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‘D’Tigers, Nigeria Is Proud Of You’ –Sports Minister, Dare

‘D’Tigers, Nigeria Is Proud Of You’  –Sports Minister, Dare

LThe Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare has again congratulated the Nigerian male basketball team, D’Tigers on their second straight Pre-Tokyo Olympics friendly win against World number four, Argentina on Monday.

D’Tigers beat the Argentine team by a 23- point margin (94-71) to record their second major upset in three days.
“Our players showed up for business and took care of business. Their performance in just these two games signposts the future of basketball in Nigeria. I salute and commend their patriotism and the courage and confidence they have brought to the game. You continue to make Nigeria proud,” said the Minister.

D’Tigers had earlier on Sunday morning defeated the almighty Team USA 90-87 to become the first African nation to achieve such an incredible feat.

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The team will take on Australia in their final tune up game Wednesday morning before jetting out to Tokyo for the Olympics.


D’Tigers will begin their campaign for a first ever Olympic basketball medal on Sunday July 25 against Australia.
D’Tigers will face Germany three days later before playing Italy in their final group game on Saturday July 31.

Meanwhile, D’Tigress are expected to begin their pre-Olympics tune up games on Wednesday in Las Vegas. Coached by Otis Hughley, the team will be playing their first friendly game against Australia on Wednesday.
They will play against the Australians again on Saturday before rounding off with a game against the United States of America.

The Minister says he has no doubt about the depth of talents in the team and the game D’Tigress will bring on. He is sure they will show up for business like their male counterpart has done.

Nigeria will be presenting both the male and the female basketball teams for the first time at the Olympics.

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  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Someone should pls tell this man to “shut up, he talks too much”.
    Now he is proud of a team thriving on selecting the best Nigerian players available anywhere in the world even if they are all foreign borns…..LMAO…..oga what happened to your “increasing the local content in our sports” policy

    • Oakfield 3 years ago

      Don’t mind him. He should shut up bcs he talks too much. That man is a very big hypocrite. I thought he said local content should be considered ahead of foreign based. Players??????

    • glory 3 years ago

      @brodaman Drey n Oakfield, I think Dare started off as some really intelligent man with good intentions. But pitching tent with such egoistic exes, like Segun Odegbami n co has kind off got him running off track. Its most likely he listens to these negative minded people only as a show of respect to so called elderly, which has always being the major stumbling block in nigeria strive to move forward. STUPID RESPECT FOR UNPRODUCTIVE EGO-CENTRIC SO CALLED ELDERLY.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        He’s been listening to his special adviser and so called federal football ambassador Amokachi and his 94 sqaud hawks who are all after Rohr’s job even when they were given their own chances as national team coaches and flopped woefully.

      • Oakfield 3 years ago

        @glory. I’m utterly disappointed in that dude of a minister. Like u rightly pointed out, he started off pretty well with robust positive intentions but it appears he has begun to dine with the devil and his advocates with bare hands. Too bad for him. I used to have high regard for him bcs of the good intentions he had for sports development in Nigeria. It’s a shame he has backslided. He should be ashamed of himself. It is this too much respect for evil minded elders that has kept us in this mess in this country. Who are thtoae looting our treasury, gagingin the media and using our youths as thugs and assassins????? – absolutely the elders! The earlier we started seeing these good for nothing people who parade themselves as miserable elders as a major stumbling block to our progress in every sector, the better for us. Your observation is spot on! @Glory

  • Sam k 3 years ago

    Talkative. Dumb man

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    No mind am. Volleyball, Handball, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Football, Basketball, Athletics, Boxing, Swimming, Combat sports are all moribund in the country…..Mr SPORTS minister has ZERO solutions to them. His business is putting on soccer boots to train with players who have not being paid a dime of their emoluments for 2 years. Bunch of clueless people. He will tell us if we would have a basketball team to be proud of today if the NBBF had listened to him and obeyed his senseless “local content in out sports” policy. Sensible countries use their domestic leagues to grow their national teams, people who cannot reason like human beings want to use their national teams to grow their leagues….LMAOoo

  • Idiot of a minister. Why can’t he talk about his quota system now the team is doing well with best players selected from every where accros the world. Has he forgotten that both the D’tigers and D’tigress coach are foreign? He should shut up and face politic and stop interfering in our super eagles affairs cos his unnecessary talk is giving super eagles bad luck. Mr minister let coach Rohr be he didn’t come to Nigeria because of u.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    All of you should go and become ministers before shutting a minister up. Wacky set of people misleading their fellow servant readers. When did you see or hear that the minister asked the basketball coach to add home based players to his team. Animals will just be rolling their filthy tongue on social media, you think basketball and football is the same right? The difference is that one has a good coach that was once an assistant to almighty Golden State warriors and the other a former coach that was sacked by Niger, Burkina….

    Coach brown is taking advantage of his talented squad but Coach Rohr can not do anything with our strikers scoring week in and out in Europe. Una still get mouth trying to cause confusion as always….. One yeye Tayo too will come and Yan nonsense. Una community of foolishness just dey increase daily good job drey you are good at gathering and attracting nonsense people. Keep the good work alongside your circle clowns!

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Bastard…..e easy to gather people wey you nor dey see and wen nor dey see you naim you never gather your own…? Bloody fool. LMAOOooo. Who go wan even gather follow pathetic pathological liar like you sef….LMAOooo
      Shebi you sabi lie say you dey feed the whole of your clan…go gather them with your lies na. Devil thief your brain when your tin-god dey rant about how we MUST “increase local content in all our sports” abi…? Idiot. Mumu. I sure say wen Dare use toilet finish na you dey use your tongue clean am up. Wretched fool.
      Sunday Dare’s attack dog….LMAO….coming here to tell us Sunday Dare is the reason our BB is doing well now as if he’s been the one responsible for the sudden turnaround in our BB teams since we started going foreign even before Dare ever dreamt of a ministerial position

      • Oakfield 3 years ago

        @chima efurefu, you’re such a very stupid idiot! In fact, ur stupidity and foolishness know no bounds. The fact u support such wicked people and their ideas shows that you are very hopeless. Anuofia nwa nmuo.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Ma da were lohun. We should become minister first before we can have or use common sense….LMAOOO….no wonder he is so daft. He is waiting to become a minister first before he can afford to employ people who can think for him. Such a poverty stricken fool…..LMAOOOoo

  • Larry 3 years ago

    @Chima, what else do you expect from the regressive. We will continue to thank the Minister for thinking “Nigeria First”. The main reasons for their hatred is because the Minister insistence on performance based contract for Mr. Trophyless aka Belmadi’s boy.
    Let them continue making noises, the Minister will speak to them in the language they understand by the time the ANC is concluded because we know their demigod can’t win pangolo.
    A reasonable person will understand that the performance of their demigod has continued to regress since WC qualification.
    A coach that defeated Algeria during WC qualifier has since lost twice to the same country..
    Before, the same coach that did not loose to Cameroun during his first contract, finds it difficult to score a goal and ended up losing to the same nation after his contractvrenewal.
    Since contract renewal, GR has not won a single match against the top 7 countries in Africa. He struggled against Benin, could not win against below 100 seeded Sierra leone on two legs.

    • Yerimanphc 3 years ago

      NFF should see what it means to get a hungry competent coach. Our ambition as a football loving country is bigger than Rohr. I don’t see him doing better than he’s already done except if he gets a quality addition to his technical team.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      The last time I checked, it was Swaziland and Tanzania your overhyped overated Guadiola struggled against before cowardly running away. Mentally unstable people have chosen to rate a 6 year tenure with 2 years….they asked for his records against the top 5 in Africa, we slapped their mouths with the records…..they saw they have failed and now narrowed it to only the last 2 years so that they can see something to keep them afloat…..LMAO.

      Senseless people who jubilated and claimed it was their 4/5 = 90% recommendations adopted by NFF when renewing Rohr’s contract are now opening foul smelling mouths to complain about not winning top 7 countries afterwards, after backroom staff was stripped, incompetent houseboy who cannot even write a simple scouting report foisted on the team as Asst coach, team forced to be travelling to matches cramped in boats, bonuses not paid for 2 years, salaries not paid for 7 months….LMAOOOOo…and they want to win top 7 countries while the NBBF who are doing the exact opposite of what their clueless tin-god minister wants…..LMAOOOoo. Upon all their noise about belmadi we are still currently ranked ahead of the current African champions….LMAOOOoo.

      Yea, Rohr has been given performance-based contract and he is meeting the targets set for him by his employers…..LMAOooo. You want WC qualification, he gives you with games to spare… want AFCON qualification he gives you with games to spare… want AFCON semi finals he gives you plus tournament top scorer……you want another AFCON qualification he has given you again, this time with 2 games to spare and top scorer again….LMAOOOOooo……can the say same of those overated incompetent guadiolas before him…..LMAOOOOoo. You want AFCON, dont worry he will give it to you since you have demanded for it. But first you and your co-theives should pay him his owed dues….pay his players their 2 years backlog of emoluments….restore the complete set of backroom staff……withdraw your boy-boy who you forced on the team to cause commotion in camp and derail the team just within a matter of months and finally go to blazes with your useless homebased players you want to foist on him….simply take a cue from the NBBF…its that simple…copy from them since that was how most of you passed (with 4/5 = 90%) while in school in the 1st place…..then you can open your gutters to justifiably demand the AFCON trophy…..LMAOOOoo

  • When did loosing to a team you have defeated before becomes a sin? The way some of you reason ehenn..must you be winning at all time, is football about winning at all time? @chima who is yeye between me and you. Until you change your way to criticising constructively you will not stop receiving bashing from reasonable people here.

  • Larry 3 years ago

    Here is Belmadi’s record since contract renewal: Matches played =8, Won= 2, Lost=2, and 4 draws..
    14 points out of possible 24 (58%). In global standard, 58% is an F (failure).
    Against top opposition:out of 4 matches,
    won = 0, drawn= 2, Lost = 2.
    2 points out of 12 (16%).
    Since his contract renewal:
    Belmadi’s boy has scored 18% in matches against Africa top teams. To me, this is a clear justification that GR is a sham and reaching the finals of thr next ANC is shaky.
    They freely insult ex-internationals that brought glories to the nation and gave us great memories just because of their support for a trophyless coach who has coached many African clubsides and nations with no trophy to show.
    Pinnick got Nigeria into this mess and he has the chance to do the needful before it gets really bad.
    It is obvious that Pinnick knows GR lacks the technical capacity to lead the SE and I read somewhere that he has approved Belmadi’s boy request for Salisu Yusuf. Who knows may be Salisu was used as the scapegoats to cover up the unholy behavior and possible frauds that exist in the national team.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahahaha…..I only thought they cant solve arithmetics (4/5 = 90%), I never knew they also cannot count…LMAO. This is how low their IQs are. They cannot even count the matches we have won since when Rohr’s last major assignment….just because they are looking for a lifeline to hold on to in order not to sink in their hatred. That was how they lied to us that we were ranked 36th in the world when Rohr was employed only for FIFA website to slap their dirty mouths with our name written in bold fonts in no 70 and 17th in Africa on their rankings table. They will tell us how the man bagged a contract renewal in the first place if he wasn’t meeting the targets set for him by his employers, something their lazy and overrated ex-internationals couldnt attain when they had their chances….LMAOOooo

      • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

        Dr. Drey this one is just living in cycles. He doesn’t know what he’s typing maybe someone is typing it for him. You can see the high level of contradiction in his comments. Very delusional sentimental write ups.

  • Larry 3 years ago

    Record of Rohr after contract renewal:

    # Matches played =8, Won= 2, Lost=2, and 4 draws..
    14 points out of possible 24 (58%). In global standard, 58% is an F (failure).
    Against top opposition:out of 4 matches,
    won = 0, drawn= 2, Lost = 2.
    2 points out of 12 (16%).

    Broken records after contract renewal:

    (1) The first SE coach to loose a 4 goal lead.
    (2) The first SE coach to loose to Cameroon in normal duration in 32 years.
    (3) The first SE coach to spend a year without a win.
    Records don’t lie..

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahaha…so which of your broken records stopped us from qualifying for a tournament…LMAOooo..? Which of your broken records has dumped us in no 70 in the world? Which of your broken records was a performance target in Rohr’s contract…..? Your overated guadiolas defeated Argentina 4-1 and Cameroon 3-0 yet couldn’t beat Guinea and Tanzania to couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON…..LMAOOoo. Those records should have please qualified us for the AFCONS we couldn’t attend….LMAOooo. You are now sounding like a broken record yourself….LMAOOoo.

      What about the record of qualifying for a major tournament with 2 games to spare…LMAOOooo…or the record of producing top scorer 3 times back to back…..LMAOOO…??? People are creating sensible records imbeciles are crying over records that have no consequences….LMAOoo

      Why not summon up some courage and list Rohr’s stats before contract renewal too and lets see where the problem lies….LMAOOOooo…..Mumu is shootong himself in the foot further….LMAOOooo….You were the ones who recommended the terms in the said contract (4/5 = 90%) that is now drawing our football backwards….bunch of agents of backwardness, bunch of regressives…..they cut their noses to spite their faces like the proverbial fool….LMAOOoo. Go back and fix your mess before you sabotage your country to the extent of missing the next world cup and finding yourselves back in 70th position, just because you dont like Rohr……LMAOOooo.

      They recommended backroom staff to be stripped,
      They recommended incompetent houseboy who cannot even write a simple scouting report foisted on the team as Asst coach,
      They force the team to be travelling to matches cramped in boats,
      They refuse to pay bonuses for 2 years,
      They refuse to paysalaries for 7 months
      …….and they want to win top 7 countries…….LMAOOOO. Go and steal it na. Go and still wins agisnts top 7 countries

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