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AFCON 2021: Lack Of Coordination In Eagles Affected Awoniyi’s Game –Rohr

AFCON 2021: Lack Of Coordination In Eagles Affected Awoniyi’s Game –Rohr

Former Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr has blamed the team lack of coordination behind Taiwo Awoniyi’s inability to gel with the team in the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

Speaking with German sports magazine on broadcaster ARD, the German tactician said he was impressed by the display of Taiwo Awoniyi and pointed out why the Union Berlin striker did not do so well in the tournament.


Recall that the Super Eagles lost to a depleted Tunisian team after Austine Eguavoen’s team raised the expectations of many following their group stage performance.

“Nigeria was disappointing – losing to a weakened Tunisia in the Round of 16 came as a surprise.

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“Although Taiwo Awoniyi from Union Berlin played a very good tournament,” Rohr told Sportschau, a German sports magazine on broadcaster ARD.

“You could see his potential, but there was still a lack of coordination with the team – he hasn’t been there very long.”

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  • In your reign as Coach, did you ever play this Guy?
    Just get lost

    • Ronnie Vee 4 months ago

      Nff should be careful with the people they appoint as a manager, Rohr can’t coach the youth team of the german national team.
      Rohr get lost man.
      You just made a point about the coordinator but you need to go home and relax.

    • When he is not a sentimental and bias person like you. Why would he play him at the expense of people doing well? If you read what he said properly you will know he is talking about the guy newness to the team and that was exactly what he was trying to do by introducing him to the team bit by bit but you guys never give him the chance. Who told you he is not in his plan? Do you know what he has discussed with him before? Besides he has always been saying it that the guy needs time. When we talk then you will say he is scoring in his club bla bla. That is the effect of using inexperience to leading our attack. I think you can see that Cameroonian striker Vincent Abubakar?You will recalled that he was pressurised to use the same Awoniyi and he handed him his debut against CAR which we lost where Awoniyi lost a sitter because of this inexperience. If he had scored that goal CAR wouldn’t have beaten us in that match I know most of have forgotten but the only thing you can remember is that he lost to CAR at home but you can defend your own indigenous coach for loosing to a weaken Tunisia team that his team played well in the first 3 matches how laughable.

      • Sure Eguavon used Awoniyi and Sadiq as his preferred point men because of Osimhen, Dennis and Ighalo’s absence. Besides, he only got few weeks to assembled the team. Who else do you think he would have used as his team’s striker instead?

  • In his mind he is happy that we loss to tunisia as if CAR did not beat him at home here Nigeria.was Awoniyi ever in his plan? He wouldn’t have invited ighalo if he had faith in him

  • MONKEY POST 4 months ago

    Rookies!!! All the those chances they were missing, Ighalo and Osimhe would have buried them. And we would scale through the Tunisia game…GENERAL you keep telling them about the need for experience but they won’t listen all bcos they want to give the young ones a chance.

    • Chinenye 4 months ago

      How many chances did Ighalo scored against Cape Verde? Rohr has no shame at all talking about someone he barely gave a chance to play

    • Was Ighalo available? Osinhen and Dennis weren’t available too. Who else do you think Eguavon could have used?

    • Ighalo went to two World Cups and did not score a single goal, The first was the U20 World cup and later represented us at the 2018 World cup in Russia. So let us stop throwing his name around like as if he is a magician. Awoniyi has nothing to prove, we all know who he is and what he is capable of doing in front of goal.

  • MOTION 4 months ago

    Rorh is an old foolish man he should bury his face and be forgotten by Nigerians for wasting our time as coach trphyless old man vulcanizercoach

  • MONKEY POST 4 months ago

    That was just a qualifiers match. It doesn’t hold water that much. With all the chances he missed, shebi we still qualified? Not this one that you all carried rookies to a main and major tournament and their lack of coordination kicked us out.. LMAO!

    • Mahmud Shuaib 4 months ago

      Did your IGHALORD not missed one SITTER and another one on one against ARGENTINA at the group stage of WC???

      You mentioned OSIMHEN. Was he available to EGUAVOEN?

      We should give credit to EGUAVOEN that AWONIYI in his secobd start for Nigeria and UMAR on his first ever start both scored! As bad as EGUAVOEN was all his strikers to that competition all scored; AWONIYI, IHEANACHO and UMAR! It shows that SE contrary to wide held notions actually created chances. Creativity wasnt a problem. Problem was preparation was disrupted! No Osimhen who obviously had played over 10 mAtches with the team. Wont face as much pressure as AWONIYI or SADIQ.

      The major blow to me was OSIMHEN.
      Add him to the mix and see SE blow Ghana away home and away.

      Go Super Eagles…soar high into the sky

      • MONKEY POST 4 months ago

        Agreed Ighalo missed one on one against Argentina and all that. But fine he learnt his lessons and that’s was he went back to the drawing board and was able to score every of the chances that came his way at the 2019 Afcon thereby giving us Bronze.

      • Be consoling yourself yeye all the strikers scored and where has that lead you to? Don’t know if some of you do think before you comment here just be using lie to defend mediocrity mtcccheww.

      • Eguavon can’t take SE anywhere greater than what he has just done at the nation’s cup.. Yes, glimpses of our attacking football pattern showed at the group stage though, is that all it is to it..? So if a team comes up with another system to counter his preferred attacking wing pattern, we must loose?
        Na wa o..

        We need good coach for the super eagles..world class.. We can get a good coach for super Eagles.. Make them Eguavon go burn bush..!

        • Don’t you think Eguavon would’ve done done better if the likes of Osimhen and Denis were available for AFCON 2021? Don’t you also think the red card cost us the victory against Tunisia?

          • All these ifs and buts are part of the game. It is not about the players who did not play. It was the way we played against an obvious formation. Osimhen too would have struggled and even got more frustrated and even end up getting a red card as well.

        • If not for the red card to Iwobi Nigeria would have won that match

      • God bless you sir. You just said my mind. Eguavon have little options on his choice of strikers. Our main hitmen weren’t available, so he can only use those available to him.

        • That was not why we lost. Burkina Faso did not play with their best player to beat Tunisia. Please stop this.

        • onwajunior 4 months ago

          Even Tunisia that beat us had 12 players out in covid. These things happen. They beat us clear because of tactics.

  • Chinenyr 4 months ago

    *chances did Ighalo score*

  • Eguavon can’t take SE anywhere greater than what he has just done at the nation’s cup.. Yes, glimpses of our attacking football pattern showed at the group stage though, is that all it is to it..? So if a team comes up with another system to counter his preferred attacking wing pattern, we must loose?
    Na wa o..

    We need good coach for the super eagles..world class.. We can get a good coach for super Eagles.. Make them Eguavon go burn bush..!

  • Eguavon’s good performance at the AFCON 2021 despite spending just few weeks with the team prior to the tournament shows that he is a better manager than Rohr. That we lost to Tunisia doesn’t mean we weren’t coordinated. We only had a bad game on a bad day. We won three games of four, which is quite impressive. Sure, if Eguavon had more time with the team with players like Osimhen, Dennis and Ighalo, we would have done even better. I still believe more in our local coaches than the foreign ones.

  • Mahmud Shuaib 4 months ago

    @TAYO, I Am not your age mate little boy. Try and pick those YOU confront HERE, okay?

    The last time @DEO put you exactly where you belonged. I am old and experienced enough to be your FATHER!

    Not every one who you read their comments here are your mates. Try and get THAT into your head.

    I have played AND followed the game long before you were born.

    If you notice recently I dont react to your comments

    I disagree with MONKEYPOST and call him names when I get frustrated at times by his write ups. But you can deduce he understands BODY LANGUAGES and READS WELL. If you are an INTELLIGENT reader, you will NOTICE my WRITE ups are HISTORICAL BASED…tells you about where the person is coming from.

    I can bet my life you have NEVER met ROHR in person! Not only have I met him both here in Nigeria but also outside the shores of this country

    Moses Simon and the Northern guys as well as Omeruo and others who speak Hausa know me PERSONALLY

    That DOESN’T stop me from analysing and commenting as I see fit

    Dont ever try to insult me. Counter my points with yours, PLEASE!

    You can see as ROHRIC as MONKEYPOST is, he didnt insult me because the POINT I made was valid!

    In case you are too young or have forgotten, IGHALO played U20 WC and flopped. No goal. His Eagles full debut. No goal.

    Compare him to AWONIYI…Scored for U17, U20 and on his full EAGLES debut!

    Burkina Faso hero against Tunisia waa a 19 years old

    OWEN at 18 led England’s attack in 1998 WC

    VAN PERSIE led HOLLAND at a young age


    Aiyegbeni, Aghahowa, Obafemi Martins etc at different points led our attack as rookies

    What happened against TUNISIA was luck and the elements conspired against NIGERIA.

    We fans and analysts alike will NEVER be able to fully Agree on why SE lost because after conceding, Iwobi picked a red card and SIMON and UMAR missed CLEAR chances

    We had over 5 shots on target compared to 2 of theirs. Infact theirs were long range shots whilst we had face to face chances by ARIBO (first half), SIMON and UMAR (second half)

  • Nigerian fans are sick, I swear. Everyone thinks he/she is a football expert. Rohr might have his faults but there was no way he would have lost against Tunisia. Tunisia’s formation and strategy was “Defensive 101” A Very basic defensive pattern, well known to and can easily be read by any seasoned manager. It is what is adopted by any team seriously in trouble with the selection of players. To see Super Eagles Huff and Puff for 90minutes was so embarrassing. Sometimes Nigerian fans are so arrogant and ignorant. Who do you think you guys are. Just stick to rooting for the team. You have no place in rating any coach because the only factor you use is the “Feel Good” factor which is nothing in football. I won’t be surprised if Ghana edges Nigeria out of the world cup because you dim witts already thinks it’s a walkover. Get a grip on reality.

    • onwajunior 4 months ago

      Lol @Neo Nigeria herself is sick. Why do u think we have unqualified ppl leading us in almost everything? No be d fans, na d system wey don mess with our minds. Let’s just support Super Eagles as it is bcos for anything meaningful to happen we need a total overhaul of those at the top of football affairs – NFF, NPL, Ministry. And we all know that won’t happen in Naija.

  • You dey [email protected]; stupid drunk.
    Rohr AKA “Mr-low-self-esteem” already wrote the SE off as not having any player in Man U, Chelsea, PSG… even before the Egypt game. He is the one he is very lazy, looking for already made players abroad where we have abundance of talented football gold at home.

    Your boss(G.Rohr) needs cognitive and psychometric diagnosis dude. He stupidly gave us a basket of a goal keeper; reason he turned Moses Simon and all our wingers & Midfielders to defenders to cover up his flaws, leaving Osimhen to over labour himself upfront alone.

  • Chubrock 4 months ago

    Funny , but truth be told our major deficiency is the NFF. Both Rohr and Eguavon are not good tacticians, Eguavon coaches with emotions and the Naija spirit not tactically,while Rohr should be a scout and not a coach. The NFF is biased and confused imagine announcing a coach nd dropping the coach. They shld get us a good tactical coach cos we have the players. This is never the issue of Awoniyi and Ighalo. Even messi wldnt have done better in that system without good tactical plan.