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Ebuehi Set To Join Dutch Club FC Twente

Ebuehi Set To Join Dutch Club FC Twente

Nigeria defender Tyronne Ebuehi is set to join Dutch club FC Twente from Portuguese Primeira Liga side Benfica, reports Completesports.com.

Ebuehi linked up with Benfica from another Dutch club ADO Den Haag two seasons ago, but his Portuguese adventure has not been a success.

The 24-year-old sustained a cruciate ligament injury in a pre-season game against Juventus in July 2018.

Ebuehi replaced Andre Almeida in the 67th minute of the encounter.

The right-back has failed to make an appearance for Benfica’s first team, but featured six times for the reserves.

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According to Dutch online news hub, RTV Oost, Twente are close to reaching agreement with Benfica for the player.

The modest club have already added six players to their squad this summer and are desperate to make Ebuehi their seventh signning.

He spent four seasons with ADO Den Haag, where he made 78 league appearances and scored once before joining Benfica.

Ebuehi, who was part of Nigeria’s squad to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia has featured eight times for the Super Eagles.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Oakfield 10 months ago

    All the best, boy. It can only get better.

  • John Cena 10 months ago

    I hope this transfer goes through.

  • All these guys are just desperate to get a club where they will be playing week in week out to boost their international chances.

    This sheriff in town is something else, a principled and well organized man. Kudos Rohr

  • What a quality defender, I wish u the best in ur carrier. I hope to see u soon in the super eagles

  • Dr. Drey. 10 months ago

    Im sure somebody will one day come and argue blindly as usual that Tyronne Ebuehi never played in Portugal since he didnt play any games for Benfica’s senior team……LMAO

  • OmoEsan 10 months ago

    Tyronne’s Portuguese misadventure is so unfortunate, but I wish him the best, hoping this transfer sails through.
    The guy is such a promising player.

  • At least the proof is there for all to see, not the lies they come and dish here for us to believe. Keep entertaining your blind followers.

  • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

    Lies like Sam Okwaraji never played in Italy/AS Roma…or lies like Eddie Newton has no attachment to Nigeria….or Rohr has no coaching qualifications….LMAO. Yet they will claim they do fake homeworks before coming to disgrace themselves in public…LMAO

  • At least they will tell us 30 years from now he was player coach with Porto. Or Uefa diploma with no evidence

    • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

      Hahahahaha…..Yes…actually, the equivalent scenario will be that…30 years from now (when some other information technology more sophisticated than what we have in this generation will be in vouge)…one uncouth kid who wasnt born when Ebuehi was at benfica will jump into the public and argue Ebuehi never played in portugal simply because he never played for the 1st team of benfica, the way some people are still arguing blindly till now that Okwaraji was never a player of AS ROMA becuase he neve got any opportunity ithe 1st team….even when 2 different websites have attested to that FACT….LMAO.

      Actually, in 30 yrs time, someone can even argue that a certain ade and everything about him never existed, since the internet does not capture them all…LMAO

    • Dear Ade and Dr. Drey,

      I would appreciate if you guys can stop this unnecessary argument over a dead issue, so that we can enjoy your honest insights on other issues. Okwaraji played for AS Roma, the news is well on different websites, and it’s okay if Ade still doesn’t agree with this. Dr. Drey you wouldn’t have to call him out for every other news, we don’t have to agree with each other over everything. To my understanding, you are known for doing a decent research to support your premises, which make some of us to agree with some of your submissions. However, you would have to understand that not everyone would agree with you, which could be as a result be as a result of so many things.

  • Well they know you like to twist peoples comment to please your ego. we will continue to fish out there lies. Very soon Rorh won nations cup with Gabon is all we will be hearing

  • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

    The onus is on them to prove that Rohr has NO COACHING DIMPLOMAS and that Beckenbauer NEVER played any role called player-coach…..oh sorry…they dont even know what a ‘player-coach’ is…LMAO.

    Even when their comments are copied VERBATIM even in quotes they still try to save face with lies that their words were twisted…..LMAO. Even lucifer respects them when it comes to lies and blind arguements…LMAO…. On the last day ehn, i’m sure he will give them kerosene and matches to go and form their own hell fire.

    Meanwhile we are still waiting for proofs from them that eddie new has NO ATTACHMENT to Nigeria and that Sam Okwaraji never kicked a soccer ball in Italy….LMAO

  • After furnishing article that he has diploma, (wondering why he didn’t mention the diploma he got) Maybe diploma in physical education. Maybe that’s why he is spending 6 months or year at some of his jobs. Well lets wait till 30 years from now

  • This are the list of coaches for NY cosmos, along with those that were player-coaches, So please where is Franz Becanbaur as player-coach. So please show us your own evidence that he was player-coach

    Country From To Notes
    Hubert Birkenmeier West Germany 1984 1984 Caretaker[22]
    Gordon Bradley United States 1971 1975 Player-coach[7]
    Gordon Bradley United States 1976 1977 [7]
    Eddie Firmani Italy 1977 1979 [7][17]
    Eddie Firmani Italy 1984 1984 [22]
    Ken Furphy England 1976 1976 [7]
    Ray Klivecka United States 1979 1979 [22]
    Ray Klivecka United States 1984 1985 [22]
    Júlio Mazzei Brazil 1979 1980 [18]
    Júlio Mazzei Brazil 1982 1983 [18][55]
    Yasin Özdenak Turkey 1980 1981 Joint with
    Hennes Weisweiler West Germany 1980 1981 Joint with
    The New York Cosmos’ first head coach was the English-American professional Gordon Bradley, who had played in the English

    • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

      Hahahaha….Okokobioko…LMAO…so this is all what forms your own body of knowledge that makes you think you know it all and argue blindly…?….LMAO.. a copy and paste of some else’s version of history…? LMAO

      I’ve told u several times to go grab and read beckebauer’s long time cosmos team-mate Hubert Birkenmeier’s autobiography on all the turbulence that transpired at the time…why Mazzei was brought back to the club…why Beckenbauer himself was brought back to the club in the first instance (which INCLUDED WORKING WITH MAZZEI) and why he left after just that season and all what transpired at the club during that period…LMAO

      It is these half-infos you plagiarize from Wikipedia that makes you think you can tell the history of howyou where concieved….??? LMAO. Grow up boy. And drop blind arguments…LMAO. This arguement has been laid to rest long ago…even those who lived in Germany at that time spoke up to the matter and testified to Beckenbauer’s player-coach role even for ‘Die Manschafft’.

  • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

    Hahahaha…some people’s common sense will never tell them that when someone spends 3-4 years in football coaching school, he would not be awarded a qualification in bricklaying…LMAO. And that a professional football club in Europe will not employ a person with a qualification in carpentry as a manager of the club…LMAO…not to talk of one of the biggest in the country for that matter. When it is not Nigeria where a fashionista is made the national team asst COACH.

    Common sense also dictates that UEFA has been enforcing strict coaching badge rules for managers of teams in its top division, and so a man could not have managed in the top division in 3-4 different UEFA countries for about 2 decades (up till as recently as the year 2009) and even coached in UEFA club competitions such as the UEFA cup and UEFA intertoto cup.

    Anybody who can coach in the top divisions in a near 20yr career club coaching career with a physical education diploma deserves a Statue in his honour. The last time we checked, the “physical education” diploma holder is in his 4th year as Nigeria SE coach (after spending 2yrs as Gabon coach and 2yrs as Niger coach)…has the highest win ratio of all time of any SE manager and took Nigeria from 71st position in the world where UEFA Pro license holding african guadiolas left us to our current 31st in the world and we are not even done yet. LMAO. In all honesty, this physical education graduate deserves a statue.

    Common sense is however not as common as it sounds

    • Very funny. Maybe because he couldn’t obtain the Uefa licence he quickly ran down to africa with his physical education diploma. Abeg spare us all the noise, since you know more about him, please show us the proof of what diploma he has.

      • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

        Hahahaha….maybe this…maybe that…I thougt CSN wanted to say this…I thought this was that….look at him shifting mouth with plenty ‘what-aboutries’ from left to right…jumping from Queens avenue to Lyeds boulevard…LMAO

        He couldn’t obtain UEFA license after 20yrs (up till 2009) of coaching top division clubs in 4 different countries in UEFA and coaching in UEFA club competitions even when UEFA regulations has been in force even before the turn of the millenium….LMAO. Abeg someone should please appeal to village people to return somebody’s senses here…LMAO
        Infact show as proof of that your statement..that he couldn’t obtain the Uefa licence and quickly ran down to africa with his physical education diploma. That is how you know real lairs…..LMAO….Maybe this…maybe that….LMAO

        Wait do you even know that UEFA badges up to UEFA A licenses are diploma equivalent programs…??? LMAO

        Go and check your cooking pot….you will find proof of what diploma he has. Maybe in the jungle where you come from when someone goes to a college of education he will me awarded a qualification in Medicine & Surgery or when a person attends a college of nursing, he will graduate with a qualification in banking and finance…..LMAO…that is why your senses seem not to be able to interprete the fact that a man who went to coaching school cannot graduate with anything short or a qualification in coaching….LMAO

        Abeg who tie this guy sense…..? Release it now or die by fire…..!!!

        Meanwhile, you are yet to give us proof that eddie newton has NO ATTACHMENT to Nigeria…Or that Rohr has No coaching qualifications…or that Okwaraji never kicked a ball in Italy…LMAO
        These ones will make the devil jealous o…ehhh..!!!

  • Please go and cover your face. Don’t have time for your lies. Now you want to comment and yet when the proof is right here.

    • Dr. Drey 10 months ago

      Hahahahha…. “…I have heard of player coaches before..Its just that Im not a fan of players who do such…” LMAO
      “…Confessional statements can never convict…”
      “…Rohr has no coaching qualifications….”
      “…Eddie Newton has no attachement to Nigeria..”
      “…ROhr never won anything in switzerland…”
      “…Beckenbauer never played the role of a player-coach…”
      The devil sitting by the corner giving you thumbs up…LMAO
      Anyone who needs a crash course in telling lies should get this guy’s contact….LMAO

      • Emecco 10 months ago

        @ Drey and Ade, both of you are just being childish, you guys are not even stake holders in this game, just passive football fans, why are both of you abusing each other? I am ashamed of you guys, I suggest CSN to expel both of you from this forum, Drey in particular, I enjoy your deep analysis of this game, but you always attack anyone that didn’t buy your opinion especially on issues about Coach Rohr,This is football issues and you guys are just fans that earn no income from the game, I wonder why you guys are abusing each other, You never know If you guys can meet each other in future and become beneficial to yourselves, only fools create enemies for themselves because of football.

        • Bros did you say childish. Very funny. You have already answered yourself, am not those who follow peoples comment blindly without doing due diligence. For me he is free to rant and write an epistle like the bible, the fact still remains when u lie, the truth will surely pop out. About meeting in the future, maaaaa am good

      • lai muhammed drey abeg go cover your face. You know how to twist peoples word. keep on lying. It fits you really good

  • FrankL 10 months ago

    Baba if Dem ban Dr drey for this group,you go fit stay?Lols

  • Adeyemi 10 months ago

    Dr. Drey, I don’t know where you get your qualifications from. Ade, lay your arguments to rest. I appreciate your contributions sometimes Dr. Drey but not not every comment of yours have to be reason to disparage and attack deserters with different opinions. Both of you are matured enough. Oakfield, the second in command to Dr. Drey, you guys can make comments without resulting to abuse people. Please, let us all ensure civility. If we are fighting corruption with this vigor, our country will be a better place. Remember, none of Osimhen’s transfer fees get into our pockets. Rohr’s salaries is not footed nor do we share from the windfall.

    • Oakfield 10 months ago

      @adeyemi, what is your problem. Did u see my thread here??? Why do you want to draw me into a matter that does not concern me. Pls, mind ur lane abeg. Nonsense! If u want to keep the peace u can go to Sudan or Somalia, don’t come here with your….. In fact, make I no even say anything self.

  • Me thinks these two gentlemen are afflicted with misplaced aggression. It’s time they zap themselves into awareness and return as disciplined forum members. They risk losing their places if they continue to generate noise with its potential to mop up genuine communication. 

    In popular parlance just agree that there is no victor and no vanquished, though you’re entitled to your opinion if you believe otherwise. In Naija that emerged from such unholy war, are there no victors? Are there not those vanquished? Are these folks venting their anger at each other for nothing?

    You guys should leave me alone. My sister has a bit of neck pain and I’ll accompany her to Dubai where she is scheduled to have remedial massage. 

  • Adeyemi 10 months ago

    @Oakland, Yes, I have read your comments on many articles and sections. I have no problem with you or anyone. Both you and Dr. Drey spur each other on. Always trying to prove you are right and everyone is wrong. I can’t count but you know deeply all your comments. Yes, am a man of peace. All we need in this world is peace and cordial respect of other people’s opinions.

    • Oakfield 10 months ago

      Oakfield, please @mr peace keeper

    • Oakfield 10 months ago

      You’re very correct where u said “always trying to prove we are right and everybody is wrong ” bcs if u check and read btw the lines, the number of times we were caught in the act, a lot of morons were wrong, spewing unfounded false information which had the capability of destroying ones efforts and reputation and causing untold destruction that would take a very long time to fix. If people like us weren’t here, a lot of agents of darkness who good things dy turn belle Would have gotten away with their deadly false information. So, pls be guided. Drey is just giving that guy what he deserves. Many of his likes have come and gone here, so would his own case be here. Stay out of their matter and enjoy the drama. If u feel u can’t take it any longer, just delete csn from ur bookmarks and look for another sports forum where false information would be dished out without opposition. Nuff said and Goodluck to your peace keeping mission lest I forget, u be ECOMOG abi UN peace keeping force????

      • Adeyemi 10 months ago

        If you had actually read my posts, I have refrained from commenting on people’s post. Sorry, if it seems am singling you out but that wasn’t the intention. Of course, I spoke about Ade too. Arguing and arguing about irrelevant matter. I’m not against good journalism but how we go about it matters as well. Thanks

  • Dr Tee 10 months ago

    @ Adeyemi, you are gradually becoming a subject of what you are trying to correct…I think if you don’t really know what to say it best you keep quiet so you dont robe yourself in…drey and Oakfield always come here to point out reality in all they say….we all know rohr has done well so when some person come here to tell lies just to make the man’s work look useless, I think it just normal for persons to come out and appreciate his effort….no one is always trying to be right her pls let get it straight, people like drey and Oakfield come here to let us all know the fact backed up with proofs and not lies.

    • Oakfield 10 months ago

      No mind am @dr tee

    • Man koko 10 months ago

      Yes..pls anybody that will come here to comment or argue without enough and realiable facts/proofs to back it up should back off pls. we have learned and educated people here. People like Dr drey, Mr hush and some other people always backed their arguments with enough facts/proofs which are there for all to see and digest but some people doesn’t want to do a little research on their own, only to come here and keep asking others to do it for them. And for rohr’s haters….if u people knew d state of our national team b4 this man took over, u wouldn’t have been saying all sorts this craps u were saying here. To d level of calling us super chicken. But things are changing for good now and u can’t appreciate someone’s efforts bcos he’s not black. The coach is not d best, he has his loopholes like any other person but he knows what he’s doing. Let’s just wait, d man will surely go one day so that we employ our own coaches that will continue from where he stopped pls.