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Eguavoen Reacts To Criticism Over Home-based Players Selection For Mexico Friendly

Eguavoen Reacts To Criticism Over Home-based Players Selection For Mexico Friendly

Former Nigeria international and current NFF technical director Austin Eguavoen has reacted to criticism making the rounds over the exclusion of certain players from the 25-man home-based squad for next month’s friendly against Mexico.

Following the unveiling of the names of the 25 home-based players shortlisted for the friendly in the United States, the inclusion and omission of certain players was questioned in different quarters.

But Eguavoen, who will be in charge of the home-based Eagles for the friendly, explained the criteria for the selection of players for the game.

“It was a bit difficult (assembling the team),” he told Super Eagles media. “Information came a bit late even at that it’s our country. I’ve been to few league games, the NPFL, NNL and even the NNLO, we penciled down whole lot of players and I also had to rely on information from coaches that I know in the league.

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“It wasn’t that easy because I have seen a lot of criticism in the pages of newspapers, electronic media as well but it’s all okay. The only thing is that people have to do their research first before they speak. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, it’s not a problem at all.

“Like I said before, Coach Paul (Aigbogun) saw some games on the continent and the league as well and I relied also a lot on my colleagues that are also in the league.

“When you give me a player from Enyimba, I ask Stanley Eguma, Ladan Bosso, Salisu and Maikaba. And if three out of the four speak well of a player it is okay. When you give me a player from Plateau I deviate from Maikaba and ask other coaches and they say the right thing about the player I just felt that’s the right way to go about it.”

He continued:”Everybody can’t be invited and my apologies for that. This is the first game, other games will come I might not be the next coach. If we have left some players out they shouldn’t feel so bad. And before people do or say something they should do there research.

“We submitted 35 names but we needed to cut it down because of the process of getting visa. American embassy wanted certain number of players to be submitted at a certain date. So it was a bit difficult.

“However, there are still more games to come and everybody will have their opportunity.“

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  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    They have started again with their bla bla bla.

    I am highly disappointed in you Mr. Eguavoen for talking like this.

    As a former player and coach, you know how Nigeria system works. At least, you know there most be a highest goal scorer, the best goalie, fantastic midfielders, wingers and so on in the NPFL no matter what and you can’t use this informations to select the best squad to represent Nigeria against Mexico?

    Instead, you are relying on Aigbogun of all people that failed twice when he was appointed to the national team.

    You are lazy to do your job for not searching for the best players at the NPFL website because of the short period the match will take place?

    You are relying on Salisu Yusuf and co and you are expecting good result against Mexico? You must be joking.

    Since the NFF have intentionally opted for the home based team to confront Mexico because of the money owed to our main team and inability of Oga Rohr to compete with the top teams like Mexico, I rest my case.

    This is the best time for you to prove to those people that in doubt of your ability but acting like this shows that you are not capable to turn things around.

    I am seeing the reflections of Oga Rohr in you coaches.

    Is just a pity that there’s no transparency in Nigeria DNA.

    Oga Rohr fans that finding ways to smack you local and ex players down, they have their way in now.

    Nonetheless, I don’t expect too much from this team because of these reasons.

    No1. None of this players have played outside Nigeria before so, the team may be shaky against Mexico.

    N02. Inability and exposure of our home based team to play in front of Mexico fans.

    N03. Playing against a team that ranked 20 in the world if I’m not mistaken is a taboo and a big mistake that NFF have made.

    N04. Our home based team would have played against Cameroon instead of Mexico because our foreign based team were not impressed against Cameroon.

    N05. New home based team entirely to face Mexican team that have been together for how many years now?

    If Oga Rohr team that have bn together for five years couldn’t put up a solid display against average Cameroonian team, what should we be expecting from our home based team?

    Now, our home based team will face a Mexican team that always hard to play against?

    MR. Amaju Pinnick, thank you for doing this to Nigeria and we will remember you forever.

    Have said my own. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

      And if the boys perform well against Mexico don’t come back here to praise Eguavoen or Aigbogun O. If you come back here to praise the team after the Mexico friendly if the boys perform admirably Eh! I rest my case for now. Lmao!! You want local coaches there you have it. At least Eguavoen has won something for us in the past as SuperEagles coach and he’s the technical director. He’s at least getting something done. You are already having HBP because of an inconsequential friendly that doesn’t add or subtract anything from our FIFA ranking. The most important thing is to a few players who can capture the moment and take their chances. Una want home based now we have them in abundance. Let’s support them irrespective of the outcome. That’s why most of you are just fair weather fans. Even if the NFF hire Amunike and Egbo I’m sure you will be calling for their head of they lose to Akwa United in a friendly match.

    • I ve forgot oooo .the game could end as soon as it started..this is wat Oracle said.inter vs iwayanwu or was it eyimba. Some long years ago. 7 : 0 abi I forgot ooo

  • DeStar 3 years ago

    @Omonija , thumbs up , the best apt analysis.
    You have just said it all

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    Ay, u are a bad guy lol, u trying to a trap for @Omonija, u know calamity ogun mosquito and pay and play Aigbogun are jesters,I’m so scared to go watch the game.

    • pompei 3 years ago

      Calamity Ogun Mosquito and Pay and Play Aigbogun…OMG, can’t stop laughing.

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

    @Sunnyb LMAO!! Let him come back here and praise the team If they perform well pẹnrẹ!! You see that’s why I like Eguavoen’s response above. A lot of folks here are very ignorant to the use of information that’s why Eguavoen said people need to do their research well before criticizing the team. What most people don’t know is that Mexico will most likely play this friendly with their U23 squad as they’re preparing for the Olympics. On a good day Nigeria should also be preparing for the Olympics if we had qualified during this period. Most of the boys selected by Eguavoen and Aighogun could easily pass for our U23 team therefore, me as genuine supporter I’m looking forward to an entertaining game between two young team. Even if we are going to lose I’m absolutely certain that any Nigerian team can never be overwhelmed by Mexico. I support any Nigerian team anywhere in the world. Even Beach Soccer Eagles I support them irrespective of the outcome. Na my own be that anybody wey wan get HBP because of an inconsequential friendly match against Mexico can do so at their own peril.

    • Adisboy 3 years ago

      @Ayphillydgreat, correction. Mexico will not use their U23 team but their main team. This is because they are preparing for the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup (their equivalent to AFCON), which kicks on 10th July. They have already named their 23 man squad for the tournament. So it will be an experience for the HB players.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    “We are going for war in Oran and this is why the tie has been christened ‘Battle of Oran’. When you are going into a battle ground, you must be prepared to shed blood because it is difficult to come out of such an exercise unscathed. The players have realized that we have dropped too many points in the early round of matches and they have resolved to make up from now on.” — Austin Eguavoen

    Those were the fighting words that emerged from Ogun Efon before the away game against Algeria in the 2006 world cup qualifiers. Ever since he led us to that lovely 5-2 spanking of the Fennecs in the backyard, I’m always willing to give him a chance. The big problem is, he doesn’t have the same complement of players he had back then to prosecute this encounter. And knowing how Nigerians are, a big defeat to Mexico, or any other team for that matter, will never be forgiven or forgotten.
    This is the risk Ogun Efon is taking.
    On the flip side, a good result will make him a national hero, and possibly put him in the reckoning, if not the pole position, to take over from Rohr in due time.
    I feel he has a chance for 2 reasons:
    1) Ogun Efon in my opinion can do a good job on a good day. Yes, we keep hearing all these tales of corruption and side deals, but none of it us substantiated. Not for me anyway. If given a free hand, I feel he can deliver.
    2) The Nigerian factor – this game represents an opportunity of a life time for most of these boys. A good performance can change levels completely. Surely, the boys will come out and give everything. Nigerians no dey carry last. When we see opportunity, we seize it with both hands and both legs. This is what I expect to see from these guys on match day.
    Anything short of that, and we will be in for a long, long evening.

    • What’s is really wrong with us in this country. No manner of respect for anyone. It’s Eguavoen you have turned to Ogun Eton. If someone else spelt your Surname wrongly, you will be shouting that the person doesn’t know his elders.

      • pompei 3 years ago

        Hahahaha bros, you no get sense of humour? Na wa for you ooo.
        Keep your shirt on, bros.

        • Please stop been cynical, someone has a name. Respect it. If you can’t call him by his name. Then don’t. If they had called your Father’s name anyhow, am sure you would fight that same person

          • pompei 3 years ago

            No, I would never fight anyone who mispronounces my name. I am not you, who is ready to quarrel over the slightest thing. Is it your name I mispronounced? Why take panadol for another man’s headache? As I said, I’m just poking a bit of fun at the name. Happens everyday between normal people. If you have a problem with it, I respect that. But you can’t dictate to me either. Park well please.

        • Again because you accept something doesnt mean others will accept. It’s just part of humanity and etiquette.

          • pompei 3 years ago

            Yes ke. Did I quarrel with you about not accepting the name Ogun Efon? Are you not the one joining issues with me for using the name? Why is the name Ogun Efon so offensive to you? Are you an insecticides trader? Abi am I spoiling your market or bruising your ego in some way by joking around with the name Ogun Efon?
            You implied that I am the problem of the country, but you are now proving to be quite a problem, out of the blue. You accused me of being cynical, yet here you are. A classic case of the kettle calling the pot black. I’m still trying to understand where your anger is coming from. Must you comment on every thread you don’t like?
            Bros, I say once again, park well ooo.

          • pompei 3 years ago

            I mean, if na insecticides trader you be, you should be very happy with me. I’m helping you to sell your market by drumming up demand for your goods. The more I say Ogun Efon, the more people realize that they need to buy from your stock. Free advertising.

  • Abayomi 3 years ago

    All this are stories for the gods, how will you depend on some sets of people to select players for a country like Nigeria.
    This is totally rubbish excuse we are waiting for your selection results.

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

      Hahaha! Waiting for selection results kẹ! Ṣebi talents plenty in the NPFL and they’re the local coaches y’all have been crying for. Why is it rubbish excuse now?? Lmao!! Their mouths don Dey enter inside hole. They’re beginning to hide under coven trying to discredit the selection despite crying for about 3 years for home based players to be given a chance. Make una go take chill pill Mexico won’t beat this team more than 2-0 L MAO!!!

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Ayphillydegreat… If I catch you venture shout any of those homebased name as we go sweat Mexico that day on the pitch ehn… I shall be looking out for you and @Dr.Drey… Some of you will be pasting posters of those home stars on your walls after the match… last last, football na 11 vs 11. Goodmorning house…

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Coming from the the person who was pissing in his pants when Rohr insisted the HB will be prosecuting the game and crying we should go beg foreign based players from Latvia, Egypt and Belarus or we will get disgraced by the HB.

          • JimmyBall 3 years ago

            Well… You will be surprise Belarus, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia and Czech… The Eastern Europe countries have league that are appreciably decent with lots of Nigerians playing there… Just to mention, a guy like Iyayi Believe Atiemwen who plays for DINAMO ZAGREB isn’t even talked about concerning Super Eagles chance yet… so if our so-called A-list stars cant sacrifice some part of their holidays to play Mexico, for which we would have really gauged the strength of our A-Team, suggesting a blend of homebased and those foreign pros in countries like I have mentioned to go against Mexico is not a taboo… Infact I even suggested calling Junior Ajayi of Al Ahly, Nwakali Kelly and great Nigeria players who hardly get attention in Turkey and Greece also… The thing is this… in football you must reckon with the innate talent a person possesses before factoring how an ambient and good league environment can then up the players game… The thing is like never seeing anything good in your own environment because there are standard other leagues abroad… We all know NPFL can be run better in totality of everything related to the sporting and commercial side… but we must not only try to condemn it because it’s still the one we have… What people need to change negative perception is just opportunity… I will never be one to say there is zero talent in the league because it’s flatly not true… I am for measured involvement of a few at a time of the very best we have in the league, especially those within good age… Such actions will even spur and cause more vigour, dedication, commitment and improvement on the part of those local lads who believe in themselves and want to get to the next level… We all want Nigeria football to get better and for our teams to be able to truly mix it anywhere duty calls… One love!

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            With all this your epilogue, the fact still remains you never believed in and supported the HBs to prosecute the Mexico game…QED. It is out there in public domain. CSN has not deleted all your ragging and ranting and whataboutery the day it was announced.

            We that you claim have no right to watch the game were the ones who even supported the move from the onset. You even rained insults on the coach for insisting on them. You only praise the HBs on your lips but distrust them in your heart.

            Open rebuke is better than secret betrayal. I still stand by my words that the claims that there are MANY TALENTS in the league is a complete fallacy. There is no indices on ground to back up such deception….not from the performance of our teams on the continent in the last 10 years, nor from the number of moves from the league to any of the top 10 league in Europe in the last 10 years, nor from the degree of career progression of the products of the so-called league outside the country in the last 10 years.

            Facts dont lie, figures dont lie. Show us the KPIs of your appraisal of the products of your league over a 5-10 year period that it has MANY TALENTS rather than sentiments and empty generalizations.

            Tell us there are MANY PLAYERS in the league and we will agree with you. Tell us there are MANY TALENTS in the league and then you’ll have to show us your indices. Not every stone that shines is a diamond.

      • A man who has been coaching a team for over five years, cannot present a team against Mexico? Even against an average Cameroonian team he also struggled with the main team? Look at the mess NFF put us into.

        Mexico would surely whitewash this home based team. I’m expecting 5-0.

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        @Dr.Drey… You see red but will choose to call it white. Infact it was Rohr who outrightly distanced himself from the idea of the Mexico friendly in the first place… is homebased Eagles not Super Eagles? The man does not want to associate himself with anything less than our foreign pros… So this is not about me, everyone felt everybody in the main team cannot just stay away on grounds of holiday at once if they really want to show patriotism, since holidays started having we not being seeing them taking selfies with politicians? Most of them are sitting their homes in Nigeria and they are entitled to it… But if one set of foreign pros don’t want to play so others should not be tried who are willing? It is as clear as night and day when someone says homebased should be blended with other foreign pros of lesser note… while someone else is outrightly saying Nigeria has no talent in the NPFL… the comment of no talent is shameful, because Eguaveon/Aigbogun have summoned 25 part-time shoemakers and Gworo-sellers according to you since none has any talent… for one who pumps his chest for being smart… and intelligent, such a comment is very unfortunate and shames your acclaimed academic posture… don’t you think so? Ok… You are even suppose to hide from posting further comment on this platform for so insulting homebased at every turn such that, when your Super Captain Ahmed Musa eventually pitched his tent at Kano Pillars and you were forced to swallow back your slurs on homebased players since our captain has joined their ranks… you went into hibernation mode for a while… until you were sure it was safe to become loud on CSN again hoping people who knew your derision of homebased NPFL players will have forgotten your whip-cracks here… all of Sudden you started eulogizing how Ahmed Musa was assisting goals in Kano Pillars and using everyone in opposition during matches as training dummies… Hahahaha. Guy… Some of us get long memory. Let me stop here… You must win argue even though person catch you… please @Ayphillydegreat… help your friend ring Eguaveon/Aigbogun to disband/decamp all the shoemakers and Gworo-sellers he invited to camp for the game against Mexico… @Dr.Drey has issued that instruction… hahahaha. I don’t know how you can so not know what talent mean… no talent in NPFL of over 500 football players… @Dr.Drey minnions… Make una quietly check up with unu oga if everything dey alright please! Lol…

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    Ay, facts Mexico can’t overrun any Nigeria national teams, but to these LA Mexicans a win over any Nigeria teams is a big deal, I just hope those boys wouldn’t disappoint.

  • Sean T 3 years ago

    Last last 80% of those NPFL players are 30 or above that i can be sure of but the raw talent are there on the street or 1 academy or the other. The real reason why we haven’t produce a fantastic player coming out from the NPFL. Even dem Ndidi, Osimhen and Chukwueze including Kelechi Nwakali are not product of NPFL.Gone are the days we have talent in the league but not anymore. Feel free to counter me on this fact

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      How do you define talent? So Anayo Iwuala is no talent? When you read a post from someone with only some level of theoretical knowledge of football… you know at once. Foreign clubs prefer snapping talents from age grade competitions regarding transfers from Sub-Saharan Africa more these days because they are able to rely more on processes like MRI scan which encouragingly ensures players fall within expected age range… it easier to tell players age ain’t so much at variance with results of age checks using technology. How do you tell the true age of NPFL league players? You think European clubs have not had experience with gross age falsification with Africans and South Americans prior? It’s a no-brainer why European Clubs prefer players from Academies, amateur teams and nurseries… Wisdom Ubani and Peter Agba, both of U-17 2019 set just signed in Belgium for Standard Liege in the last one week… It’s a trend easy to understand! Make una free NPFL players abeg, who God go bless go surely reach him destination any which way…

  • TALK UR OWN 3 years ago


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