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‘Bonfrere Has Formally Applied For Super Eagles Job’  –Former Media Officer Claims 

‘Bonfrere Has Formally Applied For Super Eagles Job’  –Former Media Officer Claims 

Former Super Eagles media officer Collin Udoh has claimed that Johannes Bonfrere has applied for the Nigeria senior men’s national team coaching job.

According to Udoh, 75-year-old Bonfrere has formally put in his paperwork for the job currently held by Gernot Rohr.


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He disclosed  that the NFF is close to paying off Rohr while interviewing candidates for the position.

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“Nigeria’s 1996 Olympic gold-winning coach Jo Bonfrere has formally put in his paperwork to apply for the Nigeria job,” Udoh wrote on Twitter.

“The NFF is currently in the process of paying off current coach Gernot Rohr to terminate his contract while interviewing candidates for the job.”

There have been calls for the sack of Rohr after the Eagles managed to scrape through to the play-offs stage of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

The team managed to pick four points out of a possible nine in their home games which has not gone down well with fans.

If Bonfrere gets the nod to become the new Eagles coach, it will be his third spell with the team.

His first spell was between 1995 and 1996 while his second was between 1999 and 2001.

During his second stint, he led the team to a second place finish at the 2000 AFCON, after losing to Cameroon on penalties.

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  • Oakfield 6 months ago

    Lol….. 75 year old…. Lol…. Una wan employe a great grand father for the robust super eagles coaching job abi??? Ngwanu, make una go employ Otto Gloria again na. I really wonder why he’s been jobless all these while , always waiting for the slightest opportunity to send in his letter for the super eagles job. I wonder why he didn’t apply for this same position when the super eagles team was in complete disarray before rohr came on board. Now he feels a formidable teamnhas been built, hence, can now come and eat the fruit of another man’s labor. Incredible bunch.

    • Am not making choices for Eagles Coach but Jo Bonfere has been behind the Eagles most notable and outstanding performances and achievements even during the time of Westerhof.
      Both of them have been applying for Eagle’s job repeatedly.
      He can still do very well because he’s a coach that actually created that fierce attacking formation Super Eagles is known of. He’s a coach not a player so age doesn’t matter here but his wealth of experience.

      • @Mike, Bonfere has actually one of the worst to have coached the SE, the two major assignments he had was poor, losing to Cameroon in Lagos and nearly made us lose the 2002 Alcon and World Cup. Losing to Liberia and Sierra Leone and fourth on the table behind Liberia, Sudan and SL. He was sacked and Amodu, Keshi and Erico saved us. Not only qualifying for afcon but winning the group WC sole ticket .

  • Why should we manage to get rid of an old man and bring in an even older man……..we are tired of archaic and dogmatic coaching ideas……we are tired of old fashioned coaching style…….What SE needs now is a young and energetic coach who can motivate this talented set of players and bring out the best in them……What SE need now is a coach with modern attacking style of play…….What SE need now is youth not retirees.

  • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

    Hahahahahaha……Bonfrere Joke…???? This must be a huge JOKE….LMAOOooo.
    Abeg make una permit me to laugh small…..LMAOOooooo

    We have always said it long before now, we are not afraid of Rohr leaving, he was DEFINITELY GOING TO LEAVE SOMEDAY….. we are only afraid of the type of creature the NFF will replace him with, because they have proven times without number to never build on positives with more positives….its always 3 steps forwards and 17 steps backwards. Some of us have always had an inkling Rohr will be replaced by another Rohr, or ever a worse Rohr, not with a better coach. This NFF is allergic to moving forward…….LMAOOoooo

    The last time Bonfrere was SE coach, we were 3rd in a group that had the likes of Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghna and Sudan……LMAOOooo…..I cant remember him acheiving anything ever since…..LMAOoooo

    So from Krakjar abi na Kranjik abi na Kranckshaft, we have turn full circle to 75 year old Bonfrere Joke…..LMAOooo. Ladies and gentlemen, abeg make una shift make I laugh abeg…..LMAOooo

    God has even blessed us so much in this country call Nigeria o. Lmaoooooo……God has really blessed us that the WCQ playoffs draws will now be done with the January rankings, which will come just when we would have concluded the group stages, and with a new coach playing his first game vs Egypt who is only trailing us by 29 points on the FIFA ladder, I doubt we would still be in the top 5 of the African rankings by the time that draw is made…….LMAOOooo…..invariablly, we have also put our WCQ in a more perilous state ……so congratulations in advance to that coach who will be appointed to drink from this poisoned chalice and congratulations to all those so called patriotic front cheerleaders who were ululating and rolling out the drums and dishing out lies as to how a coach to took Niger and Gabon to their best AFCON places (which neither country has managed to even come close to since he walked away from them both) wasnt fit to coach Nigeria when the likes of Paul LeGuen and Carlos Alberto ran away from targets like 2018 WC qualification and 2019 AFCON semis which they claimed was IMPOSSIBLE, but which the ordinary PE teacher made easy in our sights…..LMAOOooo. However, those we are hearing the NFF wants to replace him with were either sacked for disastrous and poorer performances or demoted from head coach positions to mere academy scouts in rag-tag teams…..LMAOOooo.

    A round of applause to the NFF and all patriotic Nigerians and congratulations to y’all on the forthcoming successes that will come after now, when you have gathered enough reasons that will not stop a bounty $1.5m-$2m payoff.

    We dont want to hear excuses like some specialists in failure always give their failed guadiolas for not qualifying for ordinary AFCON when they had their turns o. We dont want to hear any silly excuses…….because we knew what was ahead of us and were conscious (albeit blinded by hatred) of the actions we are taking at the moment……LMAOOooo. So let nobody, except the one who wants to be accursed by the gods of the land come and give us excuses. WE MUST WIN AFCON 2022, qualify for Qatar and reach at least the R16 (same targets given to the man whom we are dismissing for meeting ALL his set targets). That will be the ONLY justification for not repeating the same history that hasn’t worked for good for us.

    May God help us to stop being penny-wise pound foolish. There is no miracle any new coach will work now that will win 2022 AFCON, since you are convinced Rohr wouldnt win it either, why not let him go there, fail and sack him for free…..at least that one will not take 2 weeks to type, neither will it involve 1 cent of payout, you would only need to just point at the relevant clause which empowers you to do so……but since there are no clauses to back up sacking him now, it has taken the NFF 2 solid weeks to look for A4 paper, the right words, backing from the ministry, winding up of media sentiments and a whooping N800m to N1bn to not win the AFCON 2022……LMAooooo…what an irony.

    And pls, the NFF should also not pay the new coach will April 2022, they shouldnt also settle the players bonuses from the last AFCON in 2019 to the World cup playoffs in March 2022……still we wouldnt accept ANY EXCUSES……we MUST WIN 2022 AFCON, QUALIFY FOR QATAR AND REACH AT LEAST THE R16……no excuses…..Afterall “we have NEVER had a team this talented in the history of Nigerian football” with the calibre of players we have….players who can earn a 70% plus win ratio in all competitive games for a coach, based on their individual talents….?? Haba, even 2 weeks should be enough for a “tactical coach” to win the 2022 AFCON with these calibre of players……LMAOooooooo

    Cheers to everyone. I still dey road o. I dey come.
    Please once again, when the NFF has finally typed Rohr’s sack letter someone should kindly let us know…..LMAOOoooo…and when they’ve also finally decided on the BETTER coach they want to replace Rohr with, also kindly let us know…..LMAOOoooo

    • Love you Dr.Drey. I am honestly waiting for that Angel of Progress or Angel of Doom to be announced as Coach of the Super Eagles. We wait in anticipation

    • Ngozi 6 months ago

      Gernot Rohr’s agents fighting to keep their jobs and pay at the expense of Nigerians whose only source of joy if football .
      Interesting . Nff is wise enough to know who they are . Why would someone who is not sent have time to compose this long response

    • @drey, we were actually 4th, with no hope of making 2002 Mali afcon, having lost to Liberia and SL. The man is a joke

      • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

        Thanks for your addendum Sir.

      • kingsley 6 months ago

        What garbage are u spilling. Obviously you one of the ass lickers of dr dry. Is it not the same Bonfere that won the olympics gold, and was robbed of a clear goal at the Afcon in lagos, maybe you were blind or still in diapers not to have watched the game. So tell us exactly what your Gernot Rot has won, bronze medal. Rubbish

    • NaijaEaglesFan 6 months ago

      That’s what you get when bunch of clueless fools are given leadership positions they have no business being in and to make matters worse they take decisions only on sentiment instead of following the facts.

  • GLORY 6 months ago

    Will like to suggest that both Rohr and Bonfere have a cage fight for the SE job. Emmmmh…. Something tells me Bonhere will kill Rohr before end of first round. So maybe that isn’t gonna be a good idea.

  • Larry 6 months ago

    This is part of the nff game plan.. testing the waters from different oerspectives by using CSN and his other cronies to distract soccer lovers..
    They will continue to play delay politics to enable him and his cohorts finetune his scam the way they hired Dumbo Roar and packaged a rejected Enyimba applicant.
    Any coach(Nigerian or Foreign) that is out of job for more than a year should not be considered for the job.

    • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

      Hahahahahaha……LMAOOooo…..the people who recommended 4/5 = 95% of the details of rohr’s contract that has now chocked them in the throat, jubilated widely and massively when their tin-gods ran out of further ideas to frustrate Rohr out of delivering yet another target are now crying……LMAOOoooooo.

      All your lies and propaganda have run dry, you now want to shift the blame to CSN…..LMAOoooo.

      We told y’all long ago that this NFF will never replace Rohr with anybody better than Rohr…..LMAOoooo…the best we will get is another Rohr (older or younger) or ever a worse Rohr, not a better coach……LMAOooooo…….reality is beginning to dawn on the proverbial fool who cut is own nose to spite his face…..LMAOOoo. The chickens are finally coming home to roost

      Now that you are having a bloodied nose, face and palms you are now crying…..LMAOoooooo.

      They ganged up will lies for weeks looking for everything outside the contract to sack Rohr, but they’ve still no found any yet…..LMAOooooo. Even a convicted theif came out to tell us someone who was coaching OGC Nice between 2002 and 2005 and leading them to UEFA Intertoto Cup places in 2003 and 2004 was rejected by a pedigree-less Enyimba (at that time) in the Nigerian league BECAUSE HE DIDNT HAVE CREDENTIALS……LMAOOooo…what a lie from the pit of Hades…..LMAOooo. Someone coaching actively in French Ligue 1 and UEFA competitions at that time, Moved to Switzerland and later back to France wanted to come to Enyimba but didnt have credentials……LMAOOOoo.

      Congratulations to you and your bunch of liars. You wanted Rohr out, now you have it, from kranjack to bonfrere joke to all sorts of names……LMAOOoo….You wanted CHANGE just like you compatriots……LMAOOoo….now you have it……LMAOoooo. Deal with you gaffe, and stop running away from the fire you lit that is now almost consuming your household……LMAOoooo.

      We wouldnt accept ANY EXCUSES…..if you like employ Ismaila Mabo or Jose Guadiola, we MUST WIN 2022 AFCON, QUALIFY FOR QATAR AND REACH AT LEAST THE R16…..no excuses…..Afterall “we have NEVER had a team this talented in the history of Nigerian football” with the calibre of players we have…players who can earn a 70% plus win ratio in all competitive games just based on their individual brilliance…LMAOOoooo? 1 week camping with the “tactical coach” replacement should be enough to win the 2022 AFCON with these calibre of players…..LMAOooooooo.

      I so much love what I am seeing now. KARMA IS TRULY A DAMN BITCH……LMAOooooo…….1989, 2002, 2010, 2013-averted-to-2015 are ALL about to be repeated…..LMAOOoooo

      There shall be continuous weeping in the courts of the wicked, so says the Lord the God of the Just. LMAAOooooo

      • Lol I don’t see why not if Rohr has the balls to remove his so called tried and tested dead legs in SE.. Again we have no Problem with Rohr all he has to do is show desire with his squad selection. If a player has been in active for a year. Played in Kano pillars for 5 months. Moved to a lowely Turkish team and can’t score or create a goal in 3 months for his lowely club how can you expect to win a dime in the international stage when you keep realing on thios player to the point of Keeping him as captain. While you close the door on a player who is doing what Musa can’t do in a small league in a Bigger League. then you scratch your head on the dismal performance on the international stage.. Also Victor Moses scoring creating. Lookman Scoring creating, Awoniyi scoring creating. and you want us to believe Rohr is doing things by the books and does he deserve to win anything??. COme on man when I say callin a spade a spade. this is what I mean. It is intolerable.. More over Musa seems to escape everbody lips when we talk of Dead legs in SE. SE is not wining a dime. if Musa, Onuachu, Simon and Shehu are still ahea of some of the names I mentioned. What do we deserve to win when we can’t even get something as simple as selecting onMerit right??. it is simple if we can’t get this right then anything we see on the international stage we must take with our mouths shut!!!


        • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

          Hahahahahaha…they have nothing against Rohr…..LMAOOooo. ANOTHER FAT LIE FROM THE PITS OF HELL. These bunch just never get tired of lying ey…..LMAOOOo

          The fire they lit with their own hands is beginning to burn them…..LMAOOoooo.

          There shall be continuous weeping in the courts of the wicked, so says the Lord the God of the Just. LMAAOooooo

          You all want change…you will get it….LMAOOoo…the same way your compatriots are getting the change they wanted 7 years ago…..LMAOooo.

          The sons of Israel had wanted a king, Yahwey told Samuel, you not worry, they want a king, they shall have one……..LMAOOooo…the rest is history.

          Kranjick, Bonfrere, who else, maybe Mciho Sredojevic, Tom Saintfiet Christina Chukwu, Paul Aigbogun….?? LMAOOOoo.

          Once again, We WILL accept ANY EXCUSES…if you are letting off Rohr, it better be worth it….we MUST WIN 2022 AFCON, QUALIFY FOR QATAR AND REACH AT LEAST THE R16…..no excuses…….Afterall “we have NEVER had a team this talented in the history of Nigerian football” with the calibre of players we have…..players who can earn a 70% plus win ratio in all competitive games just based on their individual brilliance….LMAOOoooo? 1 week camping with the “tactical coach” replacement should be enough to win the 2022 AFCON with these calibre of players…..LMAOooooooo. We dont want to hear excuses of “time was short” or “we are rebuilding”. If 1989 did not teach us a lesson, 2002 and 2010 should have…..If 2013 didnt, 2015 should have……otherwise we will learn in 2022……LMAOooooo

          All “so-called self christened patriotic nigerians” congratulations to yall in advance o……LMAOOOoo

          • Please Mr Drey, I want to ask you these questions, are you saying there is nothing wrong with the team’s selection and pattern of play ? Can’t you see there is no hunger or zeal in this team ? Is anything wrong in trying new hands ? Please drop your “am right all the time” attitude and face the reality staring at our faces . A coach’s input is never to be undermined in a team.
            Even if he lacks tactical ability , just field the right players ….shuuu. Your points dey make me feel like Rohr na your messiah a beg ….

          • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

            The reality staring at our faces is that no coach can perform a miracle in less than 6 weeks to a major tournament. History tells us that we’ve always incurred calamity every time we sack a coach who qualified for that tournament in the first place. We all know Rohr will go someday and we know he has his shortcomings, but no one can question his handling of the team. A coach who benched Okoye for reporting late to camp will not allow indiscipline anywhere around his team. All this news about players indiscipline in camp is total BS. There’s no iota of truth in it. It should be the outcome of his teams overall performance in Cameroon that should determine his faith. What justification do you have to fire a coach who is meeting his targets?? Who does that?? Pattern of play my foot. Pattern of play that made us miss 3 out of 4 AFCONS.

          • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

            Zeha……pay the technical crew ALL their emoluments first, then pay the players their 2 years owed bonuses. Then I will answer your questions.

            Good luck with your Bonfrere Jo or Kranjick or the “other new hands” whom you will not pay from now till April to coach a team that has been owed bonuses from the last AFCON to this AFCON……LMAOOoo

            We should even be glad and grateful the coach and these boys are even turning up winning matches at all in the first instance…..LMAOooo. I trust the SE of yesteryears, Oliseh will feign injury, Okocha will miss his way to camp, Kanu will claim one thing one thing, Ayegbeni will claim he has eye problems…….LMAOOoo….by the time we play 3 consecutive matches with hurriedly assembled rag tag teams, that money Pinnik said is not available will re-surface in a jiffy.

            Once again, goodluck to the “other hands you want to try”
            Lets hope the history of 1989 when we did away with Paul Hamilton when we were topping our WCQ group for a new coach all because “the team is not playing well”, “Keshi is the one doing the scoring for the team most of the time”, “A team that got to last year’s AFCON final shouldnt be playing like this”……the history of 2002 when the same flimsy excuses of “we are not winning games well”, “if we play like this, how will we play when get to the world cup”, “Amodu is not a coach (one will wonder how he had been getting the results he was getting before then….LMAOooo)”, he is gather and play, no pattern, he is depending on individual talents”, same excuses were used to ease him out……same happened in 2010…..same almost happened in 2013 when the NFF bought the team’s flight ticket back home and already opened negotiations with Oliseh right there in SA, if not for God who special chose to shame all of them…Lets hope all these histories will not repeat themselves with the “other hands we got”……LMAOOoooo.

            Once again, pay the technical crew ALL their emoluments first, then pay the players their 2 years owed bonuses. Then I will answer your questions.

          • 2Aphillythegreat so What did you call a coach who openly castegate players to move to bigger leagues and clubs. Now selecting players in small leagues ahead of players that have the ablility to give us a fighting chance to get anything meaningful. Look let this be known if Musa, Shehu, Onuachu, Simon make it ahead of, Lookman, Dennis, Awoniyi and Amoo or Sadiq and co. Again we are wining nothing!!!!. Sipmle..

            And Again if Rohr is Serious we should be reading that he is attempting to Secure Victor Moses out of Retirement. this is showing intent.. I cannot for the life of me understand why Musa current form is not being red flagged, Truth be told he has not been SE material for Over 4 years now. yet we keep seeing him in the national team why players making waves in Europe are conspicuously missing time in time out. and this strikes you as a nation that has intent of winning something. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ALL IN SUPPORT OF THIS SHAMBLES ARE MAKING ME SICK REALLY IT IS MOVED FROM INJUSTICE TO DISPICABLE!!!!


          • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

            Lookman, Dennis, Awoniyi and Amoo or Sadiq and co. Almost all are in the 40 man list and we don’t really know the verdict on Lookman’s availability for now. Until we open camp no one can say this or that player will win us the AFCON. Any of Musa, Simon or Onuachu like someone said earlier could end up scoring the goals that may win us the cup who knows?? What matters now is to see the 40 man list and debate on who makes the final 28. As for Musa he remains the captain and still playing in Europe. After all he’s not a guaranteed starter. As for Dennis I don’t think any coach be it Rohr or Guardiola will ignore him at the moment.







      • Steve O 6 months ago

        Men you have energyoo!?..this your lengthy composition is not normal , the imminent sacking of Rohr has hit you badly , sorry bro !!…Well Rohr is an average coach , he has no duty holding that job for 6 years , we need a younger and proactive coach that will take eagles to places .He has done his best but the facts remains that he can’t improve or refused to improve ,let him go jare!!

  • Sunnyb 6 months ago

    This might be joke taking too far by someone in the glass house. We need a young passionate tactician. The likes of rohr and Bonefire should go and enjoy their retirement in Spain.

  • Bomboy 6 months ago

    Just leave Mr. Rohr to finish his contract. It’s way toooooo late to sack or replace him.

    When we called for his replacement many months ago, they refused to listen. Now they want to sack him at the wrong time.

    We should have let him go when he took us up, but we foolishly waited for him to start the downward journey before letting him go. He did a good job at the begining, but then he peaked. That is when we should have wished him well and parted ways.

    This is the wrong time for sacking and replacing.

    We should stop thinking with our emotions and start thinking with our heads.

    A word is enough for the wise.

  • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

    Rohr doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for now. Not at least after the AFCON.

    • Oakfield 6 months ago

      Lol…….. The man is just waxing strong everyday despite their “distractions”. Quietly making plans towards a successful outing come January next year in Cameroun. Na the person of rohr fit nigeria. That man has got a thick skin. Lol…

    • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

      Aha….? Why will he not submit his provisional list….? He remains the coach till NFF will find A4 paper and the right words that will not attract FIFA and CAS summons, to sack Rohr na. LMAOOooo. The man has frustrated all of them so bad……LMAOOoooooo. No wonder they say fear all these gentle people who do not talk, they are harder to crack than loquacious guadiolas. NFF and sports ministry have tried everything in their books – deny him forex, deny him his pay outrightly, deny the team bonuses for 2 SOLID YEARS, lay off his backroom staff, appoint their stooge to be a mole in the crew and be an agent of destabilization, gatecrash his teamcamp, force players on him, overrule his disciplinary measures on erring cronies, still the man made AFCON with 2 games to spare (unprecedented) and qualified for world cup play-offs top of the group from day 1 to day last winning all away games (unprecedented again). African guadiolas will lose or draw one match in a qualification series and the whole nation will be thrown in confusion and eventual sorrow of missing out of the tournament…..LMAOOooo. Let NFF still be rum-ragging around looking for the rope they will use to hang someone who has met ALL the targets they’ve given him thus far

      Its a win-win situation for everybody I guess…..LMAOOooo. Hatred filled people will be satisfied with the fact that the problem of Nigerian football Rohr is gone, and the old man will smile home with cool cash in the region of 6 zeros in US dollars…..LMAOOOooo.

      NFF, abeg na God we use beg una, make una sack Rohr quickly and employ the coach who will play beautiful football with 8 months owed salaries and players who have not been paid bonuses for 2 years……… LMAOOOooooo.

      Useless bunch of people. They are still running around courting political support and money to sack Rohr with no genuine replacement in mind that can guarantee the success they believe Rohr cannot/will not get.

      As it stands now, the SE coaching job is a poisoned chalice to anyone who takes it, even to Rohr himself.

      The height of it all is this good news about Bonfrere Joke…….LMAOOooo…..this one I really had to laugh out so loud to the hearing of all, no matter how much time i’ll need to pay back to this time I’m spending to laugh now……LMAOOoooooo.

      Wetin eye dey find, eye go see….!

      ALL I KNOW IS THAT WE WONT TOLERATE ANY EXCUSES……WE MUST WIN AFCON AND BE IN QATAR. Finis and Klaar. Whoever NFF wan use, make dem use….LMAOooo.

  • Mr Hush 6 months ago

    I don’t get the brouhaha with Rohr’s sacking or no sacking!

    If the inept NFF don’t have the funds and better replacement for Rohr , it is best they let him be. Let him continue with the job. Time is of the essence.
    We should focus on the job at hand ,the Afcon!

    Just tired of reading of rumours here and there,old names and unqualified coaches.

    It is best we stick with the devil we know and hope for improvement rather than jump in the blue sea, to a sudden death.

    • GLORY 6 months ago

      @ Hush, this is the point we have been making ever since, that yes Rohr has his weaknesses, but remains the best for the Nigerian job considering the “thing”. Very sad though, that constant attack on him forced him into seeking refuge in the arms of the real enemies of Nigeria football; THE NFF. In seeking refuge, he has had to let his guard down, now ever ready to dance to the tune of the criminals now watching his back. The result of all of these, is the epileptic performance of the team, not helped by the questionable invitation of players.

      One thing is certain, NO AND I REPEAT EMPHATICALLY, NO TOP QUALITY FOREIGN COACH WILL TAKE UP OR SURVIVE THE NIGERIA SE JOB. ONLY DREAMERS WILL CONTINUE DREAMING OF ONE. It’s unbelievable that people still don’t understand how terrible the Nigerian working environment is. Maybe these ones are just pretending to believe all is well. The best foreign manager Nigeria can go on to employ, putting the Nigerian ‘thing’ into consideration is another Rohr or less quality Rohr, like @Dr Drey mentioned above. As for me personally, I have not been impressed at all by Rohr’s recent handling of matters involving players/assistant coaches ala Salisu. I believe in maintaining a standard irrespective but Rohr sadly n painfully let himself down therein. Compromising standard never ever satisfies, reason late Keshi, despite winning the 2013 AFCON is still not being appreciated by majority; because of many many atrocious invitation of players.

      Should Rohr decide to go back to the way he started, by inviting players on merit and weeding off players who have long past their prime, I can confidently tell anyone that cares to listen, that he will succeed in winning majority of fans back to his side. This is the only reason, I would wish he continues otherwise he should just go, as his way of handling things presently, will honestly not lead us anywhere. So better we just start swimming/sinking with the best collection of our own, until that evolve into a working model.

  • SAMUEL 6 months ago

    Guys,NFF never said they are employing Bonfere Jo !!! The man just sent in his application to the glass house.Please always read in between lines before you conclude.

  • NFF don’t have money NFF don’t have Money. Have you seen Pinnick’s MANSIONS!!! the fool is living like a King and saying we don’t have money. Shambolic Stupid Nation!!..

    You know What Nigeria just needs to accept that we are doomed. the fact that we are still debating this. I mean it is simple if Dennis and Co don’t make the team while Osimhen is injured (even if we all know that Osimhen or not they should be there. then we should expect a mediocre outcome. If we pin our hopes on Musa, Ighalo, Onuachu and Moses Simon then we will what we deserve. Simple Logic. all this farse is for nothing. Let them do as they please. Bunch of Crooks.. Dennis a star of SARR Senegals other lethal attacker and can’t make the team in Nigeria while a goals drought Musa is ahead of him. Bring on AFCOn infact Rohr do your worst bring back all the experience you need you piece of German shit!!!

    • The reason I want Rhor to complete his tenure is because his supporters will point back at his sack as the reason we got eliminated in the Afcon and fail to qualify for the WC……..Even me inclusive will also reason in that direction if it happens like that……. And from all indications the new coach will not have enough time to make an impact in the 2 targets standing in front of us now……Let Rhor go to the Afcon and do the magic he wants to perform and bring back the cup then qualify us for WC…….If he fails in any of the 2 targets then we show him the door…….The new coach has a lot of work to do in rooting out many unwanted weed created by Rhor’s man management in the team…….fingers crossed.

      • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

        No…its your conscience silently telling you, you and your cohorts are beginning to dig your own graves.

        We told y’all long ago that the SE coach is not Rohr’s family title, he will leave, but it is what the NFF will do after he leaves that is scary and will take years of redemption…..LMAOOoo…..This NFF will never replace Rohr with anybody better than Rohr……LMAOoooo….the best we will get is another Rohr (older or younger) or ever a worse Rohr, not a better coach……LMAOooooo….we told yall that LONG AGO……LMAooooo….reality is beginning to dawn yall

        We have always told you all let the man die before you bury him. Let him kill himself with his own knife and rope and thereafter you can nail his coffin. He was the one that came and at some time said anyone who wants to catch his attention should do this and that, he is still the same one who said this and this is why I now want A, B and C. If you really wanted him out, it was sensible to let him lead himself astray and falter first….LMAOooo

        If you had put on your thinking cap much earlier, you would have realized these are the reasons why we have said he should be given the benefit of doubt, because history has taught us several lessons. But you know, hatred beclouds sound reasoning…..You all want Rohr out…you MUST get it….LMAOoooo. The fire you have lit has turned agaisnt yall……LMAOOoooo….now there’s no way out for all of you……LMAOOOoo.

        Now that it is EVIDENT that AFCON 2022 is dead a buried, now that it is evident that with all these distractions, will might be out of the top 5 in afrcia by the time the draws are here…….you now want to push it on Rohr’s supporters….LMAOOooo….?

        Be a man and be held responsible for your decisions…..LMAOOooo.

        Not only Rohr’s supporters will point to his sack if it backfires….fair-weather fans like you too will. Because even now, you are beginning to develop cold feet because your subconscious is already pointing out the disaster that is imminent. Or were you thinking a new coach will win 2022 AFCON for you within 5 weeks…LMAOOooooo. Were you thinking a coach who is facing a blood thirsty top-5-in-africa-hungry Egypt with his 1st match as SE will go on and record 3 straight landslide flawless wins in the group stages “BASED ON THE CALIBRE OF PLAYERS” we have….LMAOooo.

        Even your leader-in-chief Akpoborie has suddenly started coming to his senses when the scales started falling off his eyes one after the other. And when a person like Akpoborie is making a sudden turn around, them danger looms large like the clouds of an impending hailstorm….LMAOOooo

        Cheers to yáll, I’ll see you when nature says so.

        kindly let us know when you have hired your new messaih and paid off “the problem of Nigerian football”.

        Any young coach (a la the so-called 94 sqaud) that has sense should better avoid this SE job at the moment. That’s my own 1 cent for them…..LMAOOooo. They should let those old ones with nothing at stake in their careers take it.

        Y’all want change, you are about to receive it brand new…..LMAOOooo


      • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

        The fact remains and I’m sure you’re smart enough to know that if we hire a new coach now we will not perform well in Cameroon and we will not qualify for the WorldCup. Mark this space and watch out how that pans out eventually.

        We saw the movies in 89, 2002, 2010, and 2013 to 2016. The sagas from 2013 to 2016 was what Rohr met on ground when he took the job. While other top coaches approached avoided the SuperEagles coaching job like a plague. I guess fans are now spoilt since we are qualifying for tournaments with relative ease, but they’re not satisfied with pattern of play Lmao!!





          • Dr Banks 6 months ago

            Let me just ask you 2 questions @Ugo and please answer me honestly:

            Do you have an idea who the new coach is?
            How sure are you that he will do all that you are blaming Rohr of not doing?

            At least Rohr still deliver on his Mandate whichever way he deems fit but this unknown Tuchel that you craves for might come in and ban Dennis and Lookman from the team after 2 days of training or decide to make Simon the substantive Captain of the team…….you never know bro.

            If you have a wife that is doing her wifely duties diligently with respect and gave birth to 3 lovely kids (1 very handsome boy and 2 beautiful girls), cooks nice food for you whenever you are hungry and is ever ready for the other business anytime you ask for it…………….then suddenly you visit your friend who took you out to an all night party with his gorgeous slay queen fiancé. All 3 of you were gravely drunk and sloshed when you left the club and on arrival to your friend’s home the fiancé suggested a threesome and you had the best unforgettable fun of your life that night.

            Question……..will you get home to your wife and ask her to pack out of your home and divorce her so you can bring home a girl like your friend’s fiancé ?

            Be careful what you wish for my brother

    • benakay 6 months ago

      @ Ugo Iwunze
      It helps to know the truth before making baseless accusations. This is a 1 on 1 interview with Pinnick – I hope you can watch this, as it is extremely insightful on the problems Nigerian football is facing and will help you understand where and how Pinnick amassed his personal wealth, as well as the problems running the NFF, as well as the contract with Rohr.

      1. Pinnick’s life history: Min 19:00
      2. About Rohr contract: Min 36:20


      • kingsley 6 months ago

        Yes i will say it, just watching this interview you always find a way to convince people. Well lets wait and see what you have to offer in the Nations cup. All the best. Super Eagles for life

  • The Major problem I have with Rhor is his manner of motivation……Rhor does not motivate or inspire confidence at all…….He gives some players assurance of their position openly…….He closes the door of the team to young upcoming players……He relies too much on past achievement hence stagnating the team progress……He kills the competitive spirit a team should have inorder to bring the best out of the players……Now Rhor has created a very powerful mafia among SE players…….The senior players call the shots…….Dennis can never play for Nigeria again because an SE player made it so from a very reliable camp source…….You see Ekong sprinting to the sidelines to hand over the captains armband to Musa anytime musa is entering the game…..The senior players are relaxed now and it is showing in SE’s performance…..The last time such Mafia sprang up in SE we experienced an unprecedented low in SE performance and it took us almost a decade to finally eradicate it……Now another Mafia is coming up this time it’s the coach himself that created it.

    • Fire Man 6 months ago

      Hi @Akp, what you call ‘mafia’ might just be team spirit. Ekong sprinting to Musa seems to me to be a sign of respect. Don’t trust rumors.

      I do believe Rohr is wrong for inviting Musa and for starting Troost-Ekong. Also, I’d like to have Dennis back in the team. Everybody should shake hands and move forward because Dennis is showing world class abilities presently. Victor Moses needs to come out of retirement too and replace Moses Simon ASAP.

      Aina…Awaziem/Akpoguma…Balogun [C]…Sanusi
      V. Moses/Chukwueze……………Dennis/Ejuke

      This is our best starting line-up in my opinion. If Awaziem/Akpoguma doesn’t work out in a 4-man defense, I’ll play Ndidi as a CB with Onyeka as DM. But I’m not the coach. And football can be unpredictable. Rohr’s Musa or Moses Simon could score the winning goal in the afcon final. I still believe you have to play your most in-form players.

      • onwajunior 6 months ago

        Ndidi who has conceded 2 penalties in his last 2 games playing as a midfielder? Awaziem should be a must while Balogun/Akpoguma. See we have a very strong team, trust me. Every position is strong (apart from the defence, but should be sorted b4 Afcon). Our own undoing would be the administration if they go ahead with the crazy idea of sacking Rohr

        • Fire Man 6 months ago

          Hey @onwajunior, Ndidi has played excellently as a CB for Leicester a few times. Just thinking outside the box because Omeruo is not playing in a top division at the moment, Awaziem is in the Turkish league, while Akpoguma is currently playing RB in his club and hasn’t really been tested in the Super Eagles. I think Awaziem has played well recently for Naija in a 3-man defense with the 2 full backs. I think he can pair well with Balogun or Akpoguma (like you mentioned) in a 4-man defense. I’d keep Balogun in there for stability though.

          Back to your point about Ndidi giving away those penalties as a midfielder, I think it’s better to judge his ability to play CB on the times he actually played CB. As a coach, it’d be a last resort for me definitely, but I’ll not hesitate to play Ndidi as a CB. He’s an elite player whose ability to read the game is top class.

  • Bomboy 6 months ago

    @Mr Hush, that is exactly how it should have been. But our NFF are experts at complicating simple issues.

  • Abdul Handsy 6 months ago

    My Afcon 28man list:




    V. Moses

    • by *Either* typo

    • Mahmud Shuaib 6 months ago

      You definitely know football. If Victor Moses is not secured, we can add ONUACHU to the mix


      Your list is great.
      With or without ROHR, these set of players, if played based on form and right tactical input should make the AFCON SEMIS (SE birthright)

      All those rantings of @Drey and co no hold water.

      Bora Milutinovic took over a team on the eve of 98 WC and made second round.

      Keshi won gold in 2013…his first attempt. And his players compared to this set, are inferior.

      What we need is play the best legs and give them good coaching.

      ROHR methods are definitely outdated. A coach who plays 5 man defence against ordinary CAPE VERDE and CAR? Haba mana dan Allah. Even at home at that fa.

      442 would have destroyed that CAPE VERDE.


      But what did we get?

      We saw the clueless man benching AINA, SANUSI, EJUKE and CHUKWUEZE (I know people will claim he just came back from injury..why inbite him in the first place at the expense of DENNIS?)

      Also only a clueless and outdated coach will leave out 3rd best top scorer in Germany in favour of a struggling Onuachu.

      What about NOBLE over OLORUNLEKE his club mate who kept him on the bench?

      Why also invite a 36yrs old AKPEYI at the expense of an in form ADELEYE?

  • Dr Banks 6 months ago

    It is unfortunate that our leaders are bereft of ideas in the ideal running of any decent organisation hence they usually goofed at any challenge that comes their way. It was disheartening that they allow sentiments of corrupt stakeholders to sway them into having a meeting with Rohr on his disengagement without first doing due diligence and meeting with their lawyers to first iron out all the rough edges before it was leaked to the media. Some Nimcompus simply couldn’t just wait to see the back of the Coach who always meet the target given him by his employers whereas the employers never met their own target of emoluments payment.

    I don’t know what is the rush to sack him without waiting for the outcome of AFCON where they could’ve have such a free hand to sack him once he couldn’t win the competition and then say thanks bro, this is how far we could go together.
    But no, they are scared that Rohr might pull out his trump card once again and win AFCON 2022 THEREBY BEING STUCK WITH HIM TILL AFTER QATAR WC where they will miss out on their corrupt practices in the leading weeks to the Mundial. They all want to share in the FIFA WC windfall.

    The NFF has been known publicly to have been breeching Rohr’s contract from long ago and legally they don’t stand any chance of not coughing out the huge severance package owed Rohr hence their confusion at this stage knows no bounds.

    I even heard from the grapevine that they have resorted to Threatening tactics, that they cannot guarantee the safety of his life should the man refuse to resign honourably on his own accord. That’s not surprising coming from the rogues in the glass house with their cronies like Odegbami and company

    Unfortunately there is no way back now, they have destroyed and broken down the Employer-Employee relationship and hence GR will go, but the question uppermost in our head is……..WHO IS OUR NEXT COACH???

    We shall see how this drama pans out in the coming days. A broke NFF who cannot pay Rohr salary in arrears are now poised to pay more than 1 year salary in advance………LMAO. Nigeria we hail thee o!!!

    • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

      Hmmmm Oro kabiti. O ku ise opolo. Well outlined my able Dr.

      Your last lines hit deep…

      “….A broke NFF who cannot pay Rohr salary in arrears are now poised to pay more than 1 year salary in advance…..LMAO. Nigeria we hail thee o!!!…”

      I pray Rohr’s lawyers will be professional enough to sue the assess of the NFF for every dime accruing to the man. From his salary arrears to his salary advance of 2022 to the $2m termination fee……LMAOOooo. It wouldnt be enough to pay for such disastrous administrative decision making with just missing on a podium place at Cameroon and possible at Qatar alone….we should pay also with hard cash.

      A man whose father was killed by a snake will run when he sees a rope……we have refused to learn from being killed by our on snakes of similar emotional and parochial decisions in 1989, 2022, 2010, 2013, 2015. Since the birds have learnt to fly without perching, then the hunter will also learn to shoot without missing.

      Hopefully someday we will learn……LMAOooo

      • Mr Hush 6 months ago

        I think we should understand;

        Most seeking Rohr’s sack are mostly against him due to what they observed on the field of play.
        Majority that falls within this line are disappointed by his recent team invitation and selection,tactics employed and substitutions.
        Most were avid Rohr fans from the onset but their support waned when they realise he derailed from his efficient beginning. Good man management,honest and merited invitation and technical and tactical input to the game. Rohr seem to have departed from such.

        What caused this change?

        Comfort,pressure, lack of will or motivation? Your pick is mine.

        I just feel the NFF and her incompetence has a hand to play.(like they always do).

        Like @Glory and @Bomboy stated above; if we don’t have the funds to pay off Rohr and get a better option; we should let him continue,hopefully, this time he goes back to his good beginnings and select based on merit ,doing the needful on the pitch as well.
        All we have right now is hope..

        • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

          No most fans weren’t avid Rohr fans from the onset. Nobody gave him a chance to qualify from a tough WorldCup qualifiers group ahead of Cameroon and Algeria from the onset. It was the WorldCup ticket he grabbed that made most of those fans you’re talking about jumped on the bandwagon. For those of us that stood by him I’m particularly satisfied with his progress with the team as he has so far met every targets set for him. Do I want to see entertainment football?? Of course I do and everyone like entertainment football. However, I prefer pragmatism that yields results to entertainment that brings nothing to the table.

          Talking about selection and calling players on merit. Most Nigerian players doing well in Europe have all been called up by Rohr at one point or the other. Now that we’ve lost Osimhen I’m sure he will extend invitations to Awoniyi, Dennis and possibly Sadiq and Dessers in a 40 man provisional list. Everyone have a right to their opinions as to wanting him sacked on the eve of a major tournament which he qualified for with two games to spare. I’m all for him taking the SuperEagles to Cameroon and let him finish what he started. At least we have 8 months to the WorldCup after the AFCON. We can then sink or swim with whoever is chosen afterwards.

          For now as a SuperEagles fan I know we have the team to win the AFCON with Rohr in charge or at least reach the Semis. Getting another coach now with 5 weeks to the AFCON will lead to calamity and chaos that could eventually lead to not qualifying for the WorldCup. Fans should braze up for that reality.

          • Mahmud Shuaib 6 months ago

            Oga, with or without your tin god ROHR, any manager will make the SEMIS with this team.

            You should be ashamed of yourself. I thought you will beat your chest and tell us your ROHR will win the AFCON! Why saying “atleast SEMIS?”

            No SE coach from time immemorial who spent 5 years that didn’t win AFCON. Yes, quote me anywhere. Your ROHR is on his 6th year and you are here blabbing SEMI.

            Is it the same SEMI that ORDINARY CHUKWU and EGUAVOEN attained or what? I want to hear you and your co-travelers @Dr Drey, @Dr Banks, @Ben, @Oakfield @Greenturf etc stake your NECKS out that your IDOL will come back.with the GOLD medal.

            Afterall, a local coack KESHI won GOLD in his first attempt

            Two other local coaches; ONIGBINDE AND PAUL HAMILTON won SILVER respectively in their FIRST attempts.

            OYinbos who spent 5 years or less like OTTO GLORIA (Gold), WESTERHOFF (Gold), JO BONFRERR (Silver) all have Silver or Gold to show.

            The least we expect from this clueless gaffer SHOULD he manage to SURVIVE to chop is SILVER MEDAL!

            Anything less than that with these array of stars (Africa standard) will be a monumental failure!

  • Drey. Rohr missed it. He became corrupt. The reason for his selfish selection.

    Well anything can happen in football. A new Coach can come in and do wonders I fee weeks. It can happen. Who couor have taught keshi woukr win in 2013. Denmark and the entire were on holiday when they were called to replace a country. They ended up winning the tournament.

    So anything can happen. While i don’t support bomfrere jo. I think a nigerian coach like amuneke will do something. Nigerians have been known to perform under conditions like this.

    Rohr missed his steps and lost focus. I don’t think he has tge respect of some of the players again because he has become corrupt and partial.

    We need that impact change innthe eagle before afcon.

    I am drey from your your comment, you agree that rohr is not the best tor us.

  • Bobby 6 months ago

    So, you think you can win the AFCON with Rohr in charge? I pity all of you who support mediocrity. Bonfrere Jo is far ahead of Rohr in terms of coaching and all of you know that. During his stay, we defeated powerhouses in football with excellent brand of football. Ask the likes of South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Hungary, Senegal, Egypt and so on, who is Bonfrere Jo, these countries would tell you more.

    • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

      And you think we can win the AFCON with a new Guardiola to take the team to Cameroon in 5 weeks?? Bonfrere Jo went to Atlanta with most of our USA 94 squad. A team assembled by Westerhoff to win Gold. He lost AFCON final to Cameroon in Lagos. By the time he was allowed to raise a new team for the Olympics in 2000 we came back from Sydney humiliated with basket fool of goals. Lmao!! He was 4th in the WorldCup qualifying group of Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sudan and Ghana before he was sacked. We all know they can never replace Rohr with a better Rohr. The best they can get is another Rohr and I’m ok with that as long as he keeps meeting his targets. From the look of things sef they might hire a coach not up to the caliber of Rohr that’s how smart those guys in the glass house are. Lmao!!

  • Mr Hush 6 months ago


    There is a thin line between pragmatism and cowardice; it is all subjective.

    And Rohr inviting every Nigerian doing well abroad is partially true. But what’s the point of inviting a player and not giving them the opportunity to prove themself. Awoniyi,Dennis, Dessers,Moffi, Akpoguma were hardly given a chance. You need more than 10mins there 5mins there to make any impact.
    Why call back an Ighalo? What’s the point of a semi-retired Musa? Why are Shehu and Akpeyi still invited? What’s the point of Noble?
    So many wrong choices and contrive decisions.

    But I hold my horse. I wait and see how things turn out. My loyalty has always been to the Eagles and would always be.

    • Dr Banks 6 months ago

      I will reply your questions my brother:

      1. Akpoguma was given a full start in his first arrival in camp against Serra Leone and we all see how he fared, every one of you guys were criticising Rohr for using him out of position but this season Akpoguma has been in sterling form in that same position Rohr used him

      2. Dessers was invited and played as substitute during the friendly against Tunisia, did fairly well but thereafter he switched club to Genk where he was completely benched by Onuachu………….so will you invite Dessers at the expense of the guy who benched him the whole season?

      3. Moffi was invited during Cameroon friendly, given enough time on the pitch to prove himself but succumbed to stage fright when he has a golden opportunity to score in the second game but miscued………….thereafter he was invited again but injury stopped him and now he has been going through a goal drought in the past 2 months.

      4. Dennis is good but erratic in behaviour and inconsistent in performance…………he is one of our future but needs to be more consistent and work on his attitude too become a mainstay in SE. No coach in the world will ignore an exceptional guy like him if he works continue to work harder.

      5. Awoniyi simply need to continue doing his things admirably in Germany and definitely God will reward him with a permanent shirt in Eagles at the right time………..cast your mind back to 20213 U-17 WC, Success got injured in the very first match of the tournament and Awoniyi came in and combined perfectly with Iheanacho to deliver the Cup tp Abuja, nobody ever knew about him prior to that time as a good striker. Same scenario is playing out now as regards Osimhen’s injury, God never let his own suffer obscurity in life.

      6. Akpeyi is the reason behind the resurgence of Kaizer Chiefs in South Africa league at the moment. He has been churning out MOM performances ever since the coach swallow his Pride to bench SA’s best ever GK and Ex-Bafana’s captain so he deserves a place in SE at the moment

      Mind you am not giving you all these to say NFF MUST NOT FIRE ROHR but I want you to stop these baseless attack on Rohr and let’s appreciate what this man has done for us over the years and desists from tarnishing his image using some unfounded hypothesis and theories that holds no substance my brother
      The old man has done creditably well by all standards and must be praised. Rather blame NFF and players’ despondencies and lack of professionalism. Was is Rohr that organised a sex party on the eve of a very important game? Or must Rohr now become a chief security officer of Ekong hotel to stop Iheanacho from smuggling girls into the fifth floor of the hotel?

      Let’s be factual and constructive in our criticisms please.

      • Mr Hush 6 months ago

        Nice response @Dr Banks

        Fairly constructive and understandable.

        That said;

        1. So Rohr had to bow to the social media critic rather than stick to his “tactical know how”(like every good coach does) and believe his own eyes on the issue of Akpoguma. Why couldn’t he trust in his own instinct on Akpoguma. Like you said, Kelvin has been doing well and has been consistent. Rohr simply bowed to pressure; simply means he lacks belief in his own self and judgement.

        2. Glad you agreed Dessers did pretty well against Tunisia. Your point is fair enough. But personally,I have always preferred him to Onuachu. Never liked Paul’s sluggish style. And I would always chose him over Onuachu. But that’s just me.

        3. I don’t know what match you watched, but Moffi did fairly well based on what was presented to him.

        Agree with you on both 4 and 5.
        Dennis and Awoniyi deserve a chance over recalling an Ighalo or a Musa.

        On Akpeyi, I have seen enough of him from the last Afcon to know he isn’t a keeper we can trust. I respect is club performance but we should go for better and give opportunities to those deserving the chance eg. The guy in Israel.

        The NFF is incompetent. That we all know. TalKing about them is like a broken record.
        Rohr didn’t organise the sex party but for such to bypass him and the players doing so, not minding him, shows he is losing the dressing room.
        But what do I know.
        We should be rational and constructive in our defence of Rohr please. Like I have stated, my loyalty is to the Eagles.

        There need to be a change to things.

        I rest my case for now.
        We see how things goes …

        • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

          Mr. Hush. The thin line between pragmatism and cowardice is that when you’re a coward you can never achieve any goal. Therefore, I don’t think the coach is a coward in that aspect. He invite players he feels can do the job for him not players that hit the crossbar in 7 games and the fans began clamoring for them to be invited immediately. A player must be consistent to be given a chance in the team. If a player shows immeasurable form there’s no coach in this world that would ignore him. Vahid has left Masrooui, Ziyech and Harit out of Morocco team for the last 5 international windows or so and Morocco never missed them.

          The results are the pragmatic aspects that I will take to the bank all day everyday. Therefore, there’s absolutely no justification in sacking a coach meeting all his targets so far. We’ve already shown our concerns as regards the tactics and pattern of play. Once camp opens and the players stay together for at least 10 days before the opening match I believe we will see a more cohesive SuperEagles. I’m fact I will add cohesiveness to pragmatism instead of pattern of play and entertainment football that never took anywhere in the past.

  • chuks haifa 6 months ago

    NFA should allow Rohr to go to Afcon. If he wins it or performs very well then let him stay and all these calls for his sack will vanish. God is working for him and it is left for him to perform. If he fucks up as usual, then NFA should get a combo of Bonfere, Amunike,Salisu, Egbo and Enyeama as goalkeeper coach. Amunike and Bonfere joint coaches with others assisting them. I bet you they will deliver.

  • Bobby 6 months ago

    Bonfrere Jo was the chief tactician during the Westerhof’s era and it shown between the match between Nigeria and Zimbabwea and we needed to win that match by at least 4-0 to stand a chance for qualification and we got exactly that. Again Egypt in we neutralized at their backyard. Quote me wrong, has Rohr ever won a trophy or tournament since coaching over 30 years? Do you that Bonfrere also coached South Korean national and in process defeated the then almighty Germany 3-1?

    • benakay 6 months ago

      Rohr also defeated Argentina 4-2 in a friendly, also. Same ten and ten pence. You forgot to add that Bonfrere was chased out of South Korea after they had a string of poor results in WCQs, which culminated in a draw with the Maldives, a team made up of fishermen.
      The only thing he won was the Olympics – and we all know that most of the players on that team were certainly NOT U23! So, like Rohr, Bonfrere has not won anything with the Senior National team. Oh, he also disgraced Nigeria by losing to Sierra Leone and Liberia in WCQs. Worse, he LOST the ANC final (in Lagos).

  • Bobby 6 months ago

    @Haifa, we don’t have the time anymore. We were very lucky about CV. If not for Ndidi’s block, you wouldn’t have been here saying give him another chance. Look, Rohr isn’t good enough to handle this Nigerian team. Late substitutions, lack of tactical acumen and so on. He couldn’t lock the midfield just a few minutes to go against Argentina. He destroyed our record against South Africa. CR defeated us. Against Croatia, we didn’t play anything because he used players in wrong positions and JJ Okocha criticized him during the WC.

  • Omo9ja 6 months ago

    Jo Bonfrere again? I can’t really say much about this news because it has not been confirmed by the NFF yet.

    However, age is not on Jo side likewise Oga Rohr.

    The idea of having an old coach with the Super Eagles should be something in the past.

    I have said this before. Super Eagles and Nigeria are like twins. Whatever that happens to Nigeria may likely happen to Super Eagles.

    Having old people to run our system in Nigeria is not a good idea because these elders says children are the leaders of tomorrow but why having President Buhari as our president? Why Oga Gernot Rohr when we have the likes of Amunike, Egbo, Marnu Gerba, Finidi, Peter Rufai, Enyeama, Ikeme, Showore and co to represent Nigeria?

    Elders also have a role to play. When something is not going well, then is their responsibility to find solutions to the problem.

    We should look at Canada and France to say the least. Both countries have young president/prime Minister.

    If you have young people ruling a nation or an organization and having old people in place to guide them through, everything will go smoothly but have old people ruling a country or an organization, to move the country or an organization forward may not be possible.

    Examples are, President Buhari and Oga Rohr.

    Why only in Nigeria this have to happen? We don’t have time to waste. NFF should talk so that we will know where we are heading to.

    We are done with Oga Rohr. That is just it.

    If NFF think Amunike, Egbo Manu Garba, Finidi George, Peter Rufai, Enyeama and Ikeme are not good enough to lead Super Eagles to Afcon then half Jo is better than Oga Rohr in many ways. Jo won silver medals at the Afcon 2000 and Eagles pattern of play was awesome under Jo Bonfrere. He made subs early and he knew how to read game.

    Bonfrere Jo is way ahead of Oga Rohr.

    Although, I am not in support of Jo to replace Oga Rohr but instead of Oga Rohr to be in charge, it is better to allow Jo to lead the team to Afcon in Cameroon.

    In reality, it is better to go local because we have ex players who are doing so great that are far better than the current gaffer.

    Amunike have bn to Afcon before with a weak team and this is another opportunity for him to be in charge of a strong squad and with the help of Egbo and Marnu Gerba, Super Eagles can win the Afcon trophy in Cameroon and take the world by storm at the next world cup in Qatar if we qualify.

    However, for you Oga Rohr followers, I am so surprised that by now you people still have carriage to support Oga Rohr.

    If what you people saw against CAR in Lagos and against CAPE Verde were not enough evidence for you to backout then you no nothing about football.

    I will not blame you people because if NFF have replaced Oga Rohr two weeks ago with Amunike and co, this won’t happen again.

    But NFF, the master of corruption are the one causing this commotion.

    Lastly, I just have a simple question for you Oga Rohr fans. Let’s assume that Super Eagles is your company and you have Mr. Gernot Rohr as you manager, in this situation whereby your customers are complaining about Oga Rohr like the way Nigerians are complaining, what will you do?

    Let support our own, Amunike and co to do the job. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Fire Man 6 months ago

    Rohr should take us to the afcon and if we reach the final he should execute the WCQ playoff games. If we qualify to the WC, he should take us to the WC. If we reach the semifinal of the WC, he should be given lifetime appointment as Super Eagles coach. He can be fired at any of the above checkpoints if he doesn’t deliver the goods. Rohr has done excellently with what he’s been given; however, Musa, Ighalo, Simon, Collins, and Shehu are unexplained to be honest. In the case of Iwobi, he has been one of the most important players for the SE in Rohr’s tenure and he’s also playing a top league so I understand why Rohr sticks with him. He’s deviating from his own selection criteria. It’s been reported that Musa is being imposed on him. But what about Simon, Collins, and Shehu? Naija fans can see that we have better players in those positions. Simon can’t even hit a corner kick past the first defender. V. Moses should be brought back. He can take corners and indirect freekicks. If we go back to 4-3-3, Chukwueze can start in RW and take the set pieces. We need to figure out the best short free-kick takers in the team and they need to do extra practice sessions in the SE camp, if they are not already. Rohr has done great. He rejuvenated us cos we were down and out when he was brought in. Now things are not going so well. NFF is useless so they may be the reason for the current glaring problems in the recent team list and starting line-ups. I hope Rohr can overcome and give us our best possible team I’m the circumstances.

  • Seriously employing a former coach? What a lot of bullshit.

  • De Star 6 months ago

    No matter how faster lies runs ; it can never outrun truth . Now even the loquacious Rohr’s ardent supporters ( the likes of @Dr Drey, @ Ayphillydegreat etc) now unanimously passed a vote of no confidence on the clueless Rohr and his business partner Amaju Fraud-Pinnick lead NFF and now resigned to faith that ; the corrupt NFF will still ended up replacing Rohr with another Rohr as coach, and also coming with an outrageous cost which NFF cannot afford.

    Rohr whose 6 years running as SE coach couldn’t have been given unprecedented 3 years running if not people like you that were supporting Amaju Fraud-Pinnick NFF to allow Rohr to continue to fooling the gullible football fans ;

    Many of us have seen the similarities in PMB’s ineptitude, outrageous sentimental appointments to that of Rohr’s technical deficiencies, poor records of never won even a tea cup in his 3 decades of coaching career and now corrupt players invitation.

    I laughed at many left over Rohr’s supporters…. blame game all the way ; “Musa was imposed on Rohr” ( is that not part of your accusation against local coach ?). Are you people not ashamed now with your suppose then super coach now turning SE call up to many of those that are ready to cough out dollar or compromised for the survival of the clueless Rohr who was left exposed by his business partner NFF?

    • Douglas John Ufuoma 6 months ago

      oga you can borrow nff A4 to type rohr sack letter as bth nff and sport minister has run out of papers. name one medal jo won for the senior team of nigeria, secondly name one target given to rohr he have failed to deliver? between rohr siasia and olise who is a definition of failure. what goes around comes around

  • Akanlo Ede 6 months ago

    Rohr should stay if the NFF has no more money.

  • pompei 6 months ago

    How can problem solve itself? How can problem solve problem?
    We want NFF to solve our problem by getting rid of Rohr.
    Problem is, the current NFF is an even bigger part of the problem we seek to resolve.
    Any problems we perceive to be coming from Rohr originated with this NFF.
    In Rohr’s place, we could have hired a better coach to start with, but thanks to NFF corruption and ineptitude, there was “no money”.
    So in comes Groundnut Roar.
    To his credit, the man started really well. Met his deliverables, injected new life into a team in crisis. We went from a team nobody would touch with a 10-foot pole, to a team the Brazils, Argentinas, and other football nations of this world were falling over themselves, trying to play friendlies with.
    Yes, Rohr accomplished all that at first. He evidently started out wanting to achieve something tangible with Nigeria.
    Unfortunately, the NFF as currently constituted have proven to be Rohr’s biggest opponent. An opponent he can’t overcome.
    Nonpayment of salaries and players’ bonuses, piss-poor planning, substandard pitches, selection interference, in-your-face corruption. These issues have gradually eaten away at the zeal and industry Rohr initially started with. What we now see of Rohr is what the NFF have reduced him to.
    Yes, Rohr’s performance of late has not been good enough. But getting rid of him does not solve the problem. It only replaces new wine in the rotten old skin bottle.
    The new wine will also not fare well in the putrid skin bottle. Any new coach we get will inherit all the problems Rohr has been facing.

    • Omo9ja 6 months ago

      @Pompei, Nigerians are tired of this excuse. Mr. Gernot Rohr is not good enough to be in charge of the Super
      and also, Super Eagles is bigger than Oga Rohr period.

      NFF did not pay Keshi but Keshi won Nigeria an Afcon trophy in less than two to three years.

      NFF did not pay Jo Bonfrere before he won the Olympic gold medals for Nigeria.

      Keshi and Jo Bonfrere did not train their teams on a world class pitch. They both trained their teams here in Nigeria. You knew how it was then Pompei.

      Even Balogun stadium is better than old Surulere stadium. I mean the main bowl of the old national stadium in Surulere.

      NFF have been like this forever. Forget about bad pitch. If CAR could beat Eagles on that pitch then Oga Rohr have no excuse to tell us that the pitch wasn’t good.

      Thank God that Nigeria played Liberia in Morocco and we saw it with our two eyes koro koro like this kę. Let’s call a spade a spade. Oga Rohr is not good enough to continue with Eagles. Shikena.

      Mr. Pompei, how long do we want to deceive ourselves for?

      You are still backing a coach that preferred Ighalo to our hottest strikers?

      You are still cover-up for a coach that can not find a creative midfielder? Kai, kilo de e e.

      You are still backing a coach that have no replacement for Osimhen? Come on Oga Pompei. Don’t fall my hand kę.

      The companies that sponsoring Super Eagles are ready to pay Oga Rohr his money. Lo ba tan ooo. That is what I heard.

      It is time to welcome Amunike and others to Super Eagles. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Akanlo Ede 6 months ago

    We don’t need Jo Bonfrere,we ve local coaches that can do the job,just dt the corrupt nature in team selection is just the problem.

  • pompei 6 months ago

    Omo9ja, your approach of stop-gap solutions is funny and also saddening.
    This approach is the reason Nigeria is in so much problem today. Instead of us to tackle problems, we just bring makeshift solution to cover up the real mess.
    If a house is stinking because it is full of dead rats, your solution is to keep spraying air freshener. The air freshener will mask the odor for a bit, but the stench will return in full force, because you have failed to deal with the root cause!
    Instead of putting the blame squarely on the NFF, you dey here dey blame Rohr.
    Is Rohr also responsible for our failure to qualify for 2 CONSECUTIVE AFCONS BEFORE HE WAS HIRED? You conveniently ignore that fact every time!
    If Rohr was not doing well when he started, then it would have been evident that he is truly unfit for the job. But all his accomplishments when he started suggest that he can do this job. The problem he has is the NFF.
    I’m not surprised by your attitude towards Rohr though. You’ve always kicked against his employment BECAUSE OF HIS SKIN COLOR. You now say you want him gone because of poor performance, but when the man was taking our football to greater heights, you kept mum. With each victory, with each good performance, you were nowhere to be found. You would disappear poof like smoke. Only to come out jubilating whenever he loses or performs badly.
    You persist in ignoring all the injustice that he has been subjected to.
    Can you work at your job for 5 mins without pay? Yet, in your view, Rohr must deliver even if he’s owed for months, even years? That is injustice and wickedness!
    A country that wants to have a strong national team, capable of winning trophies, should have a proper league, pay it’s coaches and players when due, have standard pitches, and have proper welfare for players. Their should also be sound grassroots program to help unearth new talents.
    A country that can’t provide these does not deserve to even qualify for tournaments, talk less of winning anything.
    Rohr came and brought some relief. Now, fair-weather fans that were managing garri soaked in water without sugar, have seen good food and are now demanding fancy, high-end, gourmet meals, whether the chef is paid or not, whether the chef has a good kitchen to work in or not, whether he has the proper supplies or not! You Omo9ja, when we failed to qualify for 2 Afcons back to back, did you criticize the coaches handling the team the way you’re criticizing Rohr?
    Look at the shabby, shoddy, incompetent way our football is administered! Na like this we wan take win world cup?
    Omo9ja, siddon there and be blaming Rohr!