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Brazil Fans Slam CBF Over Friendlies Vs ‘World Cup Flops’ Nigeria, Senegal

Brazil Fans Slam CBF Over Friendlies Vs ‘World Cup Flops’ Nigeria, Senegal

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Brazil fans have come down hard on Brazilian Football Confederation( Confederacao Brasileira de Futebol; CBF) for prioritizing friendly games against ‘2018 World Cup flops’, Nigeria and Senegal, over the country’s local league, Completesports.com reports.

Brazil – five-time world champions, will first clash with the Teranga Lions of Senegal on October 10 at the Singapore National Stadium before taking on three-time African champions Nigeria at the same venue on Sunday, October 13.

Criticism has trailed the 23-man Brazil list released by he Selecao coach Tite on Friday for list home-based stars who will miss important games for their respective clubs while on ‘inconsequential’ national duty against minnows opponents.

The general feeling among fans is that CBF is neglecting the local championship in preference to friendlies against ‘teams that could not qualify from the group stages at the last World Cup.’

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Super Eagles

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Teranga Lions

According to Garone’s Column in odia.ig.com.br, “the Brazilian teams have become a burden for clubs. The CBF is making selection increasingly unfriendly,” Garone said.

“Flamengo without Gabigol and Rodrigo Caio. Sao Paulo without Daniel Alves. Guild without Everton and Matheus Henrique. Palm Trees without Weverton. Athletic Paranaense without Santos.

“It (the list) has emptied a championship that should be a priority for the Brazilian Football Confederation, but in practice receives less attention than friendlies against countries that did not even pass the group stage at the last World Cup.”

By Sulaiman Alao

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  • Glory 2 years ago

    Just found out Brazil lost to 2018 world cup winners recently. Up Brazil. A People still having a gig in fools paradise. Football long left Brazil behind.

    • What happens when one eats raw fruits? The acid would start it’s work on the mouth. Rohr’s current crew could be likened to raw fruits. 

  • I HV seen Brazil play lesser ranking teams from Asia, so why is playing the best African teams now a problem, mmmmm and I think this Brazilian guys still get a lot of money for playing this friendly,s so no one is doing anyone favours,

  • Ronald 2 years ago

    I might hate brazil for this. Who do they think they are?

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    I feel more ashamed as a Nigerian reading this report..
    If we had built on our team – a team who defeated Brazil with bebeto come dey cry, this would not have said about us..
    The Brazilian report is not far from the truth if we are sincere with ourselves, we actually failed to go past the group stage in the last world cup so they have a strong claim, but I see that team as a truly young team who were not truly exposed and ready for greater challenges.
    I bless this nff board for sticking with our rohn not listening to many Nigerians who wanted a change, who wanted us to start from square one.
    Fans all over the world reason superficially they fail to see things in the progressive manner. What do they want the brazillan heads to do, Germany was our the preferred option but they turned down the offer, they saw a good team in Nigeria and went for them..

    A country like Cameroon who listens so much to their fans are always doomed for destruction. God bless Nigeria.

    • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

      Brazilians are upset because if they loose to a lower ranked team below top 20 they will nose-dive. This report will spur them to rout us, Rohr must take this opportunity instead of talking down our boys as young eagles. It’s a win or burst for us

  • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

    Hahaha i saw this coming if only their fans will ask them how much they will make from the friendlies because if anyone tells me we didn’t pay to get this friendly then i will doubt. If we had won against Ukraine this drama will not be unfolding.

    But some people were here celebrating a draw it tells how average our thinking can be. If we had gently pointed out our weakness then work on it and add to our strength i will appreciate instead of news of best 45 mins ever and some mass celebration not until fifa humbled us to reality that draw doesn’t add to your ranking improvement.

    We need change of mentality as a country. Winning mentality should be the deal.

  • Kai,we don “suffer” small. Brazil dey use style laff us.I hope they also say this when their team plays other “smaller” teams- because,Brazil often does that. Well at least their FA and I think coach still respects us.We are OK with that for now.

    Beyond this,that’s the beauty of the Brazilian model,I spoke of recently. They have a solid league and regularly draw players from there.You see,in the above story,how the fans remind their FA of their job to take of the league.Football admin across board is professionally handled and maintained in Brazil.Ask Joe Erico.
    They also care about their players in Europe- they value club performance but are not slaves to it(so they easily invite players who have quality eventhough they are regularly benched in their club). This kind of invitation will put pressure on the club to start using the player or will alert another club to buy the player and use him. That’s Brazilian model for you.

    That’s why I say let’s be more empathetic with our players,local football is not well taken care of like in Brazil,so there is more pressure to move to Europe. Europe have their own players, other continents have also travelled down…it’s not even survival of the fittest(if not our boys have uncommon talent to shine through),many times it’s just macro and micro policies that marginalise our boys,not loss of quality or distraction.

    Now back to matter,Brazilian fans don’t know that what they are enjoying-a great league-is our prayer point.Part of the enjoyment is that the national team would call for the players.You want the FA to give you a solid league,then solid players will evolve and the national team has to benefit. They should bear jare before small pride,go dey do dem dia.

    • My brother, the deplorable state of our domestic leagues and the decrepit state of many of our our football infrastructures (like the national stadium Surulere) is a source of national embarrassment!

      It is so disgraceful!

  • Olusegun. B 2 years ago

    It’s so funny to hear the Brazilian call Nigeria and Senegal world cup flops whereas they got spanked by Germany 7-1 @ the Maracana stadium with all their big mouth stating that they would win the world cup at home and also how stupid t he y were in Russia. Well I don’t blame them . To me it’s a more wake up call for Nigeria and other Africa nations to man up and conquer. They need to get serious . Brazilians are too proud it’s one thing I don’t like about them …

    • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

      Baba you have said it up let Africa wake up and use more of brains than physical. When I mean brain I mean tactical on converting chances,foul committing and also protesting dubious calls aftermath games so that it doesn’t happen in future. Africa need to wake we are taken for grant for ages because of our naivety!

      • Omo9ja 2 years ago

        @Chima E Samuels, I’m happy reading your comment. Good one bro. I wanted to talk before but you have said it finished. God bless you and everyone of us. Amen. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

      Klopp for example was demanding explanations for the penalty against Napoli and our coach Rohr was celebrating 45mins despite conceeding a goal from handball.

      If we don’t point facts out and if possible send petitions we will be used as bait any anytime and match results will never favor us when it matters. Education is the key I doubt if our officials knows how to make a case when it matter through proper procedures to save us similar occurrences.

  • Hahaha lolx this people can make someone laugh,so Senegal and Nigeria is little abi,to compare to Brazil team that was hammered by Germany in a non existent final score,anyway they are used to cocaine maybe it was over dose that is worrying them,after this 2games they will find their self on 20th possession in world ranking,

  • I salsa don’t see the point travelling half the way around the world to Singapore to play one match, a friendly. Yes, it’s a prestige match, however, it is not what the squad needs now.

    First point is FIFA international rankings. Since the end of AFCON we played one match against ukraine which we drew. This means that countries that played two friendly matches gained ground on us. We dropped one place simply because Japan played two matches in Asia and won them so jumped to 33 whilst we dropped to 34th. If we played two matches either in Europe or in Africa we stand to pick up more points and consolidate our position in the rankings.

    Second point is fatigue to the players travelling hours to Singapore to play one fancy match.

    Third and final point is, although any result from this will give the players a boost, it will not prepare them as the coach required for playing in Africa against African competition. Our next competitive matches will be against Rep of Benin and Lesotho. We are not due to face non African opposition for a minimum of three years and the team will have further changed and evolved by then with more players coming in and others being dropped. If we look at an average of six players being changed a year in the squad you’ll get my point.

    This match would’ve made more sense if it was played closer to home and we had the opportunity to play two matches one this and one against African oppostition.

    • Fair points BigD.

      What you have to factor in is that it was the Brazilian FA that invited us for this match, not the other way around.

      Now, I am not opposing the validity of any of your points. However, are you seriously suggesting that (considering all you said), we should turn down Brazil’s invitation?

      Just take a wind of this headline hitting the world’s media platforms : ‘Nigeria Football Federation turns down Invitation from Brazil FA for a Friendly Match’

      Again, bearing in mind all that you said, do you think that such a decision will go down well with majority of Super Eagles fans?

      Hmmmm, I don’t think so!

    • Mr Hush 2 years ago


      Very valid points made.but I think there are other ways to see through this;

      1. Definitely the result of this match would affect the FIFA ranking,but such results can go both ways.yes,the pendulum is always swinging towards Brazil to win(having better players and pedigree),but Nigeria can as well win; trust me,if we win,wouldn’t be much of a surprise for me.we are good.i believe the Brazilians know this,hence the match.
      So if we win.beating a grade A team like Brazil means we go even higher in the ranking.so my mind would be doing our best not to lose,even if it is just a friendly.
      2. Yes ,the distance is favourable to our boys, fatigue and all, but these boys are professionals.besides,it is a one off thing.it is not like they would be traveling round the world.and it is a FiFa international window, that means, both the players and their clubside knows that the players would be traveling for their international matches no matter where.most of South American players,Asian players even travel farther for international matches, to the US, South America and Asia.it is just part of the sacrifice of representing one’s country.it is all for the job and patriotism..
      3. I don’t share in the notion we should be playing just African friendlies just because we would be playing An African qualifier.what is there to learn in the African continent that we haven’t learnt for years.heck, we are Africans too! We just finished playing an Afcon. We always play Afrcian teams in qualifiers,.we play Afrcan sides like 80percent of the time.
      With all due respect to Benin and Lesotho,I am not trying to sound cocky,but if we don’t understand how an African side play by now,then I think we are just being pretentious.
      Playing a high level team like Brazil and Ukraine can only up our game and give us that much needed psychological boost to squash teams like Benin and Lesotho.

      I think we need this match against Brazil for the fact that we are going to learn a lot playing one of the best teams in the world of football,; you don’t get such opportunity everyday. Atleast we going to know what level we have reached, we got a taste playing a European side in Ukraine,it is an opportunity to see us against a South American side.then we know what to build on.

      If the FA still want to taste an African side.
      It is a two match window.get an African side to play us before we play Brazil.

    • @Deo @Hush don’t get me wrong, I’m not entirely against playing Brazil, the last point made “This match would’ve made more sense if it was played closer to home and we had the opportunity to play two matches one this and one against African opposition” should put paid to that notion.

      Its just the flying all the way there for a single match and not taking full advantage of a two match window.

      And Hush, the saying 2there are no small sides any more in football” is brought clear to mind with the mere mention of Madagascar. And Rep of Benin also pulled a few surprises at AFCON as well.
      Just saying we should not fail to plan, yes, we are expected to beat both teams, but we have to prepare adequately for the job

      • Mr Hush 2 years ago


        I get your point.
        You can’t overstate it enough how much one needs to plan ahead.
        And yeah,’there are not no minnows in football” and upset do happen but I assure you,the Madagascar and Benin rep anomaly at the last nations cup wasn’t due to bad or no planning on our side and other teams; we all know what happened, football can be crazy sometimes.

        That said,
        I still see this as a win win for us.
        Like westerhof said, playing Brazil is a big boost on our morale and could be a good drive later going against smaller opponents like Benin and Lesotho.

        Besides,we still have a free match window,it is up the Nff to get an African team to play.
        If we want the match so dearly,why can’t we organise one in Singapore,so we kill two birds with one stone. AFTER ALL,That is what Brazil is doing,playing both us and Senegal at the same venue.

  • Eagles team list
    Goal keeper ike shoru
    Defence taribo.
    Team to fly to singapore from Base

    • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

      You Don smoke gbana hahaha Lmao! CS add laugh emoji like Facebook comment reactions