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Amusan Cleared To Compete At World Athletics Championships

Amusan Cleared To Compete At World Athletics Championships

Reigning World 100m hurdles champion and record holder, Tobi Amusan, has been cleared to compete at the World Athletics Championships which start this Saturday in Budapest, Hungary.

The 26 year old had been charged with three whereabouts failures, an anti-doping rule violation for missing three out of competition tests within a 12 month period and the Nigerian had contested the charge.

News out of Budapest from Athletics Federation of Nigerian says the World 100m hurdles record holder has been cleared and will now travel to Budapest to defend the historic gold medal she won last year at the 18th edition of the Championships.

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Amusan now has the chance to defend the only title she has not defended in her career after the successful defence of her Nigeria, African Championships, African Games, Commonwealth Games and Diamond League titles.

It was gathered that the tribunal of three arbitrators exonerated Amusan from two out of the three tests after the Nigerian argued that the tester did not do enough from locating her.

Interestingly, Amusan had insisted that she was not a drug cheat.

“I am a clean athlete and I am regularly; (may be more than the usual) tested by the AIU – I was tested within days of my third ‘missed test.

“I have faith that this will be resolved in my favour and that I will be competing at the World Championships in August,” Amusan wrote last month on her Facebook page.

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  • Cheering news! I’ve been waiting for this. Thank God! Now, Tobi, go prove to all your haters that you are simply the best whether in adversity or not.
    You are our surest hope for gold. I know it won’t be easy with what you have gone through, but the never-say-die spirit of the average Nigerian will spur you to victory at the world champioship.
    Go on Tobi, make me share tears of joy as the our national anthem is played once again at the international stage.
    God bless you Tobi Amusan!
    God bless Nigeria!

  • Steve O 8 months ago

    You sound very demented, only curse full your mouth, why dem no go course you !!?

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 8 months ago

    U don’t know ur people. If someone is down they wil thread and trek on the person.. if ur enemy see ur glory ahead they will want to stop it . Thank God she was cleared.. at least 2024 is sure now .. see how dey stop siasia they already knew he can win something for the country hence the ban . oyinbo too dey do this in anticipation of future losses abi see how France etc defrauding Niger and dey even wat to use their neighbors to surpress them .. because of resources..

  • emem patty 8 months ago

    I am so happy so read that she has been cleared. God is great. She was very sure of herself and knew that she did not do anything wrong. God will disgrac and destroy everyone that has or are still ganging up against one of the view things that is giving us joy in this country.

  • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

    Hahahaha…..some dogs are only good at barking at shadows, like those local dogs that eat shit in the village….LMAOoo… when they see a real intruder they are the first to run away squiming like a sinking canary.

    As far back as 20 years ago, English star player rio ferdinand got an 8 months ban for missing drug tests, over 8 years ago another british star athlete Mo Farah also got punished for missing drug tests. As we speak, 5 british athletes are also undergoing investigation for the same offence.

    Illiteracy indeed is a disease. The best was to hide anything from a black man is to hide it in a book.

    Missing tests is as old as sports itself and that is why there has been rules to warn against it, and penalties for those who cannot prove their innocence.

    AIU has suddenly become racist because they are implementing a rule and procedures that have been in existence probably before Tóbi was born….LMAOoo.
    Wether you are clean or unclean, if you miss up to 3 tests in 1 year you will be called to question to come and defend yourself with your full rights to fair hearing. It’s nothing but common sense. It’s not but standard procedure.

    The last time I checked, NOBODY on the surface of this earth ever accused Amusan of doing drugs, the charge brought against are has been that of missing tests mandate by the relevant governing bodies….LMAOoo….which now after investigation and fair hearing has been found to be true but worthy of being absolved of 2 out of 3 occasions, meaning technically, only 1 was indeed her fault and not worthy of further sanctions.

    Tóbi will not be the first to be summoned, and she will definitely not be the last.

    But when you are raised in a jungle, where anything goes, where anyhowness reigns, and a few people make you believe you are a human being and not an Animal because you can put two foreign words together to form a sentence, you will see such standard procedures as Racism…LMAOoo….as if Tóbi is the first black person to be at the top of world athletics pyramid.

    When they saw that racism allegations will not fly, they switched it to her nationality as if she’s going to be the first elite athlete to have come out of Nigeria….or as if only athletes from these parts are the only ones to have ever been so sanctioned for such violations…..LMAOoo

    Same people cannot carry out the simple arithmetics of adding up the number of second wasted in treating 3 injured players on the pitch to the number of seconds wasted on celebrating 3 goals scored in that half, and substituting 7 players to make 11 minutes of injury time….LMAOoo…to them, all that is also racism…LMAOoo.

    And these are the people who want to be taken seriously by people of other races and creeds….LMAOoo. These are the people who want to emancipate the black race…..LMAOoo.

    I’ll rather give up the outer layers of my skin than be led by such dumb dullards…LMAOoo

    Sometimes, all that one needs to do is to type the subject matter on Mr Google’s chest to read 10000000000001 results about it…..rather than crying blue murder when a simple standard guideline is implement.

    Again illiteracy is indeed a disease.

    Even in the year 2023, its still apparent that the best way to hide anything from a black fool is to hide it in a book. I have to be specific on what type of “blackman” there, because it would be a great disservice to the black race to just lump everyone in the same box as some who can neither do simple arithemetics nor ask google “why to know why” in line with the admonitions of the great philosopher Socrates….LMAOoo.

    The blackman has achieved too much intellectually to be seen in the light of persons who cannot do what a simple abacus has been doing since 45000 BC….LMAOoo

  • Chima E Samuels 8 months ago

    Whatever I just hope they’ve not succeeded in killing her form build up to the championship. I was very sure AIU and IAAF wouldn’t get away with this even though they use to.

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