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UPDATE: Oshoala Ruled Out Of 2022 WAFCON

UPDATE: Oshoala Ruled Out Of 2022 WAFCON

Super Falcons striker Asisat Oshoala has been ruled out of the ongoing Women’s Africa Cup of Nations in Morocco due to injury.

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) disclosed this on their Twitter handle on Wednesday.

The football governing body revealed the nature of the injury and also stated that Oshoala will travel back to Spain on Thursday.

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“Sad news from @NGSuper_Falcons camp: Top striker Asisat Oshoala is out of the ongoing WAFCON 2022.

“She sustained a Grade 2 Medial Collateral Ligament strain in the game against South Africa. She is due back in Spain on Thursday. Get well quick Asisat!“

Meanwhile, the Falcons will hope to bounce back from their defeat to South Africa when they take on debutants and Group C leaders Botswana on Thursday.

This year’s WAFCON also doubles as qualifiers for next year’s women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

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  • That was their evil plan (SA). They deliberately wounded the poor girl because they were desperate to defeat Nigeria. 

  • Mutum 1 month ago

    She should better take time and learn the basics of a top strikers….no be to push ball on the run and shoot. Run self, u no Sabi,shoot self zero. She should watch her clips on the age grade tourney’s she played years back and see what she has become

  • This girl is proving to be injury prone and also arrogant at times. I am not really a big fan of hers if I am being honest!.

    • She is arrogant all of the time. So much so that she can’t manage when she has a tough day on the pitch. Once she doesn’t have her way, she will start sulking all over the place.

  • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

    Attitude is something that can’t be hidden in humans. Her body language in recent times has shown that she puts in a diff work ethic at Barcelona compared to the National team. A long season without enough time to recuperate from previous injuries and also age might be catching up with these endless injuries.. I’m not sure we can win this tournament but they should do the needful which is to at least get to the semi final for Wirkdcuo qualification.

  • Will Oshoala be missed?

    Oshoala has been off pace for the Super Falcons for sometime now. Whilst never wishing a player to be injured, a bevy of Nigeria fans will not mourn her absence for the remainder of the WAFCON tournament.

    It is now time for the likes of Chinonyerem Macleans and Vivian Ikechukwu to step up to the plate and stand up and be counted.

    Obviously Ifeoma Onumonu is higher in the pecking order of striker. But her languid and slower style has to be counterbalanced with ruthlessness in front of goal and effective hold-up play in this tournament otherwise she might rightly lose her place.

    Obviously we still have the likes of Uchenna Kanu and ageless Fransisca Ordega as other potent striking options to the Super Falcons. So, Oshoala’s unfortunate absence provides a window of serendipity for other hungry and passionate strikers to shine in the tournament.

    Another big name, big games striker in Oparanozie was earlier ruled out of the tournament due to travelling challenges.

    All well meaning Super Eagles fans wish Oshoala speedy recovery.

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 1 month ago

    I was surprised she. Was still on the field after the rough tackle.

  • benakay 1 month ago


    A Nigerian sister, who has worked hard and carved a niche for herself by becoming THE face of African female football globally but has had the misfortune of suffering a recurring injury, through not fault of hers, and on both occasions, playing for Nigeria.

    Instead of her fellow Naijas to wish her well and pray for a speedy recovery, the only thing out of their lips is to denigrate her and kick her while she’s down. All because she chose to proudly represent her country and bring possible happiness to a down ridden, god forsaken country. This is the thanks she gets???

    Its evil minds like these that are indeed the root cause of why the country will never progress.

    Well, God is watching.

    • Chudynak 1 month ago

      God is not watching anything. While I do not wish people to get injured, I completely agree with @deo, that she will not be missed in rest of this tournament and I add that she will be missed going forward. She has been struggling in Nigerian shirts and maybe, she was not even fit for this tournament but was smuggled in. Watching her displays in the match against South Africa, I shuddered at how poor sha was, with the exception of that left footed strike, I did not see her in the entire game while she was on. Let other fit players take her place. Enough of this big name invite and poor showing

      • Chudynak 1 month ago

        **and I add that she will NOT be missed going forward**

  • Anum Barnabas 1 month ago

    The girl we are missing is Oparanozie.she always bring something to the national team.

    Wishing you speedy recovery Oshoala

  • Larry 1 month ago

    @Benakay, well-said bro.
    They are pathetic and delusional set of people whose DNA is filled with hatred.
    Get well soon Asisat.

    • Yourmamma 1 month ago

      Stupid bitches like you always want other people’s opinion to align with yours. Nigerians sometimes are ridiculously stupid. People state their own opinions and then retarded fools like you would call it hate. Tell me you haven’t criticized a player in your whole fucking life?

  • Edoman 1 month ago

    wish you a speedy recovery sister Oshoale. You have brought fame to yourself, family and above all, to Nigeria. l couldn’t ask for more. Give yourself the best treatment Spaine offers; you will be fine. Wish you the best in the future. God Bless.

  • Codex 1 month ago

    I wish her a speedy recovery,but I’ll blame the injury on poor management from the coach,you don’t rush a player who just recovered from injury into a major tournament,you work the player in. I Guess I was right when I said Randy’s team selection is based on sentiment.As for missing her,I doubt she will be missed only if the coach gets his tactics and selections right otherwise it will come crashing down.

  • Collins id 1 month ago

    When this girls reached two under 20 wcup final, i tought it will be the beginning of our worldcup glory, i nor kno say them be scammers. Oshiola, ordega, ajibade, oparanozie, kanu, etc this girls are supposed to be dragging for wcup silver or bronze, yet they are struggling with afcon, all of them are playing in europe. Mehn i dont know what has gone wrong with our football phylosophy! Even with male teams, they can nolonger do Simple things with the ball even things they use to do in their under age football games. This players should be selected by skills and ball control above all their ball sense and confidents, Nomatter the league they are playing, a player with low confident is a scam. Nigeria players are playing digital football ( imaginations) that doesnt happen in a real football match.
    The days of Akide, nwokocha and uduak, mbachu, kikolome ajayi, vera okoli. These girls can shoot better than men, they pass ball like say na passme the kpoli. But this our girls they pass ball like take cutlass make u clear ur portion.

  • Lord AMO 1 month ago

    Has anyone considered that maybe she looked poor in that first half due to her injury?  An mcl sprain is no childs play injury.  Adrenaline will allow you to stay on the field in the immediate aftermath of the injury but it will limit your mobility especially your ability to change direction and throttle down.  It gets progressively worse as time goes by.  

    What i saw from Oshoala in those first 7 minutes prior to the injury was a player that put fear in her opponents causing them to assign two defenders to her.  She was a direct threat over the top and carved out two half chances.  Once she got injured her threat mostly disappeared

    I wish her a full and speedy recovery

  • Blaming individual players for the misfortune of Nigerian football will not bring the good old days of our football back neither will it win crucial matches for us. Asisat is a very very talented player but she cannot single handedly win matches for us, a top striker can only perform to the level of his or her team. The late Rashidi Yekini of blessed memory was not the best of strikers yet he was able to terrorize all our opponents in all matches the Eagles played those days because we had a crack team behind him who were always available to lay passes to him through out every 90 minutes of play. I remember Rashidi use to miss a minimum of 5 to six chances in almost every match yet he will still score enough to win crucial matches for us because we had a very very strong team around him. If he were to play as our striker for our present team he would’nt have been able to perform to the level he did. Besides, we need to take our football back to school so that more raw talents can be thrown up if not we will continue to be dominated by small small countries around us

    • MhiztaP 1 month ago

      And you don’t think that early injury could have contributed to her poor performance

  • Collins Id 1 month ago

    Point of correction! Rashidi yekini is the greatest 9 in africa. No team in africa of any generation or any country, can keep yekini on the bench. Drogba will wait on the bench until yekini is tired, eto will move to the wing for yekini, salah will do thesame. Just to counter that statement yekini was the best of strikers.
    We dont critisize oshiola bcos she didnt score or Nigeria didnt win, we critsize her becos she is been a worse player not just striking,(she play like she has lost it all) her playing is poor and bad. I have noticed these facts in afcon and wcup plus olimpic. Most of us here they playball too we are not novice, oparanozie and ordega have been the hope of our team since princes akide and Nwokocha retired. Oshiola just run and shoot, nothing to remember. Even the under 20 worldcup her oversabi made us lose that final game, when she score goal wey don dey go goal, coming from offsite position. she should go and join Nigeria athleths, she can win olimpic Gold.
    We have been patient with this girl for the sake of love! But to be honest she nor try at all 4 times africa player of the year!