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Eguavoen Craves For Moses Return To Super Eagles

Eguavoen Craves For Moses Return To Super Eagles

Super Eagles interim technical adviser Augustine Eguavoen wants Victor Moses to return to the team, reports Completesports.com.

Moses retired from international football following the Super Eagles ouster from the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

There have been several efforts to make the winger rescind his decision, but he has remain adamant on his decision not to play for the three-time African champions.

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“Even Victor Moses. I will break the news. We want the best for the country. Victor Moses is someone I also adore and I’ve been looking for ways to get him into the team,” Eguavoen told journalists on Monday.

“We have spoken but he’s not part of this game but hopefully as time goes on because we want the best.

“Whether we like it or not, I think Victor Moses will bring some value. But right now he’s playing in that region (Russia), so that one is settled.”

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  • Papafem 2 years ago

    Where does this leave Simon Moses? Mehnn….The competition will be mad. I do still feel that if Aribo plays behind Osimhen in the attack , and Etebo, Iwobi, and Ndidi taking various midfield positions flanked by Lookman and Simon/Victor on the wings in a 3-5-2 formation, only few teams will be able to withstand them.

  • Where does that Leave Moses Simon you are asking??? what sort of stupid question is that???.. so if Ahmed Musa drops and Victor Moses comes in what is Moses Simon have to do with this topic???.. you see some people in this forum have resided to the fact that SE is Ahmed Musa Birth right. Where does that leave Moses Simon he asks! Nawa o

    • Ololo 2 years ago

      He didn’t mention Ahmed musa , why the insult?

      Let’s have fun on this forum and not pull down your fellow brother with harsh comments..

      For me V. Moses should not be invited after other players have fought for qualification to the world, he comes in to replace them.. obviously not fair.. we have excess wingers at the moment.. many have forgotten Samuel kalu, there is a German serenren bazee waiting too.. we better use the energy for chasing.v. Moses to chase after Olise..

      • AGAIN!!!! This is a World Cup year the sooner you people Realise the better as Cerezo Clearly said We want the BEST.. If Olise is there and Victor Moses is there the better for us we need a team that when a player comes off the bench the standard DOES NOT DROP!!!. at this moment in time if we go with Mus and I will keep using Musa as an example and we take off a Ademola lookman, for intsnatce God forbid one of our players picks up an injury in training mid competition maybe Moses simon in a knock out round who do we call upon!!! I will always remember World cup 2014 when Blaise Matuidi injured inform Ogenyi Onazi in round of 16 and Gabriel Ruben was to be called upon because The late Stephen Okechukwu Keshi took a Weakened bench what happened???.. France took control of the midfield the standard of our game dropped immensely I for one as Oga Cerezo want the best of the best to counter all unforeseen Circumstances We need the best Victor Moses and Michael Olise can both be added why not Moses can also play RWB and is versatile so why not drop a back line player and include him as such or better yet drop Musa and take Victor Moses Case Closed!!

        • Training must be competitive players must know that if they do not perform a player is knocking on the first team door!!!. This is what the big teams in World Football have no player has birth rights to the national team when and why did Ahmed Musa become undroppable who is he????… Victor Moses knocked out a Seria A team and EPL team in Europa league not just that top teams in those leagues carrying Spartak Moscow on his back. What is the debate here. He is needed and with the likes of Dennis, Lookman, Chuks, Simon, Iwobi throw Vic Moses and God Willing Michael Olise (No 10) in there and, you have a Wing of Deadly arsenal that teams will shiver in their boots as there is know where to hide the players will also all raise their game. there will be No hiding place!… Oga Cerezo Knows what he is doing and this what I have been fighting for ever since we had all these top wingers and Fowards. I mean come on what Deadly bunch of Match Winners in this squad

      • Chinenye 2 years ago

        You support VM not to get invited but you support Ighalo to get invited despited playing only 1 last qualifying match? Sentiment is our biggest problem in this country

    • Papafem 2 years ago

      @Iwunze, “where does that leave Simon Moses?” is a rhetorical question which underlines the kind of competition that may likely come into play if Victor Moses finally joins the team and not necessarily suggesting Moses Simon will be out of the team in the event of Mosses’ addition. Read the entire post before hauling insults. This forum is not a viewing centre, where the literates and the uneducated mix to debate this beautiful game. Some civility and decorum are expected here. Even if I said that you disagree with , calling me stupid won’t make me change my mind. Constructive argument devoid of insults and disrespect for other fellow’s dignity can add some width to someone else’s knowledge and intellectual growth. Stop abusing and denigrating people to state your point. Its not just cool, dear.

      • @Papafem… Super Eagles is NOT Ahmed Musa birth right period!!!…
        There is no insult reasoning is all we ask stop using key players as a scape goat for Ahmed Musa in this list any sane person can see that if Victor Moses must Ahmed Musa must drop What is so wrong with that. Any Nigerian SE fan knows that if Moses comes automatically he is more Senior than Ahmed Musa in that team so the standard will naturally be heightened and our younger ones will learn a lot more from watching Victor Moses in Training than they are from Watching Musa. Victor Moses is a guy that carries teams as he did Naija in AFCON 2014 and World cup qualifier Group of death 2018 Victor Moses is the player that will displace Ahmed Musa. Musa is not key to our cause however Victor Moses will be if included in any event Stop mentioning Moses Simon as he is 100x better than Musa and Victor Moses is 100x better than Musa and Moses Simon and Victor Moses will add a much needed ingredient to this team. Let me remind you all This is World cup and a very serious one. Allow Cerezo to bring the best to this team Simple!!!!.

        • Papafem 2 years ago

          @Iwunze, I didn’t mention Musa because on current form, Musa isn’t even a contender in that attacking left position in Eguaveon’s first team. He’s only in that team to serve certain interest or just compensate him for his commitment over the years. Stephen Keshi enjoyed a similar benefit at AFCON 1994 and USA 94.

          But close your eyes for a second and imagine the kind of competition Victor Moses will bring into that attacking line if he hits the right form. It will surely bring out the best from his rival and of course, we will also have a very back up whichever way anytime, anyday. That’s the point I was making with that opening question. So, dear, nothing in that question is stupid, except you want to say Victor Moses isn’t good enough to be Smon Moses’ rival in that team. The good thing is that, both men can play on either wing of the attack (like they did against Cameroom during 2018 Wc qualifying series to a devastating effect) in case any of Lookman or Chukwueze isn’t doing well.

  • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

    We should concentrate on players readily available first. If Moses wants to come back and is still passionate, good. Otherwise there is no point.

    • Dammy 2 years ago

      That’s true and exactly what coach Eguavoen meant by saying Moses will be needed after the playoffs – “he’s not part of this game but hopefully as time goes on because we want the best”.

  • We need Moses Simon I keep saying and will continue to say Victor Moses is a player that would be better utilized in the capacity Ahmed Musa occupies in this current SE set Up.. all this What Victor Moses is not necessary because he is as important as the some of the players we already have in the current team as he is playing and Contributing at the highest level in a very very efficient Manner He Knocked Napoli and Leicester City out of Europa league as the star player in Spartak Moscow.. That is no easy feet. Victor Moses is a deadly player and will walk into the starting line up of this current SE FACTS!!!!!!

  • Golden Child 2 years ago

    I am beginning to lose patience with Egus, with the array of attacking talent at his disposal, he is still looking for Victor Moses. This is what i find frustrating about Nigeria, rather than look forward, we tend to look backwards. Matuigi was part of the team that won the world cup with France but do you see them recalling him back to the team (especially when there are younger and competent options).

    Let us recall Kanu & Okocha whilst we are at it. If we lacked options in that area, I would understand. What this does is to demotivate the younger players who shed their blood and sweat to get us to this stage.

    Victor moses for all his qualities can not boast of a better stat than Dennis and Dennis is playing in a tougher league. In all of Victor Moses EPL career, I mean every season he has played in that league, his stats do not come any close to what Dennis has achieved in his first season. Why don’t you appreciate the talent you have and inject your self belief into these players.

    Eguavoen talks too much! keep quiet and work with what you have rather than day dreaming for what was not lost.

    • I am glad you think Ahmed Musa is equivalent to an array of attacking talent. So you losing patience with Eguavoen has no Head!!. Because if this was chess and he dropped Ahmed Musa and took Victor Moses it is a good move. This is why you are not the coach and he is. Thansk you!

      • Golden Child 2 years ago

        So you think if Victor Moses comes into this team, you think it means Ahmed Musa is out? ROTFL…LOL . How naïve of you, Ahmed Musa is the captain and is spot is cemented. Victor Moses coming into the team means either Chukwueze or Lookman are out. Chidera Ejuke might not even make the pending list next time. No one will drop Dennis based on his performance this season and Simon Moses has been in scintillating form.

        If VM comes Chukwueze, Lookman, Kalu, Ejuke and definitely Onyekuru might drop out of the team.

        • Shame on you that will not happen drop who for a sack of useless beans????.. That will definitely not happen. Musa is droppable and will not make this World Cup. Mark My words I have inside knowledge on this matter and when he eventually gets drop which will happen before World cup. You go hear am LOL!!! let us wait and see now as I told you people Nigeria is bigger than that sack of beans Ahmed Musa. Watch this space and remember my words here. Musa place is cemented lol imagine the abomination Musa will drop Chukwueze a champions league player Lol you clearly don’t k now Augustine Eguavoen you go know very soon na1

          • Golden Child 2 years ago

            I mentioned two names who are currently in the list and your concern was for chukwueze only …hmmm.. says alot.

          • the fact you can even mention players of quality like chukwueze, Lookman.. and then you are mentioning players nut on the list but also of quality like Ejuke then kalu and Onyekuru too what are you trying to prove that it is tribal??. why even mention them?? they aren’t on the list. so what you trying to paint here my friend?. however in saying that, the fact is clear all above players in a fair world and country are better than Musa in any event and way you choose to look at it. the clubs they play and the trajectory of thier career’s is proof .

            you have no shame saying Chukwueze and Lookman will drop for a sack of beans like musa who’s place you shamelessly and boldly say is cemented with out shame!..then you wonder why this country is in state that it is. My man I have no business proving shsisi whit you because clearly you are not clued up. Champions league and Laliga Regular EPL regular you think will drop for a basket mid table bench warmer LOL!!! Nigeria in a nutshell

  • Four four two 2 years ago

    Granted, we have many wingers but how many of them are at same level as VM? None of course. Only lookman comes close but he is yet to be tested at international level which is quite higher and tougher than club football according to Mo Salah and Didier Drogba.

  • Alariyo 2 years ago

    I like the way cerezo is bringing out the best in us. CSN do ensure you engage the Nigerian coach at least 2x every day till the playoffs. We need to hear from the horse’s mouth. For Victor Moses, I think he would have been tired by the time he’s ready to rescind his decision but it would be a good addition should coach Egus been able to get him back to the fold. God bless Nigerians all the same.

  • Mr Eguavoen/Amuneke, SE has more than enough firepower at the flanks already (Simon, Chukwueze, Lookman, Dennis, Ejuke, Musa, Onyekuru, et al.)

    Midfield, central defense and goalkeeping positions are the areas we need to tighten.

    Pls get Michael Olise. That guy can play as both AM and winger. He has eyes for goals, gives quality passes and crosses to his attackers, a dead ball specialist, assist king, gallant moves, and lots more.

    See what Saka is doing at Arsenal; Olise is another top and reliable quality player like Saka. If we loose him na una Sabi!!!

  • Golden Child 2 years ago

    The energy that they should use to get prodigious talents like M.olise, they are dissipating unnecessary energy on players who have honorably retired. This is why Oyinbo would always progress because they look forward and not backwards. This was why Keshi achieved more than these lot because he believed in his players. Prior to the 2013 Afcon, Keshi told Victor Moses that he was counting on him to deliver the trophy and he did.

    NFF had better get us a competent foreign coach because with these lot, we are back to permutations and combinations. Everyone should get their calculators out and strap their seat belts, it is going to be a bumpy ride.

  • This is why I so much love Oga Cerezo.. Carry go!1 Oga Augustine Eguavoen.. You are right sir Victor Moses is Much needed. My Oga Cerezo you are tooo much indeed!!!!> and you will take this team to semi finals World Cup mark my wordS!!!!!

  • Guys Victor Moses is a very interesting player Naija needed in this team. Allow Egu to add him if needed I am with @Iwunze, we needed him more than Ahmed Musa

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    The musa everyone is complaining for is now playing regularly for his club in turkey..

    I remember how badly Nigerian treated prior to the world cup in Russia 2018, when he wasn’t making team in Leicester.. musa was dragged to that team because rohn believed in him and we saw how he scored two goals in that tournament.. I have that feeling musa will surprise Nigerians again..

    • SE is not Musa birth right. so he scored 2 goals against Iceland what did he do against Argentina the following game?. Meven though Musa scored 2 goals in 2014 against Argentina Moses and Emenike were still Nigeria’s best players in that tournament. So we carried Musa until he started playing somewhat regularly Albeit injury to his teams regular. The point is Musa only after how long started playing regularly yet he is not the most important player in that mid table team. Victor Moses is one of if not the most important players in Spartak Moscow. and topped their Europa league GROUP OF DEATH, Carrying his team as the most important player in the group stage. What is wrong with CEREZO wanting him to bring that form. Must you always double standardly defend Musa. that is my problem. Listen again Super Eagles is NOT!! Ahmed Musa’s Birth right GERRIT!!

      • U see it’s good to get everyone but what is your tactics just my opinion am see second Amodo

        • This team is what I call Star studded. the tactics is simple. Mind you rmember a weak playewr will drop for Moses. so this team is loaded with all what we were missing in AFCON like I said we didn’t have the know how and quality to unlock Tunisia when the going got tough Victor Moses for one is a big game player who gets stronger as a tournament deepens so does Balogun Vic Osimhen and co. This team will have the killer instinct we where very lacking in AFCON when we needed most. No cause for Concern this team will unlock anybody. We need Victor Moses I firmly believe that he is a torunament player let us just look at how he playes in Gorups of Death World Cup qualifier 2018 and Europa league recently

  • Isdore Emeka 2 years ago

    Firstly; I fault the inclusion of Shehu that’s playing in a very low league. While we have Kelvin Akpoguma..remember a certain Balogun and Ekong are aging and we need that Kelvin around.

    Secondly; Onazi inclusion shows how corrupt the coaches are, I’m sure he bribed the coaches.

    Thirdly; what’s Unfit Etebo doing in that list? We have Bonke or Onyedimma playing consistent at their respective clubs..

    Please if we luckily qualify for the world we need the best legs to go to Qatar … NFF should concentrate on luring Eberechi Eze, Micheal Olise, Dominic Solanke,Tosin Adarabiyo and so many foreign born in top leagues

    • Chinenye 2 years ago

      GOD bless you Emeka! Etebo hasn’t evwn kicked a ball since he git injured yet he made the list. Nigeria is a couuntry where Nff has their own list, agents have their own list, coaches have their own list even politicians does. Achieving progress in Nigeria is like building castles in the air

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    The same way you are complaining now about musa is the same way others did in 2018 before the last world cup..

    Musa will put his doubters to Shame!!

    It is a matter of time

    • Lol 2 goals against Iceland faded against Argentina if memory serves me correctly he was one of the most useless players on the pitch against Argentina to the point Rohr wanted to remove him and put Iwobi on but was stopped by the corrupt Nigeria governemnt.

      What is your definition of putting doubters to shame. Two goals against Iceland and fading when it matters most as in AFCON 2019 Musa is dead weight and his perfromances of late affect the whole team no hold up play no good crosses we need a team that works in sink and allows the game to flow if Musa is on the pitch in a stong match the attacking play is stopped dead in his tracks when the ball is at his feet.

      My definition of putting doubters to shame is one strong perfomance after another not 1 good performance enough to fool naive Nigerian supporters then regress for 5 games.

      If that is what you call putting doubters to shame then I am clearly missing something.

      Did you see how victor Moses performances took us to 2018 World Cup if Musa can put out that sort of consistency for once in his career then okay he will have my vote until then he is a flash in the pan as far as I am concerned!

      • Abeni 2 years ago

        …..And the same Moses took you out of Russia2018, go see the match against Argentina. I like to watch Moses game but high time CSN found out where his interest lies.

        • Chinenye 2 years ago

          If there’s anyone that took Nigeria out of Russia 2018, it’s Ighalo. The seater he missed against Argentina could have taken us to the round of 16

  • I believe with age, Victor Moses is becoming more crafty, slimy, and cunning in his game. Watch his match against Leicester, you will agree with me. He has a wealth of experience to bring to the team..He can play as a wingback, midfielder, and even as a winger. He has strength, pace, and flare. Above all, he takes certain risks that could be a game-changer. During the 2013 nations cup, he got two penalties for the Super Eagles against Ethiopia. Whoever is relevant to the team irrespective of where he plays, should be invited. We should have a team that can be reshuffled flexibly during matches.

  • Mutum 2 years ago

    @ ugo iwunze…abego wetin Ahmed Musa do u self? Haba nwanaa take am easy on him. Reduce ur insult on the forum,we come here to yarn about soccer and have fun. One love!!

  • Since onazi has been recalled, and pleading on moses to come back,then it remains to call okocha out of retirement. Does it mean he doesn’t believe in the players that went to afcon? It’s pretty sure then that he believes in individual abilities rather than the pattern and system he wants the players to execute.

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      @Ugo Iwunze, must you always be abusive? So if you do not agree with what he says, can’t you just highlight that. We all wouldn’t agree on our discuss but that does warrant a torrent of abuses. Calling him a saboteur and blind because he has a different outlook to you is just wrong.

      Nobody has a monopoly on rascality , some people just chose to be civil.

      Please let us learn to be accommodating to the views of others. That was the objective csn setup this platform so others can air their views.

      • It is frustrating this little excerscie, Has made me come to realise that Nigerians are the reason Nigeria is the way it is Nigerians do not have the ability to see good they see evil and think it is good Whilst seeing good and saying it is evil. How dare people attack Eguavoen for bringing to light the Corruption behind the scenes, showing us that he only included Onazi to “STANDBY LIST” to appease some corrupt powers above him. Is it not clear that he did that to shut them up whilst highlighting in BOLD he has the final say on the list. These coachs are really under alot of interefrenace some like the recent departed rohr just could not speak up and kept on including Musa to the point that Nigerians as easily blind folded as they are, are even supporting his continued stay whilst having the audacity to question a merited Victor Moses inclusion here is the first coach in 7 years actually assembling to best legs we have EVER since recent years and yet the fans are attacking him for exposing the fact that Evil forces are trying to force him to bring Mediocre players it is SAD!! that you people cannot read between the lines. And yes you lot had better shape up and stop this rubbish because if Eguavoen leaves we are in trouble SIMPLE!!!. No other coach will do this expose the rotten NFF cronies interfering in their Job

        YOU LOT HAD BETTER STOP ATTACKING THIS MAN. LOOK AT IT, Amoo, Bassey, Lookman, Dennis, Victor Moses… you name it. He went personally to convince Olise and Eze who it looks like now Olise will choose Nigeria. I mean what else do you want. He is assembling the best of the best

        • Golden Child 2 years ago

          It is better to convince people through the quality of your submissions rather than hurling insults at them. I can feel your frustration with Nigeria at times ( I am frustrated at times) but we should be accommodating to other people’s views even if they do not align with ours. I do not agree with everyone on this platform but I understand their right to their opinion.

  • Hmm…

    Aina Ekong Bassey/Balogun Zaidu/Bassey


    V Moses. Olise. Simon


    Killa Squad!

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