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Ciao Derby Della Manonnina!

Italy Fantasy’s second Derby Challenge is here: AC Milan vs Inter Milan.

Derby Challenge: one game mode, all of the excitement! A game mode that challenges the player for one specific game where they create a team with limited choices and enjoy 90 minutes of pure adrenaline! It’s a recurring challenge, stay sharp so you don’t miss a single one!

Ciao Italy Fantasy’s Derby Challenge! We return with a bang: AC Milan vs Inter Milan. The two teams from the Della Manonnina Derby are currently leading the Serie A. Talk about excitement! The match will take place this Sunday, the 21th, at 14h00 (GMT) at San Siro Stadium! Create your winning team here:

AC Milan is craving more greatness. Though sitting in second place with 15 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses is enough to make any team boast, why settle for second fiddle when you can be at the top? Just 1 point away from 50, the first place is what they want and they are determined to crush the competition until they get it. With 18 league titles, The Red and Blacks are the joint-second club in Serie A in terms of success, along with their local rivals. The club is one of the wealthiest in Italian and world football. Everyone can see they have what it takes to win.

Inter Milan is currently sitting in the throne with 15 wins, 5 draws and only 2 losses. When compared to their opponents, their scores are not differing by much, it seems their results are contested. The Black and Blues just edge AC Milan in terms of domestic titles (30 for Inter, 29 for Milan). In terms of European and international competitions, the margin is bigger in favor of AC Milan. Moreover, it has been said that both teams have players that are currently considered the most valuable and skilled ones in Serie A. It seems all the ingredients are gathered for the tension to be at an all time high.

Which one will come out on top and take the win under their belt? Find out this Sunday at 14h00 (GMT) who will be the winner of this Della Manonnina Derby Challenge:

  • AC Milan or Inter Milan?
  • Gianluigi Donnarumma or Samir Handanovič?
  • Theo Hernández or Achraf Hakimi?
  • Hakan Çalhanoğlu or Nicolò Barella?
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Romelu Lukaku?

If you blink you’ll miss this epic challenge, so make haste! Click here and create your team!

Before you take off, here’s the initial promo Derby Challenge article that will give you all the explanations and rules:

Derby Challenge — the new game model by RealFevr

Derby Challenge: a new game model, much like a Daily Fantasy, where you compete in a single event, creating a team for a specific game (or two, max), with limited choices and all the adrenaline just jam-packed into 90 minutes.

In more practical terms, to play RealFevr’s newest competition Derby Challenge you’ll need to create a new team when one is announced (Derby Challenge is not always available) and the most common rules of Classic Leagues will apply here (auto-subs, manual subs, scoring, leaderboards, etc) and will run side-by-side with their “core competitions”, Liga NOS Virtual, England Fantasy and other options available at RealFevr. On top, there will be a leaderboard for the sum of all the Derby Challenges throughout the season.

In spite of the majority of rules being the same as the classic mode of England Fantasy, there are some specific Derby Challenge rules that you must be aware of, we will state them here:

A player is only able to register one team on Derby Challenge league;

The player will have a maximum budget of 120M;

There are no limit of players from each club to make your team;

To use the “automatic replacements” feature, you can only make changes on your team 15 minutes before de beginning of the (first) match of Derby challenge. After that time, the feature will be disabled;

The price of players opposite of England Fantasy league (that is a continuous duration competition), won’t have price variations during the season.

Good luck,

The RealFevr Team

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