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AFCON 2021: You’re Only Entitled To Match Bonuses, Not Salary –Pinnick Tells Eguavoen

AFCON 2021: You’re Only Entitled To Match Bonuses, Not Salary –Pinnick Tells Eguavoen

President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Amaju Pinnick has disclosed that the Super Eagles interim coach, Austine Eguavoen will only be entitled to match bonuses and won’t be paid salary at the ongoing 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

Eguavoen was appointed on a short-term deal after the Nigeria Football Federation sacked Gernot Rohr in December.


Rohr was Nigeria’s longest-serving manager after taking charge in August 2016 but had his contract terminated after leading the Eagles to the 2022 World Cup qualifying play-offs and sealing a spot at the Nations Cup in Cameroon.

However, in an interview with Arise TV, Pinnick stated that due to his interim role with the Super Eagles, Eguavoen will only be settled based on match bonuses.

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“Eguavoen is on the payroll of the NFF and he won’t be entitled to salary for the role he is playing as an interim coach of the team,” Pinnick, a former Sports administrator in Delta State said this on Arise TV.

“He will be entitled to the winning bonuses as the team progresses at the tournament.”


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  • John-I 5 months ago

    This peakmilk or pickaxe should get lost!

    • Edafe Ehis 5 months ago

      The big question is, when is the NFF permanenting the interim head coach appointment?

    • Na wa ooo.

    • yusuf adebola 5 months ago

      I have never like this man as the NFF chairman. He is only interested in foreign coaches.It won’t help our national teams.

  • Edafe Ehis 5 months ago

    The big question is, when is the NFF permanenting the interim head coach appointment?

    • Wisdom 5 months ago

      After the African nations cup. The new coach will start in job. Also there is a condition that, if he didn’t qualify us to world cup his contract is terminated.

      • Detruth 5 months ago

        That man Pinnick needs to be deleted from that position, he’s neither qualified nor fit for the job and doesn’t deserve to be there.

        Do we really need another coach‽‽‽

        Eguavouen should continue in my opinion.

  • This Man should not bring any bad mood or distraction at this point in time
    No doubt he got my respect but the team now is in perilous stage in the ongoing AFCON,All the team need now is total support not all this unwanted Headlines ND News ️ my own opinion

    • Azubike 5 months ago

      I am totally disappointed, NFF should not discourage our interim coach.
      This is not the time to say these type of words rather he should encourage him and his players instead of coming out publicly to say discouraging statements.
      NFF boss is interested in foreign coach, only you knows why you are insisting on this.
      But what l know is that God will not allow your selfish interest to destroy our super eagles.

  • They have started now before you know it the man morale will just go low. If to say he is not winning they may not even pay him the match bonuses they are talking about. That is to show you the kind of people managing our football and what every coach pass through in the hand of this shameless people. Just 2 days ago the news has it that they just paid 5 months salary own the former coach, it means for longer time during the qualifier the man was not paid and as bad as it may be they still manage to hit the target. Imagine owing someone 5 months salary at a stretch and you expect the enthusiasm to be there just like what they just said to Eguavon now. That is why am always at cross with some fans who criticized with sentiment and always want results at all length even when a lots are going on behind the scene with those Babariga managing our sports in general. Honestly we are just lucky thing are going in our way in this competition at the moment not anything have change and it will not last very soon we might still going back to the old days blaming the gaffer for aim not committed.

    • It’s not a news that some people want Eguavoen to fail for them to bring in their Oyibo coach with their evil contract.

      God won’t allow them.

  • They have started now before you know it the man morale will just go low. If to say he is not winning they may not even pay him the match bonuses they are talking about. That is to show you the kind of people managing our football and what every coach pass through in the hand of this shameless people. Just 2 days ago the news has it that they just paid 5 months salary own the former coach, it means for longer time during the qualifier the man was not paid and as bad as it may be they still manage to hit the target. Imagine owing someone 5 months salary at a stretch and you expect the enthusiasm to be there just like what they just said to Eguavon now. That is why am always at cross with some fans who criticized with sentiment and always want results at all length even when a lots are going on behind the scene with those Babariga managing our sports in general. Honestly we are just lucky thing are going in our way in this competition at the moment not that anything have changed and it will not last long very soon we might go back to the old days blaming the gaffer for sins not committed.

  • Pinnick should just keep quiet, and not to make morale damping statement. Instead of
    encouraging the coach, he is making morale degrading statements. That is, he is
    praying for the coach to fail abi.

    • Edoman 5 months ago

      Somebody is not happy that Egua is making all the headlines. They are planning to sabotage the system so as to achieve the goal of bringing in the foreign coach where they could make their killings. Let’s pray Egua will see through all these and focus on the objective goal of winning the AFCON for himself and the Nation. Let’s see what happens from there. They make money whenever they employ this foreign coach with kickbacks after they make him sign NDA. (None Disclosure Agreements) For example, the 2 million paid to Rohr could be split to 50/50 between them. So, my friends, that is why they always like to employ foreign coach for the kill.

  • Fidelis 5 months ago

    Please complete sport EDITOR, Don’t create distraction here. What the NFF president said during the interview is that EUGU is already on pay roll of the federation has TECHNICAL DIRECTOR . So due to this he not not entitled to another salary only to match bonus and other entitlement giving to the players.

  • sensational title to spread panik and bad blood then if possible generate negative energy to derail SE……..I saw this coming so am not surprised…… Eguaveon is already been paid as a technical director of Nigeria so no need to be paid as coach again because he is already on the the payroll……..If SE will win the Afcon then it has already been written in the stars nobody can change it again.

  • Steve O 5 months ago

    Picnic is an idiot for coming in the middle of the tournament to state that rubbish!!!..what moral is he creating for the coaching crew and the team ?..What does it take to pay him at the rate Rohr was paid if he delivers the results ?..I wish Buhari is a life President , he should take up the responsibility of Super Eagles now , giving Eguavoen an open cheque to deliver the Afcon Cup and well as the World cup !!..just like Westerhof did with IBB!!..This NFF are kill joy, I know picnic is not happy that Eguavoen is delivering , making mess of the new coach he signed without foresight!!..May God bless Eguavoen, may God Super Eagles!!..By God grace you will bring back the Afcon cup as Keshi of blessed memories did !!

  • This a pointer for Eguaevon to find his way to other teams . … To earn more than the coming coach.whom he is better Dan. And who dey wil used for 3 months anyway . March to July that is if he qualifies for w cup .and he wil run away after round of 16 .in Qatar .

  • Sam Gbadebo 5 months ago

    Mr. Amaju Pinnick, the final settlement to all this is to make Eguavoen a substantive coach by signing a 4 or 6 year contract with him, pay him his salaries and emoluments. Even Rohr that is not as qualified as Eguavoen was well paid though sometimes in arrears. And by the way, what is that Portuguese Peseiro without CV still doing in a hotel in Garoua? He should be sent away immediately because we will never welcome him since our amiable President, Buhari said we must all accept his local content policy, assuming Buhari hasn’t forgotten.

  • glory 5 months ago

    @ Pinnick AMAJU, could you please kindly endorse CEREZO as the permanent coach for this brilliant SE team? Endorse him and allow him free to pick just the best players devoid of sobriquets like foreign/local base; JUST THE BEST and Eguavoen aka CEREZO will take d SE to a most enviable height come next world Cup. DO THIS FOR US AND YOUR (NFF)SINS WILL BE FORGIVEN.

  • Sunnyb 5 months ago

    Pinnick Pinnick Pinnick why now, I thought u guys are buddies, we don’t need to know about this issue from the press. Maybe u guys are sad Nigerians are happy. For real I don’t understand where this money issue is coming from, why now.

  • Timothy Okon 5 months ago

    The best NFF will do is to handle over the Super Eagles team to Eguavoen on permanent basis, that’s the only way forward. There is no need for rigmarole since majority of Nigerians are interested in a local coach and besides, Eguavoen has suppasses whatever the previous foreign coach had achieved. Since taken over, he has scored 4/4, that is a very good record going by any assessment.

    • @Timothy Okon, we know coach Eguavoen going by his antecedents is a very good coach but where are you getting the 4/4 score sheet from my dear? Don’t get me wrong, just like others, I’m in support of having him coach the Eagles but that responsibilty lies with the football body to hire and fire.

  • KangA 5 months ago

    Nigerians are solidly behind Egu, whether NFF pays him Kobo or not. The Bible says:”Man does not live by bread alone. . .”

    Egu should be wise not to fall for their toxic bait. Win the AFCON and see suitors falling on their knees for you.

  • Jacob 5 months ago

    He is just looking for a way to kill the morale of the coach and the team so that they will crash out in round 16 for early exit from the tournament.
    This will give him early opportunity to share dollars with his new engaged foreign coach awaiting to assume office. Why bring up this kind discussion now that the team is focussed on giving us positive results? Enemies of progress!!
    Pinnick is missing dollars
    Say no to Pinnick and his corrupt antics!

  • Timothy Okon 5 months ago

    @ Jide, in response to your question concerning Eguavoen’s 4/4 result.

    1. Friendly match against Cameroonian giant, Coton Sport Football Club de Garoua. 2:0 in favour of Eguavoen led S.E.

    2. AFCON group stage match against Egypt. 1:0 in favour of S.E.

    3. AFCON group stage match against Sudan. 3:1 in favour of S.E.

    4. AFCON group stage match against Guinea B. 2:0 in favour of S.E.

    All the aforementioned were achieved with few days of preparations. Isn’t that historical or what else is the NFF waiting for before being decisive?

    • Umanna Bassey 5 months ago

      Winning all their matches effortlessly? The Super Eagles never had it like this in a long while. Let’s hope the Sports Ministry would see the need to allow a domestic coach to improve on his performance. Good luck coach Cerezo!

      • Enelaimhen Jacob Uwagbe 5 months ago

        Hmmmm. The Minister of Sports might be interested in 10% sign on dollars to be recouped by hiring Peseiro, a foreign coach just as some forum members are alleging. But that is corruption because how do explain dropping a tested local coach in person of Egua to a foreigner who has no CV and is even jobless for that matter, then something isn’t adding. Well, we never start to dey sidon look sef.

      • I hope pinick will not settle dis referee to blow against eagles. Nothing is impossible at this stage to get oyinbo Coach dis job .even var men can be used .they are his men.buhari shud arrest him now.

  • Victor 5 months ago

    Pinick must have been entrapped by a journalist question but the fact was also clear in his answer. Eguavoen is already on nff payroll as the Technical Director, which makes this interim role under his ambit, administratively speaking. Drafting an employee to play diverse role within organization is not an unusual thing and it doesn’t attract special salaries other than bonuses/allowances accruable in that role. If the employer is satisfied with his performance in the new role then a new terms of employment may be drafted and proposed for better performance and motivation of the employee who in this case is Eguavoen.

    • Amaju has just told us Eguavoen is the incoming head coach of S.E… I won’t be surprised if the announcement is made before our next match. The truth is, Eguavoen, against all odds have delivered and deserves to be made substantive since it is results that matters. Nigerians are now happy to stay glue to their TV sets to watch the Eagles.

      • You are very very very right. My Street was deserted by 7.30pm yesterday evening all because of the Super Eagles. That’s the real Nigerian spirit but my dear, the NFF might deprive us of all that because they have an arrangement with a poorly rated foreign coach. We are watching.

    • Ayodele 5 months ago

      only you and only you says a very sensible and vital information.this your statement marks a final stop to this possible moral derailing statement. super eagles fires on

    • U are talking English

  • Error corrected ..it is Eguavoen ‘has’ delivered.

  • Marvelous 5 months ago

    That man keep quite and pay the former coach his wages the same he is receiving his. He should be ashamed for not being able to pay Rohr in totality till today.

  • Olujimi Morgan 5 months ago

    @Dayo . Eguavoen is already on the payroll of the NFF as Technical Director. Pinnick stated Cerezo won’t get any additional salary; but will get match bonuses.
    Nothing wrong.
    However, did Pinnick need to mention that now? One needs to watch the clip of the interview.
    No shaking. I’m sure Nigerian corporates and individuals would queue up to give coach and players gifts in appreciation. Even governors might not be left behind. This is election year in Nigeria. And we love our football, and those who can make us happy.

  • Bomboy 5 months ago

    Please everyone, stop blaming Pinnick. These journalists are the trouble makers.

    In the first place, the headline is too sensational. They made it confrontational, but that is not what it is. The headline and the main write-up are not the same in intensity.

    Secondly, the NFF and coach Eguavoen must have reached an agreement before the tournament started. The so called bonuses may be very huge, but whether huge or not, there was an agreement to which Eguavoen was satisfied or else he wouldn’t have accepted the interim job.

    Thirdly, as mentioned earlier, these journalists know how to entrap you with certain questions, and they also tend to edit your words to suit their agenda. Take what they publish with a pinch of salt.

    As mentioned by Tayo above, the NFF are known for their mismanagement, but they are too excited at the moment to begin to upset the cart.

    I believe all is well between the NFF and the coach at the moment.

    • Douglas John Ufuoma 5 months ago

      nff, for those that are calling rohr names lets wait if another coach can meet all his target even when the football authority refuse to pay what is due to him. we should not forget eguenvoen has qualify SE with t any tournament with hundred percent record. i am not trying to take anything from the coach, so lets be careful what we cry for. know indigenous coach has ever build that the predecessor inherited. most invite players from unknown club, others use the national team to train players. as good as eguavoen in 2006 nations cup, he fail to quality us for Olympic when we have the stars around. so we should be preparing for life after nations cup. for what nff president said is just to bend him to open those in glass house, it left for the coach to stand his ground or follow the step of other local coach. i believe it is only super eagles that can stop themselves, nobody else can stop them

  • @Olujimi Morgan,
    Kindly look up the thread for my first post. The NFF will soon make Eguavoen a permanent coach of our SE, that is quite obvious. And concerning the political aspect as you just mentioned, I read how the former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan congratulated the Super Eagles for their victories so far. That means Ebele Jonathan has identified with Nigerians. It is also rumoured that his fellow ibos are routing for him to serve their remaining 4 years in asorock, remember Jonathan has only done 4years out of 8years which is the constitutional position. Though I am a football fan but I think the former president, GEJ, will make a good president mostly now that the country needs an experienced hand.

    • BiniMan 5 months ago

      Edayo, edayo, edayo, are you now a politician?

      • @eBiniMan, me self no come understand. It’s like frustration set in somewhere along the thread. Kindly read where we are coming from but that is not saying should ex president GEJ makes me his campaign coordinator on CSN, I won’t accept the offer after all, there is room for learning. However, I am only thinking for the NFF based on facts.

    • Steve O 5 months ago

      @Dayo who told you that Jonathan is an Igbo man ?..please don’t insult our sensibility here , stick to the discussion on the ground !!

      • @Steve o,
        But you didn’t stick to the discussion on ground. Who is Ebele? Who is GEJ? You asked for it and now you have him. For the discussion on ground, Eguavoen is the incoming permanent coach of the Super Eagles, hope that should make you to smile.

    • JimmyBall 5 months ago

      @Dayo… You are very shameless to bring politics here. Idiot… You call Jonathan an Igbo man… are you trying to insult his Ijawness as inconsequential or you trying to insult the sensibilities of Igbo people… Mind you I am a Benue man with border at Enugu. Any sensible and honest Nigerian knows that it’s high time an Igboman became precident of Nigeria. I don’t want to go into politics here because this forum is for football… Hausas/Fulanis/Kanuris/Nupes are just playing on the sense of yoruba people because they know truly it is time to give an Igbo president a shot at running Nigeria… They see the greed of Yoruba political elites obviously always wanting to listen to their own biases always and are playing along… They are playing Tinubu a game to deceive him in the end after emptying his loot to them in the North… they will set up someone in PDP from North and a willing Igboman as vice with the promise of giving Igbo the shot in afterward… they know Igbos will prefer another Northerner of they won’t be given to show yorubas how greedy their elites are for power… If anyone thinks Northern Nigeria will give the presidency to Western Nigeria in 2023 that individual is just dreaming… Call the North idiots and abokis all you want but they have perfected their divide and rule game and it’s working because yoruba elites see Igbos as competition instead of working with Igbos to save Nigeria… That country just the start with going down the drain… We know politics here so please allow this forum for football.

      • @Jimmy
        You only succeeded in lying to yourself. Igbos don’t even trust themselves. So leave that matter. They haven’t been able to decide on Ebele Jonathan uptil now. Meanwhile, Yoruba and Hausa have announced Bola Tinubu as their candidate.

  • Shola Shogunle 5 months ago

    @Dayo, GEJ is ibo_man, are you sure north will support iboman in 2023? Some of us like Gej but must do his home work to win the trust of North and us.

    • Miguel Ranti 5 months ago

      Why must Igbo wait to win the trust of the North? Aren’t we one Nigeria again??? Please you people should concentrate on how to make Austin Eguavoen as our coach since he has a good record and has a good understanding with the boys.

    • Detruth 5 months ago

      Is the North the decider of who becames president of Nigeria or are Nigerians the electors of their own presidents?

      Anyway the topic is NFF pinnick and his constant misstapes/moves to be popular but working against Nigeria in the process. There is no reason for him to be granting interviews at this juncture ⁷

      The man is a clown.

  • JimmyBall 5 months ago

    Eguaveon… Proud Bini man keep winning and forget about this mango-seed-shaped-head man from Warri… Amaju pinnick is a detractor to come in the middle of a tournament to try to dampen Eguaveons spirit. Stupid business man NFF chairman… He is angry because Eguaveon is trying to spoil his business deal with another white messiah… Amaju pinnick is at FIFA as exec but suffers from inferiority complex to white muzungus… Idiot man!

  • KENNETH 5 months ago

    Same way they tried distracting Keshia back then. Peakmilk better calm down with your rubbish. This is not needed now

  • Why can’t they just shut in this useless argument and allow this humble man finish his task for first?

    Is this the right time to come up with all this issue of money?

    What kind of distraction is this?

    When this team fail now they will start laying blame on this innocent man.

  • DeSTAR 5 months ago

    Where is Ọmọ9ja ?
    2 days ago I rightly predicted that NFF would probably be owing Eguafon or not been remunerated , and today Amaju Fraud-Pinnick is proving me right .

    Now , why would there be no corrupt call-up players in SE ? , bribery in SE ; the erstwhile SE Coach was owed 5 Months salary before his sack , now why would Rohr not called up a needless retired Igahalo that has oil money to help his coach ?

    did you hear Rohr begging for any other players that flopped in the past as Igahalo flopped in the only match he played for SE after 2 years retirement? ( that is the power of Dollar , for a coach that is exposed to the Nigerian corrupt system; with accumulated of unpaid salaries; otherwise, Rohr would have thought twice before coming up with that shameful excuse , where he had attributed Igahalo super flopped to his 2 years retirement from the team ).

    When Eguafon had all the time in this world to replace Igahalo, but resulted in giving him 5pm ultimatum that never expired at the expense of better and younger players (Dessers and Akin Amoo ) ; I did declared here then , that Eguafon does not need the flopped Igahalo in the team for football reason but Igahalo’s Saudi money ; and I equally bet it then that Igahalo would not show up , with the final exit of Osimeh , Igahalo leading SE in Afcon would be greatly exposed and he wouldn’t get himself embarrassed in a highly competitive games as Afcon.

    When Eguafon was crying again for missing Osimeh and Igahalo despite scoring 4 goals in two competitive matches conceding only 1 goal which was through penalty, with applause from all football lovers and technocrats all over the world ( I did raised alarm here , that Eguafon was being economical with truth , as he only missed Osimeh but also Igahalo Dollar because NFF would have exposed Eguafon ( Eguafon was in Lagos and couldn’t claimed ignorance of Igahalo complete flopped until he was removed , so how could such Coach be still crying missing a flopped player if not other things than football ( money and tribal sentiment) .

    Amaju Fraud-Pinnick is grossly pained of the unexpected supersonic speed improvement in SE by Eguafon; sensing bad business to his ventures with quack mechanic and average coaches in white skins; any sensible Football federation would have motivated Eguafon to succeed after stepping into the shoes of the sacked Coach Rohr , with at least half of Rohr’s pay if not full salary of Rohr ; but asking him to continue earning 2m Naira a month which may not be coming regularly is a wickedness , yet we expect Eguafon not to balance up .

    Again, why would Amaju-Fraud Pinnick brought this issues at this time to demoralize high flying Eguafon?

    Eguafon, even though I am not your fan , but your awesome performance and transformation of SE within 2 weeks as SE Coach with Mass Attack – Mass defence and attracting football that was never witnessed in the past 5 years , is a clear demonstration and strong statement that the corrupt NFF Amaju Fraud-Pinnick is only making corrupt business wit his foreign corrupt business partners .

    We will support you not only to be made permanent SE Coach ,but to also earn the same salary that was wasted on the erstwhile coach Rohr who lack all the technical savvy you use to transform SE to a winning team and the most feared team in this tournament.

    I stand with Eguafon, he deserves to receive same amount of salary once he has stepped into the vacant position of Rohr ( period)

  • GentleD 5 months ago

    Hey Guys,

    Are we sure it’s not CS that is trying to stir an ordinarily still water. I suspect this story is from the interview Amaju granted to Arise Tv about two weeks ago which was when the team was still in Abuja (except if there is a more recent interview). If there was not a new interview, I would say it is the writer of this article that is creating unnecessary distraction by quoting from an interview Mr Talkative Amaju granted 2 weeks ago and making it look like it was a recent interview.

    Below is the link for the interview;



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