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Belgium: Onuachu Scores Goal No 19 For Genk

Belgium:  Onuachu Scores Goal No 19 For Genk

Paul Onuachu was on target as Genk suffered a 2-1 away defeat against Kortrijk in their Belgian Pro League clash on Saturday, reports Completesports.com.

Pape Habib Gueye opened scoring for Kortrijk in the 23rd minute.

Onuachu equalised for Genk four minutes before the break.

The home team netted the winning goal through Gueye in the 54th minute.

Onuachu has scored 19 goals in 19 league appearances for Genk this season.

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  • JimmyBall 5 months ago

    Paulo carry go… I know one e-analyst on CSN Naija football fan forum who says whenever you start game for Super Eagles that Nigeria’s attack go to sleep, and when you don’t start but get in by substitution that the whole Super Eagles attack collapses… hahaha. Those viewing centre Mourinhos are now having nightmares because they have to scratch their head to think of new lines to contort and defend their jaundiced opinions about your talent… as the silent assassin that your are, you are just murdering all their pull-down intents. Instead of admitting they have a Physical Education Crab-style football pattern coach… instead of questioning this thin-god of a coach they elected for themselves they turn their confused unconditional but misplaced love for their thin-god further into obsession blinding them of reason that stats don’t lie in football. You keep winning Paulo, meanwhile the low-budget Berti Voghts of a coach we have continues in his all-too-familiar alias of never winning anything in an almost life-long career as a coach. Paulo… We who know your worth will continue to bring these loyal blind slaves back to reality from their celestial worship of their thin-god. Hahaha… all hail the new goal’s king Paulinho Fenominon Onuachinho. Lol… One love to all true supporters of Nigerian football.

    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      Hahahahaha…it is Rohr that will teach Paulo how to trap ball in the national team….LMAO. If he like make e go score goal for jupiter…..if he does not improve his game in the national team he go chop bench taya. Maybe na Okpotu and Ajayi we go call to even replace am….afterall Ajayi is better than Iheancho, onuachu and Dessers combined….so says a fake ex footballer whose name you can never find on the roll of any club past or present….LMAO

      • James Idoko Idoko 5 months ago

        @Dr.Drey… I like your comment because it is funny. By the time Ajayi come back from injury to lead Al-Ahly to new heights in March, and very soon wey Bayer Leverkusen go sign Peter Olayinka, Dr.Drey will just relocate to Namibia leave us true fans for CSN in peace… lol, because the hypertension will be too much… Hahaha!

        • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

          Hahahahaha…you don change your username again….??? Your other mane don tell too many lies today sotey shame dey catch you…??? ehn…? Mr Ajayi is better than Onuachu, Dessers and Iheanacho conmbined….LMAO…..the only player I can collect his autograph….LMAO. That is why your thinking too is so mediocre…..LMAO.
          Ajayi wey Pitso Mosimane dey plan to offload to pave way for the signing of Gaston Sorino and Themba Zwane from his former team….better support strikers wey dey hit double figures of assists in one season instead of that north african flop….LMAO.
          Make olayinka sign for Bayer Leverkusen, all of us go happy….make he go test himself to beta league. At least you nor go come dey blow big lies for us here on CSN again say you train with olayinka wen he dey primary school…we go dey watch am every week

          • JimmyBall 5 months ago

            It was a mistake… as my email address is my names. There is a memory cache on my phone so it imputed part of my email. What’s there to lie about… If you want to see my picture I will upload there is nothing to lie. I told you I am from Benue and related to Coach Bernard Ogbe so you should know an Idoma name. When you see one… I don’t use multiple IDs you should know my writeups when you see one. It always has row of points (…) and you know my tone. What is the lie there when one has to post with email address… I just told you what happened.

          • JimmyBall 5 months ago

            Let pitso go and sign those SA agidi players wey no good. Aferall we know how SA people hate us with xenophobia… The coach Wan use SA players wey no the get talent for Al-Ahly because Egyptians know say SA boys no thick for football. If na Rugby we won’t argue with them… Hahaha! Kai but Drey Ajayi matter the pain you. I will send his Autograph don’t worry… Junior carry go. Man wey the ball for best club of the century for African… no be beans.

          • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

            Hahahahaha….talk about being caught red-handed with hands in the cookie jar. Abeg who ask you for super story, abi where you see police for here wey u dey make statement…??? You for deny na…..you for deny say no be you….LMAO. True confession…..LMAO.
            Na Bernard Ogbe you relate to again today…? You nor relate to Godwin Uwua or Evans Ogenyi or Timothy Anjembe too? It seems every popular name in Benue football is either some people’s relative, their ex-teammate or someone they trained with in 2003….LMAO

        • Obidee 5 months ago

          Funny Guy’s if not bcoz of anything he Paul is bn refer to as Nigeria international leading the top goals scorer in Europe. it creates awareness in football scene internationally so pls let’s give guy some credits.his Name is bn mentioned week to week in football ⚽ scene

          • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

            Of course @Obidee, we sincerely applaud him for what he is achieving for himself in Genk this season. This time last year, Dessers’ name was what was on everybody’s mouth on this forum, but Paul has succeeded in keeping Dessers on the bench with this banner performance he is having this season. He’s virtually the most prolific african in europe at the moment so 100% credit to him for that…but hey….if still a fact he has been awful in the national team if not outright useless. I am still waiting for a day he will successful control a ball and release a team mate in the SE…..not even scoring or assisting….just ball control and simple accurate pass….LMAO thats how awful he as been in the SE.
            Unfortunately and quite ironically for him…even with his 19 goals nobody will complain if Osimhen starts our next game(s) ahead of him in the SE….not even our no 1 story teller and cosnpiracy theorist @jimmyballuuu…..LMAO

    • JimmyBall 5 months ago

      @Dr.Drey… I like your comment because it is funny. By the time Ajayi come back from injury to lead Al-Ahly to new heights in March, and very soon wey Bayer Leverkusen go sign Peter Olayinka, Dr.Drey will just relocate to Namibia leave us true fans for CSN in peace… lol, because the hypertension will be too much… Hahaha!

      • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

        Hehehehehehe…..God don dey catch dem small small o….we don dey see people wey dey use multiple identities for CSN….LMAO. Na so una go dey use una hand expose unasef one by one….LMAO.

        But bros…you sabi lie…? Ah.! You fit lie make devil give in life to christ…..aha..?! I doff hat give you. Even if we nor respect your anylses we repest the king big big lies wey you dey blo for this forum

  • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

    “Onuachu is useless”…… “Onuachu is senseless”… “Onuachu is indisciplined”…. “Onuachu only scores PENARITY”… “Onuachu should beg his village people”… “Onuachu cannot even win for his team” …”Who is Onuachu for Rohr to change super Eagles style of play for”….

    “Onuachu dis, Onuachu dat….”…”O Onuachu why?…. “Why do you have to keep scoring just to put e-diots in their place, why?… Why na?… It is not good o!”…. LMAO

    People wey go get bad dream tonight because of your 19th goal dey very few, but because CSN allows all the Amaju and Rohr house boys use different IDs to comment, e come be like say dem plenty, na lie o. Ignore them. You are blessed. No one can dull your shine. Rohr that cannot even spell TALENT even with expo.

    May your goals kill dem all with headache.

    • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

      Hahahahaha…make in goals for Belgium go improve SE fifa ranking na… LMAO. E sure die say wen he still come SE to trap ball go still hard am, maybe na concrete dem use do the ball wey dem dey play for SE…..LMAO. If e like make he score 77 goals this season for Genk, he go still come wash boot and jersey for Osimhen and Awoniyi for SE…..LMAO

      Progressive Regressive wey dey theif identity of superstar analyst Dr. Drey to get quick attention. Keep on deceiving yourself and improving my visibility and brand name on this forum….LMAO. You are doing really well….LMAO. The problem just be say everybody knows the difference btwn the real and fake……your stupidity reeks from miles away….LMAO.

      • JimmyBall 5 months ago

        @Dr.Drey… Very funny guy. Hahaha… You are now hailing Awoniyi who you have on several occasions labelled a journeyman footballer without a base or home. Success sure really has lots of friends… Oboy eh!

        • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

          Yes o…..any player that is up and doing and performing in his club, especially in the top 5 leagues, will be canvassed for to be called into the national team.
          We dont want strikers who are stuck in north africa, yet so useless as top strikers that their teams will convert them to support strikers, and useless still and then attacking midfielder (according to their agent) and will still be useless to the point when agents will start making silly excuses for them that they had “ankle injury”

          • JimmyBall 5 months ago

            when you are good even your detractors will pray for you… @Dr.Drey has given me a new portfolio as player agent… God be praised. Soon we shall be agents for Coaches too… living in Germany and close to Gernot Rohr home city of Mannheim, I may just broker his next contract in Seychelles when NFF finally come off the testicle-grip that his contract has held their balls… lol.

          • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

            Ofcourse….you deserve that portfolio. Anybody who is good at telling lies, making excuses for awful performances on the pitch of play, cooking up stories of things that never exist, hyping mediocrity, telling us a striker can also play as a defensive midfielder or that his left winger player can also play as a goal keeper (when they’ve NEVER played such positions before) and trying to pull other players down so that his favored player can rise deserves such a portfolio. Otherwise, what else do player agents do….? But unfortunately for you, so long as we dont have local coaches at the helms of our National team, none…not one of your mediocre players will even smell SE jersey….not even the ones made in Aba.

            Anthony Uja suffered from stage fright vs TAHITI…..TAHITI of all countries……Inside a half empty stadium…..LMAO.

          • Dr. Drey 5 months ago

            Stop impersonating me yeye impostor.

  • Marvelous 5 months ago

    Football is not all about kicking a ball into a net. Genk has reduce onaochu to a player who waits to kick a ball into a net. That is why osimhen is better. If Mr O plays in a league with solid and experience defenders he won’t score a single goal because he will be bullied up and down for good 90 minutes. He can’t even try that in English championship. Scoring in Genk is good but I will love to see him in a more challenging environment at least English championship.I wish him all the best, I just wish he was scoring for SE.

  • Scoring one milion goals in Belgium doesn’t mean u are more lethal than Osimhen get that fact pls.

    We once had one Joseph Akpala that was scoring for fun in that fisher men league but never transform it to the national team.
    So it’s not a new thing to us.

    We need strikers that CAF/FIFA would recorgnise & honor him. Not a one milion star in fisher men league that can’t break into africa XI.

    Are u pple not ashame of yourselves?
    Claiming he conquered DENMARK & now he’s conquering BELGIUM & yet Nigeria don’t have a single player being norminated for african best player of the year.

    Shame nor dey catch una for this forum to open mouth dey hype players that can’t even loose MANE’S, SALAH’S AUBA’S, PEPE’S, MAHREZ, KOULIBALLY’S shoe lace?

    Are these ones not from african coutries?

    I would rather remain muted than promote an unrecorgnise below average Nigerian players.

    As good as they are(as u pple claim), how many of them can BARCA, MADRID, CHELSEA, LIVERPOOL, MAN UTD, MAN CITY, JUVE, ATM, PSG cash in for?

    Tiv man would say “LUBBISH”

    • I partially disagree with you. The people you mentioned once had years they were not recognized too. Players like ndidi, oshimen, chukwueze are moving towards that level. So let’s stop talking down on what we have.

  • Your disagreeing doesn’t change the fact that all our present crop of players are just average which are only super stars in the eyes of their assleakers whereas, the world sees them as nobody in world football….
    Take it or leave it….

    • Mr Hush 5 months ago

      @ UBFE

      Why I do agree with you that most of our talented stars are average to good, but the question would arise; how many “Quality” does the world of football possess?
      We got just about 211 member states associated to Fifa, how many off those national teams have got players beyond average to good?
      Quality is never flocked around.
      I could go through the list of all national teams and I assure you,most would not even have the calibre of our supposed “average” players not to talk about the kind of quality you think we should possess.
      Quality right here is all contextual. So if we have these calibre of good players we posses right now, I think we should be proud. Little by little makes a lot.
      But I digress;

      The fact that you claim that Nigeria has no quality in the calibre of the likes of Aubameyang,Mane, Koulibaly , Salah, Mahrez and Pepe; is with all due respect, flawed, and at best, myopic.
      Ndidi is the one of the best in his position in the Premiership and I dare say the world. He has been the best tackler in the most recent seasons and is easily named dropped now and with the likes of Casemiro,Gueye,Zakaria,Partey,Kante,Caicedo and more recently,Bissouma of Brighton. In the world of football; these are the best DM as we speak.so give some respect to the quality,Ndidi.

      Furthermore, you seem to have forgotten that Osimhen is in the same club as Koulibaly; in fact he is the most expensive buy in their history and his all round play has proven how much quality he has and how much he has improved Napoli. Everyone knows that. So put some respect to Osimhen name.

      Pepe though good but…If Pepe is quality , then why not Iwobi or Lookman (hopefully the latter plays for us)? Both have been far more productive than the more than average Pepe this season.

      And though,we haven’t been fortunate to win the African footballer of the year for a while now but to categorically say we haven’t been nominated for while now is simply false. Mikel came second in 2013,Enyeama third in 2014,( these are as recent as 8yrs) and not forgotten most of our players have made the top 10 nominees in the recent nominations. Baring in mind that the same nominees for over a decade has relatively be the same old people making the shortlist, Aubameyang, Mane,Toure,Ayew, Musa, Moses,Salah, Mahrez, Mane,Koulibaly etc. Just to prove the point I stated earlier, that quality is limited and is never a Nigerian factor!

      So I think, we should be proud and honoured to have the kind of “quality” we possess. Decent players that can make us insist on winning the Afcon , take us to the world cup and dream of even getting to the world cup Semis. Yeah.. we are good.

  • _ Onuachu: the Super Eagles enigma _

    Super Eagles enigmatic center forward Paul Onuachu continues to confound critics with his ruthlessness in finding the back of the net in the Belgian league. His latest, a 41 minutes goal which was not enough to give his Genk victory against Kortrijk as the match ended 2:1 in favour of the hosts.

    But, that goal took Onuachu’s tally to a Hollywood type 19 goals in 19 games. At any level of football, scoring this amount of goals in same number of games is simply and utterly astonishing!

    The gripe for a number of Nigeria fans is that he doesn’t seem to replicate this sort of form for the Super Eagles leading to the conclusion (in some quarters) that Onuachu is either a 1 season wonder or he can only perform in average or even mediocre leagues.


    In February 2016, Onuachu scored a scintillating goal from just outside the 18 yard box against mighty Manchester United in the Europa League. The usually critical English media lauded Onuachu’s performance with Talksports writing: “Onuachu – who stands at 6ft 7in – came on after the hour mark and within seconds had forced Romero into another fantastic save from his towering header.
    But on 77 minutes the Nigerian striker fired into the back of the net.”

    Against Liverpool in the 2019 UEFA Champions League, the feedback of Onuachu’s performance was even more glittering. Encouraging Jurgen Klopp to sign Onuachu, rousingthekop.com wrote:

    “Genk’s Paul Onuachu, valued at just £5.4m by Transfermarkt, is the type of plan B Liverpool need. The 6 foot 7 inch Nigerian striker demonstrated strength, attacking intelligence and – the best cliche of them all – a great touch for a big man. Most importantly, Onuachu won aerial duels and held up the ball – with more deadly strikers around him, he could be leading target man”.

    These are professional and paid Pundits: those who monitor and write about players’ performances religiously.

    So, in Onuachu, we have a Centre Forward who has won critical acclaim in the Belgian and Danish leagues and in the prestigious Europa and UEFA Champions League competitions.

    Yet, the national team’s management set up struggles to find a way of harnessing Onuachu’s huge potentials for the Super Eagles.

    I just find it strange.

  • @Mr Hush….

    We’re all entitle to our opinion.

    I’m not surprise with the line you’re toeing bra, u rightly said u want to digress a little, but this isn’t my bone of contention.

    People pops up here to spew gabbages hence my aggitation.

    We all know the strength of our boys, they’re not yet there but we’re moving towards that direction. Let’s stop the hype & allow this boys to focus.

    My desire is to see our own crowned african footballer of the year.
    2ndly; i want to see atleast 3/4 Nigerian player in africa starting XI.
    Then my joy is full.

    Not hyping average pple that all their ambitions is to play for SE.

    Do u know how proud the EGYPTINAS, SENEGALESE, ALGERIANS, GABONESE feels when their own is crown african best?
    Go to super sport page on FACEBOOK & see how proud they are.

    Hyping has done a lot of harm to so many Nigerian player wich we all know and we can name them. Same thing is happening in England hence their players fizzles out so easilly.

    Let’s stop the hype ASAP.

  • @Mr Hush…..

    Since the departure of OKOCHA & Kanu, i’m always afraid when watching Nigerian players in their clubs.
    There’s this “fear of opponent” factor in our players hence they hardly holds the ball confidently (apart from CHUKWUEZE, OSIMHEN) just like what the likes of PEPE, MANE, MAHREZ, AUBA, SALAH, HAKIMI, ZIYECH, does in their respective clubs. Our boys are always afraid, trying to avoid blame bcos of the lack of confidence.

    Hyping them is not doing them any good.

    Okocah and Kanu would play and we watch them gallantly and confidently knowing very well that they won’t mess up. But our present crop of players make us watch them with fears in their respective clubs, praying they shouldn’t disgrace us & the country.

    Watch the way MAHREZ, MANE, SALAH, PEPE, ZIYECH, AUBA, HAKIMI holds the ball and play then compare it with the way our boys does their and spot out the difference….

    Let’s be sincere to ourselves biko.

    Try & understand my feelings bra…

    • JimmyBall 5 months ago

      Okocha and Kanu led us in 2006 WC qualifiers and Nigeria was kak. We. Could not even make to world cup. Nobody get magic for leg inside football field… @UBFE don’t be speaking as of with Kanu and Okocha we were very good in Africa… We never won anything only steady bronze.

      • FatherJP 5 months ago

        Very good answer to @UBFE who always writes as if he knows more than everyone.

        Last time I checked KANU was never a regular at Arsenal. Okocha for all the hype only played for PSG (biggest club of his career) and never led or played for any team to win any title throughout his career. So what’s the ‘confidence on the ball’ thing here?

        @ Deo; a prolific and seasoned unbiased writer (I love reading from him, Hush, Greenfront..I hope I got the name right) just culled some reports about Onuachu from Internationally acclaimed media.

        Enough said

    • Mr Hush 5 months ago



      Glad you mentioned Osimhen and Chukwueze “holding the ball confidently ” that means they are in the same ” quality level” as the Manes, Salahs,Mahrez,Pepe; according to your context.
      It means we don’t just have “average” players. We do have some “quality”.

      I do understand your point but you seem bit to have understood mine.
      Quality is always limited. It is not just a Nigerian thing.
      We can only cherish what we have and appreciate them. And no one is hyping. Just stating the obvious. Iwobi,Balogun,Awoniyi, Ndidi,Chukwueze,Okoye,heck,Onuachu; have all done relatively well this season. Football is all about productivity rather than just having “talent” . Hence why Evertonians are appreciating Iwobi this season and Gunner fans are close to labeling Pepe a flop.

      Even as it is, it is not individual quality that win tournaments but team work. Hence teams like Greece in 2004, Denmark in 92 and even Zambia; won tournaments with far less quality in their team.
      Glad you brought up Okocha and Kanu; both with their quality yet couldn’t win much for the national side. Winning silver and bronze,ironically, almost similar to this particular ” average” Eagles has won! Further butressing my point that these present players do need more respect than you are willing to give them.

      In as much as I want us to produce that world class player in the mode of Messi and Ronaldo,it would be cheeky of me not to understand that doesn’t happen often. I would rather pick a quality team of good to average footballers that gets the job done rather than an average team with star studded players that isn’t productive. Trust me,Aubameyang,sometimes wish be is not Gabonese( been sarcastic).
      On that premise; our boys are good.

      • Collins id 5 months ago

        @mr hush. Abeg my brother dont listen to those street raised poverty minded loosers and their followers, they will rather bring down everything good about us to hype their husband(g.rohr) imagine someone saying supereagles players cannot make use of the ball. To justify the failure of their rohr, so na okocha and kanu win 2013 afcon for us? Okocha and kanu couldnt score one goal in their three wcup appearances. Same set of idiots are quick to poknose into other peoples relivant opinions. Kalu before he lost form was a regular playmaker for boduer, even onyekuru was the main reason galatasary won the turkish league two seasons ago before rohr frustrated him, iwobi have 9 goals already for the super eagles at just 24, i doubt if okocha did that. Aribo is obviosly one of the best player in scotland league. Aina, saidu, ebuehi, balogun, aweziem, ndidi, ekong, ajayi. Akpos, are all one of, if not the best defenders in their respective clubs. And some one will come here to tell all us they are all average players comparing them to selected stars from defferent africa country as if its eagles vs africa 11,. People who are opportuned to buy a smart phone can easily stay in their rooms and call people average. Average kalu single handedly saved us in uyo against benin when our coach lack ideas, average chukueze osihmen and iwobi have together scored 8 goals in 2 qualifier matches while our pep guadiola rohr couldnt defend the lead even when there was no redcard or one man down, lubish, to coment here norbe by false, if our players are indeed average then why are you coming here to disguise as supereagles fan and spit rubbish about all our representatives even telling us to stop hyping our own, can you imagine the level of hypocrasy? Can you kindly go and support senegal and egypt i think they have their own forums.

  • Oga Deo this your write up sounds strange to me.

    Is it that the coach hasn’t invited ONUACHU?

    Is it that the coach hasn’t given ONUACHU enough playing time?

    Is it that the coach hasn’t ignored all those criticising his rationale in inviting ONUACHU?

    I yet to see a national team coach putting faith on a particular player like ROHR.
    (the case of IGHALO, BALOGUN, EZENWA, AKPEYI etc).

    Most of these players seize the opportunity.
    Why is the case of ONUACHU different?

    Did ROHR change his game plan for IGHALO to start scoring GOALS for SE?

    Did ROHR change his game plan for BALOGUN to rediscover his lost form?

    How about IWOBI at the world cup that flopped & couldn’t be utilise?
    Did Rohr Later change his game plan for him to rediscover his form?

    Then why are they advocating that Rohr should change his game plan for ONUACHU to start scoring goals for SE???

    Is he not a professional footballer???

    Can’t he adapt to systems and game plan?

    This are begging questions for @Omo9ja & his company to provide answers.

    • Dear UBFE,

      Between you and I, I don’t think this is the best time to criticize Paul Onuachu’s Super Eagles records.

      He is doing Nigeria proud in European football and this is something to be celebrated, something every Nigerian should be proud of (and not diminish). Scoring 19 goals out of 19 games in a top 10 league is sheer madness. Onuachu deserves all the attention and encomium coming his way.

      As far as his performances for the Super Eagles, do you know that he has only played more than 45 minutes in just 3 Super Eagles matches. Out of those games, he scored 1 goal and put himself about in the others in a manner that stood him out as a competent team player.

      In 5 out of his 9 caps for Nigeria thus far, Onuachu has played less than 25 minutes per match with 2 of these matches seeing him play a combined 7 minutes (2 minutes against Guinea and 5 minutes against Cameroon).

      Sometimes, it seems as if Onuachu had been accorded 90 minutes per game across 20 games for the Super Eagles!

      In fact, Onuachu has never had the fortune of playing a whole 90 minutes for Nigeria in any of his 9 caps.

      I don’t think Onuachu has been awful for Nigeria. I don’t think he has been phenomenal either. He is just finding his way. Perhaps slow and steady will help him in the long run for Nigeria.

      There were times when legendary Yekini and Ighalo were not overly profilic for Nigeria before finding their way.

      I don’t think Yekini scored any goal in the 1988 Afcon whilst Ighalo become most profilic for Nigeria after the 2018 world cup.

      If Onuachu can be effective in the Champions League and Europa League competitions and also in mainstream European leagues, that tells me that he sure knows how to find the back of the net.

      And not that he has never scored for Nigeria: in 1 of the 3 games where he played more that 30 minutes for the Super Eagles, he scored a screamer against Egypt and gave good accounts of himself.

      So, let’s celebrate Onuachu for the wonders he is performing in Europe and hope that one day, the conditions will be right for him to replicate such a form for the Super Eagles when called upon.

      • JimmyBall 5 months ago

        Thanks @Deo… Mature response. Let’s even be praying for Osimhen to find his goalscoring boots in Italy. It started out like some of those his team mates were deliberately trying not to pass balls to him, we saw it and Gattuso pointed to it that teammates should involve him… You don’t know all those white guys some who feel he does not deserve that fee can frustrate his form in Serie A? If Osimhen becomes hard-up for goals and subsequently confidence tomorrow don’t you think it will affect Super Eagles? We need to pray for Onuachu to be doing what he is doing and even more… We should be thankful. That guy is talented… Rohr needs to instruct wingers to release him on-time and cross… the reason I say Chukwueze and Moses Simon should be made to stop playing that inververted wings… Algeria has studied that and will clip our flanks any day… Let eagles start playing regular wing structure… The quality of crosses and cutbacks Onuachu gets in his club is top notch…let out guys emulate. We could also play 442 atimes and use Osimhen and Onuachu… 442 still works and England won’t ever drop it…

      • FatherJP 5 months ago

        I love to read from people who understand football like this dude!. By the way Yekini scored a goal at Maroc 88, but before then he was ‘hit and miss’ at Ivory Coast 84.

        I echoed your sentiments about 2 days or so here and received flaks from this same UBFE.

        I recalled saying a player who scores 14+ goals for 3 consecutive seasons with 2 teams in 2 different top 15 leagues deserves some respect. Its no fluke.

  • Ayphillydegreat 5 months ago

    Thank you @UBFE. I like your view regarding the level of our players. I’m glad Onuachu is scoring goals in Belgium, but the fact remains that we’ve had various players in the past scoring goals for fun in Belgium then couldn’t replicate it in the National team. The likes of Akpala you mentioned earlier, Onyekuru scored about 26 goals in one season for Eupen. I don’t think he has ever reached that level since. At a football age of 26 Onuachu has never been in the same class as Mane, Salah, Aubameyang and the likes. Obviously, his exploit in Belgium this season should attract potential suitors from the big leagues.

    If he can replicate this form in the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga. Ligue 1 or Liga NOS(Portuguese League). That is when I can truly evaluate his potential contributions to the SuperEagles. The fact remains that Onuachu do get his opportunities under Rohr and I’m certain he will still be invited in the future. However, if the likes of Awoniyi, Sadiq Umar or even Simy and Kayode get those opportunities and take them, then Onuachu should just forget about the SuperEagles. 

    The spine of the present SuperEagles are Ndidi, Osimhen, Iwobi, Chukwueze and possibly Kalu when fit. For now Ndidi is the only one worthy of comparison to other top DMs in the world. Osimhen is yet to establish himself in Serie A, Iwobi is still finding his feet at Everton, Chukwueze mostly plays as an impact sub for Villarreal and seems to be struggling to reach the height of his first season in Spain. While Kalu has struggled with injuries over the last two seasons. This are the true potentials we have in the current SuperEagles, but they are not there yet. Hopefully another year of valuable game time in their respective clubs and staying fit can help them achieve something in Cameroon and Qatar if we qualify. 

    Therefore, we should just stop with all these overhyping that we have world class players. That a world class Paul Lewandowski Onuachu is the next Messi Ronaldo that will take the SuperEagles to the next level only if they can cross the ball to his head all time. Lmao!!! Awoniyi and Osimhen were scoring goals for fun in Belgium. Prior to that they’ve both played and flopped in the Bundesliga. Today they’re the first name in their teams starting 11 when fit in a top five league. Onuachu has only played in Denmark before Belgium which are similar leagues in terms of competition. Let him go to a top five league and prove himself that he’s a top striker. 

  • daniel 5 months ago

    Paul onuachu should go to serial A or french league or Laliga. Belguim league no follow

  • Well said though i don’t have time to go through most of the reply i receive from my comment especially from the (@omo9ja progressive regressive company).

    What i hate most is when i present my feelings, opinion or suggestion devoid of insult or derogatory words but people start replying with insult.

    2ndly, i don’t like a situation where somebody picks my opinion and start disecting it to his own taste in the name of winning the what ever.

    When i mentioned Okocha & Kanu, i never relate them to the national team, i concentrated with their club side. I pointed out what the duo possessed wich our current crop of players lacks.

    But some pple who are striving to be the best commenter of the year in CSN (I WONDER WHAT CSN WANT TO GIVE THEM) pick it, disect it, and started digressing to telling me empty stories.
    Some even want to run down a legend (KANU/OKOCHA) bcos the duo supported Rohr’s stay.

    No matter how u want to run down OKOCHA/KANU it won’t affect me in any way bcos for the past 10 years we’re yet to produce a player in the mould of the duo.

    Apart from MIKEL, MOSES & NACHO mention any SE player that rub shoulder with big boys. (FORGET ABOUT IWOBI/AINA that played in ARSENAL/CHELSEA ACADEMY… I mean real Nigerian export).

    Okocha rubbed shoulder with the likes of POCHETINO, IVAN COMPO, RONALDINHO(former world best),,,, KANU’s; HENRY, VIERA, BERGHAM, PIRES, PETIT, CAMPBEL SOL, COLE et all…. These were big boys in football world….

    When last did FIFA shortlisted a nigerian player for men footballer of the year award?
    Aren’t u people ashame?

    Whoever want to run down our legend just to get recorgnition is doing it to his own detrimrent.

    Pls read and interprete it the way i present it else…

    • Count Of Monte Cristo 5 months ago

      Kanu and Okocha are legends. What Onuachu is doing in Belgium is also legendary.

  • Adewuyi Olaosenikan 5 months ago

    Paul Onuachu is a very good striker. He is doing well this season. I am glad.