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Darko, Ferrero: Qualities Euro Clubs Want in Nigerian Footballers

Darko, Ferrero: Qualities Euro Clubs Want in Nigerian Footballers

Janackovic Darko, a French scout working for Monaco of France has clearly outlined basic qualities needed from young African footballers if they must hit it big in European football, reports.

Darko spoke on the sidelines of the Nanka Super 10 Scouting program currently holding at the Neros Stadium, Nanka, Anambra State.

He said that it was important for the young footballers to always ‘keep the ball on the field of play simple and fast’.

The scouting tournament is organized by Chidi Okonkwo, Chairman of Vemard Africa FC. It got underway on February 20, at the NEROS Stadium, Nanka, Anambra state.

Darko explained that the players need to learn how to play simple and fast football.

“I’m here in Nigeria to see this tournament, and of course, to help the club if I can,” the Frenchman told in a most frank tone.

“For the first day, it was okay, but I expect a better performance from the players and teams in the coming days as the tournament progresses.

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“We really look out for everything but more importantly, is the pace of the game, players ability to play fast and good football.”

Darko added: “Sometimes it’s difficult to play simple and fast.

“Some of the players like to hold the ball for too long, but I think that with time, they’ll understand how to play faster, simple and good football because that’s what European clubs want.”

His Spanish counterpart, Jaimme Ferrero, from Atletico Madrid revealed that for offensive players, he’s focusing his attention on the ‘personality’ of the player – his ability to maintain good balance with the ball in motion.

“As regards defenders, I look out for his defensive quality which centres on his ‘aggressiveness,” Ferrero stated.

“When I see the player, my focus is on the personality of the player, his dribbling, skills and speed with the foot and the ball.

“We also look out for the understanding between a player and his colleagues. This is important for offensive players and for defensive players.”


L-R): Atletico Madrid scout, Jaimme Ferrero ; Vemard Africa FC Chairman, Chidi Okonkwo and AS Monaco scout, Janackovic Darko, at the Nanka Super 10 Scouting program

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