CRUKS Omzeilen – Newest Trend In Dutch Gambling Spells Danger

CRUKS Omzeilen – Newest Trend In Dutch Gambling Spells Danger

Since the Dutch government legalised gambling many people were drawn into online casinos in the country. However, many players do not appreciate limits on gambling that were imposed by the authorities. This has spawned a trand of people trying to bypass the national self exclusion registry called CRUKS. The best way to bypass CRUKS is to register with a casino that is not affiliated with CRUKS. This carries significant risks but also certain benefits. Players who are problem gamblers might be specially vulnerable since there will be no limits on their gambling activity. Benefits come in higher bonuses and better gambling experience.

If you are registered with CRUKS and are now experiencing problems because you cannot gamble, remember that there was a good reason for your registration. If you are still considering bypassing CRUKS, think carefully about the risks.

Best Online Casinos to Bypass CRUKS 2024

  1. Starzino
  2. MonixBet
  3. BM.Bet
  4. BetZard
  5. 1 Red

How CRUKS can be bypassed?

There are a few very easy ways to bypass CRUKS (CRUKS omzeilen):

  1. Another Passport: If you are lucky enough to have dual nationality or can apply for a second one, you can still play with your other passport.
  2. Play in a Foreign Casino: An online foreign casino is not registered with CRUKS, so you can choose to play there. Make sure you choose a safe online casino that will pay out your winnings.
  3. Bet in a Physical Store: This can be done in any Toto store in the Netherlands or tobacco shop. Just note that you should never win more than €100, as amounts above €100 also checked in CRUKS.

Playing in a Casino Without CRUKS (Casino Zonder CRUKS)

Besides not dealing with the CRUKS register, there are other benefits to playing in a casino without CRUKS. We will explain them below:

  • Higher Bonuses
  • Larger Game Selection:
  • More Payment Options
  • Autoplay Option
  • Bonus buy slots
  • More Options for Sports Betting
  • No Deposit Limits

What is CRUKS?

CRUKS (Central Register Exclusion of Games of Chance) is a register where you can sign up if you can no longer control your gambling behavior. You can do this easily via your DigiD or with a paper registration form. You cannot unsubscribe from the register before the self exclusion has expired.

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Which casinos are connected to CRUKS?

Only Dutch casinos are registered with CRUKS. It is one of their license requirements and casinos have been fined for the times when the system failed to work.

CRUKS Registration Period

CRUKS registration lasts for six months. You can choose period from 6 months to forever and its impossible to cancel it before 6 months have passed.

Can I Cancel CRUKS Earlier?

Once you have registered with CRUKS, you can only end the gambling stop after six months. Earlier is not possible.

In the second half of 2023, with the so-called CRUKS 2.0, players who decide to deregister after six months will not be able to do so directly. They will have to wait eight days before they can access casinos again.

It is possible to be registered with CRUKS and still gamble by registering with a casino without CRUKS.

Does Creating a New Casino Account Work to CRUKS Omzeilen?

Trying to play with a new account will not work because casinos require you to verify your identity. You will have to enter your BSN, which will immediately show the casino that you are registered with CRUKS and should not be allowed to play.

Bypassing the CRUKS (Centraal Register Uitsluiting Kansspelen) system in the Netherlands poses several significant risks, both legal and personal. CRUKS is a self-exclusion register aimed at preventing individuals with gambling addiction from participating in games of chance. Here are the primary risks associated with bypassing CRUKS:

  1. Legal Consequences:
    • Fines and Penalties: Engaging in activities that circumvent CRUKS can result in substantial fines and legal penalties. Operators and individuals found violating the regulations may face legal action from the Dutch gambling authority (Kansspelautoriteit).
    • Prosecution: Serious breaches of the law can lead to criminal prosecution, resulting in more severe penalties, including potential imprisonment.
  2. Personal and Financial Risks:
    • Increased Gambling Addiction: Bypassing CRUKS undermines the purpose of self-exclusion, increasing the risk of continued or worsened gambling addiction. This can lead to severe financial losses, debt, and other related issues.
    • Mental Health Issues: Persistent gambling despite self-exclusion can exacerbate mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression.
  3. Reputational Damage:
    • Professional Consequences: Individuals caught bypassing CRUKS might face reputational damage, affecting their professional and personal relationships. This can be particularly damaging if the individual holds a public or sensitive position.
  4. Trust Issues:
    • Breaching Trust: Ignoring the self-exclusion can breach the trust of family and friends who support the individual’s decision to stop gambling. This can strain personal relationships and lead to social isolation.
  5. Compliance and Regulatory Risks for Operators:
    • License Revocation: Gambling operators that fail to adhere to CRUKS regulations risk losing their operating licenses. This can result in significant financial and operational losses for the business.
    • Increased Scrutiny: Operators found bypassing or not properly enforcing CRUKS may face increased scrutiny and more stringent regulations from the gambling authority.
  6. Data Privacy Risks:
    • Unauthorized Access: Attempting to bypass CRUKS might involve using unauthorized methods or services that compromise personal data, leading to potential identity theft or misuse of personal information.
  7. Ethical and Moral Implications:
    • Ethical Breach: Ignoring self-exclusion measures raises ethical and moral concerns about responsible gambling practices and the commitment to preventing gambling harm.

In summary, bypassing CRUKS in the Netherlands carries significant risks, including legal repercussions, personal and financial harm, damage to reputation and relationships, compliance issues for operators, data privacy concerns, and ethical implications. It’s essential to adhere to the self-exclusion measures to mitigate these risks and promote responsible gambling practices.

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