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‘Calm Down’  –Ighalo Reacts To Osimhen’s Rants On Finidi

‘Calm Down’  –Ighalo Reacts To Osimhen’s Rants On Finidi

Nigerian international Odion Ighalo has called on Super Eagles striker Victor Osimhen to maintain calmness after calling out Finidi George on Instagram.

Recall that Finidi announced his resignation from his position as the head coach of the Super Eagles after the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, announced moves to bring in a foreign technical adviser.

Finidi was only appointed on April 29, 2024, to replace Jose Peseiro, whose contract expired in February.


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However, Osimhen has hit back at Finidi over his comments on his commitment towards the national team.

In his Instagram handle, the Napoli striker reacted angrily to some comments attributed to Finidi, stating that he wanted to stay with the players in camp.

He also noted that he has lost his respect for the former Ajax star.

Meanwhile, during his Instagram live video, Ighalo pleaded with Osimhen to calm down and end the live video.

“Boy, calm down and end the live.”

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  • My brother@judeighalo allow the boy@osimhen9 to say his mind because finito or what is talking much.

    • Sportradio88.0 fm 1 month ago

      Everyone is talking. Nigeria need spiritual cleaning.
      How we will do it I don’t know . All the babalawos. In Benin. Rwanda, Lesotho south Africa and Zimbabwe are on duty to make sure dey stop eagles from 2026 wcup .. hence everything is going out of hand . Even nlc do their own join . In fact if care is. Not taking eagles wil only go to Rwanda with one day training in Abuja instead of 2 weeks training.

  • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

    You claim you get injury but you go club on Friday go dey dance when your team mates dey battle field with south Africa.. dey play….am not siding finidi but that was insensitive coming from osimhen…or we no go criticize am again because na osimhen?

    • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

      I am not a supporter of Finidi but we must not let our anger towards him support such disrespect. There are ways Osimhen could have gone about this not ranting on instagram and saying u lost respect for him when you know club suitors and coaches could be on your live…..This is bad for market.

    • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

      Are you serious…?

      So because he is injured life must grind to a halt for him…?

      Or because his teammates are in camp, he should put himself under house arrest…?

      Come off it…!

      • Sebastian 1 month ago

        Lol @ house arrest. Don’t mind the hypocrites! Always searching for faults with flashlights

      • Really? So Finidi should have said that he will beg Osimhen? That’s what Osimhen wanted to hear? Really? Findi never abused or insulted him. In response to questions Finidi only said he wouldn’t beg Osimhen to play. What’s wrong about that? Please you people should shift with your skewed mindets.

        • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

          There is everything wrong in it. If you don’t know before, know now.

          What does Finidi mean by he would not beg Osimhen…? Did Osimhen ask to be begged…? Or what crap are you saying.

          A player pulls out of a game due to injury….imbecile coach says he won’t beg the player…..does that even make sense…..???

          Only a fool will question osimhen’s commitment to the national team. This guy has carried 3 serious injuries from the national team to his club in times past….injuries that made him miss large chunks of the season.

          Osimhen sacrficed his world class status to play as a defensive striker for Nigeria at afcon…..caf even subjected him to drug tests twice in that tournament.

          He is practicaly the only guy who plays with a sense of urgency in the SE

          Is that the player whose commitment needs to be questioned….?

          Finidi needs his brains checked…and afterwards needs lessons on how to answer questions in public.

          I will not beg osimhen….the same osimhne that asked if he can come to camp with his injury to cheer the boys and you said no. Very daft coach.

          Finidi deserves everything coming his way now.

          He should go and learn how to be a real coach.

          • Mr Clint 1 month ago

            Bro God bless you for telling them what they don’t know.

    • Mercy 1 month ago

      I don’t understand o.. what of players that left camp to attend inconsequential match when we have important WC qualifying matches? Or the assistant captain of the team who organized such friendly during WC qualifiers? Some reports said he even offered to come to camp to cheer the team, the coach said no. Do you want him to hide is injury and come to camp like some player do?

    • Agatha 1 month ago


    • Agatha 1 month ago

      So bcos Nigeria dey play my guy no go flex again,abi life go come to a halt?

  • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

    From the calm down wey Ighalo tell am, you go know say Ighalo know say osimhen know wetin him dey do…na benin man dey catch benin man when him dey try claim sense… I mean we all know Ighalo very patriotic and professional..remember when he fought his club in china or so to come play for Nigeria……..believe you me if we qualify now, even d ones wey get injury true true go say dem no get

    • We hail thee 1 month ago

      @Monkey post.You are spot on
      These players behave like kids sometimes.Why go to club with injuries and whole Yr mate are camping?

      • Ezomo 1 month ago

        @ we hail thee are you for real at all . What are you saying actually, didn’t you read when he said he cab still come to camp to cheers players finding said he should sta with his family. Try and be rational I beg

    • Eugene 1 month ago

      You are right. And our players must learn to respect the indigenous coaches. He can speak to an expatriate coach in the media like this and hope to ever get into his team, whether club level or national team.

  • Air Vice Marshall Arara Kumbie 1 month ago

    This is bad. Osimhen should be able to take it easy.

  • Ralph 1 month ago

    I don’t wanna comment on the issues between Finidi and Osimeh, however, if the player is injured and ruled out of the game and out of camp, if he’s truly injured then he is not under any obligation to restrict himself because a match is going on, e went out with his friends a night before or the night of the match , what’s the big deal? If we beat SA 2/3-0 that now , are we gonna be talking about Osimeh going clubbing? I don’t think so 

  • People will not say the truth because of their dislike for Finidi what Oshimendid is wrong. That boy should learn how to calm down is gragra is too much even if Finidi say anything bad to him must be reply? You recall he did the same thing to Ikpeba then. The same way he attack some fans who criticized as well. He is a small boy but he is too fond of himself that is why I don’t like him.

  • Aimuamwosa idehen 1 month ago

    Osimhen or no Osimhen, the present “Super” Eagles have adequate fire power and at least 4 other international class hit-men. Finidi should have declined the Eagles job in the first place or git his tactics and commonsense right, instead of blaming players or lamenting the absence of any one player. Is Osimhen also to blame for Finidi fielding that very poor central defender who lacked sense of urgency and kept passing the ball back to the keeper when Nigeria was down, or is Osimhen at fault for Finidi introducing the last two players he substituted onto the pitch in the game against the Republic of Benin? I hope he received enough bribe from them and that they remember him when or if they get European contracts. Was Osimhen also at fault for Finidi pulling out our only decent playmaker (Iwobi) when we were chasing the game? Finidi needs to go back and learn the rudiments of coaching, apply for and secure a coaching job in Europe, prove his mettle, before accepting any national team job in Nigeria. Same applies to all other Nigerian indigenous wannabe coaches. I can’t believe that Finidi ever played for Ajax Amsterdam. Shame on him.

  • While Finidi caused this nonesense in the first place but Oshimen needs to learn to calm down. He is no more an under 17 player. Finidi is already sinking so you don’t say things the way it will damage your own image.

    He could have reacted but very mindful of his words. The reason why sometimes, some people allow their managers respond to things like this.

    Statement like even if I don’t play for the super eagles again is not necessary. This is between you and Finidi. It has nothing to do with Nigerians and the super eagles. I believe even the nff does not believe his lies against you. So calm down and make statements that will not implicate you.

    Really, Oshimen has the bad record of speaking rashly at people. Remember his problems with ikpeba. You can make your point without lashing out at your senior colleagues.

    Statement like everybody dey blame me is not necessary. How many people are blaming you?

    It’s his choice to go to a party or not. Because he asked to be with the team which Finidi foolishly rejected him.

    • Hassan Lukman 1 month ago

      The guy is ful of himself. He lacks manner.No matter the circumstances he should not disrespect Finidi the way he did. Finidi, aside from being his coach, is a football legend in Nigeria. He’s is supposed to use decorum the way he addresses the matter. He even called Finidi by his first Name,as if he’s talking to a kid.

      • Samuel 1 month ago

        Oshimien has lost it! I think too much money and fleeting fame have entered his head.. I really pity this young man.. if he does not trace his footsteps, he will soon go down the drain and oblivion.. he was so rude to Finidi and us Nigerians! NFF should adjudicate in the matter quickly.. let Oshimien apologize and still get at least 4 months suspension from the Super Eagles. If he stubbornly refuses to apologize, as I suspect,then give him a life ban! A proverb says ‘it is because you are there today that is why you are called.. if you are no longer there tomorrow, thousands of other persons will take your place!’ I have stopped being his fan and irrespective of how he handles his childish behaviors, I, like millions of Nigerians, have forsaken him for good!

        • Greenturf 1 month ago

          Please list the thousands of others to take his place..I’m interested to know this world class players!

        • KangA 1 month ago

          Speak for yourself! You are being rude to other Nigerians now. Who gave you the powers to speak for them?

  • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

    It is not “WRONG” to go to a PARTY when your team is PLAYING but it is highly “INSENSITIVE” to… Please you all should underline those STATEMENTS…Atimes we need to LEARN to make SMART, MATURE MOVES, DECISIONS and OPINIONS as CITIZENS of this COUNTRY….

    Like someone RIGHTLY said can HE try this with his OYIBO CLUB or with some STUBBORN ITALIAN OYIBO COACH when you suppose to be at HOME, GYM or maybe with some medics or doctor trying to RECUPERATE and CHEER the TEAM from there..??? I GUESS the ANSWER is NO! But since is NIGERIA and it’s FINIDI and we all wanted him out( mind you I also wanted him out) And since its OSIMHEN almost all the COMMENTS here will be to his FAVOUR…but guys life no be always like that…..

    • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

      It is highly “INSENSITIVE” to especially when you CLAIM you are INJURED. But you were in the CLUB
      DANCING ATILOGU…. Please lets LEARN to RESPECT this COUNTRY and the various INSTITUTIONS…here no be OYIBO LAND we gat more MORALS and VALUES here…

      And then them talk you now came out and be talking to your elder in such manner…here na africa like I said ooo…

      • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

        He needs to calm down like Ighalo said or go get a good manager or someone to be managing his social media accounts…A P.A or something to be making those right press releases and more

    • Eugene 1 month ago

      Our national team players should learn to be professionally disciplined and humble on and off the pitch. Especially to our indigenous coaches. Before you got to where you are, they have. Secondly you can’t do that to any expatriate coach either at club level or national team and it will be condoned.

  • Agatha 1 month ago

    What I expected osimehn to say was he no b Jesus sef,weda he play or not,boys no suppose win these esp this benin republic squad? With the kind formation wey finding carry come sef,if to osimehn play and dem no come still win nko wetin for happen,so we go kill osimehn that time say na him cause the failure abi,highest now he don talk wetin he no suppose talk join,cos me sef no understand wetin bring say he don loose respect for finding,na to apologize na,e no pass like that,man no die man no rotten

  • Golden Child 1 month ago

    You can not build anything with indiscipline. For the NFF, is that they do not have a code of conduct that players affirm to? Is it till it gets to the stage where this dude will slap a coach before they act?

    As I stated in a separate thread, the NFF is under a rudderless leadership. Is it okay for miscreants disguising as players to tarnish the image of the country? Does Osimhen know that when he puts on that Jersey he represents the 200 million plus Nigerians. Is it okay for players to be abusing fans and literally cursing them (The same fans he claims to represent) and they gave him national honours).

    Can a player from any European championships try this and they will sweep it under the carpet? There is a reason why African teams will never win the world Cup. They lack the discipline of their European and south American counterparts. It shows you the decay within the glass House. It is rotten from top to bottom. By now he should have been fired a query with a demand of a public apology to the country. Failure to that, he should wander in the wilderness of no international football. The NFF should then proceed to get Dominic Solanke as a replacement immediately ( Especially since he did not make the euros). I can assure you if this is done, every other player will seat up, no player is bigger than the country. The president does not address the country that way. Gusau who is the top brass in NFF can not address the country that way.

    • Kinkypepp 1 month ago

      Until we entirely forget foreign players and use home base, groom them and use them Nigeria will still be moving in circles

  • My issue with Osimhen’s tirade is not the manner in which he responded to statements allegedly attributed to Head Coach Finidi George nor the vitriol in his online demeanour. But I don’t think he addressed the exact allegations attributed to Finidi.

    Finidi was quoted as saying he would not go down on his knees for Osimhen to play for Nigeria. He went on say that Osimhen picks the games he plays for Nigeria.

    Thesa are weighty and quite painful allegations that will be the red rag to the bull of any committed and patriotic Super Eagles player.

    Let’s be honest, Osimhen might be renowned for his hot-headed on and off the pitch. But, again to be brutally honest, since his under-17 days, no coach had ever, to be best of my knowledge and I am very conversant with Nigerian football, doubted Osimhen’s commitment to the Super Eagles course. He not only play with his heart on his sleeves, he puts his body on the line and gets battered and bruised in the process with his all-action, no holds barred, even devil-may-care approach on the pitch.

    So, for anybody to doubt his commitment will infuriate him to no end.

    But, in the article I have read on the matter, the statement attributed to Head Coach Finidi George on this matter are third party account. I am yet to see any direct quotes from him.

    And even if he did say those things, I thought Osimhen’s reactions were strange because he seemed to imply that Head Coach Finidi had laid the blame for Nigeria’s failures against South Africa and Benin squarely on his (Osimhen’s) door.

    I didn’t read anywhere that Finidi explicitly blamed Osimhen for the failures to garner enough points to save his skin from those games.

    It appears to me from Osimhen’s anger and the intensity of his rage that there are other underlying issues. The alleged condemnation from Head Coach Finidi just created ominous clouds for a perfect storm.

    Osimhen flew into an uncontrollable rage enough for his once national team partner in crime Ighalo to try to calm him down.

    As meek as a goat is, will bite back when pushed to the wall. Osimhen felt he was pushed to the wall, no only because of what was allegedly attributed to Head Coach Finidi but I think certain past grievances that he has kept well hidden.

    Finidi is now no longer the head coach of the Super Eagles and the team is at the precipice of change. We need Osimhen back with his hunger, fire and attacking fury whilst many well meaning Nigerians wish Finidi well in his future endeavours.

    I hope cool heads can bring both parties to the table to iron out and resolve their differences.

    Once this happens, then we all can move to the next chapter of the Super Eagles with renewed hope and confidence that whomever is employed will come in and clean up the mess caused by the NFF board level incompetence that led to the world cup qualification fiasco quagmire that we all currently reside.

    • Golden Child 1 month ago

      @deo, in any organisation there are policies that guides people’s conduct and for countries there are laws that guides how citizens of those countries should conduct themselves. Should someone who works for an organisation then insult the Boss and the entire staff body because he heard a rumour that his Boss spoke negatively about him ? Those policies or laws are to enforce civil behaviour.

      The way and manner Osimhen spoke, if you blur his face in the live post , you might think you are listening to an
      agbero but this is suppose to be a national football team player. He is not the only one who came from the ghetto, Ighalo came from Ajegunle, Taribo et al. We should not excuse bad behaviour. If you have average players who are disciplined and committed, you will achieve more with that team than a bunch of egocentric ill disciplined players.

      A good example is Arteta and AubamEyang case where Arteta had to get rid of him because of his attitude issues(By the way, it was child’s play compared to Osimhen). Fast forward today, Arsenal is qualifying for back to back champions league whilst Auba has descended to the lower tiers of European competition. To give some perspective, Auba was the highest paid player , captain and most respected in the dressing room but when that decision was made others players sat up and knew things just got real. See, there has to be something that governs us otherwise we will descend to anarchy, which is the path we are threading. His demeanour is like someone who is doing the country a favour, it is not one that sees it as a rare privilege. I can assure you that if they take that path, this team will amount to nothing. When they mocked him as a coconut in Napoli , he did not do Live Post because even if the dog is crazy, it knows fire when he comes in contact with it.

    • Golden Child,

      10 years from now, Osihmen will replay that video in the presence of his family and will admit that it wasn’t his finest hour.

      He is angry, frustrated and perplexed about “things” that had been allegedly unfairly said about him. But he channelled his anger in the most inadvisable of ways.

      I think the NFF should support him in learning how best to process and channel his frustrations in future.

      We need him, now more than ever and we need his head to be in the right place.

      When fans come to forums like this to spew garbage about these players, we forget they are human beings!

      Osihmen’s crazy meltdown is lesson for us all!

      • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

        Deo that boy messed straight and simple. If your own family is telling you to shut up on live and you are threatening to headbutt them then u have lost it. Most professional will reply through their twitter or a PR team. This could affect his transfer no coach wants a hot head no matter how talented u are. I love Osimhen and his commitment but that was just ridiculous. He even cursed the fans that might believe such…. Why will he blame the fans? Where was this energy when they did the monkey face to him in Napoli or the tik tok saga?

        I bet you he can’t try this with Amunike, the man who took him from the slums to become an under 17 champion, It was a local coach that gave him that break. Even tho our local coaches are clueless, it was a local coach who picked him from the slums of Lagos. Do you know how many prodigious under 17 talents that could have been picked ahead of Osimhen in 2015? Alot.

        • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

          I tire o…abeg if we see truth make we dey talk abeg… No mind deo…I no know wetin him just dey talk… Osimhen messed…he messed up and that is it… period…

        • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

          I tire o…abeg if we see truth make we dey talk abeg… No mind deo…I no know wetin him just dey talk… Osimhen messed…he messed up and that is it… period…

      • Deo. You’re trying to dress this again. He is angry. Is he the only one that can get angry? He is an APOTY. A role model. And to make matters worse, it’s not the first time. All Nigerians contributed to his winning APOTY. Mitchel obi said it was close. If CAF had given it the Morrocan nothing would have happened. After all he did not play at the world cup.

        The best nff support he needs at the moment is a warning and should be made to apologize to finidi and Nigerians.

        He said even if he does not play for the super eagles again. Can you believe such level of outburst coming from a baby!!!

        Deo. You don’t dress this. He should be warned. After all he has not won champions league. And only Saudi clubs want to buy him now. He has not won anything with super eagles. The last time he won something with Nigeria was at under 17.

        Some senses should be spoken into his head. He can’t be bigger than Nigeria. He is till not a legend. He has not won anything!!!

    • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

      Finidi’s prognosis of his inability of beat Benin republic on a neutral ground was “the players lack of commitment”.

      From the day that imbecile was appointed till the day he was booted out, everything was always all about the players. He never took responsibility for anything….not once.

      Even when he was asked what he bring to the table as a coach, he said what he was supposed to bring to the table doesn’t matter (tactics and formations)….again it is the players….they must just know when to attack and when to defend.


      My advice to finidi first and foremost is that if he wants to continue with coaching as a career and wants to rise to the level of an elite coach, he must go and learn to talk to the press.

      His reason for not being able to defeat Benin republic in abidjan was because some players where choosing matches to play…..really. The stupidest statement I’ve heard in a while.

      So who are the “some players” that choose matches that he was referring to if not Osimhen….?.

      The same osimhen that called you immediately he did the MRI scan that confirmed his injury…?

      The same Osimhen that asked if he can come to camp to cheers the boys…?

      The same osimhne that videocalled his teammates before the matches…?!

      Finidi needs osimhen too defeat Benin on a neutral ground….LMAOoo. He should bow his head in shame.

      Finidi is nothing but a bloody backstabber if all the news in public domain are true. And he deserves all that is coming to him now. As much as I have listened to him in pressers, he has never taken responsibility for anything.

      If players are not committed what is your duty as a coach…..? Are you new to them or are they new to you…? Have you not been in the team for 2 years…? Did you just realize now that they are not committed after being with them for 2 years…? If they used to be committed why have they suddenly become non committed….? And if they’ve been non committed before and you observed sọ, why did you invite uncommitted players to play for you….???

      The time he was supposed to learn and understudy a real coach he spent it gathering disgusting beards….nonsense.

      This is part of the incompetence we are talking about.

      Nobody should teach Osimhen how to get angry. He alone knows what he has passed through sacrificing himself for Nigeria on several occasions.

      • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

        DR DREY I have always looked up to you in this forum …you are one of those I respect alot here…infact am saying it here for the first time, you are like a mentor to me in terms of football commenting but you supporting osimhen here, I must say am disappointed in you DR DREY…where is your morals DR DREY?… No no this is a let down from you DR DREY… considering the fact that you are my brother from the GENERAL ROAR REPUBLIC…no no am disappointed…smh….

        • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

          You can choose to hate me from today on. I am not here on CSN to rub anybody’s back.


          The boy almost kills himself for Nigeria each time he plays, yet one imbecile who does not know how to answer questions is questioning his commitment to the National team….? What Nonsense.

          Coach, I am injured, Can I come to camp and cheer the boys….No there is no need, stay with your family…..Next thing – Osimhen chooses which matches to play for Nigeria….Bloody backstabber of a Coach.

          Okwaraji that died on the football field for Nigeria, what has Nigeria done for him or his family till date.

          Mind you the same Nigeria is still owing over 2 years of bonuses and has never paid a dime of the medical bills of all the injuries Osimhen has coped on national duty o.

          What rubbish…!

          You are the last person that should tell me about morals.

          For every action there is always an equal opposite reaction. Respect is reciprocal.

          • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

            Oga the bone of contention here is the outburst from osimhen in the video..the curses and all on an elder and legend…is he right or wrong dr drey?

            And if you continue to say osimhen is right with the disrespectful outburst then am afraid dr drey I might seize to be your strong admirer and fan….

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            You are nobody to tell me how to assess situations.

            I don’t give a damn about who you chose to admire and who you chose not to admire…Im not on CSN to seek validation…..same way I don’t give a damn about whether osimhen is right or wrong.

            The way you want to isolate the main crux of the outburst from his reactions to it is stinky.

            Everybody has the freedom to insult Osimhen and rub his name in the mud but he has no freedom to give them back a pill of their own medicine right…?

            Anyone who feels pained by Osimhen’s insults should go and check him or herself.


          • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

            Now I know you bave personal hatred for finidi and to some extent local coaches….And is making you sentimental…I prefer foreign coaches over local too but we must call a spade a spade and not a shovel….

            I remember when osimhen disrespected ikpeba you kicked against it…And that one wasn’t as worst as this…but here you are praising him because it has to do with the coach that you don’t like…bro come on…

            And for you calling me a nobody, I forgive you drey…but just know that from henceforth you have lost a fan and a big admirer…


          • Tristan 1 month ago

            Every word you said is true, and as a member of this commentariat, I totally support your view on this matter!

          • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

            Monkey post na real animal be drey a lot of you do not know him on this forum. We all started here for only God knows and we know how we gathered here. The only human who always look for a way to disrespect people at the go is this idiot you call a mentor drey. I feel sorry for most people who come here and doing honey moons. One day he go enter you anyhow then you’ll see reasons why people don’t familiarise. Except a few dirty behaviour clans of his on this forum. They know their names I don’t remember any not until they write usual fake things.

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            Hahahahaha…Ewu Chima, If I am an animal then you are even worse than an animal.

            I may have a go at anybody but not like a devil like you who has prayed 3 different times on this forum that I should die…and then in a fell swoop come around here claiming to be filled with the Holyspirit and acting all sanctimonious…..!

            Your consistently filthy habits date back to the days of KON and everybody who was on KON back then can testify to hat.

            It was because of riffraffs like you some of us decided to match you tit-for-tat to let you know you are not more than whom you think you are

            Shameless Hypocirite.

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            Monkey post, You must be joking.

            Who begged for your admiration…Mr Monkey Post? I should stop being who I am and stop having my no holds barred view of situations because of you…???

            Once again You must be joking.

            And if I have a personal hatred for Finidi what is your goddamd business about that..?

            Good luck to you.I wish you a nice life. Your being a fan or admirer of me or not does not add nor remove a strand of air to or from my body, add or remove a cent to or from my bank account nor add or remove a second to or from my lifespan.

            Yes I kicked against Osimhen’s tirade towards Ikpeba because Ikpeba’s advice was not in bad light. But for finidi to want to pin his failure on Osimhen deserves every word of Osimhen’s tirade.

            Yes…..It is the same me then and it is still the same me now. That is to show you I am not here to worship anybody or try to please anybody or try to be a bandwagoner.

            When people have to do a video recording of their calls with you
            for record purposes, then you must be a very terrible person and deserve whatever you get in the process.

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            Monkey post, You must be joking.

            Who begged for your admiration…?

            I wouldnt stop being who I am or stop having my no holds barred view of situations because of you…???

            Once again You must be joking.

            And if I have a personal hatred for Finidi what is your goddamd business about that..?

            Good luck to you.I wish you a nice life. Your being a fan or admirer of me or not does not add nor remove a strand of air to or from my body, add or remove a cent to or from my bank account nor add or remove a second to or from my lifespan.

            Yes I kicked against Osimhen’s tirade towards Ikpeba because Ikpeba’s advice was not in bad light. But for Finidi to want to pin his failure on Osimhen deserves every word of Osimhen’s tirade.

            Yes…..It is the same me then and it is still the same me now. That is to show you I am not here to worship anybody or try to please anybody or try to be a bandwagoner.

            When people have to do a video recording of their calls with you
            for record purposes, then you must be a very terrible person and deserve whatever you get in the process. I am not surprised he was part of the gang that refused to pass to Yekini at USA 94 because of their cheap jealousy.

          • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

            Hurt people hurt people. It’s easy to tell when you’re engaging with a loser. Lol buy Garri!!!

      • Dr Drey. This is not about Finidi. This is about someone who is supposed to be a role model talking like a garage boy. And this is not the first time. Let’s call a spade a spade.

        • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

          To hell with being a role model. I repeat….TO HELL WITH BEING A ROLE MODEL. Is Finidi too not a role model….???

          Who are you to be the jury of human behaviours….?

          This is about Finidi and all about Finidi.

          Osimhen has played under 5 other national team coaches from U17 to SE and probably 6 club coaches in his career, how many of them has ever questioned his commitment…? How many has he gone on social media to accuse of backstabbing…?

          One incompetent imbecile spend 47 days on the seat of head coach of the SE and starts questioning the commitment of an injured player simply because he cannot defeat benin republic on a neutral ground.

          Wait till the day some incompetent boss wants to throw you too under the bus for his own fault. Lets see if you too will not speak out like a garage boy.

          As the yoruba adage says, “didake roro, ibere oriburuku ni”

          He who is without sin should be the first to throw a stone.

          Y’all think these Naija born SE players are like the foreign borns you open you mouths to talk to anyhow and then they will run away depressed like cry babies…?

          Victor Osimhen was raised in the waste heaps of Olusosun and grew up selling pure water in lagos traffic…so if you think you have the nerve to want to rubbish his name and all he has managed to achieve for himself, I wish you good luck.

          Maybe literally dying on the football pitch is what will affirm his level of commitment for the SE.

          The hypocrisy of some of you is disgusting.

          Its same nonsense that happens here on CSN, Some people just feel they are the only ones who should have the monopoly of irresponsibility. They will insult you and will be cool with it, when you return their insults double fold they will call you an insultive person.

          • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

            Well to hell with Osimhen too. If he decides to stop playing for Nigeria, the heavens won’t fall. The super eagles is bigger than him and more talents would be discovered. You can say all you want but the fact is that he didn’t have the same energy towards Napoli….Money is not everything. That live might just have changed some club manages mind about him…. Remember he had an altercation with Zambo anguissa in training a while back. He needs to be called to order. I won’t let my anger towards Finidi blind me to this nonsense. Finidi might have been a clueless coach but he still remains a Nigerian legend and Osimhen has not achieved half of what he achieved….I don’t see European or even other African players go on live and lay curses on their fans that may they never succeed in life if they believe what is said about him lol…What the hell is that?

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            Yea…to hell with Osimhen. Life goes on.

            Yes go and search for more talents. Go and search for the “so-called committed” players who are ready to literally sacrifice their lives on the pitch more than Osimhen as done….since he is the reason Benin beat Nigeria on a neutral ground. At least you have many world-class strikers yet can only boast of 4 goals in 4 matches in the World Cup qualifiers…..LMAOooo.

            Congrats to Finid for all he achieved as a footballer and Congrats to Osimhen too for all he will still achieve as a footballer……But I say it again….NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO TEACH OSIMHEN HOW TO BE ANGRY. Period…!

            Finis and Klaar…!!!

          • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

            Man, I don’t care what was said in the NFF communique they are the bastards who started this whole bs anyway. It is sad that they sleakishly took the blame of themseleves and are eating popcorn while watching this Osimhen/finidi issue…. All I am saying is that that Agbero behavior doesn’t look good, threatening to headbutt someone calming him down. He could have used a PR team to reply to the accusations and nobody has ever questioned his commitment until this stupid saga, but this is just not the way to go about it…. you still didn’t answer tho…. Why didn’t he have the same energy towards Napoli who insulted him? and this was a direct insult from the Club’s tik tok handler…….Why didn’t he threaten not to play for them again. Italian fans were calling him cry baby guess what he still wore the jersey. He needs to calm down. Anger can ruin a lot of things and you cannot delete what has been said from your mouth. All love

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            Does Napoli fail to pay his match bonuses, his wages and other emoluments…?

            Does Napoli fail to pay for his treatment everytime he’s injured, even when he brings the injury from the national team…?

            Does Napoli tell him to his face that he should not show up in camp only to go and backstab him by telling the press he is not committed and chooses games to play..?

            Continue comparing bitterleaf with roses.

            When you are done, please let us know.

            If you have been hit by Osimhen’s story bullets, go home and check yourself.

            And if you want to go and shoot osimhen because he chose to address a matter in a way this is different from the way you want…be my guest.


    • Golden Child 1 month ago

      @deo, By the way, a goat has never been a symbol of meekness rather they are known for stubbornness but I get your point.

      • Thanks Golden Child for understanding. I guess, as you figured out, I was trying to associate a goat as non-confrontationl and non-violent attitude unless pushed to the wall.

        But yes, a goat is known for stubborness. Wouldn’t you be stubborn if you know the only reason your master is being nice to you is so as to be on the dinner menu. Hahahaha.

        Just a pathetic attempt of a joke!

        • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

          E don Tay wey I don detect say one idiot for this forum was always disgusting and lacks manners like Osimhen but because of his hypocrisy to also hide lies behind something else is the reason people rather judged us as whatever. Na today una dey see human being. Taking side with a guy who needs to go and learn how to balance his new fame from his former pure water selling self. Illiteracy stinks he even said I go head you o to someone on background. Osimhen looks like a woman beater. Everything was a total turn off from the guy I use to die for “I’m not a guy”.

          dr drey you have always been a fake person with so much lost manners. Even how you spoke to people who insult me because of your nonsense on this forum also defines how stupid you can be and think highly of stupid things that you’re not when you’re somewhere feeling pained by life. Monkey post I hail thee that today you didn’t support his usual nonsense.

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            Hahahahaha…..If manners had an opposit in the dictionary, It would most likely be Chima E Samuels.

            I am more of a real person than a shameless hypocrite like you.

            One moment, you are the younger brother of the Hloy Spirt, the other moment you are the son of the devil.

            Everyone on this forum knows you for nothing but your bigotry, empty pride and hypocrisy.

            Pull out the log of wood in your eyes before concerning yourself with the spec in Dr.Drey’s.

            And by the way, when are you going to start the spiritual attack you threatened me with last week….? I am also ready for you o. I already have your full names, your pictures and those of your immediate family.

            Shamless hypocrite.

    • There is no justification for Osimhen’s outburst. You can never ever justify it. No matter what the coach said or did, no matter what, Osimhen’s reaction was damn bad.
      The other time, it was Ikpeba that he insulted. Something must be done

  • Tobby 1 month ago

    My love for osimhen too much. But he no need that ranting, this is what a professional manager could do in a decent manner. Finidi, is a senior colleague, a well respected player not in nigeria only but also in the world during his time in Ajax; so skillful and talented. He has seen also all the glamour in football before you.Make Osimhen just apologise.

  • bonfere 1 month ago

    Osihmen doesn’t attitude. It is not by force to play for Nigeria. Victor moses quited nothing happens. The success of osihmen whether he accepts or not has much to do with playing for Nigeria. We have lost our culture, children must respect elders no matter ur achievement. He cant try this nonesense with a white coach. A good player with a bad attitude is not good for any team. Eric catona didn’t play for France while?

  • Severally I wrote against Oshimen bad attitude after his issues with ikpeba. Ikpeba was matured to let it lie low.

    Oshimen needs help. He needs to apologize to us the fans too. Failure to do that, he just lost a fan in me.

  • Nico Silver 1 month ago

    I think Oshimen lacks decepline needs to be talked to. Even if you have injuries you should at least show up for the team on match day. Nigerian team issues is beyond the coaching crew, most players don’t give in their best.

  • Respect is reciprocal 1 month ago

    Osi has always been a hot tempered player and he sometimes show lack of proper home training right day one when he was cursing his sister over money issue , he even threatened them with DSS. 
    I know what Finidi said was wrong and the player has right to be angry but coming on social media to speak roughly like that to your coach, Nff, and even Nigeria is a shame and this act of indiscipline should be punished. 
    From the whole circumstances it’s obvious these players don’t respect Officials of NFF and this is as a result of unpaid allowances, poor treatment of players and also negligence by FA when players are injured. No wonder these players are not giving their best.

  • Bomboy 1 month ago

    Finidi handled the SE for just a few months and suddenly the whole house is on fire.

    Other coaches have managed these same “big headed” players and issues did not escalate like this.

    Finidi was a big time misfit.

  • Felix Nande 1 month ago

    Amuneke Will never behave like Finidi. To me Amuneke is a better coach than Finidi.

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