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Benin Republic Vs Nigeria Live Blogging – 2026 WCQ: Group C Matchday 4

Benin Republic Vs Nigeria Live Blogging – 2026 WCQ: Group C Matchday 4

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of the 2026 WCQ – FIFA World Cup qualifier between the Squirrels of Benin Republic and Super Eagles of Nigeria at Felix Houphouet-Boigny Stadium, Abidjan.

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  • TOD_ 2 days ago

    Old national anthem lol

    • Deluchi 2 days ago

      Please where can I stream the match?

      • TOD_ 2 days ago

        But silver bird is showing it and wazobia

      • Respect is reciprocal 2 days ago


        • Sammy 2 days ago

          I don’t think I have ever typed on this platform before but I just have to say this. Finidi is a bum. His arrogance is leading him to the gallows. How on earth will a sane man trust Onuachu and Moffi over an incredible boniface. He lacks tactical acumen and only Enyimba is the best for him. I used to be a proponent of local coaches but I think that I have learnt my lesson the hard way. Chai! No 2026 world cup for Nigeria. Finidi you no do well at all. It also seems some of these players don’t know what is at stake to dorn the green white green. Except for Osimhen, I don’t think I have seen real passion from any other player. Maybe Iwobi sometimes. The others are bums… It is painful but NFF should be taught a lesson for mal-handling the beautiful super eagles we grew up knowing! Such a shame!

  • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 2 days ago

    So no line up from CSN? Hmm!

  • Respect is reciprocal 2 days ago

    Watch it live on plus.fifa.com

  • Arara Kumbie 2 days ago

    Nigeria will win today. Y’all can thank me later.

    • Jide Dola 2 days ago

      @Arara, thank you so much we’re already leading by 2 goals to 1 lollll

  • Moffi can play for one month without scoring for eagles. Well he runs around better than onuachu. I wish eagles all the best

    • Chudynak 2 days ago

      There is NO HUNGER in these players. Lackadaisical. Fire brigade

  • TOD_ 2 days ago

    Goal !!!

  • Unique 2 days ago

    Onyedika is a gooooooaal

  • Williams d conqueror 2 days ago

    Up Super Eagles!!!

  • Goal by onyedika. He just did what ndidi should add to his game. A shot from outside. If chukuwueze can become less selfish he will be great

  • Arara Kumbie 2 days ago

    Nigeria will score again. Y’all can thank me later

  • Respect is reciprocal 2 days ago

    Onyedika is proving to us that fringe players in super eagles are better than the over rated established players just like bashiru did. One player i want to see on the bench is Iwobi.we need players that can contribute to team’s success around. Bring in Yusuf and sniff off any space in the middle. Iwobi is only motion without movement that can protect the defense.

  • Central defence again. Did you see bassey and Ajayi blunder again in a two man defence. And how is Moffi doing today.

  • Footballfanatic 2 days ago

    Moffi and that defence needs to be fixed…….

  • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

    When I said after afcon that we were only keeping clean sheets because we were playing 7 men in defence, one street dog that lacks home training was calling me a narcissist because I am not a band wagoner like him.

    5th goal conceded in 4 games since afcon. Who has been vindicated now….?? LMAOOO

    • Kenneth 2 days ago

      Look at this son of bastard who was quiet during Afcon coming out to talk now. Yes you are a narcissist nothing will change.

      • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

        Hahahaha…idiot….you are no longer Johnson again….LMAOoo

        Useless coward…LMAOoo

        Can you Senseless brain now see that Dr.Drey was right as always…???

        Okponu Oshi.

        Go and check the comments on the live blogs of AFCON and see if I was quiet.

        Shameless Lying pig.

        PE teacher is leading your imbecile uncle ó…..LMAOoo

    • It’s not that. A team should play to the strength of players he has. With the present defenders we have, they can’t survive in a 433. Or 442 or 424.

      While 343 is too extreme. 352 is more like it.

  • Boastful and unwise Finidi will surely his lessons but it ll be at a disadvantage to Nigeria.

  • Footballfanatic 2 days ago

    Is Semi Ajayi really the best we can offer in central defence all over all the leagues in Europe? We need to start searching earnestly

  • Johnson 2 days ago

    Useless players. Hope una dey enjoy una European rejects. So whats has Moffi done far. Is he better than Onuachu. You have lazy lookman trying to dribble everyone. Finidi just needs to send some players packing

    • King S 2 days ago

      You are stupid. Lookman has been good so far. They were not passing to him.

  • Footballfanatic 2 days ago

    I am seeing a 4th draw in 4 games if these players don’t play like they want to die on the field….

  • Respect is reciprocal 2 days ago

    Moffi is same with Onuachu . He is not a fighter , too calm as a striker .After Osimein and Awo dont think we have any striker. Boniface has not been tested so i can’t say much about him.
    Take away Iwobi he is another minus one

  • Footballfanatic 2 days ago

    Useless Moffi lost the best chance against SA and has lost 2 chances now

  • Onwajunior 2 days ago

    Told you guys… Rohr will qualify Benin!!! He is a specialist

  • Footballfanatic 2 days ago

    Tosin Aiyegun was brought on to bring speed to that team after Rohr spotted the loophole…. We are out of the WC

  • Michael 2 days ago

    You guys will still know that Rhor is not your mate

  • Jaybee 2 days ago

    scored a goal and went to sleep.
    shame on these guys

  • Respect is reciprocal 2 days ago

    Just like i said Iwobi was supposed to mark the scorer of that goal . Remove him .we need to be realistic that some of these players are not adding anything

    • Ola Original 2 days ago

      Oga, stop the hate and face the truth. Iwobi and Lookman are the only stand out we have in the last 2 matches. Where are the defenders? They all packed themselves in one corner

  • Kenneth 2 days ago

    Bring this bring that how far have they gotten us. Is it finidi that will enter field to score. Bunch of over rated players. Abeg finidi clear this team. A lot of them need to go

    • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

      We will firdt clear you imbecile uncle before we clear the players…LMAOoo

      Hahahaha…shameless idiot….from Johnson you have turned to Kenneth again….repeating the same trash you vommitted.

      Stay in one place lets know which of your IDs we will give to thunder to fire….LMAOoo.

      Same players ordinary PE teacher was using to make qualification as easy as drinking water….your incompetent unqualified uncle cannot use properly.

      • Kenneth 2 days ago

        YES HE IS STILL A PE teacher. I know very well some players are their to sabotage finidi. He just needs to put his foot down. Some players need to vacate this team simple. They have over stayed.

        • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

          Hahahah shameless lying pig.

          Show us proof that players are sabptagimg your fellow Senseless uncle….LMAOoo

          The lazy worker will always blame his tool.

          Continue to bite trees like a cheap dog that you are ehn…LMAOoo

          Òde Arindin omo

    • MuYiwa 2 days ago

      Na now u no say they are overrated players. But they were all super world class players when Rohr was around. The guy must truly be a magician.

    • Onwajunior 2 days ago

      Are you serious Kenneth? Anything to defend Finidi?

      • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

        Finidi is his family member…the same family producing imbeciles for the nation….LMAOoo.

        That’s why he’s been biting everybody all over the place with his stupidity like a rabied dog…LMAOoo

  • Arara Kumbie 2 days ago

    Okokorio!!!! Benin don score another one o. All these narcissistic people will enjoy themselves.

  • Mr Hush 2 days ago

    Oh.. did I mention Finidi is daft?

    He just doesn’t learn. Arrogant.

  • Dennis 2 days ago

    Omo9ja and jimmyball, where are you guys? See what Rohr is doing to our own. I really hope we win and qualify 

  • Footballfanatic 2 days ago

    10 African countries for WC and Nigeria won’t be a part lmaoooo

  • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 2 days ago

    In Nigeria they will not even recognise a talent like Tosin Aiyegbu who is now repping Benin but they will be leading with Iwobi – shebi una eye don dey clear smal small abi? LOOL!

    Yeye country!

    Watch – this game will end like 4 -1 to Benin! Useless country, useless Finidi! Rubbish!!

    That yeye Monkey tell una yesterday that Rohr and his boys are coming to win but that ogogoro gorimapa donkey is sitting there with his bald head saying they know how to beat Benin – kkkkkkkk, Laughing in swahili oo! loool!

    Oya, second half nko? how many them wan chop? Today is today, breeze must blow fowl yash go open.hehehehe

    Una go hear wwen!

    • Arara Kumbie 2 days ago

      Nigeria will win the game. You can thank me later

  • Golden Child 2 days ago

    Moffi,onuachu have no business in this team. Semi Ajayi is hopeless.

  • You see when you get it wrong at the invitation level you have lost something. The unwise and arrogant finidi got it wrong with his decisions but some people just want to be patriotic.

    Have you observed how Osayi always try to turn to his right leg. This does help the flow of the game.

    Sending out invitation and thinking of using Osayi on the left shows he is clueless

    Now I hope Moffi can rest and let’s the unfit Boniface. Let him us his unfit to play.

  • Benin playing with intent, including corner kicks. Nigeria waiting on luck with no striker. Blunt forward line. Iwobi playing like he just woke up from sleep. Ndidi misplacing passes, no leadership skills like Ekong or Mikel.

    • Jide Dola 2 days ago

      With which pattern of play are they going to be effective. You can not stand in one position and be passing and expect any reasonable thing. Can’t you see this team is disjointed, no organisation and no clue on how to brake opponent defence. If any of the players hold the ball , his team mates are miles away with others standing outside the box.

      And come to think of it, why should any one pledge allegiance to this country when you have opportunity to play for a well organized nation

  • Ola Original 2 days ago

    When we tell you people that no indigenous coach is good enough to handle eagles, you all are whining. Hope you are happy now. So Tanimu is better than Ekong and Aina. A team without ball playing patterns, no sense of urgency, just kick and follow. Finidi is mechanic coach. With him, we are heading downward

    • Doomzday 2 days ago

      Please don’t loud it..bunch if clueless lot. Indigenous coach that have never won a club continental cup or numerous cups with youth teams u give them super eagles job LOL. 9ja just loves shooting herself in the foot with all these fools in charge…Nonsense

  • MuYowa 2 days ago

    The mechanic is schooling them

  • Babs 2 days ago

    Just ask those players, DO YOU WANT TO GO 2 THE WORLD CUP.. Time to play ugly and get 3 point..

    • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 2 days ago

      Hahaha – another myopic Nigerian, if you think this team can beat Benin with that mugu Finidi in charge then you must still be in deep sleep!

      As soon as he got the invitations wrong, he and the team were a busted flush! This team have no morale, no leadership and a GOAT as manager/coach, what do you expect? And this one is saying tell them to play ugly chai! loool!

      Nigerians = the most deluded agberos on the planet!

      • Arara Kumbie 2 days ago

        Fieldo Fieldo… Nigeria will win this match. Y’all can thank me later.

        • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 2 days ago

          See how you are ALWAYS WRONG? And I’m ALWAYS RIGHT? lool

          If I were you (God forbid) I would stop making comments concerning football, pack my bags and go and start supporting swimming or dancing or draft or skipping or something! because you clearly are out of your depth when it comes to football.

  • Footballfanatic 2 days ago

    Awoniyi, Ola Ain, Ekong all fit but this stubborn goat still did what he did…..Even if they come back and win na still rubbish this man is not a coach at all….His body language, his press conference everything about him is a fail.

  • Michel 2 days ago

    This is embarrassing

  • Jide Dola 2 days ago

    Ahahahaha huuuuu this is the day of recurring, lol Gernot Rhor is not good. I want to see how you will come from behind to win this match with the nonsense you’re playing. Their own has done as usual ahahahaha.

    Gernot Rohr is not good is because this nation is blessed with players, with the kind of players we have, we will beat Brazil, lol.

    Some people think national team is where you do experiment lol.

    See our Father’s taking them by surprise.

  • Mercy 2 days ago

    What makes the difference in this match so far is that Benin had a better coach than us QED

  • Greenturf 2 days ago

    I have seen enough let me do something better with my time..

    • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 2 days ago

      Lool – were you not the one asking for Iwobi?? Now you have seen enough abi? better stay and support Iwobi – your highly recommended player and Finidi with absolute ZERO football lool!

      Some people play total football, others are playing heavy metal football, some are playing tiki taka football but in Nigeria they choose Finidi ball = ZERO football! kkkkkkk! Omo I no fit laugh oo! hehehehe

      • Greenturf 2 days ago

        I have always clamoured for a foreign coach.I am one of Rohr’s supporters unless you don’t follow my post.

  • Mr Hush 2 days ago


    Told you,play players at their preferred position!

    Osayi is not a left back. SWITCH Bassey to the Left back. Play Osayi in his Right back position.

    Taminu should play CB with Ajayi.

    For crying out loud, Lookman, Samu are not wingers!!

    Play them inverted.

    Put Lookman behind Moffi or pla

    Iwobi is not a CMF. Push Iwobi upfront or get him off the pitch.


    You’re being schooled by Rohr.

    This is ludicrous

  • Larry 2 days ago

    Now, you understand why Pesseiro opted for 352..! Bassey should be ashamed of himself for that blunder!
    Ndidi, Onyedika, and Taminu went for the same ball against one beninoise and lost, opening up the space with Iwobi ball watching!!
    We all know where Taminu belongs..but Samuel, Iwobi, Moffi, and ndidi seemsl to have outdated their relevance in the team..
    Fingers crossed!

    • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 2 days ago

      You don’t know very much about football do you? You are seriously lacking in the required understanding needed to understand and be able to interpret football correctly – honestly you shouldn’t be following football, you’re just taking up another person’s space, go and find another sport to support – try cricket or volleyball, you may fare better in understanding those “sports”

  • Wills 2 days ago

    Finidi is the best coach give him chance. That’s how we say give Buhari chance, give Tinubu chance. Just they look the result they go.

  • After 4 months of pretend searching, the jokers board of NFF finally found a coach under living right under their nose. What hard work!

    • Bomboy 2 days ago

      A “world class” coach for that matter. The NFF deserve what they are getting.

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 2 days ago

    Benin actually scored the china made goal again against eagles ..I remember Mikel and Moses connection to odion ighalo .. we thought is is China made so it was rohr’s goal . I said rohr get tortoise brain. Now u understand. Now u know.
    I beginning to understand y paceiro ran away . This team need camping for a month to win ordinary eyimba again.

  • pompei 2 days ago

    Abeg Iya Bolanle, give me cold water to drink.
    NFF, clap for yourselves!

    • Mr Hush 2 days ago

      We pleaded get a foreign coach.

      They said no. They wanted Finidi,Siasia or Amunike.

      Get Pitso, Conceicao or stick to Peseiro. No they want a local coach.

      Just hope they day will come that we grow beyond sentiments and let logic lead.

      Damn it!

  • Bomboy 2 days ago

    These are the same players that another coach took to the AFCON and almost won it. Paseiro knew how to get the best out of his squad.

    Stop calling the players overrated. It is the coach, and the NFF that apointed him, that laxk sporting intelligence.

  • Jaybee 2 days ago

    Iwobi out!!!!
    Dele Bashiru in!!!!!!!!!
    Mofi out!!!!!!
    Boniface in!!!!

    Wingers cross more balls.
    Onyedika and Ndidi, defend more and release the ball fast.
    increase the tempo of the game, introduce some URGENCY to the game.
    score two quick goals and bring in Onyeka for Chukwueze.

  • JimmyBall 2 days ago

    Our so-called foreign-based should take some of the blame… the likes of Ajayi are rejects abroad… even Calvin Bassey who likes to sag his shorts play with too much gragra… Igho Ogbu, Balogun are there but Finidi trust Tanimu… we are watching with 3D-Googles.

    • Dennis 2 days ago

      @jimmyball you remember the famous statement you made “let us fail with our own”?

    • GentleD 2 days ago

      Where on earth did the Tanimu guy come from

  • Onwajunior 2 days ago

    @Deo…come and analyze oh.

  • Noni 2 days ago

    The two goals were gifts and the Benin boys accepted it wholesomely. 9ja is a f…d

  • josh 2 days ago

    The problem of this team starts from the NFF who should never have made Finidi the coach. We all know that Finidi is not supposed to be the coach of this team. Yet NFF gave him a job that he cannot do.

    Second problem is Finidi himself. Arrogant and on top of that lacking technical know how. He has the players all around him but he will either not invite them or when he invites them decides to use his own preferred players who obviously don’t deserve to be in the team.

    Third problem is the players themselves. Iwobi, Ndidi, Ajayi, Moffi are just not it in this team and this match. Iwobi has been a perennial problem and a coach who wants to save his head and job should be putting him on the bench. If Finidi commanded the respect of these players, someone like Lookman will not be playing selfish and trying to dribble everyone on the pitch. Can Lookman do this in Atalanta? Ndidi should not be starting for Nigeria again. He is no longer at his best. Moffi can’t play the Nigeria way. Same as Onuachu. Not until we get the players who can play the Nigerian way, we will continue to struggle in Africa and it will even be worse if we keep using local coaches who don’t have technical know how to coach national teams.
    How can Finidi put one of his best players in the AFCON – Onyeka on the bench for players like Iwobi and Ndidi. Why would he play Osayi on the left simply because he wants to play Taminu on the right. As far as I’m concerned with Finidi remaining as the coach of this super eagles we are going no where.

  • These coaches don’t even learn from experience.

    Strikers who have shown well for eagles have been fighters. Not an onuachu or Moffi. Moffi have not been effective for Nigeria same way onuachu. Why is he trusting them to do something now. Lack of intelligence

    Bassey has not really done well in a two man defence for us. I remember one game when he was partnered by akpoguna. S useless goal was scored in between him and akpoguna.

    You play your games based on

    Players available
    Opposition you are against

    Findi knew we were playing SA and Percy Tau will be in one of the wings and he used players out of position at the full backs.

    Yet he will tell us that we are not coaches. These are school boy mistakes. You don’t need to go to a coaching school to know this.

    We should just forget this world cup and plan for the next one..

    We have s terrible bench.

  • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 2 days ago

    Some people play total football, others are playing heavy metal football, some are playing tiki taka football but in Nigeria they choose Finidi ball = ZERO football! kkkkkkk! Omo I no fit laugh oo! hehehehe

  • Dennis 2 days ago

    I’m sure after this match, that clown called omo9ja would start recommending another local coach. Maybe olofinjana this time around

    • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

      Hahahahaha….Omo9ja is in the ICU at the moment. He is almost at heaven’s gate because of high blood pressure

      • Jide Dola 2 days ago

        The shame is too much for him to bare. Lolllll The PE teacher vs their own.

        How will he explain that to his village people that he used his own hand to destroy his destiny, even when his village people didn’t even have his time ahahahaha

      • Edoman 2 days ago

        My brother Dr Drey, You and l are the only one who told them the truth in Nigeria. They did not agree. But look now.

  • Chudynak 2 days ago

    After this match this team and the coaching crew SHOULD BE DISBANDED. I so move

    • Mr Hush 2 days ago


      I second the motion on disbanding the coaching crew with immediate effect even if the they win.

  • Onwajunior,

    I am watching the match o. Analysis later.

    • Onwajunior 2 days ago


    • yabaoh 2 days ago

      dis guy
      abeg kip you yeye analsis to yuoreself please idiot! some crase man who was saying uzoho is Nigeria best goalkeepers and now his supporting Nwabanli who he hate before, is dis wan hanalisys you are wating for? okay, dey play,mtscheew

    • yabaoh 2 days ago

      omo kip youre rubbish analisis to youreself abeg pls no time for youre longings abeg. nonsense.

  • The issue here is not about Rohr. No not at all. Rohr is not a genius. Finidi just made him shine.

  • Dennis 2 days ago

    The day I knew omo9ja was insane was when he said that if Benin wins us with rohr, it’s because the super eagles players let them win

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 2 days ago

    This is not about Rohr, or Benin playing well, It just that Nigerian defenders gave Benin the goals.

  • Onwajunior 2 days ago

    It took Benin winning us for Finidi to play players in their normal positions.

    • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

      …..and he has now followers it with pannick substitutions.

      Even a blind man now knows he is playing a traditional 442.

      From keeper to fullbacks to wingers to onuachu.

      Who cannot decode such tactics and clip the wings and the target man….?!

  • pompei 2 days ago


  • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 2 days ago

    Hahahahahahahah! Unbelievable!!!! He went and brought on Onuachu AGAIN!!!! TEEHEHEHEHEHEHE!

  • Uhunmwangho Erharuyi 2 days ago

    This guy!! . Finidi

  • respect is reciprocal 2 days ago

    Super eagles of Finidi George like the commentator said not the Super eagles of Nigeria. Hmmmmm

  • Uhunmwangho Erharuyi 2 days ago

    Where did he get this Sodiq from??

  • Noni 2 days ago

    It’s still not late to aub onuachu. Midfield non existence

    • Edoman 2 days ago

      In fact, l am happy that my prediction come to pass.
      Our former Oga won and showed you all that Dr Drey (God Bless him) is a man of strong intellects and tenacity. l joins him with all my heart in exposing omo9ja who is a fake yeye-man that our former Oga was the best coach that stupid people hate, and he came back to revenge. God is good.

  • Aleks 2 days ago

    It’s such a pain watching this Super Eagles team. Coaching is everything!
    Why has NFF been so wicked to us!
    This team may play for the next 3 days without scoring. How I wish they can proof me wrong!!!!

  • josh 2 days ago

    This is total rubbish I’m watching and its a reflection of Finidi as a coach

  • pompei 2 days ago

    See how NFF ONIGBESE plunged the whole country into grief and despair, thanks to their incompetence and insatiable greed.
    If we end up losing this match, they will sack Finidi. But it is them that really need sacking. The NFF board and their useless technical director. If Finidi goes, all of them should go with him.

  • TOD_ 2 days ago

    Local coaches won’t take us anywhere at the senior level.. take it or you leave it.. Ekong you dropped Himn for no reason, Aina, you yanked him off, Onyeka the tank you benched. What’s wrong with our local coaches…Pesiro, continued with the team he inherited from Rohar atleast we saw synergy at the nations cup..I saw Croatia friendly, same coach we played with at 2018 world cup and 60% of the players that played same world cup there’s understanding. .. Finidi came assembled almost new team …weldone o.

    • Chudynak 2 days ago

      This is not true. Some local coaches are better than some foreigners we hired. I do not see the reason why NSIEN did not get this job. I never liked the idea of FINIDI especially after the Mali friendly match display

  • afolabia 2 days ago

    Finidi out

  • UBFE 2 days ago

    Rohr if Nigeria loose this game I’ll deny you forever….. After all my plead you still reach our rookie coach some lessons he failed to learn in school…..

    Rohr please have mercy on NIGERIA….

    Help the Coachless super eagles please…..

    We need draw please….

    Ww don’t want to win again please…..

  • Uhunmwangho Erharuyi 2 days ago

    Sack this idiot and send him back to Port Harcourt

    • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

      Ahhhh…you want his ìdíot nephew Kenneth to come and bite you….?!

  • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

    Iwobi is this…Iwobi is that…we don’t need iwobi in this team…Oya….there you have it….Iwobi as be removed and the team has been directionless ever since.

    Truth and Justice lifteth a nation. Hatred takes it to it’s destruction

    • yabaoh M 2 days ago

      sharap! stupid idiot! why not go and marry your stupid iwobi and stop opening your fowl breth here – ewu! anuofia!

    • Cecele Y. Aghedo 2 days ago

      l am so happy. You and l are the only one in this World who see the corruptions and injustice that they melted to our former Oga who later came to hunt them. Nigerians, never, never stand for injustice anywhere. The law of Karma will always prevail.

  • Footballfanatic 2 days ago

    We don fail with our own lol

    • Onwajunior 2 days ago

      Again oh!!! It’s not like it’s the first time

    • If the NFF has the good of the team at heart, Finidi should be sacked immediately. He was assistant coach of the team, if anything, he should know the team in and out. That was an uninspiring performance.

      If they love him so much, he should be demoted to the U23 or CHAN Eagles.

      Finidi has zero influence on this team. He has played 4 uninspiring games after the world cup.

      We can’t say Benin was lucky, they came with a game plan and executed it perfectly.

  • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 2 days ago

    Nigerians are so deluded and most are as thick as mud! Everywhere you look, all I hear is Onuachu’s game is “nodding” looool!

    You people won’t kill others o! hahaha – I have said it once, I have said it 1 million times – please be counting how many crosses have been sent into the box since Onuachu came in o, and tell me how many Onuachu has even got near to!

    Onuachu cannot head a ball to save his life! And that’s extremely peculiar for someone who is a 6ft7″ tall and is a “professional footballer” lool! Yeye people!

    Go figure! you tell them stuff for their own good but they will insult you and some retards who can never get the logic because their brains are too weak will be arguing with common sense kkkkk.

    Make una dey play lool

    Finidi Ball aka ZERO ball hahahaha

  • Someone applied to coach U17 cos he wanted to learn the ropes, NFF drafted him to the senior team cos he’s cool headed and won’t give them headache. Then they upgraded him without senior national team coaching experience, beyond his capacity and experience.

    Broos schooled him. Now Rohr schooled him. NFF wanted to save money share the $4m loot in peace. They didn’t have the luck they hoped for.

  • Onwajunior 2 days ago

    Omo!!!! I give up abeg. We’re out! Osimhen and the rest qualifying for the WC at 32+ yrs

  • Mercy 2 days ago

    Nigeria administrators thought coaching job is a job you can an hire an ignoramus to do and you can get desire result

  • UBFE 2 days ago

    With Rohr as coach, Nigeria would’ve pocketed 12 points by now…..

    NFF well done ooooo

  • Footballfanatic 2 days ago

    I don’t care…Finidi has to be fired immediately. Why play players out of position, he doesn’t seem to be respected, he is stubborn and doesn’t have good relationships with some of the players….He gotta go

  • MuYiwa 2 days ago

    The mechanic has turned the Benin players into superstars just like he did with Nigeria. Benin might just qualify for the world cup.

  • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

    Any coach can win AFCON with this boys in 2 weeks…..LMAOoo

    I dey laugh oooooo….!!!

    Nigeria sure has some of the dumbest idiots on earth….LMAOoo

  • NFF, thank you very much.

    • Onwajunior 2 days ago

      Now you’re talking!

      • Onwajunior, I have always berated NFF for Finidi’s appointment. I bear no grudge against him, the blame for this fiasco falls squarely on NFF and the Sports Ministry.

        • Onwajunior 2 days ago

          No… I’m not saying it as an insult, but rather “Now you’re talking” as in we are now on the same page

    • Bomboy 2 days ago

      Deo, my friend, I thought you liked Finidi? You said you enjoyed the last game.

      I like your patriotism, but sometimes you are too optimistic about our chances!

      • Bomboy, I am a Finidi well-wisher but I always condemned his appointment.

        The blame belongs to the NFF. Finidi tried but he lost his nerve after the second goal and went all crazy.

        He will learn.

  • Footballfanatic 2 days ago

    The worst thing is that this is not even a rough qualifying group lmaooo

  • Noni 2 days ago

    Abeg who will sack NFF?

  • TOD_ 2 days ago

    Give that strong headed coach a summarize dismissal …hire another coach or bring back Pesiro

  • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 2 days ago

    Benin team is packed full of Nigerians, who never even get a look in from this mad confused excuse of a country but yet you will be seeing Iwobi and Onuachu and Iheanacho etc etc etc loool!

    Una eye don clear now! kkk

  • Diran 2 days ago

    Finidi should be fired immediately and the entire NFF board should shamefully resign, period.


    • Mr Hush 2 days ago

      The Sports Minister should tender his resignation to the President with immediate effect. Gusua and his board should do the same ASAP.

      Daft Finidi and his useless crew should not bother facing the press. If they do, they must tender their resignation and keep their apology. He is a disgrace.

  • Jaybee 2 days ago

    LOL LOL.

    • See them, they have come out of their shells to talk like goats that they are! It is Amunike that will redeem the super eagles. You see ehn, Nigeria will not prosper until a lot of people die even those on this group. Because, I don’t unds why a lot of them think with their anus. 

    • Dr Banks 2 days ago

      Yeye guy, you think say na drugs we dey sell here?

  • TOD_ 2 days ago

    Well it’s Nigeria vs Nigeria

  • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

    We will win our next 7 matches…..LMAOoo

    Even our greatest squad of all time never wọn 7 WCQ on a bounce.

    Bunch of idiots.

  • Well, Finidi have it his best shot but he is not ready. The NFF and sports ministry have to take a long hard look at themselves. It wasn’t football I watched today. It was garbage.

    • Noni 2 days ago

      Total garbage, what a disgrace

    • hahahahhahahahaha Mr Articulate you no fit knack gramma again? which be “Finidi have it his best shot” lol nawa oo. No abeg enlighten us in your most grammatical fashion Lol hahahaahahaha, Naija nor go kii peson

    • Tristan 2 days ago

      Haba deo, this is not like you! Finidi lost his head. We will of course carry out a post-mortem, in the comments. I can’t believe what happened.

      • Tristan,

        I weak o. Finidi did lose his head. He gave it his best but he is learning the hard way that playing attractive football with this set of players never ends well.

        • yabaoh 2 days ago

          whish attractives football did u=yuou see mr man? please sharap there idiot!
          for yer brain ehn you been see attractives footbal tonite gwanu show us who is attractive you or foolish finidi or yre foolish followers like that mumu onyajunior mtscheew

          • Onwajunior 2 days ago

            I’m assuming you’re not referring to me. Bcos if you are it’s ur family and ur generation that u’re calling mumu. I don’t follow anyone, I’ve alway been objective and respectful. But that doesn’t mean I can’t dish it out! I’ll leave it at that. I thought you are Ghanaian. Why are u hyper bcos Naija lost? It’s only ppl with neurological problems that play different characters.

          • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

            Onwajunior…that idiot is not a Ghanian, he’s the same coward Kenneth constituting nuisance all over this forum with is stupidity and multiple IDs.

        • Edoman 2 days ago

          Only yesterday, l was told that stupid finidi was asking for money from players. Kenneth and omoj9a are the one responsible for sacking our former Oga Rohr.
          God was his side as he carefully planned to show his prowess on how will pay back the bad people of Nigeria of what they did to him. He will qualify his Team to the World Cup in USA where l live and pray his Nation will play their matches in Maimi where l can see them and donate money to him to show my love for him.

    • SeanT 2 days ago

      Mr leave me alone let me do my job. Sheybi they sha Don leave you now. Yoruba adaga says Ti shigidi ba ma te, wani ko be ohun lo si odo.

      Mr. Finidi, all the thieves at the NFF with the whole technical department should be fired immediately.

      Iwobi should be relegated to the bench henceforth. Bassey has always proven how useless he’s with passes. He can mark properly but his passes are very poor, Taminu or what is he called should never wear the SE jersey anymore. Ndidi should be strip of the vice captain status and made to sit out 3 to 4 matches consecutively.

      Ajayi, should also warm the bench more, Chukwueze can never be consistent with his performance his greatest undoing, Moffi & Onuachu need to leave for Players like Awoniyi and Akpom, if possible, we need to convince Dominic Solanke to add to our list of striker.

      I didn’t see enough of that Ismael but i can say he was anxious to impress & was overwhelmed by the ocassion. He might turn out good later.

      Lookman hattrick at the europa has getting into his head, although the werey Coach didn’t put him in his best position which would have been playing as 2nd striker. I trust he dare not try all the nonsense he did today if Osimhen was on the pitch.

      It is now confirmed that they’re out of the world cup except a miracle happen which it’s unlikely.

      NFF Chairman, president or whatever and all those at the Technical department should honorably resign along with their let me do my job Coach. Past president Pinnick should be also be arrested for fraud including the present administration. All of them should be prosecuted and thereafter dissolve the whole administration.

      Let real sport Administrator apply for the role and not politicians or corrupted personnel.

    • Dr Banks 2 days ago

      @deo, wetting I tell you few days ago. I thought you have so much confidence in Finidi?
      Abi you don forget your yeye dumb analysis after the SA match?
      You don buy market now abi, make you stick to your convictions ooo, stop flip-flopping o jare

  • UBFE 2 days ago

    Good bye Nigeria…. It’s finished

    Nigerians are the problem of Nigeria….

    I said it in this group that FINIDI can’t qualify us to the world cup…..

    It has happened just as I predicted….

    Rohr you’re not my friend again….

    Good night.

  • Michael Temidayo Adelami 2 days ago

    In fact our Homebase players will beat brasil

  • Kenneth 2 days ago

    Finidi just clear all this yeye European rejects. No single hunger. He sha don start Boniface wetin come happen. Abeg clear this team and bring more hungrier players.

    • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 2 days ago



    • Edoman 2 days ago

      Kenneth. you are one of them. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.
      l told you so. How market?.
      Oga Rohr was a magician but you and omo9ja campaigned viciously to get him sack.
      Today is the day God answering my prayer that the ‘Just is always right’.
      God Bless our Dr Drey. Amen.

  • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

    Who dey carry bag follow native doctor nor be native doctor.

    Follow who know road no mean say make you nor hol your own transport.

    Mr Segun Odegbami and his bandwagon of sentimental online bandits should come and see where they have brought Nigerian football

    • Mr Hush 2 days ago

      Segun Odegbami is just a racist. An Ethnic jingoist.

      No one should ever pay no mind to him and egoistic,lackadaisical 94 squad.

      Disgraceful bunch.

    • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

      Imbecile coach collapsed his entire midfield to choke his opponent’s 18 yard box.

      Strikers falling over themselves like drunkards undergoing deliverance…LMAOoo

      Where are those who claimed they will walk over Benin republic….?

      Hopefully this will be a lesson in humility and Justice for those useless illbred kids.

      • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

        Did you all see the TACTICAL ORGANIZATION displayed by this lowly Benin Republic team….?

      • Sean T 2 days ago

        Dr. Drey, abeg e Don do no let laugh finish me for here abeg. Lmao.

        Finito, Don finally do him job. Abeg leave am…lol….Make we see how the fight go start between him & thieves Oga way hire him

    • Mercy 2 days ago

      Haters of foreign coach will never support foreigner as SE coach even if local coaches fail to qualify us for 10 consecutive WC tournament.

      They bitter set of human beings

  • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 2 days ago

    KKKK the first time EVER that Benin have EVER beaten Nigeria in a serious game again now comes under bald head Finidi the ogogoro coach lool!

    This guy is breaking bad ground rapidly sha! Kai –

    First loss to Mail in FORTY SOMETHING YEARS..

    First Serious Loss to Benin..

    Which way Finidi?? loool!

  • What did I just watch! Ignominy. It is well

  • Odegbami. You see your coach o. After the Mali game I knew Finidi was not a good coach and it has shown in all the matches played under him so far. The boys too not good enough for the world cup. That’s Rohr for you CHIEF Odegbami. So long as we let sentiments rule us we will go nowhere. Let those who brought Finidi stand up and take responsibility.

  • Deba 2 days ago

    The disappointment of losing is not as much as the anger I feel towards the spineless performance. A losing team without any form of urgency to get things going. Nigerian football is finished.

  • JimmyBall 2 days ago

    They refused giving Amuneke the job because of Tribalism… it is either Benin Republic or South Africa to qualify… what a shame! We wanted Amuneke for Finidi to be assistant since they don’t want to hire a quality Coach after Peseiro. Some players should stop being invited now… Ajayi cant even give a simple pass. Finidi started fielding his NPFL players… but two defensive blunders… an was o!

    • MuYiwa 2 days ago

      We are still failing with our own. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

    • Dr Banks 2 days ago

      You don come again with your nonsense? Wetin Amunike fit do here? 
      Was Amunike not part of the coaches that couldn’t win the worst Ghanaian team ever in the last WCQ in 2022?

      Abeg make you no drag us back with your tribalistic rants o, you think say na joke be all this?

      All we need now is HARVE RENARD, no one else can safe the situation for us except Harve

  • MuYiwa 2 days ago

    When they were supposed to understudy the foreign coaches, they were busy ganging up to sabotage their efforts. Yokolu, yokolu, Ko ha tan bi?…

  • Jaybee 2 days ago


    • MuYiwa 2 days ago

      And what gives you the confidence that he would have done better? What has he achieved in the last five years for us to consider him or any other local coach for a big job like SE. Let’s put tribalism and sentiment aside and focus on football.

    • josh 2 days ago

      Please leave tribe out of this. Onuachu that cannot play at super eagles level where is he from. Iwobi that cannot make players only to pass ball, shey na Hausa man? Nwabali, Onyedika, Chukwueze, Ndidi, shey dem be Yoruba, Hausa or Fulani?

      Please leave tribe and focus on the real reason why super eagles is failing.

  • Una day wine me when I said that NFF and Nigerians will take this team to 100 in ranking you thought I was joking looool!! una day even day decieve una sef thinking NFF go lavish blame on Finidi whom so ever think like that na decieve you day decieve yourself oo. They will blame the players and say Nigeria should only use Homebase player with Finidi as coach it has started we will desend to 100 by this time Next year mark it somewhere Lol hahahahahahahahahahA!!! Nigeria Master Sabotager, Go for a coach like HErve Reynard let us campaign for that, People go day lick NFF yansh, jumping to thier Ex International class of 94 tune hahaha ntooooor una. It is well we will be Ranking 100 soon

  • Bomboy 2 days ago

    How many of you remember when I said Benin is likely to beat us?

    Finidi said we should let him do his job. Well, he has done his job!

    When we said the man is unteachable and stubborn, his fans called us “sentimental morons”.

    The same people who are supporting Finidi because he is from their village are calling me sentimental!

    The same people who can’t differentiate between an intelligent coach and an ignorant one are calling me a moron!

    If I can make a prediction based on the facts on ground and end up being proved right, I certainly am more intelligent than the blind followers of Finidi.

    Congratulations to all Finidi’s ass lickers.

    • Selfmade KING 2 days ago

      It turned BEANS lmaoo 

      Boniface and onuache looking for the same balls and colliding with LOOKMAN lol

    • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

      Hahahaha…..Bomboy…..dont be scared….mention the bastard Kenneth’s name.

      I have always said on this forum that Finidi’s nephew Kenneth is an imbecile, but people think I’m just insulting the idiot.

      I don’t know how much more incompetence fìnidi has to display before even primary school kid can decipher that this dude is a dunce.

  • Golden Child 2 days ago

    They should not fire Finidi, he is doing a good job. We have good players in the local league that are better than their foreign counterparts. The NFF need to revise his contract by adding additional 3 years to the contract.

    I mean , look at the wonderful revelations like Tornadoe Tanimu and the Nigerian cafu sadiq ismail. Finidi , we grateful for your services.

  • UBFE 2 days ago

    We’ve missed out on 3 world cup now with our very own…..

    Some times I asked, what mojo does foreigners use and qualify Nigeria for major tournaments with games to spare that our home based coaches can not????

    Someone should explain to me oooo

    Are foreigners more compatriot than our home based coaches….????

    Any foreign coach would have qualified Nigeria from this group with games to spare but we choose to fail with our…..

    NFF, omo9ja, odegbami how far???

    How market????

    We told you guys nah….

  • JimmyBall 2 days ago

    They took three months to appoint a coach after second place outing for AFCON… Gusau is a very wicked man… Amaju Pinnick Stooge.

    • Dennis 2 days ago

      But we have to fail with our own. Remember when you and that clown called omo9ja said any coach can win trophies with the super eagles squad except rohr. Remember when you said qualifying for major events with games to spare isn’t a big deal? Why complain now?

    • Oakfield 2 days ago

      Bahahaha!!!!….the mechanic and pe coach has taught our first class coach a big lesson and dealt him an unforgettable blow. He has schooled him and proven to them what they can’t explain with their tails btw their legs. You are now failing and crumbling like never before with your own. Just hold it my friend, this is just the beginning. The show never start sef. By the time karma is done dealing with you people eh, you will never fight a just man again In your life. Rohr was a just man and you people schemed and fought against him for your own whom u said could take our team to the stars. Heheheeh…odegbami where are you, come and dance in front of the market, your own is doing the job u sent him to do. Shame on you all!!! You are all getting a fare share and taste of the soup u cooked. Nonsense!!!

      • Edoman 2 days ago

        Omo9ja, how you da. How market. l told you so only yesterday that Our former Oga is going to be your waterloo.
        Come out make we play. how market. ye ye man
        Up,Up,Up Oga Rohr.
        Down, down omo9ja, thief Odegbemi.
        God Bless Dr Drey.

  • josh 2 days ago

    Finidi invited local players and rookies and claimed they are good. Now we see what these players can do. For as long as we refuse to give merit a place in Nigeria, we will go no where.
    I bet you Finidi will never resign today. He will stay glued to the bench as the coach until he is forced to go.
    NFF cannot reap where they did not sow. Teams that qualify for the world cup do so through purposeful preparation. No, that is not the way of Nigeria. We look for hook and crook means by appointing apology coaches who no nothing about coaching to be super eagles coach.
    How many coaches in Nigeria have the necessary qualifications and experience to coach a national team? I don’t think we have up to 5%. Yet NFF will impose them on Nigeria simply because at one time in their life they played for super eagles and did relatively well.
    Enough of using ex-super eagles players as super eagles coaches because 95% of them don’t have the qualification and experience to coach the super eagles.
    Anyway, with this rubbish by Finidi and unserious NFF we can as well say goodbye to world cup qualification.

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 2 days ago

    The answer is Benin
    75 % of the audience agreed that Benin will win.
    Gasau chose Benin to win
    With 50 50 life line Benin won .
    Finidi said let see wat the players wil do
    After Rohr said Nigeria wil qualify for the cup in 2030 with his heart but with his mouth he said 2026
    Rohr get toitorse brain..
    If Zimbabwe can help us beat south Africa and Rwanda draw. Lesotho. Then hopefully. 2026 national cup is good to go.lol

    • Footballfanatic 2 days ago

      Oga nobody dey help anybody….Let these NFF bastards fail

  • Golden Child,

    You no go kill person o….. Hahaha.

  • osaretin 2 days ago

    we need a foreign coach. plain and simple. no Nigerian can handle this team. the team has lost its confidence, leadership, fear factor, hunger and direction. there will be other tournaments but this world cup is gone. please fire this Finidi, he is not fit to handle any national team. it will be an insult to history to put up his portrait as ex super eagles coach

  • Mr Hush 2 days ago

    Please no one should bring up an Amunike or any local coach name for that matter.

    They should stay clear from the Super Eagles.

    See how the Super Falcons performance have been poatitvely stable since Waldrum.

    Please please..with all due respect; let the 94 squad or Atlanta 96 squad or whatever ,keep their egoistic hands of the Super Eagles. They’re not worthy of coaching the Eagles..

  • Next FIFA ranking is in 9 days. No major matches until September. Welcome a disgraceful slide, Nigeria. It will be “eternally awesome” that certain Nigerian players were in the both teams that failed to qualify the nation after back to back world cup qualifiers failure!

  • Lollipops 2 days ago

    A big Congratulations to the NFF president (Ibrahim Musa Gusau) and NFF Crew, Minister of sport (Senator John Owan-Enoh), Chief Segun Odegbami, Amaju Pinnick and those calling for local coaches for finally failing with their Own.

    • @Lollipops Amaju Pinnick had nothing to do with it if anything he probably said to himself okay now if that is what they want I will support them let them cry in the end. Don’t you know your People??. Look at how they will spin the narritive now, the days of foreign based stars is over oo. They will use them as scape goat and Campaign for Homebased this will be spearheaded by the likes of Segun Odegbami and Christian Chukwuu and Unael. They will take this team to the level of Sao Tome Se will be a Player Trafficking Hub they will be getting money and not improving the league Lol you want to take a bet??. Watch now!

      • Lollipops 2 days ago

        @ Ugo, sincerely speaking, I don’t really know why these guys choose to destroy the only thing that brings Joy to the Nigeria People. They flex their muscles to chase failure.

  • Footballfanatic 2 days ago

    2030 far sha lol

    • Onwajunior 2 days ago

      By then the players go don retire. Tella was wise to stay out, at least he can still play for another country

  • Onwajunior 2 days ago

    It’s funny bcos we never took Benin serious. From the get go, I’ve been saying Rohr might just qualify Benin for the WC. He’s on his way to achieving it. Finidi vs Rohr…lol. No ta tical anything, he told them enter and play. Even set pieces, at least we knew Peseiro was zonal marking and we criticised him, but Finidi there was no plan for corners. Panicky substitutions and all. It’s NFF and sport minister I blame. At this point no serious foreign coach would touch SE

  • agbo chimezie 2 days ago

    In summary Nigeria losing to Benin not ordinary,Amokachi was aware that Nigeria will lose, anyway cross river state governor gave Moffi 10millon for Afcon feat but me that’s crying now didn’t receive any thing from my governor,fans should learn not to bother themselves for super eagles after all you will gain nothing

  • pompei 2 days ago

    Like play like play, Rohr wants to qualify Benin for the world cup WITH GAMES TO SPARE.
    Something he was doing with Nigeria, and his haters refused to acknowledge or appreciate. He is now about to accomplish it with Benin!!!
    Oya eyin Regressives, let the analysis begin. UNU GO EXPLAIN TAYA!

  • It is in Games like these that you will see that European quality matters look how out of thier depth those NPFL and TANZANIAN League players are. Benin Sensed this and Nailed that side of his Ajayi sef that guy is useless, NFF should have made plans to Upgrade on him, With Tosin Adarabioyo Instead of Listening to Ex Internationals jargon of NPFL I knew we would regret Pinnick in some way and, I knew Guasau was no good right from the start, When Pinnick left I knew all efforts to get reasonably okay coaches would go with him.

    for these qualifiers Finidi should have not rushed the opportunity to put his NPFL player in the squad rather he should have called Ekong a 70% fit Ekong would have directed that Defence Finidi knows nothing and is a crook. WHen you saw Boniface play you asked yourself this guy should have started by 2nd half he would have been more gingered.


  • Sean T 2 days ago

    Dr. Drey, abeg e Don do no let laugh finish me for here abeg. Lmao.

    Finito, Don finally do him job. Abeg leave am…lol….Make we see how the fight go start between him & thieves Oga way hire him

  • Dr Banks 2 days ago

    Nawa for my country o.
    NFF don destroy our darling Super Eagles finish.
    We say make dem give us better foreign coach, dem come give us Finidi.
    Person wey no sabi anything, no confidence, no charisma, no specific pattern, cannot assemble a balanced team, wrong positioning of players, zero tactics………..I can go on & on.
    Make dem fire him with immediate alacrity ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️

  • @Deo sometimes you can be too optimistic. Sometimes you need to say the facts. I also love Nigeria and I am ever a supporter of the super eagles. I don’t turn against super eagles. But I try to be objective.

    Deo your analysis after the match against SA was not right. You did not say anything about the many flaws.

    My views right from the beginning remain the same

    1. I supported finidi because I wanted a form of continuity and because the foolish nff said they have no money.

    2. I had hopes when we defeated Ghana.

    3. But after the match against Mali, I began to lose hope based on the decisions of Finidi. He did great blunders in that match. It shows what and who he is going to be as a coach

    4. Many blunders during interview about captaincy. He tried to correct that. That was bad for a new coach. Oliseh did same and failed.

    5. Now the foolish invitations he did.

    6. Now using players out of positions.

    7. He is also very arrogant. His interview after South Africa shows he will never succeed with this team.

    Can we stop blaming nff. Nff has been bad and will continue to be bad.

    Nff was bad during westerhof, amodu shuaibu, Rohr, pesero time. Yet they carved out something.

    This finidi is s just too uniwse and very very arrogant.

    Now I want to see his next interview.

    Way forward:

    1. Forget this world cup
    2. Put attention on afcon
    3. Sack this clueless coach
    4. Bring a coach that will do a surgical operation on this team. Ajayi and bassey can’t play our central defence. If we are sincere with ourselves we should have changed the face of our central defence. This dumb finidi is not one who can do this.
    5. We should just use the remaining matches as training games to perfect our changes for afcon.

    As fans when we lose we shouldn’t just kill the team. Fans don’t do that. We don’t have another country. We can say the truth but not to kill the team.

    We can see why pesero changed his game pattern at afcon.

    He played according to the strength of the players around.Mr Finidi is clueless To understand that.

  • It is time for Nigeria to start now to pump money in that League NPFL there is no reason why it should not be on the standard of South Africa and Egypt or even Better Root out the Age Cheaters Improve the facilities get Overseas Sponsors start Hiring Overseas Coaches to Come and WOrk in the big Clubs get our CLubs Wining CAF CHampions League our CHAN Eagles to be so strong that they can even play 11 v 11 vs our Foreign Based. Retain the best players get the League so good that even Some of the Osimhen’s can even be developed here fresh out of the Academies into NPFL let Top players from Nigeria be even Winding down thier Careers i our NPFL that is the standard we want Nigerian Ball to be on. The Bitter Truth is we have the potential, and it is not hard to achieve it and Until we achieve it even Benin will surpass us in ball, because the truth is even their players are playing in France even if it is for a Strasbourg these players can stand toe to toe with the Likes of Calvin Bassey so the Gap is narrowed and, until Nigeria thinks out the box on how to realise our potential and really roots our Corruption and the bad rotten eggs in our league and gets it to the standard I have just painted above we will keep going down the rabbit hole.

  • pompei 2 days ago

    So this is where Finidi’s unkempt bia bia finally landed us!
    Ode kan gbe irungbon oshi kiri!
    They say too much talk no dey full basket. But in this case, the basket don full. It is even overflowing.
    No need for too much talk. Ogogoro should not even bother to do press conference.
    We don’t need his apology. Sha koshi danu. Get the hell out of there!
    Just jejely tender your resignation and disappear from sight.
    As for the band of miscreants that call themselves NFF in that Glass House, we need to do a clean sweep. Get all these idiots out of office.
    Perhaps there is light at the end of this very dark tunnel we find ourselves in. Rohr has once again done Nigeria a huge service. With this defeat, pipo will finally sit up, and the heads that should have rolled years ago after OGUN EFON failed woefully against Ghana, those heads can now roll freely. All the square pegs in round holes in our football need to be removed post haste! If they won’t leave willingly, they should be forcibly evicted!!!
    They should all be investigated for financial crimes, and given lengthy jail sentences. No exceptions!!!

  • Ogogoro Finidi…. This Pompei will not kill person. 🙂

    Ogogoro should not bother with press conference. Hahaha I no go laugh tire. Hahaha

  • chuks haifa 2 days ago

    Nigerian super eagles team is not good. Not the coach. More than four coaches are not good for this same team. Get a world class coach and that coach will be sacked too. We need to disband the team. Get a no nonsense coach and have a long term plan.

    • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

      Hahahahaha…..look at this one…..LMAoooo.

      The team that one coached use to pick a Silver medal at a 24 team AFCON….?

      The team that another one that yalla called a mechanic, a PE teacher used to pick a bronze at a 24 team AFCON after not being able to qualify back to back, and then went on qualifying for tournaments with games to spare…?

      All of a sudden, the yare not a good team anymore…..LMAOoo

      The thunder that will faya some people is still waiting for Petrol from Dangote refinery…..LMAOoo

    • Dr Banks 2 days ago

      A team that has just won Silver at AFCON 3 months ago is not good?

      It is your home / Local Rookie coaches that are not good enough.

      G Rohr was qualifying with games to spare, won AFCON Bronze with same team but what did Cerezo and Amunike do to the team when they took over? R16 exit at AFCON 2021 and non qualification against the worst Ghana team ever

      Peissero took over the team and got us AFCON Silver medal just 3 months ago, but what did your Ogogoro bastard do, 1st loses to Mali and Benin after almost half a century without any competitive match loss to these teams 

      The team is not good indeed, so Finidi could only select these players as the best out of 200+ million people? 

      Check out the stats of those Benin players whom G Rohr assembled to humble your hyper inflated ego

      E no go better for any of you that mentions Local INDIGENOUS COACH ever again on this forum

  • Ndubest 2 days ago

    Thank you NFF thank you finidi thank you sports minister and thank you all fans that clamoured for a local coach. You all conspired to bundle us out of the world cup. We had better players overlooked for this unpatriotic players. Qualify or not nobody will take away my joy. I did not watch both matches and i made the right decision. Finidi should be sacked immediately and no local coach should come near this team again. Amuneke wouldn’t have fared better. If this corrupt and criminal body call NFF remains there, we will continue to underachieve. May God punish all of them that knew what was good for us but cos of selfish and criminal intention refuses to do it. Thanks to Government that claimed no money to employ a competent coach but steal our resources may God punish all of them.

  • Lollipops 2 days ago

    @ Pompei, we have bunch of Weirdos and Clowns running the affairs of our great Country Nigeria. It’s sad that people who claimed to be leaders and administrators of this great country will come out publicly and tell the people is Good we fail with our own. Who does that? The saddest thing of all is that some fans and followers will jump up like little crickets and support these bunch clowns with their bad ideas (Failing with our own).

    • Greenturf 2 days ago

      The same happened in the last presidential election and some section of people supported it and see where it landed Nigerian economy today.
      Nigeria is a country where merit is never followed and it’s a major stunt to our growth.
      People are so selfish always wanting there own rather than what is good for the country at large!
      I wish i could adopt England as my country,after all my family are but Nigeria will always come first,it’s frustrating to come from this part of the world!

      • TONY 2 days ago

        @Greenturf, Thumbs up!
        A bag of rice in Nigeria is about N95,000.00 currently. Millions of Nigerians go to bed hungry. And some people are here ranting and raving about soccer results. Posting foolish vitriol against Finidi George while conveniently forgetting that the criminals that they supported and voted into office has done irreparable harm to their future and that of their families for generations to come.
        Of course, they won’t recognize that because they are blinded by their ethnic bias.

        • Greenturf 2 days ago

          My brother Tony,it’s sad!Until we begin to embrace merit,we shall continue to suffer in the midst of plenty.
          This is a country that have everything but oneness and excellence.

        • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

          Hahahaha….the cheif Advocate of local coaches and home-based players has suddenly remembered the price of groceries in the market….LMAOoo

          The Rohr was only qualifying because we have the best players gang leader has suddenly realized the damage nepotism and parochial sentiments which he and his gang of fools championed is affecting the country…..LMAoooo

          Let me remind him that Nigeria is an extension of the SE and the SE is an extension of Nigeria…..and I put it to him that as he has been a part of those who have destroyed Nigeria football this bad, he most likely was also part of those who championed drug convicts and people who can tender their certificates at first time of asking to rule Nigeria.

          What goes around does surely comes around.

          Una no wan get sense b4 abi….LMAOoo….una go get sense by force now.

          • TONY 2 days ago

            Whatever your name is, I will never, never, ever sink to your level.

          • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

            Oh yes, you are rock bottom already with your wretched nepotistic mentality. There’s nowhere else to sink to.

            What you should have said is that You can NEVER rise to my level.

            So are you happy now…? Are you happy now that you wretched wishes have been granted….? You have been given a local coach…..your NPFL players have not been invited to the SE……are you happy now…???

            Bunch of god-forsaken illiterates….!

          • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

            ….your NPFL players have now been invited to the SE…..

  • Lollipops 2 days ago

    @ Pompei, we have bunch of Weirdos and Clowns running the affairs of our great Country Nigeria. It’s sad that people who claimed to be leaders and administrators of this great country will come out publicly and tell the people is Good we fail with our own. Who does that? The saddest thing of all is that some fans and followers will jump up like little crickets and support these bunch of clowns with their bad ideas (Failing with our own).

  • JimmyBall 2 days ago

    The players are the problem… they will never respect any indigenous coach except maybe tough dudes like Siasia or Oliseh. But we have so many ineffective players that we have made so comfortable in Eagles as if the team is their birthright. Bring hungry players… Phillip Otele, Peter Olayinka, Chuba Akpom, Igbo Ogbu, Isaacs Success… Bassey and Ajayi our key central defenders are to blame today… they are not good enough.

    • Four four two 2 days ago

      isaac success? isaac success ko na success fraskics mumu – dis show that you are nonetity and no nothing – idiot biko mechionu gi dia ewu!
      tribalistics dog!

      • JimmyBall 2 days ago

        @Four Four Two… some players in our team are less than average. Bassey and Ajayi are average or less than average. Bassey does Well at Fulham because of Tosin Adaraboioyo coverage… Bassey gragra too much… Ajayi can’t pass and too sluggish. Phillip Otele will solve our problem on the right flank. Iheanacho, Chukwueze, Moses Simon, all the African based players should all leave the Eagles… we have Akpom who did well in Ajax a big club but corruption won’t allow them call him… Ndidi sef is a shadow of himself now… Iheanacho and Chukwueze are inconsistent donkeys…

    • Please..

      This same group if players just won silver at the Afcon.. the same Bassey,Ajayi etc.

      Pleas let’s put the blame where it should be.

      The Sports Minister, The FA and Finidi and his coaching crew. They should be held accountable and resign. No explanation needed.

      And please we should steer clear from this Amunike this and that or any indigenous coach for that matter taking the helm. Siasia, Oliseh ,Eguaveon( with an Amunike) have all failed in the past. Local coaches are simply not qualified enough for the Eagles Job. Atleast not now.

      We need a qualified foreign coach. Nothing more. Nothing less.

      • Greenturf 2 days ago

        The sports ministry twice are responsible for our failure to go to the world cup because they as government will prefer a Nigerian to a Caucasian!
        The NFF are not to be blamed because they have always insisted on foreign coaches but because of lack of funds they have no choice other than to accept government choice of indigenous coaches.
        Until the NFF are able to run their affairs independently,we will continue to suffer from government totalitarian rule.

    • Dr. Drey 2 days ago

      Hehehehe….this one is still here dropping names….LMAOoo.

      Oga did you forget Nwakali or he has fallen this far into the oblivion of your memory, or is it that the scales fallen off your eyes finally….??

      Awon football know in people gang….LMAOoo….Ndi let us fail with our own.

      I hope you are licking your plate of failure served hot with your 10 fingers now…..LMAOoo

      So if you pack all these people and give finidi we will start bulldozing all our opponents….LMAOoo

      I have never see an individual so allergic to the truth in my entire life.

      • Golden Child 2 days ago

        Philip otele ko Philip atole ni. We have started again.

  • You have started again @Jimmyball maybe is Siasia or Oliseh you will start clamouring for. Zuoekwenu ike this man

  • Wild Dogs of Central African Republic are giving it to Ghana wotowoto… come and see power and speed game that CAR is playing… Ghana the see weeen!

  • Dcardinal 2 days ago

    Meet our coach:
    NAME: Findi George
    EGO: Carlo Ancelloti
    Appearance: Clifford Orji
    ABILITY: Sabinus

    • pompei 2 days ago

      Sabinwa will do a much better job.
      The creativity that he employs to produce comedy, if he apply am small for football, he will definitely produce more than this nonsense we are seeing.
      Even sef, Officer Woos with all his stammering will be more articulate, and still do much better.

  • Big e 2 days ago

    D problem is not d coach but the players they did not give their best

    • @Big e this is thekindofcommentthat will keep our Football stuck are you people allergic to calling a spade a spade when it comes to Nigerian Administration, Or are Benin packed full of stars? Is South Africa players bigger than ours?. for Goodness sake their best player Lyle Foster comes from Burnley FC, Incase you didn’t know this international Window was a lesson in disguise for “Indigenous coach and Lets us use our Black local coaches they can do the job gang”, We where just beaten by 2 European Coaches who really out smarted us tactically and the main part Indigenous coaches fail is set up of the game and Defence

  • Edoman 2 days ago

    God is good. Nigerian people. never, never stand for corruptions and injustices. On personal level, l am happy the man that was treated wrongly came back to bite and hunt you badly. l will support our former Oga with all my heart in the World Cup. Rohr will stylishly qualify Benin republic for this World Cup in USA. Yeye people. God don’t punish una.
    Omo9ja, Odagbemi and all those stupid people, how market.?
    Dr Drey. God Bless you in whatever you do in your comfortable life.

  • Dr. Drey. 2 days ago

    May God bless you and your endeavors too my brother.

    In all you do in life, please always stand for the truth and what is just.

    Truth and justice always wins

  • ABDULRAZAK 2 days ago


  • MONKEY POST 2 days ago


  • Omo9ja 2 days ago

    Fellow Nigerians please you deserve to be angry with the Nigeria Football Federation and I am angry with them too.

    The current NFF board should be scraped and if President Tinubu can do this for us, this will be the new beginning of our sports.

    However, I can’t say much about the match though because I didn’t watch it.

    I just watched the highlights on YouTube.
    My view from the match, Finidi should be ashamed of himself for accepting the Super Eagles job.

    Why can’t many of we Nigerians can’t say no to what we can not do?

    I did not support Finidi at first but Amunike but Finidi won my heart due to the fact that he chooses his assistants that has Nigeria roots but you can’t give what you don’t have.

    He made Oga Rohr king, Super star and superior but who should we blame for this symbolic performance? Amaju pinnick, Gusau and the entire NFF board.

    As I have said before the match against Benin, I said I would apologize to Oga Rohr and his followers if he won the match which he did.

    For the fact that he won the match, first time in history, congratulations to Oga Rohr and his former fans. Here is my apology. I am sorry.

    Saying sorry doesn’t mean Oga Rohr is a good coach but winning against Nigeria is a big achievement for him.

    Deep down inside Oga Rohr, knew Super Eagles were not Superb under Finidi. So, he took the advantage of that. So, we meet again.

    I’m waiting for Finidi George to tender his resignation letter tomorrow while president Tinubu should desolve the NFF this week.

    NFF have destroyed our own and our own have destroyed themselves because of money. Finidi is not the best indigenous coach NFF should offered us but because of selfishness and corruption, they hired Finidi.

    Impossible is nothing. It is not over yet. We can still qualify for the world cup but thr chance is very slim.

    The new NFF should hire the best indigenous coach or an African coach to be in charge of the Super Eagles.

    Since Siasia is not available, Amunike should take over the Super Eagles or the coach from South Africa pitso or something, I can’t remember his name.

    I believe Oga Rohr and Paseiro are average to build Super Eagles. Finidi is not qualified at all to manage Super Eagles.

    All in all, congratulations to Oga Rohr and his followers. Please enjoy the moment. You all can say whatever you want to us we the patriotic Nigerians but it is your time. Super Eagles will bounce back. The new NFF should give us the best Africa coach. Say no to foreign coach. Hmmm. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dr. Drey 1 day ago

      Oga Rohr ti fo were lenu wotowoto…e wo bo se n gbon lete…..LMAOoo.

      Enjoy failing with your own till you allow common sense, merit and integrity prevail in the choice of coaches for the SE.

  • Daniel 2 days ago

    Problem of Nigeria football is NFF and those exinternationals 1980s set and 94 set who think they are better than white coaches! I don’t if EFCC don’t see what’s going on in NFF!! No competent people in that NFF, only politicians full there and Embezzling players bonuses and coaches salaries. Many white coaches the whole already know Nigeria as scam country where politicians control football! Conductor white coach is better than Nigeria world class black coaches, world cup is not a child’s play! Nff chase out Rohr and put Eguaveon and everybody saw black man football tactics!After Afcon they chase out Pesario and emplore Finidi who is still learn coaching tactics with Enyimba, national team is not where you learn coaching, go out side and learn tactics and perform well so that every one will see it. NFF chairman need to be arrested honestly, Nigeria football Problem is NFF not players..

  • JimmyBall 2 days ago

    It is time to critically look at our team… while the coach may have his short comings. We saw the team played woeful under Peseiro… a whiteman also, and we also got two horrible draws versus Zimbabwe and Lesotho. If we had won both games… we will not be using our teeth to count our tongue now… lol. We cannot be relying on the likes of Ajayi who is a perpetual championship-grade player and has never been senn as good enough by premier league teams… the goals we conceded yesterday were avoidable defensive blunders by players whoa re not clearly good enough… Ndidi inclusive because he can no longer impact games at a high level. I currentlt think our best candidates for a double pivot now are Alhassan, Onyedika and Onyeka. We should be moving beyong players who have been in super eagles for over 5years and have still yet not been able to up their games… Moses Simon, Chukwueze, Iheanacho, Bassey, Ajayi, Uzoho, Onuachu, Moffi, Awaziem, Umeruo, and those Finidi NFL experiments… but administrators in Nigeria are really wicked… how do you impose a Finidi who does not even have the required coaching badge worthy of a team like Super Eagles on the whole nation? I predict NFF returning to Peseiro for rescue mission. We have a bad administration and unmotivated players… we must never allow Super Eagles become rehabilitation centres for average players who cant improve themselves… Jordan Torunarigha, Felix Uduokhai, Felix Agu, Peter Olayinka, Phillip Otele, Olisah Ndah, Chuba Akpom, Leon Balogun, Jerome Akor, Afoloyan(St pauli). We can never qualify for world cup with the dead woods that we still have in the current crop… Let me repeat, the likes of Simon, Chukwueze, Iheanacho,Onuachu,Olawoyin, Ajayi, Bassey(can be used at left back still not Central Defence), Osayi Samuel is not good… just average, Umeruo, Awaziem have to give way. Samuel Chukwueze is the most useless player after inconsistent Iheanacho that I have seen in a long while play for Nigeria… this mediocre players.

  • JimmyBall 2 days ago

    We can still get Fikayo Tomori, Dominic Solanke, Tosin Adarabioyo in addition to the suggestion below… Finidi came with negative vibes and the writing was always on the wall in the two friendly games which he oversaw… causing serious acrimony in the team with his loyalty to stupid deadwood players like Iheancaho… Isaac Success was not serious with his career because of money and reckless lifestyle for a long time but he was responsible for keeping Udinese in the Serie A in one of their key last games and I think we can give him a look-in also now… he is one of the strongest players Nigeria has if he wants to play ball… African Football is different from European Club Softball… watch CAR harass Ghana yesterday and you will know… they had a clear penalty not awarded in their favour…

    • Dennis 2 days ago

      @jimmyball why can’t you just shut up? You said let us fail with our own and now that we are failing and Lao failed with eguaveon, you are ranting like a mentally challenged clown. Did we not predict what would happen with our own in charge? You and that simpleton called omo9ja said any coach can win trophies with the super eagles except rohr. If rohr was in charge, we would easily have won at least 3 games. Shut that stupid mouth of yours. You have no right to complain. Also, odegbami, the old clown is hiding his face in shame

  • JimmyBall 1 day ago

    This is phillip Otele.. CFR Cluj, Romania. Some players may play for smaller less-heralded teams but they surely can improve Super Eagles with better play-efficiency… Watch and see for yourselves:


  • JimmyBall 1 day ago

    You all watch and tell me we dont need a player like in the Super Eagles? But they wont invite him because he has to transfer to Real Madrid F.C first.


    • Tols 1 day ago

      This Phillip Otele is worth calling. He looks good to me.

  • Dennis 1 day ago

    But we have to fail with our own. Remember when you and that clown called omo9ja said any coach can win trophies with the super eagles squad except rohr. Remember when you said qualifying for major events with games to spare isn’t a big deal? Why complain now?

  • Tols 1 day ago

    This Phillip Otele guy should be able to combine well with Ademola. We have one ineffective right flank at the moment with Iheanacho, Chukwueze and Moses flopping. Moses simon still dey show some flashes small. This Otele guy is worth trying out. Selective videos do not totally assure a player’s talent though. He needs to show that week in week out.

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