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Al Ahly, Zamalek, Moroccan Clubs Join Iwuala Chase

Al Ahly, Zamalek, Moroccan Clubs Join Iwuala Chase

Egyptian giants Al Ahly and Zamalek are the latest clubs to be linked with Enyimba winger Anayo Iwuala, Completesports.com reports.

Two Moroccan clubs Raja Club Athletic and Wydad Casablanca are also interested in signing the player.

A number of European clubs have been linked with the player who has impressed with Enyimba this season.

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The Peoples Elephant are willing to sell the winger for €1m.

Iwuala made his debut for Nigeria in March during the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

The 22-year-old has been capped twice by the three-time African champions.

He was on Friday named in the squad for next month’s friendly against the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon in Austria.

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  • Nigerian agents don see food…I can bet on this that he will most likely go to this north African clubs… Nigerian agents don’t think of their clients’ future at all….after dumping him in Egypt now they will come to the national team and start telling us to dump a player plying his trade in the German bundesliga for their client playing in Al Hali of Egypt…Why not take him to Belgium at least let him start with a modest club there and he can put himself on the shopping window for elite clubs in Europe to see him and appreciate his talent then from there he will move to a bigger club and showcase his talent to the world…After dumping their players in obscure leagues because of money they will want to use our national team that brings joy to millions of hearts to promote the player for them and their pockets…..mumu people.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      Oboy…talk with sense. What is the difference in organizational structures and facilities and professionalism of European clubs compared to the likes of Al Ahly… If Nigerian clubs get that kind of level you no know say our league for dey competitive? Pray make Musa even get club like Al Ahly…

      • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

        Lmao @Musa make e get club like Al ahly.. that one hit

      • Dr Banks 3 years ago

        @Akp you talk sense jare, na people wey no get foresight go advise that Ahly is a good destination for Iwuala.
        @Jimmy, na so your love for Iwuala reach? You be bad lover wey no wish hin lover well. So after all the gra gra talk in praise of this your star, na Egypt you wan dump him to? E be like say you get contacts in Egypt that’s greezing your palms regularly, that explains your love to have Junior Ajayi in SE so he can be sold to Europe now after then don suck up his talents finish.
        God know your address o

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          … rather Iwuala go to Europe and start struggling like the likes of Rabiu Ibrahim,David Okereke and now Arokodare at lowly FC Cologne, I will prefer he ends up in a professional club like Al Ahly and play week-in… week-out and mature his game.

          • Mr Hush 3 years ago

            So because a few faltered in Europe, does that mean Iwuala would falter also?

            What about the rest that went directlty to Europe and succeed?
            Musa,,Enyeama,Mikel etc.

            Even at that, don’t we have Nigerians that have struggled in the Maghreb leagues!
            Okpotu, Sikiru Alimi,Godwin Obaje etc.
            For every John Utaka who succeeded in North Africa, there is a Tony Edjomariegwe who struggled.

            So that argument is lopsided. You can’t tell who, where or when success or failure comes till it happens.
            It all depends on the plan and what suits the player best at the time..
            It all ties in.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahahaha…pray make Musa get club like Alhaly…LMAO…and you are asking someone else to talk with sense…??? LMAO. What an antithesis. LMAO.

        If you really know what having sense is, you will recall that unlike your media-hyped 22yr old Iwuala, Musa at 18 yrs of age was top scorer in the NPFL as winger….unlike your 22yr old Iwuala…Musa did not need media hype and SE platform to attract clubs from Europe. Unlike your 22yr old golden boy who is using SE to market himself, Musa at 22 was already a mainstream player of ALL our national teams except the U17s. I dont even need to remind you that Musa was already an African champion at 22 and is a CSKA Moscow legend till date, winning trophies and playing at the highest level of club football (UCL and UEL) for the biggest Football club in Eastern Europe.

        Instead of praying for musa to get club like Alhaly, it is Alhaly we should pray for to get players like Musa. Musa left Al-Nassry contributing 25 goals in 51 matches…..I bet Alhaly has not had a 50% goals/game contributor in the last 10 years. Infact I cant point to ANY player EVER in Alhaly who has 4 worldcup goals to his name. Pls if there is any kindly let us know. Musa actually cancelled a $600,000 a month contract in Saudi Arabia 1 week after playing 90mins in a league match on his own volition ….I dont think there’s any player in Alhaly who earns half that amount…if there is kindly let us know. Despite being clubless since October, 28yr old Musa is still currently worth about $5m on the transfer market. THE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER in Alhaly currently costs half that amount….LMAO

        Once again, instead of praying for Musa to get club like Alhaly, it is Alhaly we should pray for to get a player like Musa……Only people wey get sense go understand this message.

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          @Dr.Drey… Make the stats explicit and stop quoting numbers in a general form to project someone’s actual lean stats. AHMED MUSA scored 11goals and contributed 14assists over 2years in Saudi Arabia League… I have nothing against him. If you and @Mr. Hush read my post referring to Musa in an article someone criticized and made fun of an Iwuala going to a club like Al Ahly… You both will know my statement was a conditional… I said “rather”, meaning instead of him going and not getting gametime and fizzling out… in Europe, that is not the same thing as saying he should not go to Europe for the right fee. The guy Iwuala himself, is a bold and courageous guy… Again @Mr.Hush, Anthony Okpotu never failed in North Africa… he was top scorer in Tunisia, for Monastir, before he left on a USD 1.2million deal to Qatar… Is it Eupen in Belgium that is tabling EURO 350, 000.00 that he should go to? His club value him more than that, and if Al Ahly will pay EURO 1.0 million, I will say he, Iwuala, should pack his bag and run quickly to Al Ahly because he is valued there… If Anayo Iwuala is getting invited to Super Eagles playing for Enyimba in NPFL, then for sure, once he is at Al Ahly playing regularly and doing well, he won’t also be overlooked in Super Eagles future games and get-together… European club wey value am go comot better money wey reach him valuation no be peanut like Olympiacos and Eupen the table… I surprise say you @Dr.Drey run from Onuachu thread yesterday.. You must have had a nightmare last night for his further goal plunder… hahaha. Onuachu shutting myopic loudmouthed fake Super Eagles fans up since 1605… One love!

          • JimmyBall 3 years ago

            Ahmed Musa wages were a liability for the Saudi club he played for… they weighed his contribution against his wages and paid him off to cancel the contract… they cut him loose. It’s not the other way round… he was paid off to walk away and free them of a humongous wage burden… I have never said Ahmed Musa is not a good player… but every Super story comes to an end… his chapter is winding down, clubs know he cannot go over the his highs as was with Lokomotive Moscow anymore… that’s a fact!

          • Mr Hush 3 years ago


            Either you enjoy playing the devil’s advocate or….

            Off course Okpotu did well in Monastir.

            But after failing at Al Ittihad Tripoli, coming back home to Lobi; going back to North Africa, failing again ; then going to Albania ; before finding his way to lowly Monastir.
            Thank goodness ,he has gone to the retiring league of Qatar to go make money.
            Is that what you call success?
            Is that the kind of journey you wish for our dear Iwuala?!

            All over the place journey man.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Oga….are goals and assists not what combines to be “goal contributions”…?? LMAO. So what have you said differently from what I have said now…..? 11 goals and 14 assists in 51 games in 2 years…how is that different from 25 goal contributions in 51 matches…..LMAO. Pls tell us how many goals and assists your 22 yr old media-hype product has provided in his 2 years at Enyimba….LMAO…or are they not both wingers….LMAO. Musa broke scoring records in NPFL as a winger while he was just a teenager, pls what is the record of your star boy…??….let me help you…44 matches, 3 goals, 2 assists……LMAO…..in ALL COMPETITONS….LMAO…from 2019 till date….LMAO. What a footballing wonder he is.

            Mr man, dont come here with sugar-coated lips to try to save face. If you have nothing against Musa, what is “…Pray make Musa even get club like Al Ahly…” supposed to mean

            Here you are advising Iwuala to go to Alhaly for $1m, rather than go to Eupen for $350k, but your shortsightedness and low level of reasoning hasn’t told you that he will (like sokari, Chikatara, Okpotu, orkuma, Ajayi) most likely stall in North Africa and never develop or add value any further whereas could within 2-3 seasons (like Moffi, Osimhen, Akinkunmi Amoo or Ndidi) grow from being a $350,000 Eupen player to one whom Dortmund or PSG or Athletico Madrid will be pleading with clubs to let go for $60m. I doubt if any player has EVER grown within 2-3 seasons in Alahly to worth $10m, if you know of any kindly let us know them…..LMAO. OR maybe its your conscience and your subconscious that is telling you deep inside of you that your boy is simply a product of media-hype that will not cut it in Europe even if he’s given a whole lifetime. Players who are worth their salt don’t get to Europe and struggle, they get to Europe and etch their names in the sands of European soccer soils.

            And pls dont even decieve yourself Iwuala will get invites to the SE playing for Alhaly……ask Junior Ajayi….LMAO. When we have wingers like Omo Mukairu, Abraham Marcus, Akinkunmi Amoo already making waves added to the already established ones like Samu, Kalu, Onyekuru them…..LMAO. Mr @jimmyball…stop daydreaming and put your time and energy to better use. Alhaly is not a place to 3 goals 2 assists @ 22 years of age kind of wingers. Iwuala will need to play out of his skin to feature regularly at Alahly…not to talk of playing in Europe

            Once again, instead of praying for Musa to get club like Alhaly, it is Alhaly we should pray for to get a player like Musa……the market value of Alhaly’s greatest ever export was about 3m. A clubless Musa at this moment is worth higher…..LMAO. Only people wey get sense go understand this message.

            Just as you advised @Akp up there, you too should please learn to talk with sense.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hahahahaha…@jimmyball, I knew you will resort to telling lies when you have been checkmated….LMAO. Pls copy and paste the link to your source that stated that Al-Nassr Cut Musa loose. Paste where you got the information “…he was paid off to walk away and free them of a humongous wage burden….”. I know you will start telling us to go and call Mike Idoko, Dominic Iorfa, David Mark and Ochidoma now…..LMAO

            Every credible media outlet out there including BBC and ESPN states Musa chose to cancel his contract by mutual consent because he wanted to return to Europe. Infact ESPN reported
            “””…Nigeria captain Ahmed Musa is leaving Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr because he wants to return to top-flight competition in Europe.Musa, 28, leaves the Riyadh club with two years remaining of the four-year contract he signed when he joined from Leicester City. HE TOLD ESPN THAT THE DEISION TO LEAVE WAS ENTIRELY HIS OWN BUT BOTH PARTIES HAD TO CPME TO AN AMICABLE, MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING.
            “I met with the club and requested that they should terminate my contract, and they were kind enough to agree to let me go,” Musa told ESPN….”””
            So pls @Oga Jimmyball…I use your real name beg you, pls post where you got you own info that “…they weighed his contribution against his wages and paid him off to cancel the contract…” …LMAO

            So according to you now a winger contributing 1 goal in every 2 matches is a bad return…..LMAO. So you mean Al-Nassry just woke up and decided to pay off a 1 goal contributor in every 2 games $600,000 X 24 months remaining of his contract…..LMAO. Oga…pls learn to talk with sense once again. If you have to tell lies pls tell lies with sense too….LMAO. No club will do something that stupid. Pay off $14.4m to a winger who contributed 25 goals over 51 games, won them a league and cup title and still played their last league match 7 days before then…..LMAO…??? Are you kidding yourself…??? LMAO.

            Unku…pls post the source of your info here let us read o….LMAO….bcos it seems to be more authentic than ESPN and BBC Or just do the honorable thing by apologizing for telling us white lies….LMAO

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