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Copa America: Brazil Coach Tite Unhappy With Draw Vs Venezuela

Copa America: Brazil Coach Tite Unhappy With Draw Vs  Venezuela

Brazil manager TIte admitted that were some concerns after his side were booed off the field following a scoreless draw with Venezuela.

The Copa America hosts were undone by the Video Assistant Referee twice with two goals ruled out after video review.

After limping through the first half of a win against Bolivia in their opener, Brazil were able to turn it on with three second-half goals to seal victory.

However, they could produce nothing of the sort on Wednesday, as the hosts dropped points in unconvincing fashion, prompting a flurry of boos from the home supporters.

“I have concerns, yes. The players are not insensitive. But we must know how to work on the adversity,” Tite said.

“I kept asking them during the second half, ‘keep exchanging passes, working for the space’. That’s how we play, there’s no point trying to do differently, that’s not our idea. That’s not compatible with the players’ features.

“But we must know how to work under pressure, and that’s one of our challenges.”

He added: “We must understand the fans, they want to see goals. If I was in their place I’d want the same. It’s understandable.”

Brazil seemed to break through in the second half through Gabriel Jesus, only to see the goal ruled back following a VAR review.

A second Philippe Coutinho finish was then ruled out in the game’s final moments, causing a bit of controversy as Brazil were forced to settle for a scoreless draw.

But Tite had no issues with either call after seeing both plays for himself.
“It was fair. If I was on the opposing side I’d be satisfied, I have absolutely nothing to complain about,” he said.

Tite was criticized for his substitutions following the result, with the manager opting to put Fernandinho into the match for Casemiro while also opting to utilize Gabriel Jesus and Everton.

Brazil never changed their formation throughout the match, and, in the wake of criticism, Tite hit back sarcastically.

“I don’t have that intuition, of changing a defender for a midfielder, for example. I’m incompetent on that matter, to put a player on the pitch and hope that he magically finds a solution,” he said.

“You must have a good structure, and not just change things based on pressure and need for a result.”

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  • Is VAR a farce?

    Brazil had goals ruled out in thier game against Venezuela due to VAR intervention to ensure the game ended goalless much to the distraught of the fans.

    VAR was meant to eliminate the sort of headlines that followed Nigeria’s controversial loss to Cameroon in the 2000 Afcon final after a penalty that clearly crossed the line before coming back out was adjudged not to have been a goal, much to the delight of Rigobert Song as his colleagues.

    However, VAR is now creating headlines of its own.

    The Super Falcons match could have ended as a draw against France the other night but VAR intervened twice to award the penalty and the penalise our young goalkeeper for stepping out of line after the first penalty had sailed harmless to the side of the post.

    What is the problem?

    I identify the following as the issues :

    Inadequate player preparations: Whenever a new policy or software is to be introduced in my workplace, the organisation tries its hardest to prepare us for the implications.

    Players are not being prepared for the implications of the introduction of VAR hence, they are allowing themselves to get caught out time and time again.

    Rules of the Game: the rules of the game have always been there; VAR has only come to make the enforcement more swift and possible in real time.

    That said, to disallow a fine goal after a minor VAR-detected hand ball in the process ; to replay a penalty because the goalkeeper was off the line by a little inch; to disallow a goal because VAR detected that the (long) nose of the striker was offside – are these not too petty?

    Now that VAR is here, do the rules not need to be reviewed and updated in line with what makes sense for VAR to pick out?

    Actually, I am all for VAR – I think it is a force for good. However, it was meant to add value to the game, but if it continues to penalise petty scenarios, i think it will actually robb the game of quality in the long run.

    • Ndubuisi 5 years ago

      On point

    • Dr. Drey 5 years ago

      Nice piece from as usual @ deo.
      Talking about petty decisions….the super falcons benefited from one of those petty decisions against korea. Nnadozie harmlessly palmed a shot at goal into the path of a korean striker and the lady thankfully tapped into the net (could have been the equalizer and altered the outcome of the game) only for the VAR to pick out the fingers of her right hand (when she was calling for the ball) to be offside.
      Now proponents of “FIFA OF AGAINST BLACKS” would NOT see anything to say about that

    • Bomboy 5 years ago

      Mr. Deo, in additon to your superb write up, I would like to add that at the end of the day, it is still the ref making the final decision and can decide that, after viewing the recording, he is still not convinced that a foul was a foul. There have also been cases where the ref insisted that he didn’t need to consult VAR on a particular issue despite the protests and admonition from the players that he do so.

      My conclusion: games can still be rigged despite VAR intervention.

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