Akpoguma May Make Super Eagles Debut In Friendly Vs Algeria

Akpoguma May Make Super Eagles Debut In Friendly Vs Algeria

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim defender, Kevin Akpoguma (middle in the above picture, with Leon Balogun and Cyriel Dessers), may make his international debut for Nigeria in Friday’s international friendly game against Algeria at the Worthersee Stadium in Klagenfurt, Austria , Completesports.com reports.

Akpoguma who represented Germany in age-grade competitions, precisely at the U-16 through U-21 categories, recently announced his intention to switch allegiance and represent Nigeria at senior international level. And his application has been approved by FIFA.

He was captain of the Germany’s U-20 team that reached the quarter- finals of the 2015 FIFA U-20 World Cup in New Zealand, and led the Germans to defeat Nigeria’s Flying Eagles 1-0 in the Round of 16, but lost 4-3 on penalties to Mali in the quarter-finals (after 1-1 extra time scoreline).

The 25-year old arrived the Super Eagles Hotel Die Zeit Austria camp on Tuesday to familiarize himself with the Nigeria set-up and bond with other players, and that could go further with coach Gernot Rohr ready to feature him against the Desert Foxes.

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NFF President , Amaju Pinnick, in his recent Twitter post, revealed his happiness that Akpoguma has been licenced by FIFA to start representing Nigeria at senior international level, ‘with immediate effect’.

“…I’m extremely happy to announce that @FIFAcom has just granted Hoffenheim defender and former German U-20 national team skipper Kevin Ufuoma Akpoguma permission to make his switch to Nigeria with immediate effect…” Pinnick tweeted on Monday night.

The centre-back who made 18 league appearances for the Kraichgauer last season has made three league appearances for Hoffenheim this season.

By Sulaiman Alao

Photo credit: @NGSuperEagles (Twitter)

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  • If this is a fact, I wonder who he will partner with. I recommend either leon or ekong and not emeruo or ajayi.
    Super eagles defense is becoming really competitive. Soon we will have players on a waiting list or do we already have that? Anyway, rohrs way of swapping out players for new and improved versions, I believe will take this team to greater heights.

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    This is what is called “Quality”.
    Feelers from camp has it that he has blended with the methods of the coach as if he has been a part of the team for years…not like homebased players who will have to be taught 1st touch in the national team camp like some academy. I wont be surprised if he is handed his debut straight away. To be a constant feature in a league like the Bundesliga is not child’s play. Cant wait to have the rest of the “German Crew’ complete their switch

    • Here are really exiting times in the Super Eagles.But when the rest of the ‘German Crew’ complete their switch, how will it pan out? Who are those who are likely to give way?

      I presecient those defenders now plying their trade in the second tiers would have their places seriously threatened by the time we have the full contingent of the ‘German Crew’ onboard. Ekong and the likes would have to watch their backs.

  • Minister Mchills 4 years ago

    I will like him to partner with Leon in that defense, because Leon is really in good form in his club Rangers keeping four clean sheet out of five matches. This defense is becoming too competitive once again kudos to Rohr

  • Chris 4 years ago

    The defence is competitive …. check! The attack is competitive …. check! Midfield is open for grabs…check!
    Advice for those wey get head pan, opportunity na wife wey ready to settle down with you, grab her when she knocks on your door.

    Good luck to those that are new, Our coach no dey too change a winning pattern except you already have what he does not currently have in his winning pattern.

  • For those of you who question the loyalty and dedication of this young man and continue to troll him because he initially preferred Germany to Nigeria. I hope you can see the effort he is putting in to fit in and be part of the team. He really looks determined to make an impact with the Super eagles and I wish him all the best as he familiarise himself with the team and as he begins his journey on the international stage with the Super eagles.

  • Prince p 4 years ago

    Why not earlier before than @25 may be the gamble didn’t work as planned .i wish him goodluck after all it’s better to be late than the late

    • God bless u @Prince P

      Don’t mind the guy, his first choice neglected him and he quickly pitched his tent with our darling super eagles @25 years, just imagine, and people re jumping for joy over his switch, how low have we placed ourselves? I would have celebrated this guy’s switch had it been he made the switch 2 or 3 years ago but dude was waiting for his favourite then. We welcome him anyways, we offered him a chance to have a senior international career and he should be grateful for that. I’ll always celebrate the boys like Ejaria, Aribo, Iwobi, Ola aina but I won’t celebrate the likes of this Akpoguma, Lookman, Udokhai, Akpom and their likes that chose to play for Nigeria when their initial plan didn’t work.

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Turn off your TV whenever you see Akpoguma, Lookman, Udokhai, Akpom and their likes playing for Nigeria.

        • Bobo respect yourself dakun abi Ki o te! .. I’ve just stated my opinion and that’s it! If you have a problem with it, deal with it. If anyone have a different opinion from yours, you start developing headache, learn to respect people’s opinion.

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Ive also simply stated my own opinion too….if it peppers you too much….deal with it too. Or why is it giving you headache…? Once again..Turn off your TV or smash it on the ground whenever you see Akpoguma, Lookman, Udokhai, Akpom and their likes playing for Nigeria.

          • Dr Kingsley 4 years ago

            Unfortunately you dealing with a fool that knows everything, he is Mr know it all, and your views means nothing to you,and yet he wants everyone to thumbs up opinion. My brother don’t stress yourself, thats how he acts. And he knows how to twist your views also. So just ignore his childish behavior.

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Hahahaha…..@Dr. Kingsley. I can see your body is still peppering you that you met a superior match. You think everyone is an ignorant olodo coming to raise shoulder in public on things they know absolte zero about like you…? Complete idiot. Are you not anonymous anymore after I thoroughly schooled you earlier on. Ignorant fool. Whoever conferred your doctorate on you should be sent to jail for fraud.

        • @Drey
          You’re actually a nuisance. come up with evidence stating otherwise of my post, I said what I said! Akpoguma settled for Nigeria when his initial plan didn’t work out.


          Provide your own evidence to object it…. I’ve always been a fan of most of your comments here but this your reply to my comment shows how daft you are. Even if you have a different opinion from mine, there’s a sensible way to present it, you can learn from the likes of @Mr. Hush, @Deo and other sensible forumites on how to go about that but I guess you won’t learn cuz your daftness is innate.

          Such a crooked ass idoit…lol

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Stupid fool….Who is the daft idiot here….LMAO, pls go back and read my replies to your comments from top to bottom and show me where I objected to your assertion…? Akpoguma once rejected Nigeria….and then…?? who was arguing that with you…? How has “Turn off your TV whenever you see Akpoguma, Lookman, Udokhai, Akpom and their likes playing for Nigeria…” become and objection to, or an argument against the fact that Akpoguma settled for Nigeria when his initial plan didn’t work out….that you are asking me to provide evidence…? Are you so challenged with reading and understanding english…or is it that you are outrightly mentally challenged?

            I simply gave you a kind and gentle piece of advise ‘Turn off your TV whenever you see Akpoguma in the SE jersey’. Simple. Its for your own good, so that your bitterness doesn’t send you to a rehab.

            By the way, I chased a girl for several years, she rejected me many times, but now I am married to her till death do us part, and so…?? and then…?? What has the eyes not seen before…? Why is my friend angry on my behalf that I eventually married the same girl who rejected me many times…? THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT WE ARE NOW MARRIED. If e too pain my friend, let him go and lie down on a rail track na. Abi….?

            A player was born, raised and grew up in Germany, he played for the u16,u17,18,19,u20 national team of Germany, he even captained and won the best youth player award in Germany even as a defender, it is absolutely normal for him to have hope of being the next Jerome Boateng and playing for the senior team of Germany. It is not his fault destiny has given him 2 options of which HE MUST CHOOSE ONE. if Nature gives you 2 options and one doesn’t work out, what is so awkward in choosing a second option, that you are now biting trees all over the place….?

            FYI…take it or leave it…..those who comit to Nigeria early are those who know early that they have little or no chance for their 1st choice….all them Maduka, Balogun, Ekong, Iwobi, Moses, Sone Aluko etc they are no much patriotic than the ones you claim you wouldn’t celebrate. The difference is that they only knew their fate very early and quickly decided. For as many who still have between a slim and fighting chance to feature for their home nations they will first turn Nigeria down before changing their minds later when things do not work out. So if you are blowing your brains out now because Akpoguma has now chosen Nigeria…go and get prepared, buy a nuclear bomb this time around that will blow even your soul and spirit along with your body, because many more like him will do same in the nearest future.

            Once again, if e too pain you say Akpoguma and the rest are now choosing Nigeria after not getting called by their home nations “…Turn off your TV whenever you see their likes playing for Nigeria…”

          • Kenneth 4 years ago

            Mr Phil, i would like to beg your indulgence. Just ignore this guy, he is just beneath you. He feels he knows everything and our opinion is irrelevant. Please silence is golden.

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Hehehehhe….. opinions you can’t defend. LMAO.
            Una go still use vex hang unasef wen time come, because more of those “foreigners” are coming to join the SE. Sit down behind keypads and be clamouring for quota system for home based players who can’t pass trials in Alahly and Zamalek….Lolz. When you can’t put your house in order, outsiders will come and put it in order for you.

          • @Drey

            Now that you’ve stylishly hide your pathetic self away from what I asked of you, I’ll free you cuz I’m human too.

            What’s left for you now is to learn how to reply people with sense and not reply people like you’ve once knacked your head on a strong surface ( who knows?) . Or it could be that you’ve had a bad or something and you’re thinking of transferring aggression, u don’t need it bro, u can manage that on your own. Go through @DEO, @Hush and other sensible forumites write-ups on CS and learn from them for crying out loud Drey…abi omo ale ni o fe ya ni? Lol

            That Akpoguma chose to play for Germany initially is quite normal and any one of us could have done the same. I’m not just fooled with all these things he’s just doing as if he truly loves the super eagles that much. I wish Akpoguma all the best with SE…but that one no mean say I forget say e no want us o b4 o, na condition make my guy settle for us…lol…

            I’ll agree with you on the players that chose Nigeria earlier cuz they already know they have non chance with England, that’s true and I’ve once said that here. Saka would have proved that assertion wrong had it been he chose Nigeria over England cuz he has what it takes to have a good career with the 3 lions.

            But on a more serious note Drey, try and balance yourself, you’ve mostly give well articulated write-ups here but you spoil them with little over do. If you see a comment and it doesn’t go down well with you, you could have just ignore it as it doesn’t necessarily call for your attention, you could have just keep your fingers away from typing a very senseless response.. I hope you’re getting me..

            Don’t be carried away with the likes and good remarks you get, that doesn’t mean u should start misbehaving o.. Eyan o kin pe te o alaye mj…maintain o…cuz people like me won’t take shit from you o, we go drag your ass ni o…lol..

            I greet all forumites o… Our super eagles go dey fly higher and higher!

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            @ Phil.

            Thank you for the kind words and also thank you for the not too kind words too. But in the first instance, nobody was arguing with you, you are the one that is shadow boxing yourself and asking for evidence of what does not exist, like someone who used to be an inmate of Yaba-the-other-side. And once again, I state unapologetically and emphatically

            “ANYONE….I MEAN ANYONE, whether you, or the other short-sighted racists and xenophobes, who is severely pained (apologies to Mr Peter ‘sedimentary rock’ Fayose) by the fact that Akpoguma or any other Nigerian player with Nigerian blood, who earlier turned down the SE has now chosen to play for the SE after not getting called by their home nations, they should all turn off their TV sets or smash them on the ground whenever you see those boys playing for Nigeria…unless those boys are not better than the aparutus wey una they request quota system for”

            If you say I carry head nak wall…you are not far from the truth o. You see this my head i don use am break many walls, break many barriers, racial and societal. I don use am achieve tins for wia dem believe say black man nor fit do things. So anyone whose got shit to give, we go collect the shit carry am give am back. Na why make God give everybody equal number of hands. So what I believe, I stand and defend. Whoever writes what he/she cannot defend, that is his own cup of coffee, but as much as he/she has dropped it in a public domain, he must be ready to account for it. We have seen enough backwardness as a race that for us to allow backward thinking people drag us even further backward, so from places like this, we kill it. Say what you mean and mean what you can and be ready to defend it because it will be questioned. If you say you wan drag my ass…..no problem. Eni mi kukute, ara e ni o n mi….Kukute o mi’ra. Omo oko ni mi, mi o se omo ale. I’ve been on this forum and other defunct forums even before like and dislikes where created, so I dont give a damn about who likes or dislikes my comments….I dont even notice it. I am not @Deo, and I am not @Hush, but every omo buruku ni ojo tie.

            Sapele people say No food for lazy man, nor be for pikin wey in mama get restaurant. No matter how lazy the pikin be….e go see food chop for in mama restaurant…and e nor go pay shishi. Foreign born Nigerians are also Nigerians, even if dem choose us as 22nd choice…they are welcome….dem must chop. Ile l’abo simi oko. Omo eni kii buru a le fun ekun pa. So many Nigerians, including me, have the wish to come back home and retire after touring and exploring the world…nobody can deny them that, simply because they didnt choose Nigeria as a 1st choice but chose to live their lives outside the country. With person wey enter Unilag for 1st choice, with person wey enter for 2nd choice, with person wey enter for 3rd choice and even person wey enter for VCs list….all of them go become Unilag alumni one day.

            The parable of the labourer….person wey start work for 9am $1….person wey start 12noon $1…..person wey start 3pm $1, even person wey come 5:30pm $1….beef your brother till tomorrow, e nor add to ya own $1.

            I greet all forumites o… Our super eagles go dey fly higher and higher!

            I come in peace…!

          • You’re welcome Drey.
            Watch it next time out.

  • The “German crew “also includes Felix Uduokhai(FC Augsburg),Jordan Torunarigha(Hertha BSC),Felix Agu(Werder Bremen),China Okoroji(SC Paderborn 07) also eligible for England,Noah Sarenren Bazee(FC Augsburg),Emmanuel Iyoha(Fortuna Düsseldorf), Pharrel Nnamdi Collins(Borussia Dortmund) and perhaps Kingsley Ehizibue(FC Koln) who is also eligible for the Netherlands.

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    I’m really fear of the future of our players that won’t have the opportunity to travel abroad for the sake of their careers.

    The diration the NFF current NFF and Oga are turning to is a great direction that has short time goal.

    What is going to happen to those in Nigeria that really good as footballers?

    I’m sorry for Og Pinnick and our unborn generation. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      If for the short while we reach the semi finals of the world cup and win the next nations cup, we like am like that but U scout for them na, as mr chief scout. We’ve been expecting u to at least discover a locally based player all this while but you havent. All u know how to do is to be spying on youtube for video clips of overseas players. U need to do your job well as mr chief scout. Stop recommending overseas players if you really want our home grown players to flourish. We want u start sending us clips of locally based players that are good, that’s ur job as mr chief scout.

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Pls help me ask him which of the local based players he is talking about…??LMAO. In the SE of today how many of the home grown players amongst them played in the Nigerian league…?? Apart from Etebo and mayb Musa…NONE. A whole 30 man squad…..just 1 or 2 played in the local league….what a shame to the NFF and the LMC. So in other words, it is other countries, other leagues that groom players for us.

        All the Nigerian players making waves in major leagues in Europe today…Arokodare…Moffi, Mukairu, Dennis, Okereke, Alhassan, Onyeka, etc… how many of them played in the Nigerian league….? I cant recall any.

        When Nigerian league players start walking straight into teams like Alahly or Zamalek of Egypt or Raja and Wydad Casablanca of Morroco or Orlando Pirates and Mamelodi Sundowns of South Africa, not to even talk of Europe, then I will believe they need some attention.

        Lokosa went to Esperance and went missing…Ikuowen Udoh went to Maccabi Haifa and went missing…these are supposed to be the BEST of the BEST in the so called league not being able to find their feet in average teams in average leagues.

        • Drey, that’s Nigeria of today we found ourselves, and only God can bail us out. No sector is working, none, sport can’t stand out, up till now the LMC can’t even fashion out modalities for resumption of our league, no sponsors, no funding, everything is upside down and someone is crying that Rohr doesn’t consider homegrown. For the entire economy is in shambles, and we will continue like this until we have a reasonable government not all this hungry politicians we put in charge.

    • Kenneth 4 years ago

      Don’t worry, keep scouting for us, we appreciate your effort. We all know the politics that is going on. At least Pinnick is not running for re-election, who ever comes in will give stricter conditions on the selection of players. Maybe we need to start calling this team Super- half breed eagles.

    • Kenneth 4 years ago

      It is very obvious that Pinnick and his crooks don’t have any interest in developing our league. thats why silly questions could be asked if certain players played in the league. i very much believe all this foreign players coming into the National team have paid there way into the team and our own locals players are made to rot away. How many of the current squad are in the starting line up of there various teams. They are mostly bench warmers who hadly gets game time. So Ahmed Musa who didn’t play for a month gets invited. So what do we call that?

    • omo9ja you re a negative person i pit you. you better change is not funny anymore.

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    Like Oakfield like Dr. Drey lolz.

    Hmm…. jokes apart, is that what both of you will be doing after us when the likes of Kel, deo, Sean, Ayphillydegreat, omo9ja and so many others are stepping aside or so?

    It is very sad seeing you Oakfield that should be like a big brother to Drey that just came in yesterday behaving like this.

    If that is what coach Amunike had in mind, going from one state to another to discovered so many players for Nigeria, where do both of you think Osimeh, Chukwueze and other would have bn today?

    In the streets of Lagos honking for pure water tutu re ba?

    Once again, I’m sorry for Oga Pinnck and Oga Rohr.

    The history will remember you Mr. Amaju. Gid bless Nigeria!!!

    • Oakfield has told you what is expected of you as chief scout, but u keep saying sorrying to someone that’s his doing his job to some extent.

      Go to our league, unearth pure talent there and let’s see if we won’t support you. Yeye boy

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      You are dumb…very dumb. Ode nie.
      Is U17 super eagles…? Or is grassroot football the same as senior international football…? Is Osimhen and Chukwueze of 2015 the same Osimhen and chukwueze of 2020…? When Rohr gave Osimhen his Super eagles debut in 2016 or 2017, was that osimhen the same one you see in the SE today…? Was the level at which he was playing then the same level at which he is playing today…? Did they not have to go to the same europe to be well-trained to face the rigors of high level football…? Did Osimhen walk straight into Napoli from U17 world cup or did Chukwueze start playing for the 1st team of Villareal after immediatley after 2015……Is the senior national team an academy…or does a child start running with his feet straight from birth? Even the 17-19 year olds u see currently all over the world playing in the senior teams of top flight clubs have been groomed under an organized system for years before being graduated to the senior teams. None of them where picked straight from the streets.
      I repeat You are very dumb and senseless and I am really ashamed on your behalf if this is the kind of nonsense that comes from your mouth…! Its either you don’t have a brain or you dont use it.

      If Rohr has to be going round to discover grassroots players for you, what is the job of your NFF youth department, what is the job of your U13, U15 and U17 national team coaches……what is the job of your u20 coaches…..what is the job of your NPFL and NNL coaches…? Even if he eventually discovered these grassroot players, how much time does he have to groom them….5 days…??? Did you hear that Akpoguma, a very experience bundesliga player blended with the training methods of the team within one day…..compare that to the home-based players keshi took almost 1 year and 7 international friendlies to groom before only 2…only 2 could reach the level of the foreign based and they both disappeared after 1 year or 2 and we never heard of them again even at club level…? Do you know how many months our u17 and u20 teams spend in camp before they reach the level you see when they eventually start playing in the u17/u20 AFCONS and World cup….? Does the senoir national team have that luxury of time, space and resources…??

      You sef did you not call yourself a scout….??? How many local league players have you scouted….??? Oya start counting…? Pls name ANY LOCAL BASED PLAYER THAT IS BETTER THAN ANY OF THE SE PLAYERS CURRENTLY IN CAMP. Is it not foreign based players you read about on the same internet pages that the whole world has read and watch on the same youtube the whole world has watched that you come here and brag about that you have discovered….even those who have played for our U17 and U20 before, you still lie that you discovered them? All the players Westerhoff “discovered” where they not ALL already playing in the league and even playing in CAF competitions for the likes of BBC lions, 3SC, Iwuanyawu, Rangers etc…? Even Amokachi as young as he was was already playing for Ranchers Bees in kaduna. Why is it so difficult for your talented players playing on the streets to even get discovered to even play in the league…? Do players move from the streets straight to the national team without clubs…? Pls name any player you know that has done that before.

      And come to think of it, are the foreign-based players not Nigerians…? Are they not entitled to also be play for the SE…? Are local based players more Nigerian than them…? is your national team not supposed to be a collection of your best players…? Pls tell us where the best Nigerian players THAT YOU KNOW are currently based….dont talk of some imaginary players on some imaginary streets….tell us where the best Nigerian players THAT YOU KNOW are currently based

      Agba ti o ba kin lo opolo e, adagba ma danu la a pe iru agba. Iwo dagba o o danu. Learn to use your brain sometimes.

  • What a shame. Nigerians depend on biracial Africans to up the team, soon there will be no local or pure bred Nigerian on the team. Still aint gonna go anywhere. Nothing but lightskins, Rohr only here to recruit mixed German Nigerians

    • You are racists Oga! As if you had the opportunity to leave Nigeria today you wouldn’t grab it! Later you tag whites as been racist while you been racist against your kind! Don’t know when ones skin colour started been a bases for judgment! Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and ask God for forgiveness. Your kind are the reason why Nigeria would never grow beyond tribal and religious bigotry. As if it was the players fault there parents left for greener pastures, if your country worked there parents wouldn’t have left the country in the 1st place misplaced prioritizes. Blame your leaders for the reason Nigerians flock out to foreign countries on daily bases not an innocent person that never decided which skin colour to belong to. Repent and change your racist ways the are as much Nigerians as you claim to be rubbish

  • Basiliano 4 years ago

    I don’t think this current super eagles need any player from the local league
    1) reason: The league have been on hold for some months now (God knows when it will resumes) and no match nor friendly games from the teams here in nigeria,
    2) No any local player presently can displace any of these players in camp already (if you think otherwise you name one)

    So make we calm down and make use of the once we have now and wait until we see Messi or Ronaldo in our local league.

  • The most embarrassing of all is that senior team players are being taught how to trap ball.It shows the kind of “training” they have been getting and the kind of “development” they have attained.
    Omo9ja,stop blaming GR,blame the system.

    • The most embarrassing of all is that senior team players are being taught how to trap ball.It shows the kind of “training” they have been getting and the kind of “development” they have attained.
      Omo9ja,stop blaming GR,he hasn’t done anything wrong by selecting the foreign based Nigerian footballers.Blame the system.

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Dont mind them. the same people that will blame rohr for not inviting homebased players will be the same ones to complain that he does not call up onuachu…he does not call up Fatai Alashe, he does not call up Fenado Adi, he does not call up one foreign based player or the other they watched on youtube….confused set of people Rohr must invite 1000 players to Super eagles. Rohr na their headache, Rohr dey give dem so much pains and sorrow, so the must by all means look for what they must use to discredit him….LMAO

        • Footballfanatic 4 years ago

          Like you don’t check players on YouTube? Do u go to every stadium worldwide to watch these players??? Abegi

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            FYI…I dont check players on youtube. I watch their live games on internet. Youtube is just a compilation of a player’s best moments on the pitch in a few games out of many. There is a reason clubs send scout(s) to go and watch a particular player SEVERAL times before they sign him. Some coaches will even go and watch the player by themselves even after scouts have given them their reports on the said target. When I hear about a player, I watch him 3 good times b4 I form an opinion about him.

  • @kenneth if our super half breed eagles can win the world cup for us like the Les bleus ‘african United’ of France have done twice…we go like am like dat

    • Kenneth 4 years ago

      Hmmmmmm, are we talking about the Les blues who were naturally born in France. Who grew up in a well establish system. To half cast who don’t even know what currency we using.

      • I got your point though…but those francophone Les bleus cos I won’t call them french, majority of them were born in Congo,Dr congo, Algeria,and most of them still have ties with their Homeland albeit they grew up in the french system…and France is also magnanimous enough to allow them chose without pressure,the nation of their choice

        • Kenneth 4 years ago

          @ cuteprince, not the current Les blues, maybe 2 or 3 of the current squad were born outside France. Honestly is it fair to the local lads looking forward to playing for the super eagles someday but the gaffer is not looking there way. The current NFF doesn’t care and it is obvious to the world to see. before the pandemic, how many of the local players scouted for the national teams. Shouldn’t we be fighting for a better structure in our system.

  • But wait o!

    Why shuld FOOLISHNESS becloud de minds of our youth in this country?

    So those half cast doesn’t have nigerian blood flowing in them?

    These lads aren’t properly treated in their foreign land wich we all know, they’re back home & we want to treat them the same way foreigner treat them.


    See what hatred can cause?

    No wonder the bible warns believers not to hate bcos all haters are “mudderers”.

    Bcos of hatred everything ROHR does is wrong.

    ROHR isn’t coming to coach SE forever, he’ll leave & ur “quardiolas” will come & SINK us again but b4 then pls kindly allow us to enjoy this little progress; enemy of progress biko.

    Most of u pple on this forum complaining aren’t even nigerians.



    • God bless you…infact some people here really deserve causes.
      I have a Nephew that was born in England and has a Jamaican Mother and he’s already registered with an academy (Football). Does that means is no more related to me because I’m a Nigerian born here?
      So those bearing Akpoguma, Kolawole , Udokhai, Aina, Balogun etc are either English or German? Who is fooling who?

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        I have told them….anytime they are watching the SE playing and they see any foreign born or half-caste, they should turn off their TVs or smash it on the ground. Home-grown players are MORE NIGERIAN THAN FOREIGN BORNS. Foreign-born Nigerians dont have right to the SE. It is their fault that they were born abroad and have the privilege of having 2 choices to make.

  • @Dr Drey…. Sentiment apart,
    these people are so irritating…
    Just imagine….

    They are the ones blaming TOMORI, ABRAHAM, SAKA for choosing england over nigeri, claiming those lads are not patroitic….
    They are still the same people blaming Rohr for turning the team to German team.

    So had it been those lads choose to play for their father land this is what you ‘ingrates’ would have been saying against those innocent young men….

    If oyibo man do now they would call it “RACISM”…..

    • Dr. Drey. 4 years ago

      Assuming all those players in England agreed to play for Nigeria, they would have criticized Rohr to turning the SE to an English team. Leave dem, dem must talk…if dem nor talk, dem go die…so pls leave them. When there is nothing to use against the coach, they will shift to “he doesn’t call up home-based players”, when CLEARLY AND UNARGUABLY, the best Nigerian team A, team B, team C and team D are based in Europe.

      Ask them which and which one of the homebased players should be called-up, even the one that calls himself a scout cannot mention one name. Ask them which of the current foreign based should be dropped for an home-based player, (with facts and figures to back their choices up), they will suddenly go mute.

      Our last CHAN team was 100% home-based….our last U23 had approx. 75% homebased, our last U20 team to U20 AFCON were approx. 90% home-based, all the clubs that flew Nigeria’s flag in continental football last season were approx. 100% homebased….ask those home-based advocates to point out 1…just 1 home-based player from the 7 different teams that flew Nigeria’s flag in 2019 that is better than ANY 1 player in the current SE they cant mention.

      So once again, pls leave dem, dem must talk…if dem nor talk, dem go die.

      • Abeg make una leave all these sycophants oh. Players from NPFL clubs who for God knows how many years now have been performing dismally in CAF competitions… C’mon guys, we all know better now, gone are those days when we had senior national team-ready players in our local league. Our league has long lost that glory. Can you guys see a trend brewing amongst Nigerian breakthrough players in Europe now? most if not all go straight from academy clubs direct to Europe. Our league is in comatose and needs an urgent surgery to revive it and bring back its glory days

  • Kenneth 4 years ago

    Yes we will continue to make noise, And how many of them were scouted by your so called coach. How many did he help improve there games. How many continental games did he go to watch. How much assistance did he render to the local coaches. But yet he is quick to want to bring over is foreign based players who could not displace anyone in the country of there birth. he is getting paid to unearth players for us and not allow some scout to doing his job for him. A scout that sits thousands of miles away and only god knows when last he watch a local game

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      “…only god knows when last he watch a local game…” LMAO.
      Actually, only God knows when last a local game was played in your league….LMAO. When last did your league play 38 matchdays….LMAO. When last did your league have a conclusive ending….LMAO. Rohr doesnt need to watch your league…..he just needs to see the caliber of crap players paraded by Nigerian and Nigeria-based Nigerian league coaches in the last u20, u23 and CHAN teams (who are supposedly the best crop of players in the so-called league) to know that it is a pure waste of energy and scare resources watching them. The last time he watched a league game at Agege stadium your people pickpocketed his wallet and phone.

      He should best focus on Europe where the BEST Nigerian players are. Academy kids…small small children like like Amoo and Tijani are moving straight to Europe, to clubs and countries where your NPFL players can hardly even pass trials…common trials…LMAO. Even foreign scouts prefer to come to Nigeria to scout at youth tournaments rather than scout your league. Of all the home grown players in the SE today, only Musa and Etebo played substantially in the league….just 2…infact all the Nigerian players making waves in Europe today approx. 90% did not come from the local league…..what a shame. That is the league Rohr should leave beta players and come and monitor….LMAO. All the players Keshi spent several months grooming, teaching them ball control and 1st touch, NFF spending nothing less than N1bn to camp and organize not less than 7 international friendly matches to expose them…none of them spent up to 2 seasons in the national team. The highest height they reached is Rizespor in Turkish league (not even Fernabache or Galatasaray or Besiktas)….Rizespor…yes Cayzuk Rizespor…LMAO…most of them are now retired, missing or back in the same league. May God never let us labor in vain.

      Pls what is the job of your Joseph Yobo, Salisu Yusuf and Alloy Agu…? They are ball boys abi…?! They dont know how to scout players….sorry, Rohr must do their jobs for them…they are just there for errands to go and buy rice and ewa-agoyin for the crew after trainings. Rohr must improve the players in the local league…the players dont have coaches in their clubs. He must also come and coach and assist the technical crews of the teams in the NPFL. He must gatecrash the club camps and force the management of the clubs to make him the supervisor and teacher of their coaches….because you are paying him $5m per month.

      The foreign players who cannot displace anyone in their country of birth are playing week-in week-out in clubs where your local league players can only play in on video games, because they cannot even play in Sudanese top clubs, talk more of North African & South African top clubs….if you want to kill them take them to Europe….LMAO.

      We prefer those foreign players who cannot displace anyone in their country…they are Nigerians too….they are also entitled to play for the National team and they are BY FAR…FARREST FAR…better than your local league players. Anybody wey e pain make he off in tv anytime SE dey play.

  • Kenneth 4 years ago

    So Yobo and Yusuf are the chief coach, so what exactly is his job, sit down on the couch and just picks who is desires. Like he is picking his fellow germans into the team. Well we not worried, because we know the politics they are playing and the exchange of money going on behind. At least we know of those who all bribed there way in and are no longer called up.

    • Dr. Drey. 4 years ago

      No…Yobo and Yusuf are ball boys….Oh I forgot, they are just there to water the training pitch before and after training. Yobo, Yusuf and Agu are based in Nigeria, Rohr and Adelakun are based in Europe, common sense dictates that the people based in Nigeria scout the Nigerian space (a single country), while those based in Europe scout the european space (a whole continent). No. Rohr must also come and scout Nigeria space….the rest are not collecting salary. It is Rohr that must come and discover players that your Nigerian, Nigeria-based, Nigerian league coaches in the last u20, u23, CHAN and SE teams cannot discover….dem blind, dem nor get eyes. Even you wey dey talk, name 1…just 1 home-based player from the u20, u23, CHAN teams of 2019 that can bench anybody in this current SE team including the “fellow germans”

      What is Rohr’s job…? Go and ask Dangote what his job his….or Mike Adenuga what his job is….or any head of a management team what their job is. Where the SE are today, that even the current African Champions are respecting us now, unlike before when even swaziland coach was boasting he will beat SE in warri, is the result of what Rohr’s job is. So you go and find out what Rohr’s job is. Out of all your national teams which coach looks like he is doing his job well amongst them all. So continue asking what his job is.

      Those his “fellow germans” are NIGERIANS…..they have NIGERIAN BLOOD flowing in them…..the SE IS ALSO THEIR RIGHT…they are entitled to play for the SE and they are by far the BEST NIGERIAN PLAYERS ANYWHERE and only the best must be invited to all our nationals teams at ALL times….no quota system.

      Clap for yourself for being there when money was exchanging hands….you will tell us what you too were doing there. Person wey say he see in friend wife for ashawo joint…in go tell us wetin in sef find go ashawo joint. Since you know those who bribed their way in and are no longer getting called….kindly list them let us too know….afterall we are all here to learn…LMAO. Even the stupidest Nigerian can vouch for rohr that he selects the BEST players available. Even his harshest critics have vouched for him that his selections are the most credible since 94 set. How can someone be collecting bribes but still select the best….??? LMAO. Why will the best pay bribes to play…? Is it the players we have been chasingsince 3-4 years ago, scouting day and night, visiting regularly and communicating with for years that will now pay bribe again to play…..LMAO. Some people’s lies make the devil look unserious….LMAO. Lairs can continue to cook up their lies of bribery.

      We prefer those ‘fellow germans’, ‘fellow dutch’, ‘fellow english’, ‘fellow french’, ‘fellow Italian’, ‘fellow spanish’, even ‘fellow albino’ Nigerian players. They are BY FAR…FARTHER…FARREST FAR….better than your local league players. I repeat Anybody wey e pain make he off in tv anytime SE dey play or make he nak am for ground.

  • The National Team – My Take

    In soccer just like every other endeavors in life,
    there’s a definite height, point or class that aspiring players,
    coaches and even referees want to attain… which actually is to partake in
    international football and that is at SENIOR NATIONAL TEAM level. And that level
    Belongs to the ‘BEST PROFESSIONAL’ Players who have overtime
    Irrespective of age, race or location, been able to distinguish themselves in their respective positions on the field of play whether training, friendly or competitive

    The above intro tends to explain how the national team is only a class reserved
    For the best amongst the rest in other for spectators and fans to get the entertainment derived from the sport at it’s best… meaning it is for stars and superstars (not upstarts,mediocre or average players) from a particular country going head2head against another country for prestige, entertainment and for monetary gains.

    Therefore I will like to define the National Team as a collection of an all-star player selection representing a Nation for prestige at a given time,match(es) or tournament…

    Now that we know what the National Team means please ooo,biko,abeg enough of this crusade for home grown players. Let them prove to be amongst the Best and see if the National Team will not be their birthrights, until then… I stand with Rohr and Pinnick on this policy of getting the best players to play for us irrespective of colour or where they were born or raised…

    This brings to mind how Nigeria lost a certain Dos Santos who was brought to Nigeria to play
    For Bendel insurance by Gov. Igbinedion the boy was good and wanted to play for Nigeria but was turned down… The following season Esperance bought him and he ended up being as scorer 9f many nation’s cup goals for the cartage eagles… Our youth coaches then argued that there wasn’t any need for his adoption and subsequent integration into the national teams as it will Rob one of the home grown lads… A certain David Alaba, Ross Barkley and host of others have been snubbed in the past too

  • Emmanuel 4 years ago

    Good morning Forumite,I hope my fore assertion will put to bare this issue of Apoguma rejecting and accepting Nigeria.Firstly,lemme reproduce the earlier rejection credited to Apoguma of Nigeria- ‘that (Nigeria’s interest) honours me,of course, but I’m German,I was born here, and then I should play for Germany too’.This to me if it actually emanated from Apoguma does not in any form amount to rejection or refusal to play for Nigeria.It simply means that ‘the interest of Nigeria for me Not withstanding, I also want to play for Germany,cos I am as German just as am Nigerian.This is a fact,that Apoguma is more German than Nigeria and will naturally love anything German.I am an Edo boy,but had my formative years and grew up in Lagos.Lagos gave me all I have become today,if I have an opportunity to become a Commisioner in Lagos at the same time in Edo where do you think I will choose…..your guess is as good as mine.I already know Lagos system.

    Again,for emphasis,there was no forum where Apoguma laterally said he was turning down Nigeria, in fact the reverse is the case.I watched Collins Udo interviewing Tunde Babalakin on Eagles catch up yestaday and the entire truth about Apoguma was revealed.Udo was in fact asking that we owe Apoguma an apology for rejecting him initially.Apoguma had approached the Super Eagles handlers in 2015 after the under 20 world cup to play for us but the reply according to Collins was so bad.Go watch Eagles catch up with Udo Collins and Tunde of 6th October, 2020 then u will get the truth.

    Apoguma,has suddenly become a star that is the reason we are now running after him.But he gave us an opportunity first hand and we refused it.Hes recent attitude coming to camp even before FIFA approved his papers actually convinced me the story Udo gave.

    The morals of the above is that we should refrain from passing damning judgement when we are not sure.Plus if that comment credited to Apoguma in 2017, is the bases of our judgement against him then it is unfortunate,cos that does not amount to a refusal to play for Nigeria.Aside this,even if he refused initially don’t blame him cos Germany is where he’s always known all his life.The truth is he will need time to adjust to Nigeria system,but from what I gathered he’s doing well right now in camp.

    My people,we are bound together by a common goal which is interest and love for Nigeria.We should please deceased from this insult hurling at each other for the sake of peace and sanctity of this group one love.

    • God bless you my brother, I wanted to actually respond to the trend, but after reading your well thought out pieces, I decided not to again because you have stated the obvious.

      I have a friend who find it difficult to stay a week outside Lagos, except he travels out of the country simply because he is so use to Lagos life, and in fact he is an Igbo guy, marry a Yoruba woman and his children speak both igbo and Yoruba fluently, as we speak he is actively involved in Lagos politics and even considering contesting for LASHA. I told him to go to Anambra to contest, he told me he can’t cope because he doesn’t understand the terrain, how things works and how to properly relate with people.

      My people, it’s not easy to ditch the place where you are born, brought up, where you are used to, especially if the place offers you the same opportunity you can get elsewhere, so we should comment all this guys that are declaring for us, it’s highest level of patriotism.

    • Wow! @Emmanuel, I really love your contribution but Mother Teresa once said “Don’t try to teach a fool, he will make fun of your wise words”.just don’t feel disappointed by the time you are getting their responses.

    • Kenneth 4 years ago

      An article that circulated attributed to Kevin asking to play for the Super Eagles was debunked by him. So please let us know when he asked to play for the super eagles. He said he was more German than Nigeria might not mean a rejection, but it speaks volume. You could also be referring to not enjoying the system. Please we know when there desire to play for the German national team is dwindling in there eyes. What happened to those who desire to play for the national team and not given the opportunity Kevin is getting.

  • Igbekun Abo 4 years ago

    I think Akpoguma will do well.

    • olabode Samuel 4 years ago

      Above all Dr. Drey and all Nigerian let us know that the inclusion of all these players and goal-keepers is good news for all because it will now provide stiff competition among all available goal-keepers and players and this will always get the best out of whosoever is selected at any giving time for a match. This is good for the development of the game. I give kudos to NFF, the coaching staffs and all those working behind the scene for the development of the game. However, I want this same process being implemented at all our age-grade teams so that at all times we will have more than five players good enough to play at each position in the team at any time.

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