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Emenalo Advises Osimhen To Quit Napoli For Saudi League

Emenalo Advises Osimhen To Quit Napoli For Saudi League

Former Super Eagles defender Mike Emenalo has advised Victor Osimhen to consider a move to the Saudi Arabia Professional Football League.

Emenalo is currently director of football of the Saudi League.

Osimhen is a target for former Saudi League champions Al Hilal.

The Blue Waves attempt to sign the striker this summer has been rebuffed by Serie A champions Napoli.

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But Emenalo, a former Chelsea technical director has urged his compatriot to quit Napoli and move to the lucrative Saudi League.

“Osimhen is Nigerian like me,” Emenalo told Corriere dello Sport.

“For me, he is great, a fantastic football artist. Would I want him here in this league? Sure, I’d like to. I’m sure it would be wonderful.

“I am sure that Napoli will manage, they will overcome it and will be able to find another Nigerian who is just as strong.

Osimhen was top scorer in Serie A last season with 26 goals.

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  • Bad advice

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 10 months ago

    Den if they can allow him part time contract . He will come . Play on Friday in Saudi league fly out to napoli to on Sunday and the champion league during the week as in Tuesday or Wednesday..
    Just like u have waldrum Coaching the falcon and flew to USA to honor is contract
    Fifa will allow it too if agreement is reach by both parties.and the cost of signing him can be lowered to £99000 instead of the €200000.
    Saudi flight time is just 6hours to Rome airport.
    Return ticket £800 per week
    After 2 seasons he can den sign for the Saudi league full time . At rate to be determined by his employer.

  • Ako Amadi 10 months ago

    Osimhen is riding high and getting carried awsy by his success in Italy it will not take long before they start finding fault with him and cofine him to the bench . He had better heed Enenalo’s advice

    • Sean T 10 months ago

      @Ako Amadi, then you must have think Osimhen is a season wonder player and the last season was a fluke. For anyone who knows Osimhen right from U-17 world cup wouldn’t say this.

      As a matter of fact, the guy is yet to reach his full potential because he still need to add some skills like long range shot from outside the box, learn how to use and shoot properly with his left leg & how to be calm outside the box when he is with the ball. If he’s able to get this right, he will be on par with the likes of Mbappe and Haaland so no one should underrate him at all cuz he’s a generational talent.

      If he stay fit and his teammates are not selfish to him, i see him scoring 40 – 45 goals in total this season without penalty. With Penalty, he’s able to score over 50

      • People who said osimhen going to the EPL will destroy his career are now advising him to go to the Saudi Arabia league…..lolz…..that tells you alot about the allegiance and mission of many forumites here!

  • Anybody advising Osimhen to go to Saudi Arabia league does not mean well for our national team and such persons do not have any business in this forum.PERIOD

    • So Mane, Kante and Ronaldo have all stopped playing for their National Teams? My guy relax, even your country’s skipper has been in and out of employment and remains in the mix

      • Chima E Samuels 10 months ago

        Osimhen is too young for Saudi let him remain in Europe with Kylian and Erling.

  • Lol hahahahahahah!!!! What is the delusion with Nigerians hahahahahahahah!!.! So Now They will find Another Nigerian That is just as strong. Mr Emenalo I am 34years old now and since I have been alive there is no Nigerian striker that is as strong and achieving what Osimhen has. Maybe Orban might be and if Orban proves me right then Nigeria is just lucky to have 2 great Talents so clost to each other. Boniface I will put his Potentials in the rank of the likes of The ones we have had in the past. But Osimhen like I always say is a generational talent and it is sad that I sense jealousy from ex internationals like Onazi and Emenalo they really dont want to have Osimhen reach Global stardom of the likes of Ronaldo Messi and Ronaldo El fenomino and co. These guys advises are tasteless. They want our best ever striker to fade into obscurity so sad.

    • They advised him against going to the EPL but advise him to go to the Saudi Arabia league……..Wonders shall never end…….If EPL will destroy osimhen’s career then imagine what the Saudi league will do to his career…….These people don’t want SE to have high Calibre players because they don’t want to be over shadowed by the younger generation…..They don’t want Nigerian football to be great again hence they support Midiocrity like Ighalo,Musa,And Co but detest upcoming Talented players like Orban, Boniface, and Akinsanmiro…..They advocate for NPFL players to be included in the SE because they know our league don’t have genuine Talented players to challenge the status quo…..They encourage bench warmers and inactive players to get regular call up and give excuses like “trusted soldiers”,”team chemistry”, “experience”, and many other nonesence excuses……They are always against blooding talented overseas born and trained players because they know these players might make a difference in our team……They are always in support of the NFF and it’s satanic board members of destruction and corruption…….You know then when you read their comments.

      • @AKP it is so Sad and it makes me fume listening to these bunch of pigs and you are right my brother they are indeed satanic and Obviously jealous of the heights the current class is hitting.

        • Who are the pigs? you this disgusting ape. You have a player who has a future to secure. Isn’t it money we all after. And you have a league offering him 4 times his salary in a season and you here typing nonsense If you had such job offer in your life time, will you turn it down.

          • @Drogo I see poverty is clouding your mumu brain. lol….. Let me tell you something you inbread Monkey. Ronaldo, Mane, Mahrez and co have all made millions playing in Europe because at the end of the day we are not gauging peoples quality on Money rather on what they bring to the field of play. Fool even Ngolo Kante who has been innured for the past 2 seasons still got a more lucrative offer than Osimhen did In the Same Saudi this season Why because he made his name in Europe and France started capping him after his Championship performance with Leicester City which inturn helped his move to Chelsea and he became a World Cup winner, does your dull brain think france would have capped him if he was playing in Saudi Arabia from 2016???.. I see you broke ass Fools think that Osimhen is doing this for Money. You don’t know Osimhen he has more sense than the average Greedy nigerian like your Broke ass asshole.

            Osimhen still has a lot of Unfinished business to do in Europe as his Ambition is to be the World Best and play in the English Premier league. he is not driven by Money he is driven to become the best. Like Cristiano Ronaldo and when anf if he finaly moves to Saudi they will come with 4 times this offer.

            Does your broke ass finally get it now ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • *FOOL even Ngolo Kante who has been INJURED* How old is Kante you PRICK @Drogo

      • And to be quite frank Osimhen is doing himself no favours allowing the likes of Onazi in his inner circle. You know the saying the devil will smile with you. Well need I say more.

        • WHy is this Disgusting Ape so pained, Please go find time and wank your self to sleep. Since money is not the reason why he is playing soccer, but for fun. Dumb idiot

  • Bad advice! Bro, abeg no go Saudi Arabia now. If in the next 5 to 6 years dem still dey pay heavy, then you fit go retire for there.

  • Ndubest 10 months ago

    Don’t mind they Jare go conquer Europe

  • Emenalo’s “advice” is just normal diplomat-speak. He has recently been appointed the sports director for the bourgeoning Saudi Arabian league, so as part of his official role, he’s expected to act as a brand ambassador for the league too. That’s just his mouth or public personality speaking, not necessarily his heart or private and real personality.

    Ronaldo, Mane, Ighalo, Messi, etc are at the twilight of their careers, so their priorities will shift slightly. They’ve got nothing to prove to anyone again. Not so for a young and vibrant Osimhen who’s just bursting out and has his whole career lined out ahead of him to either shape or distort.

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