Best Betting Sites In The Philippines With GCash

Best Betting Sites In The Philippines With GCash

GCash is transforming how Filipinos bet online, offering an easy and safe way to handle bets on many sites. This method lets users quickly pay or collect winnings, making it popular among betting sites using GCash. It stands out for its comfort and safety, simplifying online betting for people in the Philippines. Join the GCash revolution today and experience the ease and safety of online betting like never before.

Top GCash Sports Betting Sites

Selecting the best betting site in the Philippines with GCash offers a unique advantage for local bettors. These sites let you bet on sports quickly and safely. With GCash, quickly adding or taking out money makes it a favorite choice for many gamblers. This way, bettors have a smooth time.

Experts from the PhilippinesCasinos.ph website have thoroughly analyzed the top sportsbooks, compiling a list based on license, bonus, minimum deposit, maximum deposit, withdrawal times, and total game count. Their research offers precious insights, helping bettors make informed decisions when choosing an online casino for their needs.

22Win – Great Sport Betting Options

GCash Betting

Name 22Win
Established 2022
License Myanmar Gaming Authority
Bonus 100% up to ₱25000
Minimum Deposit 100 PHP
Maximum Deposit 25,000 PHP
Withdrawal Times in 10 minutes
Total Games 1000+

22Win is a popular choice in the Philippines for those who love to bet on sports, including NBA games. This site makes it easy to start with GCash. People like 22Win because it lets them bet on many different sports, not just the big ones. Putting money in and winnings out is simple, making this easy for everyone.

22Bet – Best Online Sports Betting Platform

GCash Betting

Name 22Bet
Established 2017
License Curacao Gaming Commission
Bonus 100% Up to 18.000 PHP
Minimum Deposit 50 PHP
Maximum Deposit 18.000 PHP
Withdrawal Times up to 48 hours
Total Games 3800+

22Bet brings a lot of sports and esports betting to the table, with good odds that many in the Philippines enjoy. Using GCash on 22Bet is easy, which helps bettors manage their money better. The site is user-friendly and has special deals that make this activity even better.

Jolibet – Top for Filipinos Players

GCash Betting

Name Jolibet
Established 2018
License Myanmar Gaming Authority
Bonus 100% up to ₱38888
Minimum Deposit 100 PHP
Maximum Deposit 38888 PHP
Withdrawal Times in 10 minutes
Total Games 1000+

Jolibet focuses on what Filipino bettors like offering bets on local sports and more. It’s easy to use GCash here, which makes it simple to play games and withdraw winnings. Jolibet stands out for its connection with local preferences, offering global and regional options.

GGbet – The Best Online Betting on Esports and Sports

GCash Betting

Name GGbet
Established 2016
License Curacao Gaming Commission
Bonus up to 75000₱
Minimum Deposit PHP 500
Maximum Deposit 75000₱
Withdrawal Times from 1 to 24 hours
Total Games 1000+

GGbet is the go-to for esports betting, offering a large count of games and live to bet. It’s easy to use GCash, which is great for those who follow esports closely in the Philippines. GGbet is known for keeping up with live games, giving bettors the chance to bet as the action unfolds.

Vulkan Bet – Top Sports Betting Odds

GCash Betting

Name Vulkan Bet
Established 2015
License Curacao Gaming Commission
Bonus 100% up to ₱25000
Minimum Deposit 50 PHP
Maximum Deposit ₱25000
Withdrawal Times from 1 to 24 hours
Total Games 2500+

Vulkan Bet offers great odds, especially for NBA and esports with a wide betting market and good deals, appealing to those looking for value and difference in their bets.

How to Choose the GCash Betting Platform?

GCash Betting

When choosing a GCash betting platform, it’s important to consider several factors to provide positive and secure online betting. Here’s an instruction to help you make an informed decision.

Reputation and Safety

Look for platforms with a solid reputation. Reviews and feedback from other users give insights into their experiences. A trusted online betting site using GCash should have strong security to protect your information and transactions.

Range of Sports and Betting Options

A good PH betting site offers a wide count of sports and events. Whether you’re into traditional sports or esports in the Philippines or are interested in NBA online betting using GCash, the difference is important.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions add value to your sports betting. When exploring options for online gambling using GCash, compare the bonuses different sites offer and read their terms and conditions to understand the benefits.

Customer Support

A betting site using GCash should provide prompt and helpful customer service. Availability of support through email, chat, or phone channels is a plus.

Selecting the right platform for online betting in the Philippines via GCash includes considering the following aspects to find a site that meets your needs in terms of safety, betting options, value for money, and support.

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How to Use GCash for Sports Betting?

To effectively use GCash for sports betting in the Philippines, follow these steps:

How to Deposit in GCash for Betting

Depositing money into your betting account with GCash is a simple process. First, log into your preferred online betting site in the Philippines via GCash. Navigate to the ‘Deposit’ section and choose GCash as your deposit method. You’ll need to input the amount you want to deposit, making sure it aligns with the minimum and maximum deposit limits of the betting site. Confirm your deposit details and complete the transaction directly from your GCash app, allowing you to engage in GCash online betting or GCash betting games without delay.

How to Withdraw Money from GCash

Access the ‘Withdraw’ option in your betting account, select GCash as your withdrawal method, and input the amount you wish to withdraw, adhering to the site’s set limits. After confirming the transaction, the withdrawal process starts, and the funds should reflect in your GCash wallet following the betting site’s processing time, enabling you to enjoy the fruits of your GCash bet efficiently.

GCash Limits, Fees, and Processing Times

GCash transactions come with certain limits; these vary but are generally set to accommodate the needs of most bettors engaging in GCash betting. While most transactions, including those for online gambling using GCash or esports betting Philippines, are free of fees, it’s prudent to check for any possible charges. Deposits are typically instant, allowing you to place your GCash online betting wagers immediately. Withdrawal times, however, may vary, ranging from instant to several days, depending on the betting site’s policies.

Is GCash Betting in the Philippines Safe and Secure?

Betting with GCash in the Philippines is recognized for its safety and security, a testament to the digital platform’s strong infrastructure. As of 2022, GCash has registered around 76 million users, underscoring its massive acceptance and trust among Filipinos. Moreover, GCash’s 92 net promoter score in 2023 highlights its reputation as a highly recommended and trusted brand.

In terms of transaction volume, GCash marked an impressive milestone by processing transactions worth PHP 1 trillion ($20.8 billion) in 2020, demonstrating a 254% year-over-year increase. This growth reflects the app’s widespread utility and its pivotal role in the Philippines’ digital payment system.

Popular Sports to Bet on with GCash

When engaging in online betting using GCash, basketball remains one of the most popular sports, with different tournaments offering unique betting opportunities. Each tournament brings flavor, types of bets, and popular games, attracting a broad audience worldwide.


Basketball betting in the Philippines revolves around both local and international competitions, with the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) being the oldest professional basketball league in Asia and a focal point for betting enthusiasts. The PBA features renowned San Miguel Beermen, Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, and TNT Tropang Giga teams competing in three major conferences: the Philippine Cup, the Commissioner’s Cup, and the Governors’ Cup.

GCash Betting

International basketball also garners impressive attention, especially the NBA, where Filipino bettors place wagers on teams and players competing in the world’s premier basketball league.


When expanding on football, check out how the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Champions League captivate a global audience, including the Philippines, where football is growing in popularity. Highlight the anticipation that builds up every four years for the World Cup, a tournament that brings nations together in a global celebration of the sport.

For the UEFA Champions League, discuss its prestige as the pinnacle of club football, where Europe’s elite clubs battle for supremacy. Include popular betting markets such as match winners, total goals scored, and player-specific bets like the first goal scorer or player of the match. Mention the popularity of local teams in international tournaments and how national pride swells when teams like the Philippine Azkals compete on the international stage.


In discussing tennis, emphasize the global appeal of the Grand Slam tournaments. Each tournament has its unique charm, from the clay courts of the French Open to the grass courts of Wimbledon, offering bettors a variety of conditions and challenges that affect gameplay and betting strategies.

Discuss the types of bets popular in tennis, including straight wins, set betting, and prop bets, like the number of aces. Highlight the stories of tennis legends and how their careers add depth to the betting, making it not just about the outcomes but also about the players’ journeys.


To expand on baseball, particularly MLB, you can talk about the long and gruelling season leading up to the World Series, offering bettors numerous opportunities to engage with the sport. Discuss how the game’s intricacies, such as pitching matchups and batting averages, influence betting strategies. Highlight the tradition and history of the sport in the U.S. and its growing popularity in the Philippines, where fans follow local and international games.

Formula 1

Formula 1 highlights the global nature of the sport, with races taking place in different countries, each bringing its unique challenges due to differences in tracks, weather, and race conditions. Discuss the technological aspect of F1 and how team strategies, car performance, and even in-race decisions like pit stops add layers of complexity to betting. Highlight popular betting options such as race winners, podium finishes, and constructors’ championship odds. Mention how the sport’s unpredictability, with safety cars and retirements, makes betting thrilling.

FAQ About Online Betting Using GCash

How do I bet on NBA games with GCash?

To bet on NBA games with GCash, start by picking a GCash-friendly betting site and setting up your account. Deposit funds into your account using GCash by selecting it as your payment method and entering the desired deposit amount. After funding your account, browse the site for NBA games, select your preferred game, and decide on the type of bet you want to make. Use your deposited funds to place your bet.

Can I convert my GCash to cash?

For converting GCash to cash, you have options like ATM withdrawals with a GCash MasterCard or over-the-counter transactions at partner outlets. These methods might have varying fees and limits, so checking the GCash app for the latest details is wise.

Can foreigners use GCash in the Philippines?

Foreigners wanting to use GCash in the Philippines must download the app, sign up with a local mobile number, and complete the verification with the necessary ID. This process opens up GCash’s full suite of services for their use.

How much does GCash charge for cash-in?

GCash offers free cash-in transactions up to a certain limit via linked bank accounts or GCash partner outlets. Minimal fees may be applied for transactions exceeding set limits or through other methods. It’s advisable to review the most current fee structure on the GCash app or official website to avoid surprises.

How to Activate Online Betting in GCash?

Activating online betting with GCash includes providing that your GCash account is fully verified, which unlocks all features of the service, including higher transaction limits and access to a wider range of services. Then, on your chosen betting site, select GCash as your deposit payment option. Follow the instructions the betting site provides to link your GCash account and make deposits directly from it.

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