he learned one or two things from this Afcon. Let’s support our own. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Omo9ja you are still commenting. You that should block your brains and mouth with sand and cement.

      What ire are you wishing us. The ire of failure abi???