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REVEALED: Gernot Rohr Owed Six Months Salary By The NFF

REVEALED: Gernot Rohr Owed Six Months Salary By The NFF

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr has not been paid his wages by the Nigeria Football Federation for six months, Completesports.com reports.

Veteran sports journalist, Osasu Obayiwana broke the news on his Twitter handle on Friday.

The Super Eagles have also not been paid bonuses for the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying campaign.

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“Gernot Rohr, the @NGSuperEagles manager, is currently owed 6 months wages by @thenff. This also applies to the technical staff whose salaries he pays from his own wages,”Obayiwana tweeted.

“Meanwhile, the @NGSuperEagles players have not been paid any bonuses for the entire #AFCON2022 qualifying series.”

Rohr’s contract has been severally breached a number of times by the leadership of the NFF.

The Super Eagles will face the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon in a prestige friendly in Autria on June 4.

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  • I’m beginning to think that this is the only reason why the Nigeria Fuckery Federation has refused to let this man go.

    They’re looking for a white man whom they can owe and won’t say anything.

    Bunch of con men.

  • Eldridge Cleaver 4 weeks ago

    Ndi Rohr is a mechanic coach, Ndi Rohr is a PE teacher. Even mechanics and teachers deserve to be paid na. Ngwa Rohr is not good for Nigeria. She Na Alex Fergurson or Pep Guardiola una go owe 1 day salary. Haters United FC, where una dey? Somebody don mess.

    • Footballfanatic 4 weeks ago

      Rohr himself has no respect for himself why would you continually let this happen to you? Most white coaches would have quit and sued these irresponsible pigs that run our football but it seems Rohr is desperate to hang on to the job too. 6 months?! NFF you guys are bastards. Expect no amazing result despite the talent we have and you know the reason for that. No pay for the whole qualifying series? These people are heartless.

    • Jide Dola 4 weeks ago


  • Rhor is on this job not for the money…he just wants to be associated with the name and brand that follows Nigerian football afterall he has made enough money in his playing and coaching days so he can’t die a poor man…I also think he sees Glory and talent in this team and wants to use it to rewrite football history….IF NOT NIGERIA NO BE AM AT ALL…yeye people

    • Footballfanatic 4 weeks ago

      You are very right bro….. who does this? 6 months without pay. Rohr has my respect for staying but again I will wait for other outlets to confirm it. Obayiuwana is controversial and has a history of stirring things up but I may be wrong on this one because the NFF are synonymous with such issues.

  • pompei 4 weeks ago

    The man they say must win Afcon 2021 or get sacked, has not been paid for the past 6 months.
    When it comes to making demands, they will demand an arm and a leg. But fulfill their own side of the contract, for where.
    Fortunately, Rohr is chasing a legacy, not money. He would have been justified if he had quit and sued for breach of contract. But he has stayed behind and continues working.

    • JimmyBall 4 weeks ago

      … It’s Nigerians saying he has to win AFCON, nothing concern fans and his struggles with NFF poor attitude towards his emoluments being paid timely or untimely… his contract should sort that out with NFF…

      • pompei 4 weeks ago

        And who is representing Nigerians? Is it not the NFF?
        So your point is, whether Rohr gets paid his salary or not, e no concern you. All you want is the Afcon trophy. Right? At your job or place of business, will you lift a single finger without compensation?
        Does it not speak to the man’s character and commitment to the cause that he has continued to work without complaining for the past 6 months, WITHOUT HIS SALARY?
        Perhaps we should go and bring Guardiola, or Klopp or Ancelotti, let us see if those ones will tolerate this nonsense.

        • JimmyBall 4 weeks ago

          But when Sunday Oliseh could not take it anymore and left, some continue to label him as having absconded because he sensed a likely failure to qualify for AFCON 2017 in the race with Egypt in same group… Was he bashed because he was one of our own, a local coach? I think Rohr’s recurring salary situation is not new with this set of NFF chiefs…

          • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

            Oga make we hear word. Oliseh ran away after damaging the team beyond recognition and seeing doomsday ahead…not just because of salaries. I bet you if we were on course to qualify for 2017 afcon, If his efforts were yielding any fruits or had any prospects like Rohr’s team the dude would have stayed back. Oliseh was the final drill that sank us in no 70 on fifa rankings.

            When you fight with everyone…your players, your assistants, your employers, the media, even the fans (I can never forget him calling us insane….who the hell is he), why wont life be hard for you. He even brought up a useless, idiotic story of juju being used against him as cover-up…..LMAO. Nonsense. They have been looking for ways to oust Rohr for almost 2 yrs now why haven’t they used juju on him or why has juju not affected Rohr too…..LMAO. Maybe juju nor der catch oyinbo

            Is it not under the same conditions Rohr is working and yet there is tranquility in the team, we are rising on the FIFA ladder, we are getting results and even qualifying for tournaments with games to spare….???

            May Oliseh’s tenure never repeat itself in our national team ever again….even Swaziland and Tanzania hard us to beat under Oliseh….LMAO. We were ranked 43rd when he took over, oversabi dragged us to 63rd position and ran away…LMAO…just between June 2015 to February 2016 o….LMAO…just 8 months…LMAO.

            He was lucky he ran away otherwise his sack letter wouldnt have be typed on a paper….it would have been carved on stones like the 10 commandments…..LMAO

  • Mr Hush 4 weeks ago

    Why am I not surprised?
    When you have a bunch of self serving endemic debtors ; this kind of news would be consistent.

    Nigeria. A country filled with the right kind of machinery to be successful in all aspect of life but led by the most incompetent and corrupt bunch that have no clue. They couldn’t find the screwdriver even when sitting on a toolbox.


    • Machaveli 4 weeks ago

      ‘They can’t find a screwdriver even when sitting on a tool box’

      Aptly described.

  • Shuma 4 weeks ago

    This is not surprising, this happens all the time. Get a native coach, the coach is corrupted, laundering money and around match fixing. Get an outsider or European coach, they don’t get paid and they end up leaving. Did that happen with the Nigeria women’s team? This is Nigeria, they never change

  • Ako AMADI 4 weeks ago

    Only a soccer coach of poor credentials will continue to work for 6 months without pay. Rohr condones slavery.

    • Jide Dola 4 weeks ago

      May be we should hire your indigenous coach with great credential. The ones that have won AFCON 2 times, and those that have won champions league one apiece, if they will not get there salaries from the player, that is if they can stay two months without payment. Bonfrere Joe faced the same issue with NFF, another coach with low credential you may say buh at the end of it all he won Atlanta Olympic we are all celebrating till today

  • JimmyBall 4 weeks ago

    Rohr knows his employers and is not complaining… Why are fans taking panadol for his headache. We don’t even know if the continuously recurring situation of being owed is subtly partly understood by him as a possible scenario before he signs his contracts…

    • Mr Hush 4 weeks ago

      Hopefully the news isn’t true…

      But the point is NFF represents Nigeria; you and I; and if they are perennial debtors, they misrepresent us as a nation and a people. They soil our name; yours ,mine and ours. It is not just about Rohr.
      Rohr would leave. Amaju and his incompetent cronies would as well;
      but our name Nigeria would be place side by side with indebtedness and failed promises due to their precedent. We don’t want that. Even if this as been the story for years, it doesnt make it right. Bad is bad. Fair is fair.

      And this is not all about Rohr. The players as well. They are been owed their dues for months. Atleast we can take panadol, paracetamol and even fansidar! for our gallant Super Eagles, Who are honestly putting in the shift and deserve their pay. Last I checked,they are Nigerians like you and I. Like I said, unless you are not Nigerian, then this shouldn’t bother you.

  • It is high time we reached out to Okocha and beg him to come and run NFF. I believe deep down, that he will do well.
    To be candid, most of the people who jostle for the position of NFF chairmanship……are being attracted and motivated by money. Some of these people want to be senators, but it is far fetched for them…..so they hustle for NFF chairman. Most of the people running NFF now, had little or even nothing………but now, they have so much.
    Sincerely I believe that if NFF wants to pay Rohr and the players before the end of this week, they can. But corruption wouldn’t allow that

  • JimmyBall 4 weeks ago

    It must not be Okocha… He has not even started from his home front of Delta State. Amaju Pinnick did a good job in Delta State FA before he became NFF Chairman. It’s just hard to know why he has assumed a new low in football mgt… But however, that one was a good footballer does not mean he will be a good football administrator… But if Okocha showed his interest, it will be welcomed!

  • @jimmyball say what you know and can vouch for… Okocha is the immediate past Delta fa chairman and did a yeoman’s job until the politicians used their politicking to get him turned off and he stepped aside a year to the end of his tenure thereby leaving Ikpeba and illeayonsi to finish the term on acting capacity b4 the election that ushered in chikelue Illeayonsi as new chairman

  • Omo9ja 4 weeks ago

    I am not surprised at all but it is a shame if NFF doesn’t know.

    What do we expect from a former politician?

    This is why I kicked against those who were celebrating Mr. Amaju Pinnick on his new FIFA role. CSN was included too.

    How could Nigeria celebrated such a leader while CAF kicked him out of his office?

    CSN is part of the problem because they celebrated the man called Amaju Pinnick.

    A leader of any organization have to play his role.

    Nobody should be treated like this. Oh well, it is Oga Rohr choice though. He likes to work for free I think.

    Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr has not been paid his wages for six months. Really?

    It is well. Anything can happen in Nigeria. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

    Really, is this news..??? This is not news….not anymore. It been a yearly ritual from 2017 till date. The man gets owed 3-6 months pay annually. What will be news this time around is if its only Just 6 months he is really owed. If the SE players were just getting their 2019 AFCON emoluments few weeks ago, I bet the coach(es) havn’t received a dime for more than a year.

    Ngwa…Ndi Rohr is getting preferential treatment compared to local coaches…Ndi Rohr has never been owed a penny even for a single day…Ndi Rohr is getting results simply because has a better working environment than his predecessors….Lair Utd them….Pls come and give us more whataboutries o…..LMAO

    Players are owed 1 year bonuses(entire 2021 AFCON qualification bonuses are still owed) currently….coaches are owed close to that too and we think we are justified to demand 2021 AFCON trophy from the team…..LMAO…..I dey laff.

  • Speechless

  • Speechless

  • Sugar Daddy 4 weeks ago

    I guess this is not true…Please NFF let this not be true…

  • Edoman 4 weeks ago

    I don’t think the write up of this story is factual. It was highly publicized in about 2 or 3 months ago that Rohr was paid 40 million naira with all his assistants separately. even the Bonuses were said to have been paid to all the Players that took part in Egypt Afcon. This writer is highly suspect. This could be a matter of calling a dog a bad name in other to hang it. Amaju and his management team are not the worst
    Administrator we ever had. The corvid 19 have had a terrible bad effect on football Games everywhere and Nigeria is not immune from this effect. Most of the Donors have closed doors during this periods. Lets refrain from calling anybody names at this time, please.

    • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

      Widely publisized….??! I must have missed it. Can you kindly share a link to the news pls. I think we all deserve to know which of the two ends of the story is factual.

  • Ako AMADI 4 weeks ago

    Anybody who owes workers their salaries csnnot get the best out of them. That is why Nigeria will keep underachieving in football.