Cameroon Coach, Seedorf: We Respect Super Eagles But They’re Beatable

Cameroon Coach, Seedorf: We Respect Super Eagles But They’re Beatable

Cameroon head coach Clarence Seedorf has huge respect for Nigeria but insists the Super Eagles cannot stop his team from successfully defending their title at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt, reports Completesports.com.

The Indomitable Lions will come up against the Super Eagles in a mouthwatering Round of 16 encounter at the Alexandria Stadium on Saturday.

Ahead of the clash, the former Real Madrid star is confident his team can scale through the difficult hurdle and progress further in the competition.

“Nigeria is a top team, with lots of quality players. It will be difficult against a good side like this, but we have what it takes to beat them, ” Seedorf told Completesports.com’s at the team’s Royal Tolip Hotels, Alexandria on Thursday.

“Our target is to successfully defend our trophy and we will fight till the end to achieve our objective.”

Cameroon finished second in Group B behind the Black Stars of Ghana after they were held to a goalless draw by Benin Republic in their last Group F game on Tuesday.

Seedorf’s men recorded one win and two draws from their three group games. They are however yet to concede a goal in the competition.

The Super Eagles on the other hand won their opening two games against Burundi and Guinea before going down to a shocking 2-0 loss to the Barea of Madagascar in their last Group B game on Sunday.

The Saturday’s Round of 16 encounter will kick off at 5pm Nigerian time.

The winner of the contest will face either hosts Egypt or South Africa in the quarterfinals.

By Adeboye Amosu in Alexandria

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  • Edoguy 5 years ago

    ok ooo, its coming

    my next question would have been, what do you think are the weakness of the super eagles team?

  • Obidee 5 years ago

    Well Mr Seedorf u have the right to say so as they Super Chicken stupidly lost Woefully to low rate Madagascar. Why won’t anyone think so…this our problem of scoring goal or level goal if we first concede goal is a big problem to us..I will be glad to see Paul onuachu in the first eleven

    • onwajunior 5 years ago

      You want us to score goals but you want to see Onuachu in first eleven. How are we going to score?

      • Edoguy 5 years ago

        thank you sir!!! I dont know the purpose of having a tall striker that cannot head the ball

        • I prefer Iheanacho to that guy.He is just like Giroud,so sluggish,cannot take on defenders,not mobile at all.And the coach will play him ahead of Osimhen…I laugh in Spanish

  • Diuto perpe 5 years ago

    Ighalo Will Score against Cameroun On Saturday…

  • Baddest 5 years ago

    @ edoguy I disagree with you . onuachu is very good scoring with head the problem is that he lacks good services and brilliant crosses from our fullbacks and wingers, where will the goal come from, rorh categorically told the full backs not to move beyond their own half, he Is too defensive minded.

    • If he has the full-backs not to go beyond their own half, why play a tall and sluggish striker when he knows crosses won’t come in

  • Thank you at Baddest..
    Let Mikel play behind Salah, Aubameyang or Aguero wether they will score.
    The last time the guy scored for Naija, it was Iwobi that played behind him…I can ask Ighalo after Madagascar match, he’ll tell you. The same Ighalo that scored the highest goals during qualifiers when Iwobi was the player behind him.

    • Edoguy 5 years ago

      thank you sir!!! definitely do not want mikel playing behind ighalo. Rohr nor go hear though!!!

      • He is a stubborn coach, Mourinho told him not to play Mikel again as a no 10 after the Croatia match at the world cup, but he wouldn’t listen

  • Wolz. 5 years ago

    From my observation, Rohr has good materials in the attack but he is more of defensive oriented coach , its not his fault though.. U can’t give what you don’t have. If u notice RoHr keep safe with one style of attack with regular forwards, we had this problem since worldcup praparation, then we assumed we lacked very fits forwards especially a back up number9 shirts aside ighalo.. But now we have all d bullets to massacre any team in attack but doesn’t know how to deploy or use them.. Stop playing safe Rohr.. Use your best legs and not names or order of seniority in team.. All d best on Saturday..

  • Omo9ja 5 years ago

    There’s two things to learn Nigeria vs Cameroon match.

    One, there’s ability to discover that you are not good enough anymore but no matter what, you want to be among the best. That is Cameroonian team and their new coach for you.

    Secondly, there’s ability to have everything but you dont believe in yourself that you are good enough or you have it. That is coach Rohr.

    As a Nigerian, I believe in God and 9ja spirit never say die. Good luck Super Eagles God bless Nigeria!!

  • Edoman 5 years ago

    This coach doesn’t have what it takes to go further than what he has duly given so far. He doesn’t encourage, omit, or show confidence on the team as a whole.

    Rohr said immediately after the disgraced match with Madagascar that it is not ‘a shame’ to loose to a newcomer Madagascar. What does that tell the Nation that is paying him $55,000 per week ?.

    Now, lets go into the mindset of his opponents. Soon before the Madagascar’s match, their manager said that they will beat the Nigeria’s team. What actually happened, they went on to beat us. Such statement is coming from a man who know his job well.

    Folks, are you currently listening to what this Cameroon manager is saying now again? “Nigeria is beatable.” We shall soon find out.

    In meantime, your National coach is mute, perhaps, confused and afraid of what is awaiting him.

    • Omo9ja 5 years ago

      Lolz. Papa Ędoooo. You see, no amount of complaints can help us but what the Super Eagles left to offer us now is their professionalism.

      If we win on Saturday, it’s not about coach Rohr but the determination of our players and the will of God.

      The unnecessary pressure is too much for Oga Rohr. The news carried it that they went to the beach to take pressure off before the tournament lol but why we are still seeing the repeats of his mistakes? Don’t blame the coach but NFF because he can’t give what he doesn’t have period. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

        You’re already praying that we should lose to Cameroon deep down inside you. You’re just pretending. I’ve said it and you self know that you’re nothing but a chameleon. If we win on Saturday it’s not about coach Rohr, but the determination of the players and the will God, as if God only know Nigeria he doesn’t know Cameroon. But if we lose it will be all about coach Rohr. Don’t worry continue with your prayers, after all you’ve been praying for a whole for the last lost. 

        • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago


        • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

          The dumbest quote i’ve read this year……..
          ” If the team wins, the players are responsible…but if the team looses, the coach is responsible”. LMAO
          Later they will claim they love Rohr too much.
          Agbalagba to n puro……Agba oshi la n pe iru awon be…!

          • Peterside Udah 5 years ago

            Dr Drey, Dr Drey, Dr Drey, how many times did I call you?

            The wisdom from above is like palm wine which is dull from the outside but sweet in the inside.

            Verily verily I say unto thee, repent of thy ways for, as sure as hell, the prophesies of the all-seeing one shall come to past.

            Rohr has failed, there are no 2 ways about it. But, do you want to fail with him.

            You and Aphyillydegreat disrespect Oluwa-Omo9ja with impunity but I say unto thee, as light brings clarity to darkness so shall his words be clear to you at the appointed hour.

          • Omo9ja 5 years ago

            Ewoooooo. This is interesting ooo from Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister. Ah, sorry I meant to say Dr. Drey.

            I’m so sorry Dr.

            You see, Dr. I hope Madagascar had humbled you and your group?

            Ah, abi otinbinu, ę, ofe e fe, mabi, wa a bami nbę lol.

            Abi ofę sę epe, Jo oooo. Èpè kę? Masę ę o, you can never meet me there ooo.

            Dr. Elepesękęrę lol.

            This guy really good at swearing no be small ooo lol.

            You, Ayphillydegreat and co are the best when its comes to swearing lol.

            Ah, where did you guys learn those big bad words from?

            They can sę epe ki omo ikoko lahun lojo ahaha.

            So therefore,

            “Agbalagba to n puro……Agba oshi la n pe iru awon be…!”

            Hmmm… However, bamipari owoyi Dr., omode tobawo something agba?

            Lolz. This is serious ooo.

            ” If the team wins, the players are responsible…but if the team looses, the coach is responsible”. LMAO
            Later they will claim they love Rohr too much.”

            Ahahah, I’m still laughing ooo. Thank God it’s Friday. Let’s have some fun before the match o.

            Please, pray for Super Eagles and leave those è èbu and èpè kabiti for now o.

            God bless us all. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

            Omo rapala…Omo k’omo. Aje to ke l’ana ti omo ku loni, t’ani o mo pe aje ana lo p’omo je. Eyin le p’aro ki oku jinde sa.
            Before our loss against Madagascar, you were only managing to post comments once in a day….but since after that fluke loss….you have made CSN your workplace, gloating on every news thread about being the prophet of doom who predicted doom for the eagles . When the eagles were winning, you will come here and lie to us that you didnt watch the macth, yet you will analyse the full macth with hate-filled bias even more that those who watched it. But immediately we lost…you found your voice….your usual ‘i didnt watch the match excuse suddenly went missing. Later you will claim you love Rohr too much, (yet you are praying for his loss and his sack daily). Keep lieing to yourself. Oluwa gba’wa l’owo awon af’oju f’eni lai f’okan feni.
            I have said it before, this is your own Christmas season that comes only once in a year…..revile in it.
            Awon agba bo, won a ni omo ale ni n fi owo osi j’uwe ile baba nla re.
            Your days of joy are surely limited.
            We still stand by the team and its crew, come rain come shine. No shaking….! We are taking tomorrow’s game…! Let everyone have fun because its Friday.
            But those who have fun at the expense of the misfortune of others should watch it…!
            Biribiri l’aye

        • Omo9ja 5 years ago

          Lolz.@Ayphillydegreat, I did not say that ooo.

          What is my gain if Cameroon wins on Saturday?

          Ayphillydegreat, Oga Rohr and co have finished our Super Eagles team yakata.

          You guys have bee pushing Mr. Rohr the way people were pushing Moluę bus in Lagos in those days lol.

          You guys have turned your back to him now. Hmmm, nkan bę ę o lol.

          I want the best for Super Eagles and I pray comes tomorrow against Cameroon, we shall celebrate węla.

          Including you Ayphillydegreat and your group lol. Ooodabo. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Ayphillydegreat 5 years ago

            ọmọale9ja. When did you ever see me turn my back on Rohr??? iwọ to le paro koku jinde tani o mọ ẹ?? If we win you will lie that you didn’t watch the match, but will analyze the entire match with hatred filled rants on the coach. Who doesn’t know that you hate the coach with passion?? Don’t worry maybe it will take you another one year to celebrate another loss. As long as Rohr remains the coach we will continue to stand behind him even if we lose on Saturday he has done his best for Nigeria and we will wish him well if he decides to move on. SuperEagles are still progressing because our team is gaining confidence from these tournaments. ọmọale9ja ton mole mọle. 

      • Danurch 5 years ago

        Some persons here are just perpetual haters of the man called Rohr. But unfortunately, you hatred means nothing to him. Your assertion and quote have no single intelligence in them. Can you hear urs elves ” Super Eagles loses, Rohr shoulders the blame. But Eagles wins and then Rohr has no hand in the victory.” Honestly, this unintelligent group of persons registering such quack ideologies are really a disgrace to good sense of reasoning. You know yourselves. Use your tongue to count your teeth. Stupidity and pretence in the highest order. Una dey draw like okra abeg.

  • Destiny 5 years ago

    Round of 16 is finally here and those of you who are siding rohr I am waiting to see what he will play

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      Just say it point blank that you are praying for Nigeria to lose to Cameroon and stop beating about the bush….LMAO
      Later they will claim the are patriotic….Lolz

  • The SE may have won two games by narrow margins, and lost their last game to a debutante, but all is not lost. Everything happens for a reason. We’re after all a religious nation, yes? (Forget all the man-made evil deeds in the Nigerian space). The players have been remorseful, and are determined to win the next game. Why not give them a chance and support them with prayers? Would you be happy if I re-post your pessimistic notes after the Eagles overcome the Cameroonians? Oh men of little faith.

    • coach rohr should be a little attack minded he should be willing to take risk he should believe in his players more…I think we need a striker that runs off defender a striker that makes good run behind defenders…igalo is not that kind but a kind that likes to back defenders and want the back on his feet for him to score…a striker should be able to open up space for his midfielders with good diagonal run behind defenders…we need fullbacks that are willing to go forward too….with all this we can bring the beast out if I won ndidi and etebo

      • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

        “I think we need a striker that runs off defender a striker that makes good run behind defenders…..igalo is not that kind”
        Pls how did we score against Burundi….?

        • that goal against Burundi is a one off scenario… moreover the defender had the first attempt to get the ball and didn’t get it that is why igalo was presented that chance on a plate of gold…we need a striker that loves to run loves to create problems in the opposition defence he must not necessarily always score but he should be atletic and strong

          • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

            How did we score our 2nd goal against libya in uyo…?
            Or is that one another “one-off”

  • Peterside Udah 5 years ago

    This is a message from the heavenly places to 2 nefarious elements namely Dr Drey and Ayphilly.

    The wisdom from above is like palm wine which is dull from the outside but sweet in the inside.

    Verily verily I say unto thee, repent of thy ways for, as sure as hell, the prophesies of the all-seeing one shall come to past.

    Rohr has failed, there are no 2 ways about it. But, do you want to fail with him.

    You and Aphyillydegreat disrespect Oluwa-Omo9ja with impunity but I say unto thee, as light brings clarity to darkness so shall his words be clear to you at the appointed hour.

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      Immediately I saw “palm wine”…I just started feeling some inexplicable sympathy for you. Honestly I am feeling sorry for you right now.
      Great indeed art thine afflictions…!

    • Omo9ja 5 years ago

      Ah I’m afraid. @Peterside Udah, Oluwa-Omo9ja kę? Mba o. May God for give us.
      I don’t joke with God.

      However, don’t mind those two guys jare. They are hiding now.

      My friend, na looku we dey looku oo. Na Season film lol. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Peterside Udah 5 years ago

        Sorry sir, I meant Oluwo. Nobody rivals our God. He is awesome in his holiness.

        Back to the matter at hand. I can now see that you have responded to the Clandestines.

        Soon, they shall see the errors of their ways. Give unto Ceaser what is Ceasers. They have been disrespectful to you. Their treachery has known no bounds.

        Soon, their views will be condemned to the abyss while your views shall reign for all time.

  • _Nig v Cam – Players to look out of for _

    The Super Eagles of Nigeria go to tomorrow’s clash against Cameroon knowing fully well that they are on a redemption mission after their dismal display against Madagascar in their last group match.

    Whereas against Madagascar there was a second chance, against Cameroon tomorrow, there are no second chances – it is win or burst!

    Ahead of this clash, I shed the spotlight on players who could make all the difference tomorrow to secure the sort of outcome that will send the Super Eagles on a course of being actually “Super” again.


    Akpeyi (No margin for error): It is almost a forgone conclusion that the South African based net minder will be in goal tomorrow. If that is the case, Akpeyi’s performance will have to be totally bereft of the sort of errors that have blighted his national team career. An error tomorrow might be an error too far…

    Omeruo (Rock of Gibraltar): The new stalwart of Nigeria’s defence will have to continue from where he stopped (defensively and offensively) for Nigeria to have any chance of getting anything out of this encounter. Omeruo might yet emerge as one of the star defenders of the tournament.

    Wilfred Ndidi (Smooth operator): With the way Ndidi goes about his tackles and interceptions, one would expect him to be a magnet for yellow and red cards. But his tackles are often too timely, neat and effective. All his qualities will need to be brought to bear to tame the rampaging lions tomorrow.

    Iwobi (Neither hot not cold): If there is one thing Iwobi is consistent at, it is ‘inconsistency’. A potential world class player on his day but he doesn’t do it anywhere near the level of consistency required. If Iwobi finds his touches, range of passes and shooting boots, then we could see goals from the Arsenal man (directly or via assists).

    Moses Simon (Solid if unspectacular): Owing to the physical nature of the Cameroonians, I contend that Moses needs to start tomorrow. The defensive qualities and ability to pierce defences with mazy runs could prove pivotal. Also, maturity and experience set him apart from Chukueze (at this stage).

    Ighalo (Arrow head): Ighalo shone like a million stars in World Cup qualifiers. With the highest goal scorers in this Afcon all having just 2 goals each, Ighalo will still still fancy his chances of being the highest goal scorer in this tournament. We all saw how that self-centred ambition limited his effectiveness in previous matches (going for goal when a pass would have sufficed). Should Ighalo aim to create chances as well as score goals himself, the prospect of a victory will be high for the Super Eagles.

    • Correction: ** Ighalo shone like a million stars in Afcon qualifiers. ***

  • 9jaVision 5 years ago

    Chaii! so these guys ie ay, drey etc etc etc are still here quarelling?? Haba, now I can see that you guys are just in this football blog commenting thing to squabble and fight, it is very obvious that you guys (I forget the rest of the names but there are more) just have very boring lives, imagine, since the days of kickoff you lot were carrying on like rabied children with no direction or anything positive to ever say or offer, only wanting like useless children to spout abject drivel and have everyone agree with your mindless and senseless comments and as soon as someone with some common sense comes on to put you straight you start swearing, abusing, being downright disgusting even to the point of cursing and wishing ill on others, now your madness has brought out the esteemed Mr Peterside to join in the fracas. Chei! I hail oo, since almost 20 years now you useless people have been at this nonsense and yet you still persist?? Where are your other cohorts from Kickoff? You people need to grow up and get lives!
    In my own humble opinion, yes Rohr messed up with the Madagascar debacle, but I am not fretting, he is not the best but by far not the worst! I am backing him all the way, he is showing signs of progress, look how he grew to learn that Mikel (though good and our captain) is no longer a starter? Those are signs for me of someone who is learning and growing and I am rooting for Onuachu, He will come good, I have absolutely no doubts, Rohr and the team are learning and growing as a team and how to play to Paul’s strenghts. I am quietely confident and optimistic because we are improving and that’s really all one can ask for. So guys, you are all old men by now, pipe down and start contributing constructively rather than squabbling like little runts. Thanks to everybody and please welcome me here as this is my first time posting having been silently observing for quite a few years.

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