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Eguavoen: Rohr Deserves Credit For Our Brilliant AFCON Performance

Eguavoen: Rohr Deserves Credit For Our  Brilliant AFCON Performance

Super Eagles interim head coach Austine Eguavoen says his predecessor Gernot Rohr deserves credit for the team’s impressive displays at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon, Completesports.com reports.

The West Africans won all three group games in convincing fashion despite having little time to prepare for the competition.


Eguavoen was only appointed on interim capacity after Rohr was sacked by the Nigeria Football Federation on the eve of the AFCON.

The former defender insists Rohr also deserves to take the plaudits because he assembled the squad.

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“There’s no way we are not going to give Gernot Rohr credit because he’s the one who put this team together, Eguavoen said after Nigeria’s win over Guinea-Bissau.

“We still inherited a team of about 98% Gernot Rohr together, so there is no way we are going to leave Gernot Rohr out of this.”

“He did a good job assembling these boys, but it’s quite unfortunate what has happened.”

“And if we win the Africa Cup of Nations, it’s for everyone, not just me alone.”

By Adeboye Amosu in Garoua

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  • Victor 7 months ago

    This is humility. Keep it up coach. God will grant you success in Jesus Name Amen

    • MONKEY POST 7 months ago

      It is not humility oga. It is just the plain truth.. He is aware that he is just riding on another man’s success/taking another man’s glory and shine.

      • You don loose from your hidden place finally, I know this where we gonna see you, you one of those hidden in wait for the team to loose so you can say “YOU TOLD THEM” but trust me you gonna wait till eternity, other coach won’t acknowledge Rorh but here we have cerezo given him accolade, you better change your way before it’s too late.

        • Have you forgotten he is a monkey? Please him banana if you want him to be quiet.

        • Steve O 7 months ago

          Don’t mind the mumu Idiot , Rohr picked Nigerians and not robot and turned thier legs backwards , while Eguavoen strengths it for a positive result !!

        • Michael 7 months ago

          Thank you. Well said.

      • Where on Earth are you from this Dude???..Try always put forth a logic and convincing arguments, otherwise keep mute…Your name significe your comments.

      • @MONKEY POST or MONKEY CATCH AM BANANA, he is not “riding on another man’s success/taking another man’s glory and shine” like you said rather he built on the foundation laid by the former coach Gernot Rohr but people like you who lack comprehension to simple facts need extra tutorials to bring you close to reality

  • MONKEY POST 7 months ago

    I hope all these your suporters will be sensible enough like you, admit it and give props to whom deserve it. Cos it is exactly what I have been telling them in this forum but they all call me names. SMH… It is well…

    • Baddest 7 months ago

      Monkey post you are a saddist move on, are you a baby
      Rorh time don pass

      • Papafem 7 months ago

        He definitely wants Rohr to be there forever. And Anytime he’s going, he should pack all our players with him to his new place of assignment so that the new coach “will not reap where he did not sow.”

        See stupidity! Are we first country that will sack Rohr? Or when he left Burkina Faso, someone else didnt take the job?
        Eguaveon was humble enough to give credit to GR assembling a good team. But he (Eguaveon) deserve his own credit for the team well. So both of them have their places in Super Eagles’ success story. And no matter how hard people like you try, common sense will always prevail.

    • MONKEY POST 7 months ago

      Okay, it’s time, I want to confess and apologise for being such a fool and a tool and a dick’ead all this time, I was not taking my medication and something like groundnuts were running around in my head, but now I has seen the light and wants to sincerely apologise to all Nigerians at home and in diaspora for bringing shame on myself and promise that he will behave like a cicilized sensible human from now on and not a omnia or common dog.
      Thank you all
      Iam the real MONKEY POST

      • MONKEY POST 7 months ago

        LMFAO!! Honestly your write up just got me laughing instead of angry for all the insults you gave LMAO! You started your impersonation well but at the end, you goofed up. LMAO! Try harder next time. LMAO!

        • Opson1 7 months ago

          Dear MONKEY POST, my attention has always been drawn to your comments whenever I read the comment sections of some news/reports on CS.
          I like the fact that you prefer to not follow the crowd to quickly embrace someone who perhaps hasn’t been so tested with the current crop of players, and the fact that you like Gernot Rohr so much. Well, I used to love him too, despite all ill-comments about him from his early years in Nigeria. No local coach could achieve as much as he did in terms of bringing in some Euro-born/based Nigerians (who by far have more exposure and scientific knowledge of football, compared to the home based) to play for SE. And I still cherish that. However, no coach remains valid forever. Whatever works for you now may not work in 2yrs time. Gernot Rohr’s matches were gradually getting boring and then started failing to produce good result. It may be due to a lot of factors: personal, employers’ unnecessary pressure etc, but it doesn’t change the fact that he was losing it. I think if you wish Rohr had stayed, it may not be the best option for him, as he needs to cool off for some time and then take up a new challenge. We all (Rohr, squad, employers, fans) need to move on. As for Eguaveon, I really don’t like him so much especially because I never saw him as an outstanding native coach judging by his previous romance with the SE. However, he has started well this time (building on the success of Rohr) and I think we should just support him as we move on, until he inevitably starts fumbling too or leaves the job while the ovation is still loud.

  • Lanre 7 months ago

    Good confession……. GERNOT ROHR the great

    • He is great but couldn’t use this same players to get the job done…….he is great but he needed to bring back Ighalo from retirement because his players are so inexperience…….he is great but he needed Real Madrid and Liverpool players to win an Afcon…….he is great but his team plays a very flat and boring kind of football……..he is great but he couldn’t bring out the best in Moses Simon and the other players…….SMH

  • Nice gesture cerezo, no sane Nigeria soccer lover have ever belittle Rorh impact on the team, he sure assemble a formidable squad,but for God know why he loose guide along the line and God gave you to us, so we move.

  • Such is a man of humility. Rohr’s only problem was not able to use the boys well as much as you do now. Good luck.

  • Chima E Samuels 7 months ago

    Yes Sir we hear you but Coach Rohr’s philosophy of play even with the array of talent was nothing to write home about, so he has to hand over the team to the next person.

  • Michel 7 months ago

    Yes I will give rohr credit for scouting,he did very well in scouting and inviting good players to the super eagles,from 2016 to 2019.a man that got the super eagles job, blessed with talented footballers but unfortunately he doesn’t know how to use them,as such talents overwhelmed him

    • Rhor incidentally came on board when there was a spring up of numerous talented young Nigerian players……We won the u17 in 2013 and 2015 which produced the likes of kelechi Awoniyi success Nwakali Ndidi Simon Chukwueze osimhen Ejuke Orji Moffi and co……England won the u17 and u20 in 2017 with many Nigerian born players like Aina Ejaria Lookman and co……. Many foreign born players too sprang up in Europe over that same period and needed to fall back to their roots in search of playing opportunity……..over that same period there was an expansion of our scouting of local players which made a lot of Nigerian players to move to Europe that period…….It all coincided for Rhor and he almost got it right but as the old saying goes you can’t give what you don’t have………He almost made a mess of all these talents.

      • You are a terrible human being bro. Where are all the aforementioned players today? Are you currently watching the Algeria match with the same players and coach? Is it not the same Belmadi coaching them. Nothing last forever Marez just lost a penalty now. Brighton coach said of recent ” Because we are doing well not because we are good and because things are not going well not because we are the worst” this are the word every coach is leaving on. No need to defend Rohr again since this words were not force out of Eguavon mouth he just deems it fit to give honour to whom is due.

        • I am not a terrible human being….. You made examples of a coaches that fall from grace to grass but did not mention coaches that remained in grace throughout their careers…….Alex Ferguson was consistent for 25 years and ruled the footballing world…….Most coaches that rule for long have one thing in common,they are always ready to adapt……they are always ready to adapt to change……they are always ready to move on and try new things……they are always willing to learn new tricks and ideas…….They are always ready to give the youth a chance…..they always embrace the future…….that is why they remained relevant for a long time…… Guadiola is another example of a coach that will rule the footballing world for long…….A rigid coach will always fade out…….A coach that always search for experience as a short cut will fade out……..A coach that does not like new ideas will fade out……..a coach that sticks to the same set of players for too long will fade out……..a coach that thinks he knows it all will fade out……..Beralmi Mourinho and Rhor fall into that category of coaches……..it’s the truth and it must be said even if it’s bitter because football does not lie it always reveal itself in results.

  • Sunnyb 7 months ago

    Ok, thank you Rohr for discovering these boys. Thanks again for inviting all our good ballers. Next

    • Ayphillydegreat 7 months ago

      I hope you dey watch my boy with a sweet left foot in Cameroon?? That boy too get ball sense. I’m glad he’s making his critics eat their words. Kelechi Iheanacho!! Remember the name?? 3 goals contribution out of 6. The only left foot better than Kelechi in world football is Messi in terms of finishing. Maybe only Salah and Mahrez are on per with him on the African continent

  • In fact am in love with this man for openly being a man up and admitted that plain truth. One could see the body language of this man whenever he his talking about the team. I recalled one of the interview then when he said he is not afraid of being criticized he mentioned some coaches like Guardiola, Mourinho and also even Rohr that have been criticized before. I hope those wailers who are saying Rohr did this and that to our team will rest now that Egu has given credit to the job the man did by simply saying he made what you guys are hailing today easy for me. Thank you coach Eguavon wishing you and the players all the very best as the competition progress. Truly we are now seeing what he used to say “we are building” lol.

  • Have you forgotten he is a monkey? Please give him banana if you want him to be quiet.

  • Glory 7 months ago

    Eguavoen aka CEREZO just showed how to ride high in any endeavour by this statement. It will be totally unacceptable not to give some credit to Rohr. He Rohr, foolishly or stubbornly boxed himself to the losing corner. He was listening to the wrong people n ended up messing up such brilliant job he was having with this bunch of SE.
    CEREZO isn’t messing about with playing players not ready; Musa who should have just retired humbly is struggling to get a LOOK-IN. Ola fantastic Aina is playing, players are made to play in position where they are very strong, almost every player getting game time etc.. These are just the few things Rohr needed to do but bad advice from supposedly people that cared for him ruined his game.

  • Hey you better stop this imposting people’s name here by commenting crab here before thunder fire you and generation idiot

    • @FakeAss Tayo
      Na your papa thunder go fire you born bastard!!
      Idiotic sawdust!
      Yeye Molue agbero
      Wetin be crab? abi na hunger de worry you ni? Idiot!
      If you impersonate here again and try to cast aspersion on the Real tayo na lightning go fire your poro lool!
      The Real tayo

  • Respect is Reciprocal 7 months ago

    Egu said the truth . ROHR shot him self by allowing greed and money to dictate to him. I was watching channel sport program where Peterside Idah openly said ROHR was so corrupt to the extent that two weeks to any match he would have called his regulars and tell them they are starting the match. Why would a normal coach do something awkward. He said ROHR was being played by agents and if a player is not managed by those agents he should forget being call or starting a game .
    Wherever ROHR is now I know he would be regretting his actions because the glory Egu is enjoying today is his labor. ROHR killed competition in the team . Anybody interested in that piece of information I just gave should go to YouTube to watch channels sports this morning show.

  • Eguaveon is just being humble that’s all……But it’s an indirect jibe if you look closely at what he said…….How can you have such a talented group of players and not know how to use them to devastating effect?……..They where even saying that our players are not as talented as we think…….they where even saying that they needed to be in Real Madrid Liverpool and co to succeed……..Now the whole narrative has changed because Eguaveon has come to show them how it is done.

  • Ifeanyi 7 months ago

    Rohr has already build the team. He said the truth.

  • Edoman 7 months ago

    Yes, he assembled the team, but he lacks the coaching skill to manage the team successfully. If Rohr had taken the team to this AFCON, what happened to Ghana was waiting for Nigeria. The Nation should be gracious for NFF intervention at the moment in time when they brought in the (Palace) Egua. This team is still not complete yet until Amoo, Onuachu, the best player in Belgium, Osimhen , Lookman, perhaps, Odion Ighalo are all in. My fellow Citizen, Nigeria will win the World Cup. Believe me.

  • Omo9ja 7 months ago

    This is how it should be. I appreciate Oga Rohr too.

    I hope Oga Rohr followers will now understand that we the fans of our own appreciate Mr. Rohr a lot for a job well done.

    However, we should thank God that Mr. Gernot Rohr wasn’t in charge of this team this time around.

    I don’t think we could make it out of the group stage if Oga Rohr stays. Eagles was struggling before Mr. No nonsense came in to rescue Nigerian team.

    Many of Oga Rohr fans wanted our own to fail so that they can say we have warned you people.

    I am telling you all today, you have no choice rather than supporting our own.

    Super Eagles is back. No dull moment any more. Mr. No nonsense have what it takes to be the next coach of the Super Eagles. It is our time to rule the world of football again.

    Watch out for Super Eagles. We are here to give you total football. We will entertain you people wela with good football. Let’s go Super Eagles. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Kenneth 7 months ago

    Eguavoen is only been humble, we were all here when the Super Eagles were struggling with lowly football nation’s under rohr. Central Africa Republic defeated us at home. I think we should leave all that behind and concentrate our efforts on how to make the tactician our substantive coach. If given more time with the Eagles, Eguavoen has shown the quality to defeat the World and make us happy. God bless Nigerians.

  • Sam okeke 7 months ago

    Austin Eguavoen is the man for the job, Rohr and Peseiro should be history, Amaju, take note.

  • Harlyis 7 months ago

    I hope none is deceived, Egu was only ironical with words.

    • Omoba Greg 7 months ago

      @harlyis, we hia u. after all na una first put am there as our coach. we never sidon yet. lmfao

      • Sonny b 7 months ago

        Na wa o. Guys are trying making contributions and even advising our own coach.

  • Ayphillydegreat 7 months ago

    Algeria is going home. Defending champions can’t defend their title after peaking at the right time in 2019 with Vahid’s team. Lmao!!!

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 7 months ago

    Is it just me or does it look as if the chips are falling in all the right places for 9ja to lift this cup?
    I think we all agree that apart from the one-off’s with teams like Ghana(gone home) or say CIV or Cameroon the teams the SE generally seems to have a harder time beating are the North Africans, and it looks as if all the North Africans along with 9ja’s nemesis ghana have all been booted out of the competition, to me it looks as if a path is carved for us to progress smoothly all the way to the trophy in this competition.
    Don’t want to jinx it but I think football is coming home to 9ja!
    You heard it here first. COYSE!!

  • Sorry to bust your enthusiasm and undue humility Cicero! Rohr was sacked for breaking down discipline and camaraderie in the team. These are key attributes that makes the team play as one cohesive unit, wear their heart on their sleeves and play for one country and each other. They would have failed to gel under Rohr and as a result failed woefully. I wonder why Rohr would bring back Ighalo when there are budding strikers like Dessers, people who have years to contribute to SE. Good riddance Rohr, he is a coach without pedigree and core values to help the SE set up.

    • MuYiwa 7 months ago

      And when Eguavoen had the opportunity of bringing Dressers, what did he do?

      • He had no chance because it was outside the deadline FIFA set for European clubs to be notified of invitation. This is not about Dessers but Rohr’s philosophy and methodology. I don’t believe for one day that a foreign coach would have the best interests of a Nigerian team more than a patriot and past heroes (per national anthem). I believe we have abundantly talented ex-players like Eguavoen, Siasia, Amuneke, Oliseh even with better exposure than the likes of Rohr.

        • MuYiwa 7 months ago

          Lies. When it was certain that Osimhen wouldn’t make it, Egu invited Olayinka instead of Dressers. Doesn’t Olayinka play in Europe as well. He would have even invited Silas Nwankwo to replace Ighalo.

          • “On Dessers, I spoke to the [NFF] President about it. I have watched Olayinka in Champions League game against Inter, I haven’t watched Dessers closely so because of the time factor that’s why I decided to stick to people that I know.

          • MuYiwa 7 months ago

            Just like Rohr also went with the Ighalo that he knows and has watched more closely. Lobatan!

  • Igbekun Abo 7 months ago

    Lolzzzz. The days of baseless conspiracy theories are back…. Heaven bless Eguavoen and all Super Eagles coaches who play players in their right positions. Lolzzzz

  • Ayphillydegreat 7 months ago

    Guys we are likely meeting Tunisia or Gambia. I don’t Mauritania getting a result against Mali. The competition begins now. Two of the 10 contenders for the 5 WorldCup spot have gone home Ghana and Algeria.

    • KING TUOYO 7 months ago

      My brother, it seems very much we will be meeting the Tunisians. Mali is currently ahead of Mauritania and if it ends that way, they will surely emerge as group winners. It will be difficult for the Tunisians to beat the Gambians and end up in second position as they (Tunisia) are currently down with one man.

      As for me, I am seeing us meeting the Carthage Eagles of Tunisia in the Round of 16 if they should come third at the end of the day. The super eagles playing Tunisia will be a fair and balanced opposition where there will be no pre match favourite as any of them can carry the day.

      • Ayphillydegreat 7 months ago

        SuperEagles have a very good chance against Tunisia if we meet in the round of 16. However, that is where tactical prowess will be showcased. Let’s see what happens eventually. I believe my SuperEagles are ready for any team. VAMOS ARRIBBA SUPEREAGLES!!! FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE!!!

  • Detruth 7 months ago

    Ighalo should stay retired,Onuachu should concentrate on his club career and who is Amoo ? This is the second time that name has been mentioned

    • Amoo akinkumi is s right winger from hammrby football club, he is 19 year old and hammrby player of the season cause they are through with their own season

  • Pls u ppl should pray Tunisia beat Gambia…

    I want our boys to enjoy an easy ride till the reach final….

    I see Nigeria facing either Gambia or Tunisia in round of 16…

    Then either Gabon or Burkina Faso in quarter final.

    Let’s pray for Tunisia to beat Gambia so that it will be Nigeria vs Gambia in round 16.


  • Ayphillydegreat 7 months ago

    SuperEagles have a very good chance against Tunisia if we meet in the round of 16. However, that is where tactical prowess will be showcased. The competition starts now, let’s see what happens eventually. I believe my SuperEagles are ready for any team. VAMOS ARRIBBA SUPEREAGLES!!! FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE!!!

    • Ayphillydegreat 7 months ago