Brokerstorm Nigeria Review September 2023

Brokerstorm Nigeria Review September 2023

Is Brokerstorm NG safe? Find out what Brokerstorm NG has to offer!

In the fast paced world of sports betting, having a reliable broker as a partner can make all the difference. Brokerstorm is a standout choice for all sports betting fans, offering access to a wide range of sports betting exchanges and Asian bookmakers. Let’s see the advantages that make Brokerstorm the go-to option for Nigeria sports bettors.

Betting Options for Everyone

Brokerstorm connects you to three different betting exchanges and one sportsbook. These platforms, Orbit Exchange, Winfair24, Betnfair [the last lets you lay on horse racing] and PS3838 offer unique features to enhance your betting experience.



  • Established in 2017, Orbit Exchange is one of the most popular betting exchange platforms favored by both professional and recreational players worldwide.
  • It is “powered by Betfair”, the biggest betting exchange around the globe, that is they share odds, markets and liquidity, while operating as a separate entity at the same time.
  • Access to Orbit Exchange requires a betting broker
  • On betting exchanges and on Orbit Exchange too, a commission rate is charged on all winning bets. The rates vary based on the broker. The commission rate through Brokerstorm is 3%, one of the lowest in the industry.


  • Various betting options, including soccer, cricket, baseball, rugby, tennis, golf, horse racing, as well as casino and live casino games.
  • The users can place “back” and “lay” bets with potential profits and liabilities clearly displayed on the betslip of the platform.
  • The bets remain pending until matched by another player, resulting in betting status such as fully matched, partially matched and unmatched.
  • In-play betting is available and it offers real-time betting opportunities on various sports and events.
  • The platform supports cash out options, allowing bettors to secure profits and limit losses.
  • Registration for Orbit Exchange is exclusively through a betting broker, with Brokerstorm being a reputable choice, offering ongoing experienced account support.

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  • Winfair24 started in 2019 and operates as a “powered by Betfair” betting exchange, offering similar odds, betting options, and liquidity.
  • It is one of the most compelling Betfair alternatives, especially for regions with restricted Betfair access.
  • User registration for Winfair24 is possible only via betting brokers, with Brokerstorm being one of the very few in the industry to offer it.
  • Winfair24, like any other betting exchange, imposes a commission rate on winning bets. At just 3% through Brokerstorm, it ensures that the players retain a significant portion of their winnings.


  • The platform is designed on the standards of Betfair, and it offers a very comprehensive and easy to use interface, responsive to all devices, and suitable for all types of bettors, whether they are experienced or beginners.
  • Winfair24 also provides dedicated desktop and mobile apps that are designed for easy access to favorite betting markets, ensuring a seamless modern betting experience whether you are at home or on the move.
  • Winfair24 offers an extensive selection of sports markets catering to the preferences of all kinds of sports bettors. It covers a wide range of sports ensuring there is something for everyone. It also dedicates a separate section for e-sports fans, covering the major e-sports events and tournaments. Casino enthusiasts can also find a lot of casino games to bet on as well as a live casino section as well. It even goes the extra mile by offering virtual sports, and even markets related to political and current events.
  • The odds offered on Winfair24 are highly competitive and favorable for users. The players have the ability to modify them if they will and offer various bet proposals waiting for other players to match them. This is a very attractive choice for value bettors, as it increases their opportunities to maximize their potential winnings.
  • Winfair24 can keep the adrenaline seeking bettors engaged with real-time action through its in-play betting feature, allowing them to place bets on ongoing games and events.
  • Similar to Betfair, Winfair24 offers a cash-out feature. This option gives players the flexibility to control their betting strategy by settling their bets on a single market with a single click. It is an extremely valuable tool for risk management and securing profits.
  • Winfair24 is a top notch betting exchange offering a unique feature, multi-market betting. With this option the bettors can follow and place bets on up to three different markets simultaneously with just one click. This is a very convenient tool, as it saves players both time and effort.
  • Winfair24 helps bettors to organize their betting information, by offering filtering options. With this tool, the players can quickly see all the bets they have won or lost, all the bets that are still in progress, and any transaction either deposit or withdrawal. This helps them stay organized and makes it easier to understand what is happening with their bets and money on the platform.

Registering with Winfair24 is exclusively possible only through betting brokers. Brokerstorm is one the very few to give access to this high end betting exchange. With ongoing support service, and austere security measures, Brokerstorm can address any user needs or questions and guarantee a safe and exciting betting journey for all.



  • Betnfair is a newly found innovative betting exchange platform that addresses to horse racing fans and sports betting enthusiasts.
  • It is powered simultaneously be top betting exchanges, Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook for enhanced liquidity.
  • It offers innovative features suitable for the new generation of bettors.
  • It provides global accessibility supporting users from more than 100 countries.
  • Like most betting exchanges, it is accessible via betting brokers, with Brokerstorm being one of the very few and proud brokers to offer it.


  • The Betnfair user interface is designed to be beginner-friendly, ensuring that both newcomers and experienced players can easily navigate the platform. It simplifies the betting process, making it accessible and straightforward for players to place bets and manage their accounts.
  • Betnfair covers a wide array of sports markets, including horse racing, soccer, tennis, cricket, basketball, American football, golf, boxing, MMA, rugby, and other sports like Formula1, cycling, darts and snooker. In each market bettors can find extensive betting options.
  • Betnfair offers a diverse betting selection to suit each player’s preferences. This includes traditional straight bets, where users wager on the outcome of an event, as well as lay bets, where users act as bookmakers and bet against a particular outcome. Along with a variety of bet types, this allows users to customize their strategies and explore different wagering approaches.
  • For horse racing fans, Betnfair offers the ability not only to lay on horses, but to bet on multiple horses simultaneously. This feature increases the chances of winning, allowing the players to cover multiple outcomes within a single race and maximize their potential returns.
  • Betnfair places great emphasis on low-risk betting, and, although it offers the potential for high rewards, it also provides tools and guidance for players to manage their risk effectively and adopt a more conservative betting strategy.
  • Betnfair is renowned for its exquisite live betting and live streaming feature that allows bettors to place their bets in real-time as the events are in progress. With live betting the players can adjust their bets based on the unfolding action. In addition, the live streaming option allows players to watch the events live, which gives them valuable insights and enables them to make more informed decisions.
  • Betnfair gives users the opportunity to create custom trading strategies tailored to their preferences. They can use automated data analysis tools to gather information necessary to decide on their bets and refine their strategies with time.
  • Betnfair enables players to manage their portfolio by tracking their bets, monitoring their progress and making adjustments as needed across multiple devices.
  • Betnfair welcomes an international audience with users from more than 100 countries. This global reach of bettors around the world has created a robust and dynamic betting environment all the more expanding.



  • PS3838 serves as an alternative to Pinnacle, the biggest Asian Bookmaker in the world, and is designed for a global audience facing geographical restrictions on Pinnacle.
  • As it is supported by Pinnacle, it shares the same markets, odds, and liquidity.
  • As an Asian Bookie it is a highly compelling betting platform known for its low margins and high betting limits.
  • It caters to the modern generation of bettors who prefer the convenience of mobile betting.
  • It is accessible only via a betting broker, and Brokerstorm takes pride in offering this new generation betting platform.


  • PS3838 offers a user-friendly interface suitable for both tech-savvy and not so digitally adept users. It applies cutting edge technology and enables players to customize their betting portfolio. It also gives emphasis on aesthetics and ergonomic design, making it a very attractive and comfortable betting environment for all types of bettors.
  • Apart from its diverse sports events and markets, PS3838 also offers an extensive range of recreational events, competitive e-sports options, a variety of casino games, and a live casino experience. This wide array of choices ensures that all users have ample opportunities for entertainment and betting.
  • PS3838 bettors are presented with odds that are often favorable compared to other betting platforms. The odds on PS3838 are adjusted to reflect the most current information and conditions of the sports events. This way the players always have access to the most advantageous odds, increasing their chances of winning bigger payouts.
  • Due to Pinnacle’s support, PS3838 bettors can live the Asian experience and expect high liquidity, allowing them to place sizeable bets.
  • PS3838 offers In-Play option and Live Streaming where the players can engage in live, in-play betting, while watching and betting on events in real-time. This opens up a world of betting possibilities during the ongoing events and all bettors can explore different betting strategies.
  • PS3838 gives bettors the flexibility to cash out their bets before an event is finished, giving them the ability to manage better their profits and losses.

Lots of Sports to Bet on

Brokerstorm gives you access to major betting exchanges and Asian bookmakers with a wide range of sports to choose from. Whether you are a big football fan or love other sports, you will find plenty of options to bet on.

Easy Payments and Withdrawals

Brokerstorm makes it simple to deposit money and withdraw your winnings. You can use methods like Bank Transfers, MuchBetter, AstroPay, and even all cryptocurrencies included in most international crypto exchanges.

You can start with a minimum deposit of 50 EUR, except for bank transfers, which require 150 EUR. Most deposit methods are free, with the exception of 5 EUR fee for bank deposits under 1000 EUR.

Your first withdrawal each month is free, and there is only a 1.5% fee for more withdrawal in the same month.

The transfers between exchanges are free, so you won’t lose money moving your bets around.

Safety First

Brokerstrom is serious about keeping your money and personal information safe. They have a Curacao license, which means they follow strict rules and protocols that treat bettors fairly and with utmost respect.

Awesome Benefits

Brokerstorm offers some cool promotions for you, such as:

10% cashback when you sign up for an exchange account

Free first withdrawal per calendar month, so you save money.

A VIP program to reward loyal and long- term players.

No Major Restrictions

Unlike other brokers, Brokerstorm imposes very few geographical restrictions and it is open to most bettors in Nigeria, allowing them to explore and engage in sports betting with greater freedom.

Dedicated and Friendly Customer Support

Whenever you need to deposit or withdraw money to and from your account or you have any need, Brokerstorm is there for you. You can reach out via email, Skype, live chat, Telegram or Facebook Messenger. The customer support is available 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Final Words

Brokerstorm offers access to major international betting exchanges and Asian sportsbooks that cannot be accessed directly, giving Nigerian users the opportunity to explore mobile-friendly platforms with vast array of sports and other events to bet on, plenty and diverse betting options, competitive odds, key features such as in-play and live streaming, cash out, various promotions and benefits, flexible payment methods and strict security measures, all under the guidance and dedication of a 16/7 available customer support. With all these collectively Brokerstorm is a suitable choice for the Nigerian sports betting enthusiasts.

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